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[Drama 2018] 12 Nights 열두밤


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^ welcome back hyunsoo

hopefully you are okay already and hopefully you are getting the rest you needed while working

keep up the good work


urgh i am super busy these past weeks

still got the time to watch the drama but i am not truly fully submerged myself into it yet

hopefully this weekend i can marathon from ep 1 to ep 4 altogether



i really want to talk and talk and talk about every inch of the drama here

i want to discuss, dissect and interpret every single frama if i can huhuhu




since i am still working now, cant stay long

just wanting to drop by to talk about our two fav characters' moment

i just wanna say

one of my fav moment or moments as in two was in ep 2 where hyunoh smiled widely after the third fateful encounter at the photoshop when yookyung walks into the shop and he smiled

as if he was like

yup this is totally meant to be



and also in ep 3 where yookyung encourages hyunoh to scream after they went to watch his friend dance perf debut

the smiled she had on her face was so freeing and carefree

as if she finally was able to break free and become herself


those two smiles remain my memory and i found that to be adorable and intriguing


the dance was perfection and beautiful

but as i said before while the dance is like big gesture

i am more drawn to that subtle and simple action that carries whole lot meaning more



see you guys in next ep


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Guys, episode 4 ended on five years later. I don’t think Hyun Oh and Yoo Kyung are together. I guess episode 5 is going to show us what happened. I’m also fully invested in the stories of the guest house owner and his son and the guy who joined the army and the girl he likes. He should be out of the army now that it’s five years later. 

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@thistle, I don’t know the time span but I assume they’ll bring the story up to 2018. In episode 4, the OTP promised to meet at the guest house a year later but I guess something happened to make them drift apart. I wonder if it’s the ex-boyfriend Eric. YK was returning to New York for an interview but maybe something changed for her since Eric was still interfering in her life.

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29 minutes ago, celebrianna said:

but maybe something changed for her since Eric was still interfering in her life.


Interfering.  A very good word for Eric.  I found him a rather obnoxious character but realistic, and exactly the sort of boyfriend a person with self-doubt might have.  (Haven't many of us had boyfriends like that?)  Hopefully YK will figure it out, even if it does take her five years!  

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I happened to stumble upon this drama and in a blink of an eye it's mixture of love and relationships of so many different kinds caught me by surprise and my heart as well.  It's simple way of story telling that brings out everything beautiful about love.  Seems to flow slowly like a river moving through different lives and situations so many different kinds of raw feelings seeming to come to the surface and pour out honestly for all of us to see...


  About how one without even meaning to can fall in love.  How everyday people struggle and deal with their own desires, dreams, and even some their regrets in knowing what could have been.  It felt like a great book that I just didn't want to put down and quickly moved me along to episode 4 with 5 years into the future as our closing scene. I wondered to myself what happened to meeting in a year and with his hair a little longer and not alone. 

I found myself aching along with the sight of her in wondering who didn't show up and why.

Or could it be they couldn't and only they know the reason why?


I hope at the end of 12 Nights there is a forever in there somewhere...



As always thanks to @0ly40 for posting the music that inspires while writing...


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@USAFarmgirl welcome to this thread, hope you will stay and enjoy the drama, the nighters aren’t that many, but we enjoy talking and discussing with one another, :blush:


finally got to watch ep 4

kinda miffed a lil since i didn't get the hd raw this time


will try to look for it later


anyway finally our first time jump!

wah it's five years...  i thought the time jump would be equally divided (hahaha naïve me)

but it makes sense of course



so we are now into 2015, 5 years have gone by, i wonder what could have happen in that 5 years span?


but before we talk about 2015,  let wrapped up 2010 first



lets start with the hell is with the opening?

how could you hyunoh ah?

you have been open all this while, but when it hit close to your how, you shut down just like that?

even when yookyung was being open and urging you to tell the truth, you just…


for the first time i am mad with him, like really really mad :angry:


it seems that the fourth night/day is last night for almost all the characters

with the triangle couple, the guyfriend leaving for army (i really need to learn all the names, sorry, but i am bad at it, like seriously T_T)  and the child is going to go back to his real? father


so basically hyunoh didn’t leave (like what the…)

all the effort to hurt her and he didn’t even leave

meh hahaha

though he seems resolved now and come to his final decision already


ps is it just me or the scene where he was walking aimlessly on the street looking dazed and a lil tired makes me feel like watching a man transforming into a zombie, just only got bitten and slowly body is decaying and changing



and also we have come to our third poster (i think) the meeting in the shop (although it was just yookyung’s imagination anyway)


btw the cringy english lady is back, though she is less cringy now and showing us that she can have normal convo without all the exaggeration tones kekeke

thank god for that :P 


though as always everything nearing the ending is just too die for

when they meet again at the boarding house, the questions that yookyung asked for him

the hug, actually both of the hugs

the height difference that is just damn too cute especially when yookyung standing at the edge of the house living room? and was able to talk to hyunoh face to face

too adorable


though the more i watched this ep

the more confused i get on how they got separated?

what happened that  makes the separation ended up being five long years?

urgh so many questions and i know next ep wont answers all of that

but at least we got to see them being together


now lets talk 2015

first yookyung is wearing the business wear, making me wonder if she’s here for a job

or she’s working in seoul

is she a photographer still, coming back for a job or a photo exhibition

or something, casue it does seems like she’s the one who’s coming back to seoul


and also can we talk about hyunoh hair?

i know he’s a dancer now, but that damn hair :open_mouth:



hopefully he is not dating his fren and just being goodfren and co worker, one eric is enough to be honest


i don’t have any opinion about the ending, just that it serves us its purpose

showing glimpse of what becoming of our hyunoh and yookyung

(hopefully they will update us with the other characters too later)


so now i am waiting not so patiently for ep 5

because i ergh…  have so many questions


anyway sorry for the long essay



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look at this!!!

from this trailer for the next ep

it seems that it was hyunoh who didnt come a year later

it seems that yookyung did come back and waited and then (totally my presumption since i dont understand korean at all, just a lil bit)

decided to give up since she has waited and he never showed up?

so curious and confused now

will ep 5 have some of the answers to my many questions?

i surely hope so, because i'm dying here!!!


ps i surely hope the reason why because he had an accident on the way to meet her

or he lost some memory or that sort of makjang kind of reasons

if that happen, this drama will surely lose some points from me

for now

it is still a perfection to me



kinda richard simmons me off though if he didnt come to see her that time after they promised

and they he come back 5 years later all smiling and looking happy

i seriously will be pissed off


though have to remind anyone who's reading this

for now

most of my prediction never come true


so this could be just me letting my imagination run amok only



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am i posting too much on this thread or noone is here anymore?



dont drop on this drama

it's good sighs





just found out that hammie is singing ost for another drama (which shall not be named by me) hahaha

and all i can't think off is that why cant she sings for this drama

her own drama

i think it would be perfect

okay maybe that is partly because of my selfish desire to have her on everything but also because she has such a lovely soothing voice and i think it suited well with the vibe for this drama



one of my most fav from her and lee sanggon from noel



others in spoiler


one of my fav



although it may sounded like i am promoting her

maybe i am guilty just a lil bit

sut overall i really think it suited with the color of this drama which i am waiting anxiously now for ep 5 wondering what happen

does my prediction and assumption is true

or it just might be another ploy to deceive me and they have succeeded greatly


internet still sucks

but i am persevering TT_TT 

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wah 5 years later and it seems that they are playing the opposite role now

while hyunoh is chasing his dream as a dancer, or maybe even doing his dream

yookyung keep stepping father and farther away from her dream

she did come to seoul for work and it is photography related work

but instead of project or exhibition

she has become an agent recruiting and managing talents (especially in photographies i think)

she doesnt look happy at all




it seems she did come back in 2011, a year after like they have promised and he didnt come

though here's the confusing bit cause when hyunoh come into the boarding house

the owner said that he felt him like a relative whom he got to meet once every year

so that means that he would almost did come in 2011 too

though that cant be confirmed for now


anyway because he didnt come

she felt heartbroken and that urgh eric is still in the scene

it seems that she has got back together with him and working together now

though she almost like so passive in the relationship


this ep is a lil sad and kinda draggy for me, but not boring

draggy because our two leads didnt meet with one another, it's just catching up ep, filling in the info that we need

though the part where thomas aka one of hyunoh fren meet with yookyung by accident and kinda fallen for her

is so cute

can i like ship yookyung and thomas now?

better than her being with eric



thank god for now there's no amnesia thingy 

yay for that

though the question still remain 

what happen in 2011?


my fav part

most definitely 

the phone call nearing the end

my heart seriously skips more than a beat


and also the preview for the next ep

where everything started to unravel and untwined revealing the truth and the secret


for now yookyung seems mad not just at hyunoh but at the world as well

i sorta understand what she felt

its almost like the universe is going against her


the teacher who told her to quit being a photographer

is the talent she is trying to recruit now

how does it felt looking at someone who has what she wanted to do and yet told her to stop dreaming?

must be so frustrating and sad


i enjoy watching hammie being into this tired 30 year old woman who felt the world is crushing down on her with noone to help her

the support and inspiration that she thought she has found, gone without a word

and now she is bitter and angry

hopefully hyunoh would be able and i know this time would be harder to thaw her frozen heart once more


fighting to both!!!

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I still can’t believe how much confidence Yoo Kyung still lack after five years. I think if she doesn’t have the guts to pursue her dreams then she should give up and choose something else that she might like and give it her all. I don’t find her teacher personable like the photo shop owner but at least the teacher made a good point despite her, imho, rude attitude. I think Yoo Kyung should stop relying on the opinion of others to the point where she let them guide her life. She allow their criticisms to rule her heart so it’s no wonder she has been repeatedly hurt by their feedback and has given up on photography.


As to Hyun Oh and Yoo Kyung, well, it looks like she showed up in summer 2011 but he didn’t. Personally I think they missed the visit of the other because like @chubby^green^ said, Baek Man did indeed tell Hyun Oh that he’s visited every year. Hopefully we’ll understand more about what happened next week. I’m just disappointed that Yoo Kyung rekindled her relationship with that Eric guy when obviously she doesn’t even seem to like him that much. Their relationship is very weird to me because they just don’t seem to relate well from their phone conversations. Yet, she did tell him she loved him when he asked her to in the cab. 


I can’t believe Baek Man sent Chan back to that other father. My impression of the other father is that he’s an unaffectionate rigid man. I just hope he’s not ill treating Chan. I know that Baek Man was caught off guard by Chan’s existence but when it was confirmed that he was his biological father, I had hoped he would not just wholly abandon Chan especially since the mom wasn’t around any more. We didn’t even find out why Chan runaway in the first place. I hope we get to see what’s really going on with him to make him act out.

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@celebrianna i totally agreed with you, the lack of confidence in yookyung's is just frustrating and sometime tiring

but i think that is her character's charm... no human is without flaws and yookyung is this, hence why he needed hyun oh not eric in her life

with him, eric i mean, it seems he has forgotten about herself though not all, still wanting to prove herself just it seems like she just gave up on herself while being with him

as @thistle mentioned before he is the obnoxious type that easily won over the lack of confidence yookyung

i hope that they are just a couple instead of being more as in engaged, since it has been five years and also since i saw a gold ring/band on her ring finger (maybe it was just a ring though)


about the kid, we need to know about the owner and his story to understand his decision, i think

though maybe in my opinion, his way of life, his carefree way of life might not be the best way in his mind to raise a child at that moment

although the kid was his, since the kid already has a father who was in the owner's opinion is better suited to be his kid father

he surely must be thinking though not all toward to good of the kid, there might be some selfish part of him as well

that the other man was better than him ro raise that kid, after all, he was a constant in the kid's earlier life as compared to him


though it does seem that yoon chan is not happy and deliberate in his action screaming for attention and even love

i hope owner would find some courage in his part to be the father that his kid needs

maybe he was gone for the first part of the boy/teen's life

but he can still create bond with himnow aka 2015 hahaha


anyway about the preview

obviously there will be the whole push and pull shazzam going on in the next ep, which i cant wait :tounge_xd:

with hopefully they both being pulled toward one another at the end

and some more answers being answered

and also i want to know about the triangle lovers, what happen to them


i am also interested in the teacher

she seems tough and stubborn

but at the same time she also seems loveable and caring

i think she will be good influence toward yookyung


btw have anyone notice the appearance of another almost as cringy foreign female character this time toward hyunoh

lor is that all foreign females' roles in this story

to be the dream crusher for our leads



btw i've noticed something, most probably just me who missed it at the first time, but i find it interesting and kinda amusing

it was mentioned before hyunoh went to seoul every year and this is further confirmed from the dialogue the 'teacher' said in the preview

though initially i thought it was directed to yookyung and her photography interest

"the reason you come to seoul every year to take a picture. who did you want to show it too?" 

though it seems that this was asked to hyunoh instead, based on the roll of picture we see right after that

it seems that he hasn't given up on yookyung, of course he didn't

unlike yookyung, from totally understandable for me based on her way of thinking and how she perceives others and the world

so for hyunoh what he can do was

comes back every year, takes a picture of himself at the photo shop and most probably asked, or maybe the owner displayed it herself at the shop for yookyung

that's kinda sweet gesture on his part and so totally my kind of romance hahaha


and now the waiting game begins again


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@chubby^green^, I believe Baek Man took the easy way out. I think what Chan said to him in this week’s episode is spot on. He liked his carefree life and didn’t want to give it up. I think that’s very human. I think he convinced himself that he didn’t need to take any responsibility at all for Chan because he already had a father and so everything worked out neatly for him. What I didn’t understand is why he didn’t question Chan more about his life with the other father. At least find out if the kid had any issues in his environment which prompted him to come looking for him. I was disappointed that he didn’t. It’s therefore no surprise Chan keep getting in trouble. It’s so sad because he was a good kid. I hope things work out for him before he gets into any serious trouble that can alter his future.

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@celebrianna i do think that he cares more of his carefree living, and he does take the easy way out...

but from his action and all, he cares for that kid as well

maybe i am reasoning for him, but i do believes some part for his decision is because he believes he is doing the right thing by sending that kid away

how can a man like him raise a child?

he can't even be responsible to his own life, let alone another young soul

i do strongly believe that is his thoughts and he does have some best interest for that kid (though i think that is just a bull* kind of excuse for him)

for not asking, most probably because he already care for yoon/kim chan and knowing more would mean the burden would be more on him to take up responsibility and own up to being a dad

ignorance is bliss, and in his case, not knowing anything would probably ease up his guilt feeling and letting him living his carefree life like before (not as free though) for sure his kid s constantly on the back of his mind

i also think that not knowing would let him not become too attached to his own kid more than he already have

if he knows more, he would have to care more, and the more he cares, the more bond they created

it does seem like he is a commitment phobe


now his attitudes and approaches toward his situation has cause harm to his own kid

what happen next would most probably shapes up yoon chan's life

hopefully from 2015 forward, his life will be filled with love and care that he truly deserve and need

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I've always been lurking here and here I am logging in and commenting just to say how nice and heartwarming this drama is, it just makes you feel like everything's going to be alright haha (at least in my opinion) and I like how it's not draggy or dramafueled just to make them separate and meet again to make it look like fate (Idk if I'm making sense haha) I really hope that more people would give it a chance and watch it because it really is a nice drama! I really dont like that Eric guy though

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@chubby^green^ Thanks so much for the kind and warm welcome.  It's a busy time for me right now so I don't post as much as I want but thankful your posts are always here seeming to be waiting thank you!  I love this drama too it's hard to sometimes express everything you feel while watching but as I have shared before it doesn't seem so complex or rushed more like a simple peek into a group of lives surrounding a fated couple whom always seem to be thinking of one another...




I for one believe in love at first sight but I also believe that love is a growing & breathing emotion that moves with us as we walk through our lives.  I look forward to seeing how the different relationships that are present within this drama change and grow.  A father & son, a couple in love, and finding ones self and learning the courage to speak up when dealing with ones feelings or ones dreams...

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@momspaghetti sorry for the late welcome

the internet here is kinda weak so i only visit this thread once a while and most of the time

i'm just lurking


i totally understand what you are trying to say about fate playing its role

its nice when it is done just on minimum level

too much reliance of the so called fate makes it seems more fake and childish

that's why i adore this drama

yeah its fate, but at the same time, it took the effort from both to expand and utilise the fate that was given to them

and that what makes fate so damn precious


@USAFarmgirl i have too much free time in my very busy life it seems


honestly i dont watch much korean drama

i tend to be selective

and if i count this is the only drama that i truly watch

as i said before i keep myself updated with love to the end waiting for the karma to start biting back so i can start watching again hahaha

and i am waiting for jang nara's new drama to start next week

so for now 12 nights is the only drama that i am faithfuly watching


hence why i tend to over analyse and getting excited about almost everything about the drama



like the reason i am posting now

is the preview

did u guys watch at the end when hyunoh asked yookyung back the question she asked him in ep 4

"which season you like the most"

she answered summer

and from the playback we can see that hyunoh like summer because that was when he met yookyung

so it is safe to assume that yookyung like summer too because of the same reason?


and since she answer that way

does that mean in next ep they are rekindling their so call relationship isnt it?

argh i cant wait!!!



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OST part 4 (all the songs of this drama are so beautiful!!)

Zitten - You are my heart

I think this writer is toying with our hearts. How many nights they have spend together? How many years they have been separated? I want more romantic scenes between them. It seems the next episodes they will be arguing.:huh:


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1 hour ago, 0ly40 said:

I think this writer is toying with our hearts. How many nights they have spend together? How many years they have been separated? I want more romantic scenes between them. It seems the next episodes they will be arguing.:huh:

arguing is good since the reconciliation would be even better


and of course they would be fighting and sulking and pouting

they have been separated for 5 years already



i like it better when they fight

the heartache makes it more real

and then when all the bitter past has been swallowed only the sweetness will remain and they can be together enjoying it



it seems that hyunsoo makes the right choice to choose this drama

he almost like being the ultimate cool, chic and yet perfect guy ideal type for some viewers

i've seen more and more comments about how they like hyunoh hahaha


and i cant blame them

even i felt a lil tug whenever he speaks and thinks of yookyung

he totally look and felt like he is wholesomely smitten with her

and that's beautiful for me

but not just that, his whole character without yookyung is also so lovely and sweet as well

just that with yookyung, we can see more of him


btw thanks for the ost

i seriously love the ost for this drama

each song is better than the last and each song is just so perfect




i thought he was meeting was the gal from before aka his ex gf

but it seems that it is someone else

who seems interested in him

i hope it wont complicate things too much

although it would seem unfair for yookyung to be in other relationship while hyunoh should just be loyal to her

for me that is their character and how thy behave

while yookyung needed someone even though she might not love that person

she has this flaw of always leaning toward someone for support and guidance

while hyunoh is just independant, he can be on his own and remain loyal to just one person

because he is that type of guy


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