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  1. A new baby is on the way! JY is so incredibly happy... I really can’t imagine the writer will take this one away, but I do think KS will try and we will probably have at least one scare. poor Jenny doesn’t deserve to be treated so terribly by her parents. I am so glad she has JY though. They are such a great daily and their unwavering love and acceptance of her will really help her through this. I do wish she would stop listening to KS bash her and actually trust and accept the love so willingly offered to her but the pain she has endured through her lifetime is making that very difficult. its a guilty pleasure this joy of watching JY be loved and adored by her in laws, while KS stews in her pot of jealousy. I’m really not ok that they have been completely forgiven in a sense by JY but in a way this is the best sort of revenge for KS after all she has done against JY. The fact that she has never been able to be accepted and JY has been not only a big part of their family but the necklace and key from her MIl.. BTW, what is that key for anyway? Just curious if anyone knows.
  2. I’m actually fine with a rimance angle later on.. her and her husband were already very much grown apart, their relationship was already rocky.. he is gone now and even her grieving has had to take a back seat to everything around her. I think he will help her heal and make it through everything becoming her support. I think the connection is more important than the holding hands, kissing etc.. they kind of already rely on each other a great deal but I want to see them actually connect on a more personal level. I think there is a huge difference between this and familiar wife.. on FW he was still “married” but changed his future by choosing a different date that day.. so I’m a weird way he was single but yet he was married. This is different because of the loss of her husband and their actual relationship issues. Depending on how much time passes too, sometimes months can pass in a few episodes and we don’t even realize it.. I don’t think she was an agent either.. for an agent she would be quite clueless.. she is observant etc but still hasn’t begun to put clues together about her boss.. if she was an actual agent before I think she would have already become very suspicious of him more than where she is now
  3. It’s tough to add comedy into a suspense drama successfully but this is well done... anyone that is complaining must have quite different tastes than I lol!
  4. I’m really enjoying this so far! Comedy, hints at future romance but most of all the build up of the story with the suspense and mystery. Love the friends and how they will ultimately be big players in solving this whole puzzle. The kids are adorable and mom is just so clueless, not realizing she actually stepping into a minefield
  5. I agree, I’m liking the fact that she isn’t playing the perfect sweet vulnerable girl.. she has been treated terribly and has pains and fears that won’t be easy for her to overcome.. I find it interesting that many don’t seem to like it.. maybe because I’m a daily drama fan and it has a certain vibe to it that reminds me of them.. I have watched the ML in one of his other dramas where he played twins.. but I find it more interesting than some is the others that are extremely popular.. I’m not really one that follows the normal trends though lol!
  6. We have the two leads that are perfectly imperfect.. they have the world against them, they make mistakes but still try to make the choices necessary for their survival and ultimately their happiness.. we we have the villains that are really quite despicable.. the grandmother who is evil and hateful, the mother that is so wound up in her own self she can’t see the daughter that has loved her through it all... the father that abused his son, kidnapped another child and is out trying to get money by trickery and ultimately harm to his son again.. the sulking girlfriend that acts like she is so powerful and is hateful and spiteful, using an emotionally fragile person and to some extent emotionally exhausted family to exact her revenge because the guy she wants loves another.. it looks like we are getting to some sort of romance soon.. which I’m ready for. I’m seriously tired of this sulking attitude ridden SA. Why can’t she disappear lol! Although, I know she is necessary for the drama. Her attitude in the bathroom with CR was really quite funny.. everything she was saying was the opposite.. he never chased her, wanted her first, begged her to move in together, begged for the engagement or the marriage. She has some serious insecurity to be spouting that nonsense. I was glad to see that CR has no idea who the real person is behind the DNA test, so it really was a good thing she didn’t disclose this info to her mother and SA. I got some sort of spiteful thrill (I’m shocked dramas do this to me) when EH left SA for CR, leaving all his clothes behind that they “so happily” bought together. The fact that she followed him and saw him act caring to CR was something I wasn’t even close to upset about.. im excited that CR will ask for a divorce.. I doubt it will be granted any time soon since her “husband” has his ego all damaged and will not want to let her go because EH will be waiting for her.. he won’t want to lose in this. Whew, I talked a lot... :))
  7. I really enjoyed the mixture of suspense and comedy in these first couple episodes. Mr Serious playing with the kids and letting them do anything they wanted.. Mom trying to keep the pain of her loss from effecting her children.. The unexpectedness of her opening a suitcase full of toys, the gummy bear he was barely able to keep from chucking in the living room and the group of looney parent friends that have her back.. I do say though... I will never look at innocent stickers the same ever again!!
  8. JY buys MIL and KS both designer purses and gives money to FIL and Bro... not sure how much was her own funds and how much was from her MIL but I was disappointed in the scenes lol! I wanted to awesome grand show in front of her friends and it was just a meeting in her house.. I was so bummed lol! Then KS just throws the bag as if it’s cardboard.. what an entitled immature brat. SH ex gives him a call the evening before the wedding, sounds like she is bowing out gracefully now. Maybe she will “grow up” now and we will see some character change in her. She has always kind of relied on him as a crutch. KS literally jut sulked and sulked and....... the wedding was was so very pretty and that dress was gorgeous!!!!!! HR suddenly has a tummy, attends the wedding and struggles to show up in front of his family. I still think the whole mess about the surrogacy was was ha handled so strangely. Now it just suddenly is if nothing happened... lol, lol to the driver after the wedding as they kiss through all their memories... during this time the driver has his eyes on the road, heat coming from the back seat as KS stares out her window with that unhappy spoiled child look on her face... I do hope that through all the hardships to come our married couple will stay together!
  9. I’m not sure how all this info was released early, but if it’s true it’s a good heads up for me to drop out and return when our OTP is happy.. I adore them and would love to see them again in a drama together but with a happier sort of synopsis. However, this is way above my comfort level and will not endure all this hardship and stupidity of SN reigning supreme with a big time jump of her happy.. Ill come back at the end and see my OTP happy or at least coming together again..
  10. If this is the direction this will go I will be dropping it for a long while.. the fact that SN will be happy living all those years with that family while the leads have to be separated and their child not knowing his father for how many years is more than my brain can take right now.. Love Till The End sounds like at this rate they won’t get back together until the are old or dying!
  11. That little show was so rediculous and mean I wanted to throw my phone at her.. but of course I didn’t.. you are being rude and unkind, then suddenly kneel and act as the victim.. now she wins her victory by walking out with the father and creating a wedge intentionally. This person who was raised with much love, no money but security.. destroys the person that was raised with abuse and insecurity to try to actually save you.. I do hope she has to face the music and lives to regret with a lot of emotional pain for what she is deciding to do just because she was rejected by a guy.. definitely shows what a low character you have! This guy will be escaping a lifetime of unhappiness and abuse by getting away from her
  12. @USAFarmgirl I easily get frustrated by it but it’s so used in dramas I try to ignore it.. they always run to whoever calls no matter how badly they are treated.. it’s super frustrating, I guess they can’t think of a better way to keep the story moving along..
  13. Need subs but doesn’t look like she fell for SN little show.. pregnancy introduced is not a surprise at all. This is how she will get the sympathy and attention she needs for a while longer from her husband dead FIL... it’s sad to see the OTP struggling so much but I am glad she stuck with him, and I am glad she didn’t just forgive him immediately.. he needs to suffer for hiding this for so long. I need them t be happy again and working together so SN can really be afraid!
  14. KS worst nightmare is becoming a reality.. JU has been received with open arms and her MIL is treating her very well (although she doesn’t know this yet). I did like how her MIL met her and tastefully dealt with the money situation. She thought of JY and dealt with it carefully. It would be nice to see her not care about the gift with her friends but I can understand her wanting to really shine here.
  15. I’ll admit to being somewhat frustrated with GB because she refuses to actually listen to him and try to find out what’s going on... although the other half of me understands her pain and the wall she has erected against him. It’s a rough place for my emotions to be... and the way he opens up to her and practically begs her to understand when she has no idea is heartbreaking, but on the other hand I wish he would just write her a letter and explain it all to her.. the accident, how he has never remembered anything until she reappeared, how he doesn’t know how much time he has etc... my emotions become a roller coaster but just watching him is soothing for the soul lol! Loving this drama so far.. but man I hope she gives in soon because I don’t know how much more rejection my sappy heart can take!!
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