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  1. I am so glad I watched this drama, it shows how healthy relationships should be and how communication is the key (never be afraid to share what burdens or upsets you), what can I add? It was such a smooth sail and I can't wait to see their upcoming projetcs (btw i find Eg and Sindy really cute together lol)
  2. Exactly, and lying at this point is really meaningless (I don't condone lying but in some dramas I CAN somehow understand why the person is lying even tho it's better to just come clean) but in this case and knowing how understanding the male lead is, just keeping on lying is just annoying at this point
  3. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! Not to be that person, but I must say that I'm quite disappointed, there's no reason for the lie not to unfold, it just pains me at this point lol, and I can't seem to enjoy the scene between fake veronica and dom I'd rather watch the scene between him and GH. And the more it'll take to unfold the more pain they'll make us go through All in all Im not sure I'm ready to watch today's ep, I don't want to see her deceiving him etc (I'm just rambling haha)
  4. I know right!! VP is sooo refreshing (till now at least) I was afraid she was going to be your annoying rich brat 2nd lead but no! And I'm glad it's not the case As for the main lead (I still cant remember his name sorry) he reallyy is in love with his secretary like c'monnnn just his monologue gives it away but he still doesnt realize it
  5. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! I really like their relationship, I'm pretty sure he already loves her but he isn't aware of it, because the way he looks at her etc shows it And gosh she is soooooo cute and does anyone find her voice really soothing?? Because I really do! And like all of you I just hope the secret will be revealed soon because I don't want to watch a few episodes of them being hurt etc
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well! I've just finished watching the 1st ep and I really loved it, I'm not one to compare things but I must say that in my opinion it's a tad better than the 2nd season! I'm looking forward to watching the episodes to come and to read all your comments!
  7. This was such a nice ride! I rarely like a drama this much, I only hope that we will have a 2nd season, and if not I hope to see KNG in a new project (and if possible with Lee Honey hahaha!)
  8. Hello everyone, hope you're doing good! I think there will be more time jump because I remember watching the 1st ep when she gets a text message for her tuition to be paid it said -2015- I might be wrong though! It was a nice watch though and I hope we will have the 8 remaining episodes soon
  9. Hello everyone!!! Ive just watched the 1st ep and I'm hoooooked! and that last scene made me smile (he deserved it) even tho I wish he would've gone through what his victims suffered but....
  10. I just finished watching the 2nd ep and I must say wow! I agree with people who said that there must be a glitch in the game and that that glitch must be a horrible one to the players On another note PSH and HB are just so good looking in such an effortless way (I don't know if this makes sense )
  11. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well !!!! I just finished watching the 1st episode and I just want to say : wow! that's such a refreshing and new plot! I don't generally get hooked from the 1st episode but I gotta say that this time I am especially since I adore granada because it's such a mystical place Anyway I'm positive that this drama won't disappoint (or at least I hope it won't) and I guess the 1st episode mainly focused on the VR side of the story and how the lead is invovled in the story and I guess the 2nd episode will focus a bit more on PSH (I still didn't memorize their names in the drama )
  12. Hello everyone I hope you're doing good!!! I really enjoyed the 1st episode it made me feel as if I was watching a movie, and found myself hoping that the whole drama would take place in Cuba lol (such a pretty country) ! So I really enjoyed it but I just hope that it won't become draggy and they will start creating problems that could have been easily avoided Oh and PBG's english is so good in my opinion !
  13. I honestly don't understand why they're making comments about how he should lose weight? He looks pretty normal to me and he is pretty tall (around 187cm tall I believe), and compared to his height he looks pretty normal and healthy to me. As for the 1st episode, I really enjoyed it, it was a pretty smooth sail the characters are likable and the male lead isnt your snobby rich guy and the female lead is really enjoyable and her acting is just marvelous! I hope the next episode will be as likable as the 1st one
  14. Hello everyone, I just finished watching the 1st ep and so far I liked it (even though its too early to decide if its worth watching or not ) But so far it really does look promising! Can't wait for the episodes to come! Is it just me or the kid's mother looks fishy
  15. Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing great I still didn't watch the latest episode but I can feel that I'll have the urge to punch that Eric guy! Wow how annoying he is (I'll comment more on this matter after watching the ep)
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