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Hello everyone! Nice to meet my fellow Deng Lun wicks! New here and basically a new fan of Deng Lun only since Sweet Dreams and went gaga over him during Ashes.  Fell deep going back to Because of Meeting You and a hopeless fan after Dad Where Are We Going?

Been fanning over him on weibo, twitter and IG.  You may check my accounts (see my signature below)for his current updates but I will try to post here as much as I can.  He is my baby since Park Hae JIn is my hubby :) 



and here are some of the pics from his birthday last Sunday 

I especially find the ambiance elegant yet he was so casual




a note about Deng Lun's IG, atm it only contain 2 posts, it only served its purpose for Jordan Chan, all updates are on DengLun Studio IG


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57 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

@nonski happy to see u here.. I basically like him after Princess agents!! Eventhough he had short role.. I just loved him!! Then sweet dreams and ash like love made me go crazier!! He has many projects to look forward in upcoming year too!! B)..

Hoping to see u more here!! 

thank you and happy also for the company here... i will try to post as much as I can, I am currently updating HaeJIn's thread as well cuz it's under me.  

Yeah many projects for our boy... Palace Museum will be broadcasted on Nov. 9.  Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through The Rain is supposed to air soon but I don't know which will first, Hai Tang or True Friend. He also have so many endorsements lately :) 


Today's post from Palace Museum 上新了故宫  Weibo




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