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  1. Today's show was meh so I'll be short I think lol Esther thinks she has 900 lives instead of 9 or 1. Hate her, but I will enjoy her getting on the nerves of the duo right before they send another truck for her. The prize for the most annoying character now goes to Grandma. I just can't with her today. Still think this is the stupidest plan. Even Esther of all people agreed. They need to let that poor child actor breathe. Chan/Gun has been crying every episode for weeks now. Tiffany saying she was just "annoyed" with him takes the cake lmao Chan is going to need some heavy therapy since he blames himself basically. No, poor baby. Your adoptive mom is a witch! You just got conditioned to think it was your fault for making her "sad". SH mom is going to be the biggest winner at the end of the drama. That witch ain't going to jail, deported, or be run over by a truck 100 times like I do with her in my mind. She'll just breathe another day to annoy us. I hate her sfm! Of course, Soo Ho won't see the chairman holding the two necklaces to just drag stuffs longer till useless Chairman wakes up after his dad get kicked out of his company. I cannot...
  2. The YouTube clips barely had any LSH/SH clips. I don't watch the show for the trio. Do better, KBS intern. The grandma annoyed me the most. To be this gullible. Did she forget what NJ pulled? Like he can't fake and pay off people. He paid off cops before. This is still the dumbest plan they come up with. They can ship off Tiffany (which by the way was the best news of the show. Good riddance!) Are they gonna ship off the OH family too? Lol Did NJ use LSH necklace or did they just use Aera's? I tried to remember if Esther told Aera where she got the pics. If she didn't, how would they know that SH mom put the necklace with baby Chan? I know it wasn't in the box. I was hoping Chan took it and put it in his backpack.
  3. Just watched it. And yes, definitely better than Monday and Tuesday episodes. Ok NJ saying to LSH like he's the one who put him to adoption. Pause. Rewind. Does he have amnesia too? He forgot that he basically kidnapped LSH and gave him a new face? That he was in a coma for 5 years? Let's add he didn't even know that SH was pregnant. lol WTF was that crap he was spewing? I am still counting the days his smugginess is erased forever from his face. Punk! Tiffany wasn't made a villain out of nowhere. The signs were already shown to us so I disagree with thinking it came out of the left field. There are different signs of abuse. Not just physical. Though she showed both signs of abuse, emotional and physical. Not even getting into her negligence. Shaking a kid is physical abuse. There are many stories of small children dying after repeatedly being shaken. Hell, I even get mad when they portray people in kdramas shaking unconscious people to revive them like they don't forgot the basics of calling for medical help if they don't know first aid/CPR. Yes, I was disturbed how scary she was to him right after surgery and blaming him. He basically lived his life apologizing for being sick or even cry like a normal kid to not make that mom "sad" aka scary. Esther out there having her little Game of Thrones show wondering if she should switch sides or not lmao I guess we'll find out if the VC got his uselessness from his dad. If he just buys that crap Aera and her spawn are about to pull, then I don't know. They said they will set up VC for embezzlement, I guess to discredit him and explain his disappearance. LSH needs to use that same energy he used today on those two cause his blood family are not really bright. Today's ending got me in the feels. Awww uri Gunnie said he felt bad for Noah for wanting LSH to he his real dad. My hearteu! No need to feel bad. You got birth right, first lol And him asking SH if he could cry since dad said it's ok to cry if you are happy. He was happy SH was his birth mom. Aww my mommy and son ship! My cold heart melted. @shaking50Not trying to burst your bubble but I think you are giving VC too much credit. Like @lu09pointed out, he was useless even when he was standing lol That's why I don't really care what happens to him. He should have opened his mouth ages ago instead he chose to be a drama queen.
  4. @lu09 I guess the writer forgot about the age difference too. He had to be born before LSH for sure. LSH is amazing. How did he manage to check on Chan, get Tiffany thrown in jail, get his family out, and get back in the nick of time to be on TV? lol
  5. Yeah I think he said NJ was the grandson. Those villains are predictable. That's why Esther saw her opening to get them where she wants lol and seems like SH mom told LSH about her suspicions of him being part of that family. I don't get AR though. She knows the mom is the one who found LSH with her name card and the necklace. She doesn't think it will raise her red flag? I'm actually surprised she wasn't more weary of her knowing that. LSH needs to regain that memory of him figuring out that he might be the lost grandson just like the last time. VC is still sleeping beauty and useless lol
  6. Yeah that was sincerely disturbing. And it sounded like they also got proof of abuse from the US.
  7. Hahaha like when the guy with the glasses said he was gonna talk to SH about her work behavior, LSH jumped real quick saying he'll talk to her himself as if. She gets a pass at work thanks to the husband and at the Park's house thanks to the grandma. Apparently, she has a pass with the cops too. From their perspective, she's a crazy child stalker with a restraining order against her, but yet they stood there for 5 minutes debating whether to arrest her. They actually let her make a phone call while outside lol She needs to teach me her ways. @lu09 They need to turn full villain to get those evidences like that trio lol I know my girl SH has it in her. I still maintain she's the craziest. She's been slacking ever since she got Soo Ho-shi back. Should I kidnap him then to motivate her? Lol And was I the only one who thought that homeshopping girl was two steps away from hitting on LSH? I was like praying for her soul to survive Oh San Ha tsunami. Then again SH was glued to her phone, she might not have noticed hahaha
  8. LSH: Sanha, you trust me, right? SH: Yes Next day, SH shoving Tiffany and grabbing Chan/Gun while looking all crazy Sanha. Me: Though, I did want to shove Tiffany myself cause she's scum, girl needs to relax a little. She can't be a bulldozer for everything. Don't give them ammunition against you. And is LSH the only doctor though. Lol Why is he the only one who can save his kid?? She should have told him about the kid being sick and stopped there. What happened to that investigation in the US? Soo Ho needs to hurry up before his wife does end up in jail before the trio from hell.
  9. Effin dream *throws barware* How dare you, writer! SH family always makes things worse but what else is new. Of course Chan got sick as predicted. Way too many things going on all at once. I'm actually surprised they have time with Aura Bio since most of their time is spent taking over extended lunch. I wonder who called the chairman. I only heard something center.
  10. @lu09 The part about SH made me laugh. He really tried to run out of there when she started mouthing off about seeing him at the hospital. Then her husband saying he checked the CCTV like that means anything lol I'm surprised Do Ri didn't have his daddy spider sense. He really didn't see LSH. He was probably thinking of food lol The whole CCTV thing is illegal anyway. Could it hold up in court? Its not like a nanny cam since that one is for parents themselves installing it in their own house. I guess we'll see. Unless Chan provokes her by either asking for SH or rushing to her, she will remain "angelic". SH is gonna stay up all night watching those videos lol This show was really out there throwing a pity party for Aera and her spawn. Yes, it's VC fault if she's a monster. Like really??? Then NJ trying to guilt her into covering for him. "Are you going to abandon me twice?" Yes, sir she will! Lol unbelievable. See why I don't like their seals system? She's trying to use it to get power of attorney to have access to his shares and money. It will be funny if he transferred all of his shares to LSH already. In the preview, she was laying down on the bed like she was about to die and she was wearing the same outfit I think. How did he wake up that quick if he was sedated? Did LSH or SH got him out? But yet, they weren't shown in the house. I hope he woke up before she could do damage.
  11. From tomorrow preview, VC left the hospital and is back home hospital town and all, probably to disappoint me even more lol We will see.
  12. LOL at the above posts. This show is unintentionally funny. Esther is really like the cartoon coyote. A freaking idiot! She is still salty over SH winning over her by getting her husband back and making her a bum. SH did warn her that her life would be a living hell lol. Chan running to SH instead of Tiffany is still my highlight of the week. Blood is thicker indeed. For the preview, I thought SH was running toward the grandma almost fainting again. At least, that's how it looks like visually. I doubt she cares about Aera lol This is the woman who always looks down on her, grabbed her by the hair, and threw water on her over her precious "not" son. Previews are always pasted together with different voiceover overlapping. Yeah can't say I care about VC dying or not except for grandma. That poor lady keeps on losing sons and grandsons at this rate. He had plenty of chances to confess. And why did he need to do it in a freakin hotel when they have the privacy of their home? (well minus Aera lol). So unnecessary but I guess to stretch out the plot. Smh I also can't believe Aera is still roaming in that house when they all know she basically killed her son. Stop using Dori to justify y'all stupidity. That's why she kicked their butts. She shows no human decency or compassion, but yet they don't do the same to her.
  13. @newyee Nah! She barely gave us anything regarding the cufflinks other than more speculation. They could either belong to VC and she found them inside the house or they could belong to her brother in law and she found them in her husband's jacket or something. She definitely made it sound like she thinks he was also involved by the way she said "We are all dead" if he told the truth. We are about to hit the 75% done of the drama and I think they need to speed up some things. If they are gonna add another mystery to the drama regarding who killed the eldest son and his wife, they need to at least resolve the Chan/Gun issue before he gets shaken to death. Shaking a kid can just be as fatal as hitting them. LSH saying Tiffany won't do it again since she got caught was real naive though I understood he was trying to prevent SH from grabbing the kid and getting arrested. At least, they are trying to investigate her life in the US which might be helpful. She says that she left because of her ex, but what if she left because someone caught her abusing him? In the US, child abuse is taken seriously. The cops will never go "Oh! She has a restraining order against you, we can't do anything." WTH? She did it in broad daylight in her store but yet no customer in sight or passerby other than SH couple lol They need to connect the dots though. VC basically told SH to come to find out about his roots aka his parents. Then he told grandma to come meet the person she's been longing the most. Like come on! SH figured out fake DK was her husband by connecting Esther's behavior and the way fake DK was too much like LSH, but now her brain is all mushy?? Is it because she got her man back now she's helpless and clueless? Lol SH's parents out there are about to tell him his VC illegitimate child, I am already cackling at the thought. Lmao @dulceres Yeah Chan just like his daddy always has all these bad things happening to him. They are the two I feel the most for. Though by now, at least, I'm pretty sure he knows they must be his birth parents. LSH directly told him that Gun was the name he gave him. And he hears them talk all the time so if he can understand he was adopted at that age, then he can understand that they are his birth parents.
  14. I guess we'll see what Aera said about the cufflinks after the subs, but he really looked like he didn't care either way. And why take the stairs when there's an elevator? I'm at work so I only watch the KBS clips lol VC just doesn't strike me as a murderer. I mean he barely can even handle his wife. If he was capable of murder, he would have gotten rid of Aera already. Unless he got into a fight with his brother and accidentally killed him and the wife witnessed it? Or plot twist! He had an affair with his sis in law and big bro found out. He killed wife in rage and tried to confront VC. Uh oh! LSH needs another DNA test against VC this time. LMAO j/k But you never know. This writer made the antagonist being the birth mom of the protagonist in one of her dramas. I remembered I raged quit because of that lol No comment on Tiffany. I said my piece already about her so anything she does, does not surprise me. They really need to do something. The Chairman needs to be useful for Pete's sakes!!! Chan is still a heart patient. Just because he got a transplant (I think that's what they said) doesn't mean he's not at risk to reject it in the future. The way she literally scared him to the point of passing out is worrying. SH's mom needs to forever STFU cause I don't need her two cents on anything related to Chan. Esther is really a cartoon. Though she sincerely looked hurt at what Aera told her when she failed to keep the grandparents home.
  15. Oh never mind. That mysterious person is just a backstabber NJ is trying to buy off on the Aura Bio team. But either way, I'm still not convinced about LSH's dad being dead. That snake NJ did bring a good point. I noticed it before. They seem to be only talking about the dead daughter in law, never the son. Even if the son was kicked out, wouldn't they also be talking about him if he was dead? Hell even if he was just missing. Then the Chairman telling his wife "Mother and child are now reunited in heaven." Instead of saying "parents and child". I only remember seeing the picture of the daughter in law and the baby. Something is up. Let's see what that snake finds out for us. LSH is trying to go to court as he feels like they'll never see their son at this rate. SH worries about how a custody battle will affect Chan which is understandable. I do need a gif of Chan swerving left to run into SH's arms lolol My favorite moment! Where was Chan trying to go though when he was outside the store? He could have been kidnapped or ran over by a car. Oye! NJ and Aera knows Esther is a disaster waiting to happen. She already opened the gate by showing the necklace to SH couple and the grandma. I don't even know why Aera believes she will ever open her mouth. What deal can she make with LSH? To give Aura to her son instead of his?? Lol She's so ridiculous in that bathrobe. A certified bum! LSH now he's sensing there's more than NJ shows on why he kept trying to get rid of LSH in the company and stopping him from getting custody of his kid. I think LSH will remember even before the VC ever opens his mouth. You know he won't say anything tomorrow lol
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