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  1. First post. Hello everyone. Love this drama. The production hit a jackpot. Fate is trolling Kim JG. After that despicable "mere woman" remarked to SY..fate presented him with SB...haha The jerk. I bet it frustrated him no end he got to kowtow to his sister the queen dowager..a mere woman. Tsk tsk... Hwa Jin snitching on SB. Wonder if this was not the first time she seek the jerk. Maybe she was the one who told the jerk about the prince. SY only told her servant. In her head all is fair in war and love. In a way I felt pity for BI. All this whil
  2. Our otp is one messed up relationship. PJ bent on getting approval from SJ fake dad..forcing SJ to return to that hell hole even tho SJ is not happy living there. While SJ wants scammer dad approval even tho PJ hates him. I am like what the heck with SJ wanting to have a drink with that scammer. Didn't he notice PJ was mad and wanted him gone!?? They hardly have any heart to heart talk about what matters to both of them!
  3. I guess we are going with the mantra ..if you love someone set them free, if they return they are yours.
  4. The chairman ..he should be on his knees thanking PJ for raising MH well. I want him to give them his approval. Mi yeon is getting prettier. Love her look today. Time for our doc to get his own lady.
  5. But being EJ, the moment she knew he is MH , PJ' s son I bet she will cancel the divorce becoz she is given another bullet to hurt PJ. Hurting PJ is that witch life support. But I have faith in MH that he will not abandon his family over money. Yes he has the Kim bad blood but I'm sure being raised by PJ has saved him. I hope thats where the writer is going. Or else its like saying if you are born with bad genes there is no hope for you even if you are raised by mother teresa herself. I hope MH gives them hell tho. Finding MH is the beginning of their fall.
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