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[Drama 2018] 12 Nights 열두밤

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so who would have guess that after that  minutes i was ambushed with the sweetest scene from this drama for now

even now i am feeling giddy when i think about it



not just the kiss

the promise

the look they share with one another

and the stare they did when the other was asleep

it was perfection


this must be added to the top whatever scenes that i adore from this drama

one would definitely their third fated meeting at the photoshop in ep 1

second would be that daring kiss that yookyung initiated

third would be the dance they share together

fourth that simple convo they had after hyunoh 'coming back' to the boarding house 

fifth is the call hyunoh made to yookyung after  years

and now this the scene in the car

omg... i could die watching this drama, it's a perfection!


and although i want to talk about the others

unfortunately i seriously didnt pay any attention to any of them this time

i was too far up in the cloud because of the whole "i'll wait" form hyunoh



that being said there are some things i still find urgh

i am seeing yookyung in a new perspective,

i was so caught up with wanting her to be with hyunoh i sometime forgot about who she is really

thank god for the fairy god mechanic

i can see her being hesitant and taking her time to say what her heart has decided even before she comes back to korea

and i totally understand seeing how manipulative and controlling eric is


hammie is so unfortunate in dramaland

second time being with psycho boyfriend

hopefully eric wont be as richard simmons as her bf in age of youth who at the end kidnapped her and hid her away,

not only that he also hits her

that jerk


the question now

will she goes back to new york with eric

if she did

will it so that she could end everything up with him?

i'm scare, when hyunoh is far from her, i'm afraid eric would manipulate her again

here in seoul, she become determine because she has him supporting her and encourages her to be brave

if anything, if she did go back to nyc

i just wish she would remember her determination and her bravery


and also will hyunoh wait for her

what will happen

i am still quite awry about the gal who was with hyunoh

it felt like she will play bigger role in the future than she is now


i have a feeling also

for the last time jump

it will yookyung who will wait for hyunoh to come to her

as hyunoh has been waiting all this while


this friday starts my one whole week family vacation

and although i will have my laptop and internet with me

pretty sure the schedule will be fully packed

i hope that i can still sneak in watching this drama




see you guys next friday

or should it be next saturday after the ep is fully subbed


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from the preview its either yookyung (red plaid shirt) was meeting with hyunoh when she got the call about eric being detained for involved in brawl

or she was with eric at the police station, bailed him out and then left him to meet hyunoh

i like the second one since it's more decisive who she chooses 

but it is most likely the first one since we can see hyunoh stalking her from far

not willing to let her go with eric

i seriously hope this ep tomorrow would be the last that we heard of eric

i know its hard for yookyung to get away from him

but i am getting tired of the whole eric  yookyung situation


though we can clearly see that although it is not yet physical, yookyung is obviously in an abused relationship

and the fact that he cannot let her go is even worse


the scariest part for me was when he was telling the police that he will leave korea and go back to new york with yookyung

as in he is binding her with him and using the excuse of him being asked to go back to new york as a way for him to keep yookyung by his side


i dunno what i would do if i were in that situation, it is scary and nerve wrecking


tomorrow is the last night

meaning they are separating again

but i am scared if they got separated because yookyung went back to nyc with eric


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I really enjoyed this week’s episode mainly for our OTP and Chan and his parents. Yoo Kyung needs to permanently sever ties with that nutcase. He actually tried to blackmail her into staying with him. I hope we don’t have to see anymore of him.


From the preview I hope the clips are only trying to confuse me by implying Hyun Oh might be engaged to that ever present dancer. It’s time for the OTP to get together for good. What’s with this on and off relationship? At least now they’re in 2018 so I guess the story in its final stage.

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I'm a little confused.  They met at the airport to fly back to their own countries but they never kept in contact for 3 years...AGAIN?

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so many mixed feeling about ep 8

i am excited but also dreading it

this week is my holiday week, a vacation getaway with family so i rarely have time to be online

have watched ep 8 but just briefly so i still cant discuss it much 

just that i am dying about ep 9 now

so many questions that i need answers like yesterday



will come back later when i have the time to watch the drama fully


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On 12/5/2018 at 1:54 PM, emmie said:

I'm a little confused.  They met at the airport to fly back to their own countries but they never kept in contact for 3 years...AGAIN?

another mystery it seems

i am looking forward to the revelation of why they didn't continue meeting one another after their meet up at the airport

something big must have happened

hopefully its not death or pregnancy

or something that is tragic

though i have a tingling feeling that it would be something like that


the fact that it was hyunoh who first approached yookyung this time with that email kinda intrigues even more

though have to say

yay at least they have each other's mail though they dont seem to use it


and also about that gal and her 'fiancee'

since they revealed it like that in the preview

i think it was a total dud or just plain misleading

she might be engaged to one of hyunoh's fren or just someone completely new


kinda crazy, but i think hyunoh is still waiting for yookyung

even if yookyung got married to eric three years ago

he might still be waiting for her


looking forward for ep 9

opefully subs will come soon since i seriously cant wait


and also hammie's insta update






they look good together



we are going to the third and last part of this drama

already missing it although it is still airing



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This OTP. I don’t even know what to say. Is it the long distance that is hindering their relationship? Or is it their individual ambition and pursuit of their careers in separate countries? They clearly are in an on and off again sort of relationship. What is preventing them from moving on since neither seem to want to make the difficult decision to be together by living in the same country? They obviously still like each other but when will they make a firm decision on their relationship? Right now Hyun Oh is engaged and seem so unhappy. Yoo Kyung knows he’s in Seoul but do not seek him out because it seems like something happened during the three years and he did not show up. 

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yeah this otp can be really a pain in the a**



and once again all my predictions went south even before this ep starts



anyway lets dive in ep 9

its a bore

most probably because the otp didnt get together even till the last minute this time

they didnt meet or anything

just showing background for the third part of this drama


at least yoo chan and his dad have a good relationship now though cant say much about him and his gf?

hmm i wonder what happen


anyway back to our otp and the prominent third wheel

why did he gets engaged?

he seems so unhappy and awkward with his so call fiance

is this his version of a yookyung and eric?

and why he is not together with yookyung

where is the promise of him will wait no matter how long it takes?

so he is injured and seems to be in pain, does that the reason why he ditched yookyung?

but if the pain is the reason and he didnt want any pity or troubled yookyung, then why have another woman in his life?

a woman who he seems to be unwilling to have in his life


from the tidbits and preview it seems that it was hyunoh who left yookyung and most probably goes MIA before suddenly popping the "i miss you" email

most probably drunk e-mail



once again this is like reminiscing of their first meeting where he was asked to go back to japan

and he also ready to ditch yookyung without much explanation

almost like this is his behavior

hmm... his flaw


i dont like drama who uses death, sickness or self sacrifice as the reason for breakup

that is just so typical and too cliche

so if that is what happened here

i would be so pissed


kinda missing hyunoh bright smiles and he also seems to be missing that twinkle in his eyes, the mischief in his steps

he seems so much older and tired now


while yookyung seems freer

she seems more at ease

her awkward behavior is just her being her, so nothing to be worried there



we only have three eps left

so i am seriously hoping to solve the mystery of hyunoh asap

so that yookyung can decide to be with him or not

i know we have seen the ending (most probably) at the beginning of the first ep

but if what hyunoh did is unforgivable, then i truly believe that yookyung should just move on and find someone else


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@chubby^green^, good observations on the episode. I’m happy with Yoo Kyung now. She seems more stable and courageous from the bit I have seen of her in 2018. Her mother seems to be a handful but I’m wondering who is the Ji Sun who kept calling her mom. Could it be her mother’s relative in the hospital like her mom (YK’s grandma) and this Ji Sun might be her mother’s brother or something? Hmmm. 


I’m loving Chan and his father’s relationship. I’m happy to see them getting along now. The father seem to be dating his mom again. Well, good for them if they’re giving their romance a second try and Chan seems okay with it this time around.

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hahaha thanks


have to admit ep 9 is the first ep that i am not inclined to watch it again

other eps i will usually watch a few more times just to rewatch the sweet scenes and also to see whether i am missing anything

but this ep, i just dont want to watch it in general



hopefully ep 10 wont be as annoying as ep 9

and less scene from the fiance

not that i hate her, but yeah i hate her

team yookyung all the way



as we are embarking into the third trimester of yookyung and hyunoh's relationship

ii am realising that we are most probably wont get closure on any of the other characters we've meet from 2010 up till 2018 per say

it is like saying, they all have their own story, when they cross path with you, their story become part of your story

and when they parted or drifted from you

their story will still continues, but it wont any longer be included in your narrative


of course i am curious about the female scriptwriter we've meet in the first part of the story

the triangle love story from busan i think

the mechanic aka fairy god mother appearances was short but meaningful

the teacher, hyunoh's fren

even eric at a certain point


but that is just how life is...

not everything needed to have closure for us to move on

sometime it just goes as times goes by and we will be fine with it


hopefully though our otp wont be having open ending

i hate open ending as much as i hate death ending

people keep saying open ending is good, since it lets us viewers to think and create possibilities on our own

but i dont that

i dont want to think, to imagine, to go through what if situation

i want them to tell me, are they gonna be happy or not

simple as that


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I am just loving this drama. 


Spent my whole weekend binge watching and catching up. And I am not disappointed.  I knew I wanted to watch this drama with Han Seung Yeon as lead and I am so glad I decided to watch it. This was after seeing her post on IG of her and Shin Hyun Soo, looking so cute. ^^


Idk if you all watched their VIKI interviews but they described their characters matching the seasons.

HSY --> winter (ep 1-4), fall (5-8), and summer (9-12)

SHS --> summer, fall, and winter

And I definitely see this through the timeline.


Was very sad to see how cold Hyun Oh was. All the way from his hairstyle to his expression. Missing his cheesy smiles. X{  I have rewatched ep 1-4 like cray. Lol


Ep. 9 was upsetting bc lack of interaction. I mean I get itttt.  But as a viewer, I hated how little time they had with each other. Hoping the last 3 eps they'll have a  combination of 1.5+ hr of screen time together. Lol 


For ep 10. I hope the "fiance" catch on quick and exit out of the story peacefully as the otp has a lot to catch up on. Hopefully Hyunoh can face Yoo Kyung and have a real conversation. 


Although I have been thinking a lot on how they will continue with their careers. He pretty much has to stay in S.Korea for his job. But now she has the flexibility to travel and be a photographer.  So she can move and stay with him, which is what I think will happen. I also hope he signed on to a different company and not his "fiance's" lol


Lol thanks for reading. 

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ep 10 tonight

hoping for more discovery

and i am being bitter but i hope yookyung treats hyunoh with distance

he is after all someone's else fiance

even when yookyung was with eric, i always hope she would end her relationship with eric first before starting anything with hyunoh

although that didnt happen, at least she felt the need to ended everything with eric the moment she realise she was fallen for hyunoh

even the second time, she was hoping hyunoh would wait for her so that she could end everything and come to him as a clean slate, as in free of relationship that could tangle her

i might be a lil bias, but for me dating and officially engaged is two different thing

i am conflicted though honestly speaking

should i blame hyunoh or shouldnt i?

if i blame hyunoh for getting engage and then  maybe get close to yookyung again

then why didnt i blame yookyung for doing the same in earlier eps with eric and hyunoh?

but i dont feel that what yookyung did was wrong

and instead i am angry with hyunoh for sure

maybe i feel disappointed at hyunoh, feel like my trust was betrayed with him (i was certain that he wouldnt do this one thing of being with someone else aside from yookyung)

i mean he can be anything, he can be a coward, an idiot or even the type that ditched yookyung because of his problem and desire to protect her

but never once in my thought he would be with another girl aside from yookyung


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@chubby^green^, I didn’t think the Hyun Oh would get engaged to someone else but I know his fiancé is one persistent lady. She’s always been around since the beginning. It wasn’t too surprising to me that they’re together now.  I don’t know what could have happened to Hyun Oh to make him change this much but hopefully we will find out soon. He certainly feels like a different almost depressing sort of person. Whereas Yoo Kyung seem more comfortable now speaking her opinion rather than getting carried along with someone else’s opinion or decision for her.

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@celebrianna the thing that i find annoying about him getting engaged is that

yookyung did nothing wrong to him

i mean she was faithfully waiting for him

emailing him, wanting to be with him, yearning for him

it wasnt like she stood him up and didnt show up

or she broke up with him for no reason

it wasnt anything like that

i think that is one of the reason i am angry with hyunoh for being like this now


he ignored and sorta deserted her

and then he emailed her saying he missed her after three long years of absence

she came to seoul, maybe not for him solely but partly for him i am sure

only to find that he is an engaged man already



if i was yookyung...

actually if i was yookyung i would moved on already

i have no time to waste on a guy like him at this moment

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3 hours ago, celebrianna said:

@chubby^green^, I still think we should wait to see his side before we rightly vent our frustrations about him. Fortunately we should find out more tonight. 

hahaha that's why i need to vent now

pretty sure he would have a good reason for all the things he did and then i will have to keep all my anger inside and have to forgive him just like that


now that i have vented out, i am more open for whatever excuse he has



pretty sure those two will make a way back to each other


for now this drama haven't fail me yet

so i am really hoping the excuse of separation this time won't be too cliched and it to be rational enough

actually it doesn't have to be rational just make sense

as in, i am more open to the excuse of

they are not together because distance got in their way and their career was taking them to two opposite direction


your career is taking off while mine is on standstill, i felt uneasy with you hence i distanced myself from you because of my pride

rather than

i'm sick so i dont want you to suffer, so i broke up with you because of that

or whatever noble act one could think off happened in a drama


or it could not even be his fault but her fault instead

who knows



at least this drama doesnt have the whole romeo and juliet plot (i am thankful for that)



hyunoh ah, you might have solid reason for everything that happen and also for that fiance of yours

but since i havent watch ep 10 yet

i think i am entitled to be angry at you for now

so when ep 10 come and you are deemed innocent and actually didnt do anything wrong, or at least with a good reason for whatever you did

or maybe the blame is on yookyung for all i know (which is almost close to none)

then i will love you back


and maybe... just maybe i think yookyung should be with you (yeah i am still bitter hahaha)


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Hi Everybody, I'm a big fan of this drama from the beginning but didn't have enough time to read this topic. I've just read your latest thoughts about the last two episodes and you almost have written everything I thought about it too. :)

Although I'm a bit upset that there were so few scenes with our OTP and they were so sad, I liked it anyway. :wub:

I don't know why but I think the fiancé is aware of the relationship between Yoo Kyung and Hyun Oh. Hyun Oh had that photo of Yoo Kyung which I don't think he throw away. She could've seen it. Somehow, I feel she is the type who wants to possess him, moreover she tries to confirm whether he has any feelings left for Yoo Kyung. I also think that she manipulated him into this engagement. Hyun Oh is very lost now, he isn't that confident guy anymore and because of his painful knees he feels himself weak and he doesn't want to show this to Yoo Kyung... Maybe this was a part of the reasons they broke up three years ago.

It's heartbreaking to see how cheerless he became... :tears: I have to admit I'm addicted to this drama, can't wait the last two episodes. :-(

I'm really grateful for the perfection they made this drama with!

Sorry about my poor English :-( I hope I could express myself though. :sweatingbullets:

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