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[Drama 2018] Let me introduce her / If it's her / About Her, 그녀로 말할 것 같으면


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SBS Drama

Let me introduce her / If it's her / About Her




IF it's her / About her - 그녀로 말할 것 같으면

Network: SBS

Episodes: 40

Genre: Drama

Airdate: July 14th - September 29th, 2018

Airtime: Saturdays 20:45 

Directed by: Park Kyeong Ryeol

Screeplay by: Park Eon Hee



It's the story of a woman who tries to recover the memories she lost following total facial reconstruction surgery. I'm not sure what kind of a hack job erased her memories during cosmetic work, but there you have it. Kim Jae Won will be playing a plastic surgeon specialist named Han Gang-woo, so I wonder if we already have said hack job.

Nam Sang Mi plays the heroine, Ji Eun-han. On her reasons for choosing the role, the actress commented "I was attracted to the dramatic situations and immersive story that cannot be experienced in reality, as well as the character who goes through various emotions while experiencing them".











Lee Mi Sook as Min Ja Young

Han Eun Jung as Jung Soo Jin

Yang Jin Sung as Song Chae Young

Lee Dae Yeon as Han Young Cheol



Note: This drama will follow "Secret Mother" in July on SBS.


Source: Hancinema





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Nam Sang Mi And Jo Hyun Jae Join Kim Jae Won As Leads Of New SBS Mystery Drama

Actors Nam Sang Mi and Jo Hyun Jae have been confirmed to join Kim Jae Won for upcoming SBS drama “About Her” (working title)!

“About Her” is a mystery melodrama about a woman, who loses her memory after undergoing facial reconstruction surgery, and the strange things she encounters as she tries to recover her memories.

Nam Sang Mi will be playing the lead female, Ji Eun Han, who seeks to recover her memory. Nam Sang Mi has earned recognition for having a girl crush image after her acting in “Chief Kim” last year.

Jo Hyun Jae will be acting as Ji Eun Han’s husband, Kang Chan Ki. Kang Chan Ki is a famous anchor at broadcast station KBC, as well as an elite chaebol. This role marks Jo Hyun Jae’s return to the small screen after two years and five months, following his appearance on “Yong Pal.”

Finally, Kim Jae Won will be taking on the role of Hang Kang Woo, the plastic surgeon who was in charge of Ji Eun Han’s surgery. After getting involved with the completely different Ji Eun Han following her surgery, Hang Kang Woo will form a love triangle with her and her husband.

“About Her” will premiere in July as the follow-up to “Secret Mother.” Filming is scheduled to start in late June.

Source (1)







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On 6/28/2018 at 9:56 PM, dotonly said:

Ohhh, why it has to be a love triangle? I like the three of them.

I know, I like them too. Why do they have to give Jo Hyun Jae a dark side? My poor Hun Kang evil in another drama?:cry:


@0ly40 Thanks for starting this thread, I love Nam Sang Mi

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I just finished watching the first episode (1-2).. I really enjoyed it. The suspense and mystery surrounding the characters held my interest. I’m curious how the story will unfold as she awakens to no memory and truths as to why she wanted this surgery so much emerge. I don’t really want to think that her husbands mother would do something so horrible but I’m beginning to wonder.. 

1 hour ago, dotonly said:

Anyone have watched the first ep? How was it?

I like it a lot.. 

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After episode 3/4 I’m still really liking it. It does seem like it will have lots of angst so I am a little worried about that, but so far I’m really anticipating what’s to come.. since no one else is really watching it seems I’ll try to keep away from spoilers for now... 

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I thought it will be aired every Sat-Sun, apparently not. I dont like angst, so idk...

I'll try first and decide later.


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14 hours ago, dotonly said:

Anyone have watched the first ep? How was it?

I just finished watching it, I liked it. At first, I wasn't so sure, it seemed a little slow, but at the end of this week's episodes, I'm definitely hooked. I know w/every melodrama there's a chance it could go off the rails but for now, it's very compelling.


@ajummapunkinssiI'm happy you are watching this too. I already love the chemistry of the leads. I'm happy that our leading lady is not a damsel in distress, she wants to find out who she is and why she's on the run. 



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