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  1. Our otp is one messed up relationship. PJ bent on getting approval from SJ fake dad..forcing SJ to return to that hell hole even tho SJ is not happy living there. While SJ wants scammer dad approval even tho PJ hates him. I am like what the heck with SJ wanting to have a drink with that scammer. Didn't he notice PJ was mad and wanted him gone!?? They hardly have any heart to heart talk about what matters to both of them!
  2. I guess we are going with the mantra ..if you love someone set them free, if they return they are yours.
  3. The chairman ..he should be on his knees thanking PJ for raising MH well. I want him to give them his approval. Mi yeon is getting prettier. Love her look today. Time for our doc to get his own lady.
  4. But being EJ, the moment she knew he is MH , PJ' s son I bet she will cancel the divorce becoz she is given another bullet to hurt PJ. Hurting PJ is that witch life support. But I have faith in MH that he will not abandon his family over money. Yes he has the Kim bad blood but I'm sure being raised by PJ has saved him. I hope thats where the writer is going. Or else its like saying if you are born with bad genes there is no hope for you even if you are raised by mother teresa herself. I hope MH gives them hell tho. Finding MH is the beginning of their fall.
  5. Yup agreed @heartslined I think so too EJ bribed the doctor to fake SH report to cover her own past. She thinks she is so clever. In her world almost everyone is bribable if the price is right. She managed to bribe scrooge to bad mouthed PJ even tho they have just met. I hope that nasty man goes bankrupt! Even PJ was willing to lie for EJ in return for a favor. I think EJ is planning to make a fool of PJ at the home shopping event. She gonna fake a mishap and instruct PJ to take over. Putting PJ on the spot. But we know PJ will do well. Wow MinHo got to meet dad and grandma. The boy has guts. And good job Tae Woo. He is no mama's boy.
  6. Its no fun watching PJ being harassed at work and at home. PJ should have told SJ about it. But then I feel like PJ is on her mothering mode whenever she is with SJ. So I guess she will just keep quiet to protect him. She may even advise him to obey daddy. You know do the right thing bla bla bla mothers tell to their children kind of stuff. Boring stuff between lovers. How dared the chairman judged PJ for wanting to marry a rich guy when he caught a rich girl himself!
  7. The hug must has softened up OSJ. She said sorry to both TW and his mom. One good thing about SJ secret coming out..PJ forgives and forgets his deception. She no longer think director Kang Sung Joong is out of her league. This time instead of his yoda friend, we have the doctor told SJ things to ponder. I think too SH may die. Maybe trying to safe EJ. Then her cruel words to PJ ...being responsible for her husband death will come to bite her.
  8. SJ thought his mom KBS is a sinner. He has this habit of being judgemental. Funny that he did not held his dad accountable for his part in that affair. He identified himself as LX second son. Not Bok Sun's. The bar hostess who seduced his rich dad.
  9. @Lmangla The word used by the subbers is "taken" but secretary Ha animosity towards the Chairman as tho the Chairman literally kidnapped BokSoon and caused her harm. But we know the Chairman seems to cherish her. What is stopping secretary Ha from asking the chairman outright about his noona. He has been lurking there for 7 years for heaven sake. But the on going mystery made this drama fun to watch. I like the blind date too. I like that he is upfront with what he is looking for. I appreciate his honesty. He is a good man and he is a keeper. He ticks all the boxes but alas he is not suited for PJ as they both have different goals in relationship. To each his or her own. Meanwhile our ML has gone incognito! Looking forward to the next episode. The gasp at the end. Did she remember him as the guy with the big glasses or she just struck by his good looks beard and all. The plot thickens.
  10. @UnniSarah Good detective work chingu What we know at the moment Chairman did not know BokSoon lives in that house. But SJ was born there. SJ was not given up for adoption immediately after birth. The boy in the album looked around 1 year plus. So did the Chairman meet BokSun after she gave birth to SJ? No one from her hometown knew about SJ. I think secretary Ha also knows nothing about his noona's son. @tulip06 SH has villain music as well as EJ becoz his words sounded sincere but in reality he wants to destroy SJ. EJ and SH both have black hearts. @yamiyugiVixen totally aware what she was doing with that remark regarding Chairman popularity with ladies. Its a payback to Cruella for her arrogance when they first met. These 2 women are in competition with each other who will get the upper hand. Loves to see SH and EJ go crazy over this issue. This statement... Chairman to SJ : Your mom sounded jealous , so your brother must be okay.
  11. @UnniSarahThe plot thickens. So Secretary Ha's noona is AeSim who now goes by the name BokSoon. So when they first met years ago she introduced herself as BokSoon to the Chairman. I guess she never revealed to anyone she had a younger brother. Interesting. Instead of a threat Secretary Ha will be the protector for that household. @Lmangla His name is Wang Ki Beom. Agreed he chose his words well and was mindful as not to hurt their feelings.
  12. The pancake smacked on the face is justified. He is still not really sorry tho. He just wants to get his job done. PJ has helped him huge with the golfer but he just took that for granted. Felt tiny bit of sorry for SH. The guy is in love. EJ is just playing with his heart. We have Whiny and SJ bonding over exercising. They do have something in common. Both are calculative and self-absorbed. Now on with the battle of in laws between Cruella and Petty Principal.
  13. The doctor and PJ not gonna happen. Whiny brat who wants mom to remarry will oppose since he likes YK. Whiny is a self centered prick. Wish PJ has an honest convo with Whiny about the facts of life. He is old enough. She talks all the time with Minji. But there is no such scene with Whiny. Becoz he is doing so well in school, PJ let him got away with his entitlement tantrums.
  14. She did the dna test to verify the validity of Joker drunken confession before she makes her next move. @Lmangla I guess EJ has been conditioned from birth being married to a successful guy is the ultimate goal. I think its given the dna test showed Cruella is not SJ birth mom and when EJ met SJ last night she already has the result. She will accept Joker now. She has to change Cruella mind tho. Maybe she makes a deal with Cruella to make Joker the successor if Cruella approved their marriage. @yamiyugi knowing EJ she will make SJ suffer for rejecting her. She may say a civil sayonara to SJ but we know she will not let him be. She destroyed PJ's life just becoz. She will be up to her tricks again to make Joker the successor and SJ lose everything.
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