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[Drama 2018] 12 Nights 열두밤


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I'm happy to see both of them happy, doing what they love, working hard, pursuing their dreams

But I want a definite answer to whether they're currently together or not!

I did say I'd be fine with either, but I was hoping for a clear depiction >.<

The ending left me thinking about several possibilities and thinking makes my head hurts geez XD

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i hate the ending

there i said it!



early on i was already dreading the prospect of open ending

and when i finally saw it, i freaking hate it


so you guys meet again at the traffic light, now all smile

is that a love smile, a friendly smile

a simple smile of hi there and then passed one another just like never to see again

or what?


i mean i understand the premise of the drama

its not about love as much as the growth of the two character and how they each help one another to become who they are now in 2018 (well its 2019 now)


can we have a love story that is not so damn ambiguous?


for that matter

can we appreciate how lively yookyung has become and how happy i am for her

and also it seems that hyunoh also find his niche' and place too

even the darn ex fiancee of his has found the one for her

thank god for no continuation of her damn threat in ep 11


still seeing the poster of the double exhibition is together

aka there must be collaborating together

even if there is no collaboration between, seeing the poster together would mean that they know they are working side by side

so i am leaning toward that they are together

just at that stage where they dont have to be cuddling with one another all the time

they have their own lives and careers and okay with that


still, can we get sp ep?

i mean just 2 hours of showing the chemistry between them two being together and also kiss, i need more of that too hahaha

that would be so nice

the last 4 eps are just too depressing for me in term of otp shipping

i need something to mend my crooked heart


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Finally saw the complete version of ep 12 and am very pleased. A very thorough discussion of why they missed their time. However, all the other couples are together, having overcome all sorts of obstacles. So, our OTP? They are finally coming into their own and will be fine with or without each other. What a lovely place to be, given all their past entanglements. The possibilities are endless.

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I think I’m kind of okay with them not ending up together. What I wasn’t okay with was the open ending. In any case, I must admit that this is more slice of life so I kind of understand why it ended that way. The only couple that I feel will surely continue to be together is Chan’s parents. They had their time apart already and were given the second chance to be together and they’re certainly holding on to that chance. Chan and his girlfriend seem okay even with the long distance but it has a realistic vibe to it. Nothing is certain but they’re trying to make it work. With the OTP, I can actually see them just continue to pass by each other and not hook up again. Their smiles kind of gave the impression that they’ve moved on and were happy to see an old friend. In any case, the drama did feel more slice of life than romantic to me.

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