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[Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨


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Thank God it got picked up....I was worried it'll go unnoticed amongst all the new upcoming ones in sept.

I checked out the synopsis.....seems to be the same drama but they took out the robotic brain and added more realistically probable....memory loss situation. I like this more actually. I didn't watch FMW but SHY seemed a bit familiar so I went and checked her past works on asianwiki....and I do remember watching 2 of them. KBS drama special: I introduce my father...I liked it a lot....and she was Kim Byeol in Baby and Me.....I loved her in that movie....thats why she seemed so familiar...I recognized her big eyes.

 I'm loving the height difference between these two....looks cute.

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((translation   hopefully they aren't too far off ))

Profiles of  DJ characters 

Dramax: http://dramax.ihq.co.kr/Devilish_Charm/characters.php

"When he gets up,
Yesterday's memory disappears."
Gong Ma Sung (34 years old)  cast. Choi Jin Hyuk


# Sunwoo group-successor # Sunwoo hospital-cranial nerve center-center chief
Sunwoo Group successor 1st.
At the age of five, his parents died in an accident and grew up in the hands of 4 aunts.
Because he had a good memory and intelligence, in the 2nd grade of elementary school he went to study abroad and becomes the top authority in the field of cranial nerve.
His nature, rough and warm, and in between.
Though his original character is smart and gentle, his personality changes after the accident three years ago.
After the accident, he develops Cinderella memory impairment
He acts rough/impolite and fickle.. but underneath he is a person with a warm heart like his original personality.




"The people’s first love, who appears like a comet?
The Scarlet Letter! Stuck    
1 million anti -entertainer"
Joo Gi Bbeum (30 years old)  cast. Song Ha Yoon


# washed out-top-singer # life survivor- part time woman
One million anti-entertainer who still works because of her love for family.
 She appears like a comet with a god given look and the voice of heaven, and she becomes the nation's first love.
However, three years ago, she was involved in a terrible incident, and once the top singer, she had fallen into a hole.
However, instead the title with a national first love but with one million antis,
she restarts her entertainment life unexpectedly.
 Begin to reveal the hidden secret.
 Three years ago ... the man who did not keep his promise,
 but she meets the man, Gong Ma Sung, again, and her hellish life starts to change ...





"The successor's goal is becoming the Korean wave star?
What's the problem about it?
Buy it all!"
Sung Ki Joon (31 years old) cast. Lee Ho Won/Hoya


# Sunwoo Hotel successor  # Diamond-spoon ((the top in the k-social class system))
Ma Sung's cousin and 2nd-place successor of Sunwoo Group.
His final goal of life is becoming a Hallyu star rather than running a company.
Debut as an actor five years ago but no masterpiece.  
Every time he takes on a drama, though he pays for the production cost, he ends up with only a minor role.
He seems to be loud and ludicrous for onlookers ... but he is like an innocent fool resembling the one who will die for love.
He grew up to be compared with Ma Sung, and he has developed feelings of jealousy and attachment.
But when he sees his first love, Joo Gi Bbeum with his brother(MS),  for the first time he feels a genuine jealousy toward Gong Ma Sung.
Despite the objection from others, he actively helps his first love, Joo Gi Bbeum’s comeback.





"When the actress goes over thirty
her next work is ...
 Lee Ha Im (34 years old) cast. Lee Joo Yeon





# Currant-top-actress  # Only daughter from a rich family  # Plastic surgery beauty
Belonging to Imperial Ent. (The family of) medium-sized elevator manufacturer
She is spoiled from growing up as the only daughter.
She acts like she’s from an upscale family, but the real upper-class world calls her family
"labor-worker's house" and doesn’t acknowledge her.
She endured a long nameless career.
Then three years ago she was given the drama which Joo Gi Bbeum was scheduled for but she fell off by the incident
The drama made a big hit and she became a national actress.
From a disjointed fate, love blossoms.
She dreamt of success as an actress and rising status, so in elementary school days she left overseas to receive a gifted education where she met a classmate Gong Ma Sung, Sunwoo Group heir.
However, due to Sung Ki Joon’s following presence, the relationship with Gong Ma Sung continuously moves in the wrong way.
She feels aghast by Sung Ki Joon’s act because she thinks he is just a minor actor who tries to ingratiate himself to her, the top actress.       
She looks at SGJ who shows interest to her as a pushover fool.





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"Their time which was stopped 3 years ago starts to flow again." [DJ] Teaser


(000) MS: Now you make a decision   (001) I wonder if I should remember or erase you tomorrow.  (009) ((inaudible))
(010) GB: Perhaps will you know the flower-language?((not sure))    (013) MS: Memory?    (015) (uproar/clamor  commotion  strange /bizarre)
(017) MS: What is this?   (019) GB:  Don’t you remember me?   

(020) MS: I wonder if she could have something special.  (024) Whether that’s past, or present, or future  
(027) GB: Why didn’t you come that day?    (030) GB: Then let’s meet here  (031) MS:  I will wait for you 

(034) MS: Can I be your boyfriend?    I would like to be   
(040) [3 years ago, their time was stopped]  
(042) MS: I wonder if I should remember or erase you tomorrow.
(045)  [again it starts to flow]  

(049) MS:  You make a decision.






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Now I understand why CJH didn’t drop and kept this drama. So this bizarre phrase ‘Cinderella Syndrome’ means “ the memories of the previous day disappear at 12 o'clock.”  haha  That’s clever   The writer used the famous (but very confusing) movie ‘Memento’ as a starter.  But this drama is supposed to be a ‘strange but beautiful’ romcom drama. I’m guessing it will have a happy ending?  CJH said in one of his IGs that ‘we will not be disappointed with the drama.’   Hope he’s right. It seems playing GMS is challenging yet exciting for him as an actor.  
Here is the google link of ‘Memento’ & the movie reviewer, Roger Elbert who did a good job with the movie.
 google- memento movie




"Concentrate on expressing agony and pain of 'forgetting/oblivion'

The Dramax-MBN co-organized drama 'Devilish Joy' (playwriter Choi Ji-yeon / directed Kim Ga Ram / production Golden Thumb) starring Choi Jin-hyuk & Song Ha-yoon as the leads has been attracting attention from broadcasting before as 'Korean version Memento'.


'Memento' is a 2001 film directed by director Christopher Nolan, who is famous for his 'Dark Knight' series. He brought up a huge topic with his protagonist 'short-term amnesia patient who cannot sustain memory for more than 10 minutes'. Since then, the word 'Memento' has become synonymous with 'memory loss'.


'Devilish Joy' is about the main character, Gong Ma Sung (Choi Jin-hyeok) who, in the aftermath of the unexpected accident,  is suffering from 'Cinderella Syndrome' in which the memories of the previous day disappear at 12 o'clock.  He also keeps a memo, like the main character of 'Memento', and, retraces the memories of the previous day while reading the memo the next morning.

The production company Golden Thumb said, “We are grateful that the 'Memento' is so famous that the drama draws such expectation as a 'Korean version of Memento.”

“The fantasy set-up which one forgets all of the memories of the previous day will be the main avenue to express the sad love of the main characters in which GMS can’t even remember the memory of his love but JGB remembers everything.”  


Choi Jin-hyuk, who plays the part, also focuses on expressing the bitterness and pain of 'forgetting'.
According his agency GTree,"He spent a lot of time analyzing the script and character in order to express the character’s confused and embarrassed feeling  when he can’t remember either the ones whom he met the day before or who loves him yet they remember him.
Because it’s a pre-production drama, he’s been able to maintain this line of sentiment with sufficient concentration.


It is a romantic comedy drama depicting a strange but beautiful love story of a man who suffers from short-term amnesia, “Cinderella memory disorder” in which yesterday's memories disappear  when he sleeps, and a top star actress who falls off from grace by the false charge.





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Now DJ has an official IG
Dramax &MBN is holding ‘DJ’ first broadcast viewing event for the lucky Korean fans. 



* DRAWMAX, MBN drama 'Devilish Joy' first broadcast viewing event *

Do not miss the opportunity to see the first episode of "Devilish Joy" in the movie theater along with four main actors (Choi Jin-hyuk, Song Ha-yoon, Lee Ho-won and Lee Ju-yeon)!

Leave a message of expectation and cheering in the comment below!

Application period: 2018.08,27 (Mon) to 2018.08.31 (Fri)
Release Date: September 1 (Sat)
Merchandise: "Devilish Joy" First Broadcasting Event Ticket (1 person / 2 pieces)
Date: September 05 (Wed) Night 10:25 to 12:00
Venue: Cheongdam Cine City (individual contact details) + winner will be contacted individually.


Video clip & description about Hoya’s  fan support truck event




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Thank you :)      I’m glad to see many other sites promoting DJ.  More is always better    Well this drama turned to be a lot more enticing.  The writer cleverly tosses out the catch phrase ‘Cinderella Syndrome’  since Cinderella always resonates something sweetly magical to tug in the viewers like me.  haha   Now I learned that it’s about amnesia. Lol   Still DJ’s amnesia came from ‘Memento’ & Christopher Nolan  is quite a pleasant shock for me.    CJH said that we wouldn’t be disappointed with the drama.  Yeah I hope DJ delivers a well-made drama of strange yet beautiful romcom.  


The main theme sounds positive as all of characters are supposed to overcome their predicaments at the end.


Here is another new character chart  from MBN which has additional supporting cast members.





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9 hours ago, Jillia said:

I translated the new character chart. :) Unfortunately the resolution of the image wasn't as good so it's a bit grainy. Hope everyone is able to read it though.



Thank you so much for the translation.  Many bows  :relieved:     only one more week to go.  Hoping soon DJ PC. :)  



Have you missed #ChoiJinHyuk as much as we have?   He's back with the new romantic comedy #DevilishJoy, premiering exclusively on DramaFever on September 5th! Sign up for episode alerts->https://dfvr.co/2wk4YO9












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@triplem  DJ has 16Eps.  I assume each episode should have a standard time period?    About IGs,I think one is a Chinese translation and the second one seems like a google translation/ some edit?    The article has an article and Q&A. It’s a bit long to translate so I skipped it for now.



Yes one is EP1 preview. I translate both of them. 


[DJ]  EP1 Preview  "I want to find the memory from 3 years ago." 

(00) After the accident 3 years ago, (002) when I awake, the memory of yesterday disappears. (004)I have Cinderella syndrome.   (005) Don’t you know Joy? I’m Joy.  (008)This isn’t a (autograph) sign but a doodle.   (009)You ruined everything. Yoou!   

(010)OOH    (012)One-Two-Three mean we are going to run. 

(016) Can I be your boyfriend?
(018) Perhaps do you know the flower language? (symbol of each flower; like rose as love or beauty) 

(020) Memory?  That’s our story.  (030) I want to find the memory from 3 years ago.  


 ((Dramax promotional Q&A))


"We met Choi Jin-hyuk, who was in the final stage of shooting for ‘Devilish Joy’ which will broadcast 9/5. " 

(001) [Dramax original drama <DJ>]
(009) GMS  CJH  (011)”Can I be your boyfriend? I would like”


(017) Hello Dramax viewers, our ‘Devilish Joy’ will be aired the first episode 9/5 W, 11pm.

(029) <DJ> CJH, busy with the final stage of shooting
(039) CJH: Hello nice to meet you  I’m CJH. I’m playing GMS in the drama.

(044) [CJH: Q what’s today’s shooting about]   We are filming the end but it has a twist…  (047)(mc)There is a twist?    (048) Yes there is  (049) (mc)What is it?   (051) I can’t answer it. ((*Silly question.  Who would reveal a secret plot twist ))  
(053) I feel this drama would be more than expected. 

(0550 [ The drama is a love story of CMS who suffers with ‘Cinderella Syndrome’ & JGB, a top star who fell from grace because of the false charge.]

(109) [CJH, <DJ> drama is?]  A romantic-comedy drama but it has heartbroken stories too.   I play the character which has Cinderella Syndrome and forgets everything that happened the day before.  I think the viewers will enjoy the drama.  

(131) [CJH:Q The reason CJH chose to play GMS?]   The character itself appeared to be attractive and he is able to draw a sympathetic feeling from people.   Meanwhile he is playful and has a colorful aspect.  (147) I felt I could play well with the character.   

(151) [Do you like the name of GMS?]  (154) I feel a bit embarrassed with the name.  (158)But the writer selected it with deep thought, so I should accept it.  

(202) Rising expectation because of CJH’s cool acting and splendid activity
(207) CJH:  Dramax viewers, ‘Devilish Joy’ will be aired the first episode 9/5 W, 11pm. And it will be on W& Th, 11pm, every week.   Please watch it a lot.  Please watch it live. I will see you 9/5.   Thank you




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Whhhaha   There are 3 video clips (look like the preview?) with 2-Chinese subs & source, ChocoTV.  Later I will try to translate into eng.  


[The next day, the memory of yesterday disappears] 
[Cinderella memory impairment,  Genius doctor Gong Ma Sung]

[The Scarlet Letter! Stuck]
[1 million anti   Washout top star  (?unreadable this part),   Joo Gi Bbeum]

[The love story of a genius doctor who lives one day at a time & a washout star] 







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Yeah  I’m ready for a romance with a new umbrella.  haha    DJ has a feeling of  a breeze, lighthearted (hopefully with a right dose of angst mixed in) romcom.  Hopefully it can deliver like Jugglers, fresh yet mature romance.  :naughty:   
So  Choco TV is airing  DJ for the Asian viewers.  Hoping DJ will do good so that CJH & Song Ha Yoon could have a drama FM somewhere in Asia.  


more from Choco TV




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