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  2. I think having a wedding in the next 2 weeks' episode is a bit of a stretch. They have only started dating/known each other recently! Would feel the ending is rushed out if a wedding takes place. Maybe at best a proposal? Or showing them on more dates and getting along well. My opinion!
  3. TJ should have told MR who his father is after giving her the ring. She should tell him of IS soon after. How could you make a commitment and hide the essential part of you? I am predicting break up number 1 in the next couple episodes after Chairman Han introduced TJ to the company as his son.
  4. Did they explain how HJ's face returns to normal? I remember her face turned old when she revived? I watched with sub but I don't think they explained to it unless I missed a part when I fast forward certain scene
  5. 6 Sweet Moments From Episodes 11 & 12 Of “Her Private Life” That Are Couple Goals TV/Film May 21, 2019 by binahearts “Her Private Life” is already almost coming to an end. And it’s pretty sad. Duk Mi (Park Min Young) and Ryan (Kim Jae Wook)’s healthy relationship flourishing has been beautiful to see. Not to mention their undeniable chemistry! It’s been the talk of the town these days. They really are such an ideal couple. Here’s a look at six moments from the most recent episodes that are total couple goals! Warning: Spoilers for episodes 11 and 12 ahead. 1. Duk Mi fangirling over her idol openly to her boyfriend Ryan finally comes clean about knowing Duk Mi’s secret obsession with Cha Si An. Duk Mi is surprised, but she feels relieved later on that she’s able to fangirl out in the open without having to hide it. She’s even able to show Ryan her shrine of Cha Si An memorabilia in her house. #relatable It’s great that Duk Mi doesn’t have to hide such an important and integral part of her life. It was one of the things in her life that she was afraid to reveal to Ryan, so the fact that he already knew in advance and did not make a big deal out of it is integral. 2. The OTP communicating through their fight After Ryan sees Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) coming out of Duk Mi’s house, he’s pretty upset – for obvious reasons. Duk Mi also finds out that Ryan had known she is Si An’s fangirl the entire time. The two are upset at each other and go to Ryan’s house to talk it out. thingskateknows thingskateknows thingskateknows This was thoroughly refreshing to see. The two are able to talk about their feelings on the situation and make-up in a healthy way. forusmiles forusmiles 3. Duk Mi being there for Ryan after he has a bad dream Ryan has a nightmare about a tragic incident that happened when he was younger. He’s so scared and sad that he goes to Duk Mi’s house and calls her in the middle of the night. Duk Mi picks up his phone call and based on their phone conversation, realizes that he’s outside her door. k-odyssey k-odyssey k-odyssey k-odyssey That hug was comforting even for me as a viewer. You can feel how distressed Ryan is, and Duk Mi giving him that big hug while telling him that it’s totally ok and that he can cry if he wants to just melt my heart. He doesn’t even have to tell her that he is distressed! She can just tell something is off about him. That’s true love. 4. Ryan Gold letting his walls down After Duk Mi hugs him and tells him it’s ok, he breaks down in tears while she hugs him. liveasbutterflies liveasbutterflies liveasbutterflies This moment totally broke my heart and made me feel for Ryan. There is no beating around the bush with this couple, and their love for each other runs so deep and strong. Ryan has not been able to trust many people in his life because of his abandonment issues, but he’s able to let Duk Mi into his life so effortlessly. 5. Duk Mi helping Ryan draw again Ryan has not been able to draw since he was reminded of a tragic incident from his childhood. Being a successful artist, it was obviously hard on him not being able to draw, but he was just that traumatized by his past. When the team decides to volunteer at the orphanage, Duk Mi notices that Ryan is unable to draw, so she takes the initiative to ease him back into it. This is a magical moment mainly because Ryan hasn’t been able to draw at all because of some serious baggage from when he was a child. But Duk Mi helps him to find the courage to draw again by getting him to just trace her hand. It’s a tiny step into healing for Ryan and something only true love is capable of. 6. How genuinely happy they are together Unlike other K-drama series where the two couples have to go through obstacles and hoops of understanding each other, these two are drama free. They just love being with each other. idleminds idleminds I mean, is anyone else shipping these two to be together in real life? liveasbutterflies liveasbutterflies Low-key, hoping for Dispatch to reveal that they’re dating IRL.
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  8. I just discovered this drama a few days ago and I already love it! It's light and refreshing with tons of heart and warm and fuzzy moments! My guess is that we will witness each of those situations as the show goes on... so number 1 - check!
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  10. WINNER - W KOREA June 2019
  11. HPL stays strong in no 1 position and Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young also top the list Happy to know this drama is a success.
  12. @Caramel machiato OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHH FOR YOUR HELP //AIR HUG lol hahaha AND ALSO THANK YOUUUUU HAHAHA I'M A STUDENT MAYBE THAT'S WHY HAHAHA JK IT'S NOT LOL I'm gonna edit all the links now into images hahaha thank you once again
  13. - On Da Hee's birthday, Seon Ho was bringing her a cake and they planned to go to the movie. But Joon Seok called Da Hee to meet, and Da Hee ditched Seon Ho. So Seon Ho went home returning the cake and then to the library all day. Joon Seok also ditched Da Hee that day according to their texts. We don't know what else might have happened to Da Hee that day. - Da Hee stopped going to school. It's not clear what she told her parents why she started having panic disorders. But it could be anything, she could have said stress from school, etc. But there was no mention of any sexual assault at that point. - A while later, Seon Ho saw that Da Hee didn't go to school for an extended time, knowing that it wasn't a normal sickness, he decided to visit her. When the flower shop owner teased him for bringing flowers to a girl, he just smiled and said, it's just a friend who has been sick. - Da Hee somehow told Seon Ho that the reason she stopped going to school is because of Joon Seok. - Seon Ho fought with Joon Seok on the rooftop and fell and became unconscious. - Hearing that Seon Ho's unconscious, Da Hee now told her parents that she was assaulted, and that it was Seon Ho who did it, according to her parents.
  14. This is my favorite ending! Thanks a lot for this. I hope writer and PD nim are reading this thread and decide to adapt this ending. If not, this will be my ending in my imagination. I can picture RG's smile already and how he'll greet DM with a PG kiss on top of the kid's heads. Kamsahamnida!!
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