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[Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨


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Devilish Joy


Devilish Joy / Diabolic Happiness / 마성의 기쁨

Director: Kim Ga-Ram

Writer: Choi Ji-Yeon

Network: MBN, Dramax

Episodes: 16

Release Date: September 5th - October 25th, 2018

Runtime: Wed & Thu 23:00

Genre: Romance / memory loss



Gong Ma-Sung is a successor to the Sunwoo Company and he is an expert in the field of cranial nerves. One day, while trying to help a woman who he happens to meet, he has a car accident. Gong Ma-Sung suffers from short-term memory loss after the car accident and his memory lasts for only one day. Ever day, he writes down notes about what happened to him that day. The next morning, he memorizes the written notes that he wrote the night before. Gong Ma-Sung then meets Joo Gi-Bbeum. She used to be a popular actress, but she is not anymore. They fall in love with each other.


Main Cast:








Supporting Cast:

Lee Soo-Ji - Ko Nan-Joo

Kim Min-Sang - Doctor Yoon

Kang Yoon-Je - Joo Ja-Rang

Kim Ji-Young - Joo Sa-Rang


source: asianwiki

Translation Chapter relationship: @Jillia

official site: http://dramax.ihq.co.kr







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@0ly40  thank you for starting this thread

Devilish Joy’ has a female lead Song Hae-yun :)  but Choi Jin-hyuk hasn’t decided yet.:(


Song Hae-yun, ‘Devilish Joy’ female lead .. working with Choi Jin-Hyuk


Song Hae -yun is going to be the female lead for MBC’s new M/T drama  ‘Devilish Joy.’

A drama official said on the 28th to Daily Sport  that "Song Hae-yun was chosen as the heroine of Devilish Joy.”

Song Hae-yun has been praised for realistically portraying the story of a couple with 6 years in KBS2TV, ‘Fight, My Way.’  In the bickering and parting scenes she showed her nuanced acting ability, raising the expectation for her next work.  The work became ‘Devilish Joy.’

 'Devilish Joy'  is a romantic comedy about a genius doctor Gong Ma-sung who suffers with ‘Cinderella Amnesia Disorder/Syndrome’  and one day  a ridiculous memory inserts itself on him which makes him fall in love with a washed-up actress Joo Ki-peum.   Choi Jin-hyuk was offered the male lead role and is currently considering it.  

It is produced by Golden Thumb Pictures and written by Choi Ji-yeon. It is scheduled to be broadcast in January next year following 'Two Cops'.





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34 minutes ago, 0ly40 said:

Many thanks @booha for the info.

Humm  I just read another article saying that, according to MBC, all future lineups are undecided.   I thought MBC strike was ended but maybe it hasn’t been formally finalized yet.  It means still more waiting lol  :(:crazy:
 [official position] MBC side “Song Hae-yun  ‘Devilish Joy’ appearance?  Schedule, line-up tentative




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Choi Jin Hyuk And Song Ha Yoon To Star In Romantic Comedy Drama



Actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon will be teaming up for a new Dramax drama!


On May 4, a source from the drama department stated to news outlet Ilgan Sports, “Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon will be working together as the male and female leads of the drama ‘Diabolic Happiness’ [working title]. Filming will start this month.”

The drama is being produced by Golden Thumb Pictures and written by Choi Ji Yeon, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Dramax and ihq.

It is a romantic comedy about a genius doctor named Gong Ma Sung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) who suffers from “Cinderella Memory Disorder” and falls in love with formerly popular actress Joo Ki Bbeum (Song Ha Yoon). Its title also appears to be a play on the characters’ names, as it could also be interpreted as “Ma Sung’s Ki Bbeum” or “Ma Sung’s Happiness.”

It’s said that both of the actors received offers to star in the drama last year, and waited a long time because they believed in the work. A representative of Choi Jin Hyuk stated, “After he first received the script, he liked the story and character so he quietly waited.”




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** Hurray  finally ‘Devilish Joy’ was confirmed.  It will broadcast in the second half of Dramax (Dramax is a pay-TV channel operated by IHQ , a Korean channel operator)


Choi Jin Hyuk & Song Ha Yoon  ‘Devilish Joy’ Appearance confirmed ... Meet in the second half



Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon confirmed for Dramax drama ‘Devilish Joy’

According to an official in 5/4, ‘Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon will appear as the main leads in ‘Devilish Joy’. The shooting will begin this month.’     ‘Devilish Joy’ is picked/organized by Dramax and will be broadcast simultaneously on other ihq series channels.


Previously there was a discussion with MBC about ‘Devilish Joy’.   But it got caught with MBC’s scheduling problems from the general strike last year and the confirmation for the drama didn’t materialize  even after 3 months waiting.

 ‘Devilish Joy’ which had experienced a painful delay, has recently confirmed the broadcast after hard effort.  Production will begin in earnest with the release in the second half of Dramax.


Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon who originally reviewed this work are going to play the main leads.   ‘Devilish Joy’ is a romantic comedy about a genius doctor Choi Jin Hyuk(as Gong Ma-sung ) who suffers from ‘Cinderella memory impairment' and one day  a ridiculous memory inserts itself on him which makes him fall in love with a washed-up actress Song Ha Yoon (as Joo Ki-peum)


Choi Jin Hyeok and Song Ha Yoon decided to return to the small screen after a year from OCN 'Tunnel' and KBS 2TV 'Fight My Way' respectively.   It is noteworthy what kind of chemistry they will show as they both received favorable reviews through mature acting ability in their previous works.


‘Devilish Joy’  is produced by Golden Thumb Pictures and written by Choi Ji Yeon.







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Choi Jin-Hyuk and Song Ha-Yoon Cast in Romantic Drama ‘Devilish Joy’

Both Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon have confirmed their roles in this new upcoming drama.



On May 4, an insider reported that Choi and Song will play the lead roles in “Devilish Joy” the new romantic drama. Choi will play the character Kong Ma-sung, a genius doctor who meets actress Joo Ki-yoon (Song Ha-yoon) in a strange situation.

The producers of the show plan to begin filming at the end of this month. Further, the projected broadcast will be sometime during the second half of the year. Apparently, the drama will air on Dramax, a web platform, and other ihq channels after discussions with MBC fell through.

Reportedly, the production team approached MBC with the project while the general strike was underway last year. Due to that situation and a few other miscommunications, a deal could not be made. However, the upside is that the show will be accessible to anyone who has an internet connection.

It has been months since Choi Jin-hyuk’s last drama “Tunnel,” an action-mystery show that captivated many. As such, many are looking forward to his return. Previously, Choi also plays a doctor in the romantic comedy classic “Emergency Couple” alongside Song Ji-Hyo.

Meanwhile, Song Ha-yoon earned recognition for her roll in “Fight My Way” the KBS2 hit drama. Before this, she starred in the web drama “Dream Knights” with boy group GOT7.


Original article

Translated by O.C


((source: http://kpoplove.koreadaily.com/choi-jin-hyuk-and-song-ha-yoon-cast-in-romantic-drama-devilish-joy/))






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12 hours ago, triplem said:

Hoya joins the team


Hi   nice to see you again  B)    I hope Devilish Joy is as entertaining as Jugglers.  We had so much fun with Jugglers. whahaha

I am glad CJH picked romcom this time.   He needs to bring in a lot more kdrama fans under his wings like he did with EC.  I know CJH is usually very careful about selecting his project so I am sure DJ will be good. Still I feel a bit on edge because his next several projects are crucial in cementing his career on solid ground.






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** 'Devilish Joy' is a pre-production drama. This article gives a bit more detail about the characters.


Choi Jin-hyuk "The next work 'Devilish Joy', the longest waiting work"


Choi Jin-hyuk revealed his feelings about showing the next drama after a year.

Choi Jin-hyuk is casted as the male lead, Gong Ma-sung, for the drama 'Devilish Joy' (writer Choi Ji Yeon / director Kim Gamam / production Golden Thumb Pictures) which is planned concurrently by Dramax and IHQ broadcast affiliations.


Choi Jin-hyuk recorded the highest OCN rating in last year's OCN drama 'Tunnel'  and received many love calls for dramas and movies.   Since he received the proposal to appear in ‘Devilish Joy’ at the end of last year, he has been waiting for more than half a year. During this process,  he read 10 episodes of the script and was enthusiastically involved in the process of building content and character.


Choi Jin-hyeok said, "It seems like this drama is the longest-awaited piece of work among my past projects,"   "After first seeing the script,  I was attracted by its charm and had talked with the production team a lot.  It is also the first time to participate in the drama which has the script written 10 episodes  before shooting.  I came to trust the content development and the character, so I chose this work with confidence. "


'Devilish Joy’ starts shooting in the middle of the month ahead of broadcasting in the second half of the year.  As a pre-production drama, it is anticipated that it will exhibit works of high perfection.


Choi Jin-hyuk said, "I have hoped to try on a pre-production drama before while working on many dramas and movies. "  " It is the desire and mission of all the actors to show better performances and a good drama.   Because of the belief that ‘Devilish Joy’ would be the kind of  drama which I really want to act in ,  I have waited for a long time " he added.


'Devilish Joy' draws a story about the absurd but thrilling and unfamiliar but beautiful love story with a man who suffers from short-term amnesia, 'Cinderella Memory Disorder',  whose memory of yesterday has disappeared after sleeping,  and a top actress who fell from a false charge.


Choi Jin-hyuk plays as Gong Ma-sung, a successor of the Sunwoo group,  and an authority on the cranial nerve.  After a car accident when trying to help a woman who he happens to meet,  he suffers from short-term amnesia that memory does not last more than a day.      When he opens his eyes every morning,  he memorizes the record of  the previous day which he wrote and repeats it everyday.  ((quote from IG: " Everyday, he writes down notes about what happened to him that day. The next morning, he memorizes the written notes that he wrote the night before." ))


On the other hand, Choi Jin-hyuk plans to continue overseas activities such  as a Japan fan meeting in June in addition to shooting 'Devilish Joy'.    (Photo = JTreeCreative provided)










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Hi @booha @RPM ! Oh this has been taking forever , so glad for some confirmation. Hope the script is good . DRamaX did wonders with Something about 1%  and My Secret Romance ( though this was not as good as 1%) . Hope there’ll be an airing date soon.


@0ly40 Think you need to update the first post with the changes & Soompi rules .

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New cast: Lee Su Ji, a comedian /actress    
She will play as Go Nan-ju ( 고난주  which means ‘suffering’ from <Christian> Last week of Lent and it commemorates the suffering of Jesus.)  

 (from the article) who “is a past stylist of the main character Joy (Song Ha-youn) and is a person with many qualities and righteousness. Through this role, she will work closely with Song Ha-youn.” “Lee Soo-ji made her debut as a comedian in the KBS 27 junior year in 2012, and she has been active in KBS 2TV 'Gag Concert' and now she is working as a DJ on KBS Kool FM ' There is also a role in the last year in the movie ' The Princess and the Matchmaker' released in February. This time she is going to be on tv screen.”






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**The article gives the description  about the character Seong Gi Jun played by Lee Ho Won/ Hoya.

(translated portions)
Hoya, ‘Devilish Joy’ appearance confirmed … back to an actor
Lee Ho Won plays as Seong Gi Jun.  He is the younger cousin of  Gong Ma Sung(Choi Jin Hyuk)  and  an entertainer whose dream is becoming a hallyu star, though he is the 2nd in line heir to the Sunwoo Group but not interested in business.  He has full of charm and cavalier which is different from the character Lee Ho Won has shown so far.   

Hoya got attention as actor through 'Respond 1997' in 2012 and then appeared in 'Mask', 'Superman Family 2017' and ' Radiant Office '. Recently, he played the role of Dokgo Sung Hyeok in the MBC drama 'Two Cops', which ended last January.


**I got these pictures from a Hoya fan blog: https://blog.naver.com/voicegoodlee/221270340460
“Are we going to see this image in the drama? Or an actor?  Or an entertainer who acts both?”












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** It seems Song Ha Yoon finalized a contract to appear in ‘Devilish Joy’.  
 ‘Devilish Joy’  heroine Song Ha Yoon confirmed,  drama comeback after a year
According to Song Ha Yoon’s agency, JYP Entertainment,   Song Hae Yoon finalized the appearance in the drama ‘Devilish Joy’.  





** Song Ha Yoon  posted a new IG photo.  ready for the new drama??
"White sky created by fog"



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