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  1. He is super cute when he met his idol Angela Zhang. It's kind of hilarious to see his reaction after watching HSALF If you want to watch the episode of Deng Lun met Angela Zhang in English. It's a game show "Who is the Keyman?" ep12.
  2. Deng Lun and Yang Zi are super cute when they met their idols, especially Deng Lun
  3. As I know, there are two big fan groups who support our cp on weibo. There was a post of a fan from one this these two groups which caused a swirling on weibo. On Oct 19 at 02:16, one shipper from a group called "Daf chair" (I don't know what it means) posted a status like this "Deng Lun, if you go to look at this cave, then when you post a status, put three , if it's Yangzi, please put one **ROCK ON ICON** on your next status. If this happens, I will put a ." https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E5Fmz_I0ddRSRUNzXpRBSD-Wktqc17JQ On Deng Lun weibo Oct 21 at 00: 13: "..........., " https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D7TbX_yjD30PqekvxyUW9s2GKUjaesXT On another shipper status of this "cave", on Oct 21 at 11:48. "Deng Lun, Happy Birthday. this is the blessing from all the people in our cave. I hope you can see it, we will use * Hot Air Balloon ICON * to encrypt your password, waiting for you kakakaka. " https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gO4DpkDVNsDjttZnfTBamNr_YMT01bY0 On Deng Lun weibo Oct 21 at 22:21: "Today, I am 26 years old, happy, peace of mind * Hot Air Balloon ICON *" https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tbOvpLW9Y6i4kvK0x3hVK9MBJ5k2y5Cb Some random coincidences are considered by God's, but there are coincidentally many times, it must be from someone's idea. By the way, I also want to tell you Deng Lun is a profound thinker, IQ is very high, so some of his post idle has deeply meaning by words, time code. This guy loves to play code. Coming from the soldier family and living with grandpa when he was little his personality is highly calm but it took a turn from the moment he met Yangzi. Named "King of analysis" in a game show " Who is the Keyman" (they have English sub)so everything he does has a reason. It's funny that those shippers know him so well that they are well-equipped, they even bought coding and decoding books, download decoding apps on their phones. Moreover, they chatted to each other by code. Every time, Deng Lun posts a status, they jokingly say "it's time to do homework ." cr. @allenandyvnfc There are pictures of those statuses but I don't know how to upload pics. If someone can help me, it's would be great. Edit: Trying to post pictures
  4. A post from DengLun & Yangzi fan facebook. They are very active in collecting news from this couple. They dug up an old interview of DengLun from 2016 (They only translated some good news) Interview from Dec 2016 Q: Liking a girl wearing high heels or sports shoes, wearing makeup or no makeup? A: Liking a girl wearing sports shoes. (Coincidently, he knows someone prefers sports shoes than high heels ) Q: On the first date, what are you going to take her to eat? A: Taking her to eat the food she likes. (Improvement: doing restaurant business which she likes the most. You know that hot pot is what she likes the most. Now, DengLun opened a big hot pot restaurant ) Q: There things you're going to bring with you when you were left alone on a desert island? A: First thing, Can I bring a best friend? So, I would have someone to talk to, to experience this wonderful trip. The other two will be food and water. (This question was asked to many celebrities KPOP as well. But, this is the first time that best friend is the first choice. Heard that you are a quiet person, then which "Best Friend" that would help you relax for days. Not to mention being thrown away to a desert island is considered as an interest experience. There would be a battle for surviving, not a together experience. Is it someone that you are always generous? By the way, during that time, you had a girlfriend. You rather stay with your best friend than your girlfriend on an island, huh? Experiencing on an isolated island with your girlfriend is quite interesting, you know that?) There is an pic of this interview in Chinese but I don't know how to upload it. Cr. fb@allenandyvnfc
  5. Guys, how can I upload pictures on here? It has been a very long time that I comment here. Can you help me? We can't upload pics directly on here?
  6. On this cp's fan fb, they said this award doesn't base on the vote. It's just for fun, to see the creation from fans.
  7. Guys, I just saw this game show. This is how best friends treat others. They troll their friends whenever they have a chance. Sorry, I couldn't find the one with English sub, but it's easy to understand. From 5:30 to 13:45, I couldn't stop laughing. Not like "someone" always said they're best-friend.
  8. I read on the Vietnamese news that the producer of this drama confirmed this drama will have season 2. Everything is still on plan. They said it would be hard to have the same group as season 1. I think the story of season 2 is all about XF and JM's son. I don't know how to feel about this news. Half of me feels it's a good news. Maybe they can ask Deng Lun and Yang Zi participate in this season, so there will be a chance for them to work together. But my other half doesn't have a high hope about this news. what do you think?
  9. I really like the ending song of this drama. Her voice is so beautiful. Hearing the song so many times but I still don't understand meaning of the lyrics until I saw a post from Luo Yun Xi's fan facebook. I like to share it with you guy. I tried to translate it from Vietnamese to English, so there will be some mistakes, since English is not my first language. Everybody watching the film must have heard the song "Upward to the Moon" by Sa Ding Ding presented each time an episode ended. the song is divided into six episodes, each mentions the left and right hand repeatedly. It is not difficult to recognize the left hand is in term of Xu Feng, the right hand is Yuan Yu. If you are Buddhist or just have the love of research, then you may know the famous story "Fingers of the moon" which is used to teach people how to look at everything in live, to understand the balance between the destination and the meaning of implementation. According to the legend, when Gautama was born, he walked in the flower garden with seven steps, step by step, the lotus was opened under the heel, he raised his hand to heaven, giving the wish of this life to free suffering. No one knows which hand the Buddha used to point. Therefore, the status of the Buddha based on the culture of each region. Indians see the right hand to represent power, sanctity. Chinese and the East Asian countries treasure left hand. However, the left or right hand is just the name, how we can qualify its value. Doing right or wrong isn't influential by its name. People are born equally, they may be in wrong circumstance, but the opportunity to choose the personality is the same. The ability to be good, the risk of corruption as well as the opportunity to reform are all the same. In our story, our "Xu Feng and Yuan Yu", their hands have gone to different ways. They are contrasted, all encapsulated in the song. "Left hand of the Land, Right hand of the Heaven." Both hands broke away, thunders and lightning shock were all directions. Xu Feng's future held the boundary of the Hell. Yuan Yu was the new guardian of the Heaven. The day their fraternal relationship broke also was the day their conflicts broke out, the war was unceasing and the thunders flashed everywhere. "Left hand picked flowers, Right hand danced sword." Xu Feng, Fire Ferity, was amorous and a lovebird. The God of War suddenly understood the meaning of love, even knew how to take a loving care of a fragile petal, a early dewdrop. On the contrary, Yuan Yu was greatly gentle and solitary but still hold a condemn in his heart, and grinded his sword under the moon every night. "Left hand put on the string, Right hand pluck off." One person restrained disturbance, prayed for peace for six realms. One person bearing a resentment determined to blow the Heaven. "Left hand upward to the moon, Right hand holds the dodder marriage tie." "Left hand turns into feathers, Right hand turns into fish scales." The greatest desire of these two brothers was revealed through this verse. Feng Hua just want to be free without any worries, hands hugging his loved ones. Fishery also just want to be a small fish from the beginning. Cr. @Leovnfc
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