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  1. A closer look of Go Hae Ri (Suzy) in hijab. Credit as labelled Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=suzy&no=403909 LSG Vagabond BTS Ctto We will get to see beautiful aerial shot in Vagabond with these tech/gadgets... Credit to: ogi9511 LSG & SSR VAGABOND BTS https://www.instagram.com/p/BpPSwdzjQ6S/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Credit to: leilamacuine Fight Scene BTS [SPOILER ALERT!!!] LSG and BSZ VAGABOND BTS Credit: cindyyaaaa Vagabond group shot Credit to: ig sang_jun_actor
  2. Credit to: drama_vagabond IG I used to watch dramas only if my faves in it when I entered K-drama land. But as time goes by, I'm being picky. I don't even need to be a fan of the actors/actress to watch the dramas as long as: interesting storyline + good script + good acting = I will stay until the last episode.
  3. ✓ Celltrion want LSG for VGB even before Hwayugi but LSG chose Hwayugi. ✓ Celltrion mentioned LSG+VGB while Hwayugi still airing. ✓ CJ/tvN/Studio Dragon can't hide OTP's closeness that can be seen in Ep 16 BTS. ✓ Florist changed the monkey emoji for no reason. ✓ Medias (Celltrion side) mentioned Hwayugi(LSG) in Rice Roll dating chronology + the fastest confirmation ever from agencies in K-entertainment history. (not TopSt*arnews) ✓ Rice Roll suddenly "sick" and exempted from active duty even tho can act in action scene. (The power of big agency) ✓ SZ-LDW is the most random pairing of 2018. The agencies can deny if they aren't dating but they decided to "date" just bcs the medias told so. (P.S. PJY is close with LDW + JYP denied when SZ+Sung J**n got caught with proof photos + skinship) ✓ Coincidentally SZ-LDW(KingKong) broke up right after SZ confirmed for VGB and JTBC's Life to start airing. ✓ Medias mentioned broke up news of SZ-LDW + VGB (not TopS*rnews) ✓ My gut is telling me that all these things are related to Vagabond to attract more investors + Celltrion didn't want any "big news" to ruin VGB's main leads chemistry.
  4. Seung Gi: "What is your biggest worry these days?" *He asked the students* Then one of the students said: "Dating" / yeonae Seung Gi joked: Me too.
  5. The new trailer is giving me the Cunning Single Lady vibe. It's been a while Ji Sung in rom-com. I can't wait!!
  6. Vagabond will start filming next week according to this IG update. We can expect VGB's fancam very soon. I'm hoping for Cinematic Color Grading since SONY involved and not shiny/overexposed/dreamy like Yu In Sik PD past dramas. 25 June 2018 "LSG with child actor Moon Woo Jin on set of VAGABOND" Credit: wj_2009
  7. [THROWBACK] This deleted video from whgkstpfk IG still remains a mystery. LSG came late to the wrap up party (he can sit wherever he like / I don't think they put name on the chair LOL) but still "coincidentally" he sat next to OYS. As you can see that most of them are already done eating.
  8. tvn weekend dramas (8 pm KST) ratings rocketed straight up after My Golden Life and 2018 Winter Olympics ended. Unlucky Hwayugi. But still, I'm happy that Hwayugi popularity was proven through SOG haircut among korean teenagers and kids.
  9. Vagabond's script for EP 1. This child actor may play as Cha Gun's nephew. cr: wj_2009 Cr: Hwang Bo Ra IG
  10. New Supporting Actors Lineup Hwang Bo Ra (NIS agent who speaks in Busan accent) Moon Jeong Hee Kang Kyung Hun (former air stewardess) Jang Hyuk Jin #Script reading will be on 2nd of June. Source: http://woman.donga.com/3/all/12/1329626/1 http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000388748
  11. Never take a picture of yourself behind a mirror if you're on a "secret date" or else Nah.. maybe she's a staff for FM/Hook ahjumma *trying to be logical*
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