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Event Organizers are members that create and host community events with Administrators and Viki Community Staff.


Duties included but are not limited to:

  • Hosting community games
  • Creating giveaways and events
  • Promoting forum events
  • Responding to questions & queries within the forum
  • Moderating specific forum sections
  • Helping the community and assisting members whenever possible
  • Training new Event Organizers when needed

List of Event Organizers:





Been watching kdramas for a long time -- back when Ahn Jae Wook was hot and was wearing some purple lipstick in some drama that I can't remember at all except that his purple lipstick was kind of strange. :lol: LOL... However, it was around 2002 that kdramas captured my heart -- Bright Girl's Success remains one of my favourites!  Thanks to my love for kdramas, found out how to stream and discovered youtube back when folks had not even heard of that site!!!!


Likes: Daily/weekend/makjang/melo/comedy dramas -- ajummah taste! Good decor and watches

Dislikes: Hate open endings - I didn't spend X hours to get confused on how it ended; Noona romances, Bad lighting in dramas-- "PDnim you are not artsy if you reduce the lighting!"





I found the wonderful world of k-dramas in the early 2010s. I have always been a big fan of TV and movies, so discovering something I hadn't seen before was quite exciting. I lurked on Soompi for a few years before finally creating an account in 2014.

It was great to find people from around the world - everyone equally excited about k-dramas.

Nowadays I also watch dramas from other Asian countries.


Even though I love my "oppas", I will never watch a drama just because of a particular actor or actress. For me the story line and plot are the most important factors for deciding to pick up a certain drama. Unfortunately, I also have a habit of dropping a drama easily if it doesn't interest me, and my list of dropped dramas is quite long. haha :D


If you don't run into me on a drama thread, you will find me on the Add-Subtract thread. Please pop by!
PS. We need more members in Team Subtract :D


Sleepy Owl






I was introduced to Kdramas at an early age. My first Kdrama was "Dae Jang Geum" which I watched in 2006 I believe. Seeing my elder cousins watch it, I would also sit and watch that drama with them. Even though I was quite young, around 9-10, I am sure must have missed out on understanding a lot of things, but there are certain scenes I still remember and the plot of that drama is still quite clear to me. That drama is quite high on my re-watch list. 


Later on, I watched several other Sageuks like "Emperor of the Sea", "Jumong", "Dong Yi", "Kingdom of Winds", while also taking interest in the dramas whole plot would take place in the present time. Having watched a lot of dramas, I find myself more drawn towards Psychological Thrillers, Thrillers, Mystery/suspense, Horror, and Sageuks. I do watch rom-coms from time to time, but well, I am picky when it comes to dramas with that genre. 


Apart from Kdramas, I am yet to explore the world of other dramas. I have been planning and have some Japanese dramas and Chinese dramas on my watchlist and might give them a try soon. I love reading Manga and Manhwas while watching anime too. If I am watching fewer number dramas, there is a high chance I am watching an anime in parallel with them. 


You might usually find me in the Add/Sub threads. Please do visit, we love to have more and more members on that thread. 

PS: Tables have turned and now we might be needing more members in Team ADD 






My journey to kdramas started in my summers, when my parents watched historical dramas - the plot of which was hard for me to follow without subtitles, and the daily makjang dramas, which was easier to follow but hysterical to me. I really don't know which was my first drama (my memory starts to blur here), though the earliest/most vivid I remember is Prince's First Love with Cha Tae Hyun, Full House with Song Hye Kyo and Rain,  and Nine-Tailed Fox with Kim Tae Hee (and fighting over remote control vs my relatives' sageuks). Fast forward years later and I am drawn back to kdramaland by accident (through a friend). When I find the time I usually watch every pilot and then decide which drama strikes my fancy (so my drop list is a little high), though there are some actors I actively follow, in particular #1 Ji Chang Wook ;) (insert obligatory promotion of Lovestruck in the City here).  


Due to global social distancing I end up back on Soompi, where I first started discussing kdrama many years ago, so even my Soompi life happens by accident :D, quite like the dramas I stumble upon. It was the events that drew me in, but it was the people that made me stay on such a fun community, where there are people who love to share the love of their favourites, and also people whose drama analysis rivals that of a professional essay. I am in awe of everyone I encounter here and love to talk to everyone from all around the world to share our love for all things kdrama. 


P.S.: Do drop by the Add/Subtract Thread in Soompi Hangout subforum - a thread which is much like your local café. Have a drink with friends, or just people watch. Most importantly, join TEAM SUBTRACT! 





I am relatively new to the K-drama world. I started watching K-dramas around the same time I joined Soompi. I stumbled upon Soompi one day while trying to read up about a drama I was watching then. Like Alice, I found myself in a 'wonderland' because I met so many like minded people who were as passionate about K-dramas as I was.


As it was for many others, my very first K-drama was 'Boys Over Flowers'. Watching K-dramas is one of my favourite pastimes.  


I thoroughly enjoy the conversations / discussions on the drama threads. I am sometimes taken aback by the insightful comments made by the membranes. This is indeed a lovely platform that unites all K-drama lovers across the globe.





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Moderators are the backbone of the Soompi forum staff and are members who have proven signs of leadership and exercise fair decision-making throughout the community.


Duties included but are not limited to:

  • Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums
  • Moderating specific forum sections
  • Helping the community and assisting members
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests
  • Investigating cases and reported problems
  • Training Jr Moderators


List of Moderators





I used to laugh at my mum for watching Korean dramas - I told her why watch something which requires subtitles when there are tons of HK dramas you can watch (which you understand). Then, one day, she was watching Moon Embraces the Sun on a Malaysian TV channel (with subs) in my house (where she was visiting me) and I sat down to watch it for a short while. Needless to say, that is how I got introduced to Korean dramas. Since then, I have mainly watched rom-coms (adore Park Min-Young), love time-travel storylines (like Faith, even bought the two books that were published but can't understand a word), can't resist fantasy (like Mystic Pop-Up Bar and W-Two Worlds) and watch dramas at times for the actor/actress just 'coz I like them (Lee Jong Suk, Yoo In Na, Park Shin Hye and L). When I'm going through a slump with K-dramas, I can be found hunting for C-dramas that are short-er (they can be notoriously long but are still longer than the typical k-drama), getting my dose of stress relief and a kick from feel-good storylines. To derive pleasure instead of pain from deviant storylines, I try to wait till the show ends to check out if the ending is good [laughs wickedly] but at times get sucked in, and live to regret it (though you'd think I would have learned by now, right?).


This forum has introduced me to fan-girls as well as intellectuals (who dissect scenes with such amazing technical knowledge) and allowed us space where we can rant and rave, laugh and cry together. I hope you have just as much fun as I have had!




I remember hearing Ave Maria all the time during dramatic scenes and Bogoshipda by Kim Bum Soo while watching Stairway to Heaven. Yes, the well-known and famous song Bogoshipda. I didn't realize how famous it had been outside of the drama until years later... Stairway to Heaven was the very first drama I watched while it was ongoing. I remember my mom had an SBS account and that's how we would watch it at home... Fast forward 18 years later and I absolutely adore and love watching Korean dramas! I tend to watch alot of random dramas and when I say random dramas, I don't usually follow the hype train for certain dramas (i.e. Itawon Class, The King, Crash Landing On You, Start Up..) and actually watch a completely different drama. I love to watch any drama that has my favorite actors/actresses like Jisung, Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hyun Woo, Park Hyung Sik, and Kim So Hyun... Those actors' dramas are the ones that I would FOR SURE watch because I absolutely love the acting. Also if there's one genre of drama that I love watching, it's sageuks! As a Korean American, I love watching historical dramas and learning about the history of Korea. Sageuks are my favorite genre and I adore them so much.


I love coming to Soompi Forums and sharing/ranting about my thoughts and opinion about dramas, as well as hearing what other people's thoughts too! I was super active on Soompi Forums back when Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was airing (I literally checked the thread every hour!) and I still enjoy coming on here to voice out my thoughts or opinions about dramas that I am watching.


I always have and will continue to love watching Korean dramas because something about them is captivating. I hope that we will all have fun together sharing our thoughts and opinions watching Korean dramas!


Some of my all-time favorite Korean dramas: Hotel De Luna (mainly because of the plot and how realistic the ending was), Do You Like Brahms (again another realistic drama), My Country, and Kill Me Heal Me





I discovered k-dramas around 2009 and liked few of them, but I think I actually started watching(!) k-dramas and enjoying them around 2015. In 2017-2018 I decided to watch some Park Seo Jun dramas and thanks to him I turned into a regular k-drama follower. And also started getting interested in korean movies. I don’t think I need to say, that I enjoy almost all Park Seo Jun work and he is still my only favorite actor;)


Also around that time (2018, probably) I started lurking Soompi Forum, but made a decision to join only after I had a strong urge to share with someone my excitement about Park Seo Jun’s upcoming drama Itaewon Class. And it turned out to be a great decision, because I had a chance to meet (and still meeting) a lot of nice people from around the world, who also share same interest and love as me. Finding new information and discussing it with fellowcommunity turned out to be such a fun time. Be it a simply fangirling, sharing something that you discovered, analyzing characters or plot Soompi Forum is just THAT place, where you can do that and have on your journey with you people, who also truly understands your passion. 


Although k-dramas still far from my main source of entertainment I like the diversity that they bring with their unique storytelling, quality production and overall creativity. Some of my most favorite characters, moments in TV/movies, OST, cinematography and etc. belong to k-dramas/k-movies.


P.S. Thankfully everyone also ignores all my (English) grammar mistakes lol








All my life I've been an avid TV junkie. I watched whatever came on (even when my mom would send me away so I couldn't watch her soap operas.) But by 2017, I was a huge k-pop fan and while I was browsing for new songs on YouTube I came across a Korean drama and watched it. It was "Unknown Woman" on the KBS World TV channel. Eventually, I was drawn in by the revenge plot and ended up watching the entire drama and completing it. Then I began watching "Heaven's Promise" (with Lee Yuri and Park Hana.)


I ended up finding a long list of k-dramas that fit the types of shows that I liked- makjang. Was it a guilty pleasure? Maybe. But to this day I enjoy it, and other daily dramas as well, one of my favorites would have to be "Ice Adonis" or "Bird That Doesn't Cry". There's still a long list of daily dramas I have to find and watch. But over time I branched out into weekend dramas as well. One day, while I was reading the most recent posts for the 2018 drama "Mysterious Personal Shopper" (personally- no pun intended- I loved it), I decided to join the Soompi forums and started following the 2019 daily "Left-Handed Wife". I tend to watch every other daily drama, meaning I skip the next one after the one I'm watching and instead watch the one after that.


One of my favorite actresses has to be Jang Seohee, the queen of makjang. She's extremely talented and I do miss her. Currently, I'm watching "Penthouse: War In Life", "Glass Mask", and "Mine", and about to finish "Miss Montecristo". I've completed about 8-10 dramas so far and I have a lot more to watch. I truly enjoy k-dramas (no matter how makjang my preferences are) and I feel like my life would be different without them. I love the friends I've made here and I'm so happy to be a Soompi moderator. I will do my best to solve your problems and even listen to you vent about how much you hate the second lead.


I love you all so much. Have a great day!






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Junior Moderators are 3-month minimum probational positions before a “Moderator” position can be earned.


Duties included but are not limited to:

  • Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forum
  • Moderating specific forum sections
  • Helping the community and assisting members
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests
  • Investigating cases


List of Junior Moderators





Hi all! I am gm4queen and from Sri Lanka. I've being watching Korean dramas for 5 years & I am now a full time K-drama addictor myself! I was never interested in South Korean entertainment industry until I fell in love with my favorite actor Choi Daniel & finally decided to signed up in Soompi Forums in 2018 to share my love for him. But then I ended up liking many other korean celebrities and love to watch any dramas they are in. Then I drop by the drama threads and discuss the dramas with my lovely friends. It's the greatest pleasure ever to join this community!


And it's only been 2 days since I joined the Soompi Forums staff as a junior moderator. Can't wait to help out this community as a staff member to become a better & happy place than ever before. Looking forward to interact with everyone else here. This is definitely my second home that I relax and enjoy my free time in!!


And you can always find me in Add and Subtract game thread where we chat about anything and everything possible. Hope more people join Soompi Forums and we can have a great time together!


Love you all.


Have a nice day, everyone!




Just like many accidental discoveries like penicillin, chips, corn flakes, microwave etcetera that then became a part of our life I discovered kdrama in the same way when we sisters (trio squad) where switching channel for a better show and happened to see BOF and that became the threshold for the addiction i have right now for south korean musics and dramas.:wub:


You know right how it feels when you are the only person amongst your friend circle to know about SK.:tears:(though things has changed now, more people are showing interest over SK entertainment). Therefore to lessen my lonely kdrama walk my sis introduced me to Soompi and that’s how I got to know about it.:wub:


Yeah I can say am just a kdrama addict having kdrama as an anti- depressant pill on a daily basis for almost 9 years out of 22 years of my life.:lol:

having a hard day ? watch kdrama :D

lonely ? watch kdrama:D

wanna giggle over nothing ? watch kdrama:D

wanna lift up your mood ? watch kdrama:D

Guess i'm more inclined over dramas with life as genre !

But if life or melo kdramas were my main dish i would choose rom com or light hearted kdramas as side dishes and crimes,thrillers,action as drinks.B)

I am seriously allergic to illogical kdramas.:crazy:


I find myself consoled when watching kdramas. :wub:


As the name suggests am forever for kdramas.

Kdramas and its osts, Kpop (especially BTS songs and all other “meaningful songs”) are one amongst the source of salvation for my own self.


It was always my wish to be a part of soompi volunteering and am glad that the wish came true.

Let’s have a great time together  !:wub::D


Emily Bett



Hi beautiful people! My name is Emily and I’m a Junior Mod on Soompi Forums.


My very first encounter with a drama was a few years ago. Bored on a random summer evening, I was scrolling through Netflix when I discovered Falling for Innocence (2015). After binge watching all of it, I dived headfirst into the beautiful world of kdramas and haven’t resurfaced since! Some of my favourite dramas are Goblin, Penthouse, Crash Landing on You and Home for Summer.


When I’m not on Soompi, I’m usually watching dramas, painting, shopping online or reading research papers. I also love traveling and usually split my year between the UAE, Canada and South Korea.


You can usually find me in a drama or shipper thread, spazzing out about the latest :) Don’t hesitate to reach out! :wub:





Hey guys, I'm Sunset. My name is Shweta. I'm from Tamil Nadu, India. I live in the US now.


I started off as a silent reader of soompi forums in 2009 and joined in the year 2011. I love writing short stories and fanfictions, so I always get fascinated by movies with good writing. So I used to search and watch good movies even though I didn't know the language. Now it is pretty common to watch foreign language dramas since we have Netflix, Viki, etc but back then (I feel old haha), my friends in college thought I was pretty weird. Now, I'm pretty sure most of them watch k-dramas. Ha!

I used to write English subtitles for Tamil and Hindi movies/dramas/songs in viki in 2014. My editor became one of my closest friends. I met her a few years after I came to the US! We are still in touch.


Soompi has been a part of my life for so long: I finished college, got a job, got married, became a mother. It has been with me through my ups and downs. I've had some of the most interesting discussions of my life with fellow soompi members about psychology and sociology in the Missing Noir M forum. I've made silly gifs for Kill Me Heal Me, made posters for a fan book Master's sun.


I love to garden, cook, teach, do handyman work around the house, go hiking, swim, do some electronic projects, listen to music. I try to pick up a new hobby every other year.


I wanted to join as a junior moderator here just to help out. I've been here for 10 years, time to step up my game.


Looking forward for a great time with you all.



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