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[Drama 2019] Vagabond, 배가본드

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On 6/11/2018 at 5:26 AM, Frinda said:

Hello!!:D I'm so excited for this!! You have no idea!!:wub::lol:

I loved Lee Seung Gi with Suzy in Gu Family Book so mutch!!! I thought i would never see them again together:bawling: 


Hello your youtube channel is named "Darkfrinda23" right??? hehe If so, you are really good in video editing. I can't wait for your Vagabond version. :D

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Actor Kim Jung-Hyun/ Kim Jeong-hyeon will appear in the drama Vagabond.





Kim Jung-hyun will act as lawyer Hong Seung-bum and join with lobbyist Jessica Lee (Moon Jeong-hee) to show actions that can not be measured easily with cold-hearted judgment. It is also expected to stimulate the viewer 's curiosity about what the real goal is to achieve through the hidden core .

Kim Jung-hyun said, "I wanted to show a new look that I had not shown before. When I read the script of "VAGABOND", I decided to do it, so I chose it without worrying much. I am grateful to see the audience again after a long time with good work, "he said.
 (Google translation)





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Vagabond will start filming next week according to this IG update. We can expect VGB's fancam very soon.

I'm hoping for Cinematic Color Grading since SONY involved and not shiny/overexposed/dreamy like Yu In Sik PD past dramas.



25 June 2018



"LSG with child actor Moon Woo Jin on set of VAGABOND"


Credit: wj_2009

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Suzy Says She’s Attending Action School For Her K-Drama Return


The singer-actress also spoke briefly about her upcoming return to the small screen with “Vagabond” alongside Lee Seung Gi and Shin Sung Rok. “I’m currently attending action school for the drama.”

Source (1)


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Vagabond 배가본드 - Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy

New cast

Actress Ryu Won join the drama Vagabond.

Ryuwon's agency JYP Entertainment announced on the 20th that 'Ryuwon has confirmed the appearance of' Vagabond'which is pre-production. She plays a weapon lobbyist Mickey with a cold personality.


Ryuwon said, "I am so happy to join such a big work, Micky is a person with a special job as a weapon lobbyist. I am working hard to study the script to make the character more attractive." I would really appreciate it if you could just keep your expectations on drama Vagabond. "



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I'm going to watch this because I like the writer and the director and I've watch their previous excellent dramas. I also like the story which exposes corruption and  this is more of political thriller.  Reposting a bit of from page 1 of thread. Thanks @larus


Lee Seung Gi character:  He finds himself caught up in national intrigue and terrorism after his nephew dies in a plane crash and he becomes a witness to the event. 


Director: Yu In-Sik (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money)

Writer: Jang Young-Cheol (Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money, Empress Ki, Monster)


I'm not so sure of Suzy being National Security Intelligence agent. Could be too much of sweetie for the character but heck anything's possible. I mean look at IU from My Mister.  She gave a terrific acting. 360 degree turn from previous drama before My Mister.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Vagabond, 배가본드 - Fri & Sat @ 22:00 KST

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