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Administrators are head managers in charge of the general community.


  • Creating and enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums
  • Organizing the staff activities through various assignments
  • Organizing community events
  • Representing the community as spokesperson
  • Overseeing internal affairs
  • Answering appeals by secondary intention
  • Working behind the scenes for improving the forum platform
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests


List of Administrators:





A romantic at heart who still dreams of meeting her own Prince Lee Shin, A.N.JELL's Kang Shin Woo or Chef On Jung Sun. Kim Jae Won of Romance was my first love interest but it was Wonderful Life that brought me to Soompi upon a friend's recommendation. I thought it was a Thailand-based fan forum initially because Soompi doesn't sound anything like Korean to me, haha!


Princess Hours got me totally hooked to Soompi and that was when I literally lived on the forum. First thing I checked when I woke and last thing I read before bedtime. In 2007, I flew to Korea to watch the filming of The Devil and 1st Shop of Coffee Prince without a travel plan. It was quite a crazy thing to do, but I got to star alongside my favorite actress Yoon Eunhye... as a passerby :lol:


Life is like a wheel, moving from Japanese doramas (Kimura Takuya!) to Taiwanese dramas (F4!) and now Korean dramas. I used to suffer from withdrawal symptoms during the weekly wait for new episodes and after the last episode was aired, but now I keep myself busy watching several dramas at the same time so that the wait is less painful. Currently watching: Father is Strange, Temperature of Love, Hospital Ship, Sweet Enemy.


I certainly don't qualify as a K-Pop fan (I love drama OSTs!) but I enjoy SS501, NU'EST, Super Junior's albums.


Likes: coffee, matcha, traveling, good music, monchhichi, Starbucks cards, Purple, Turquoise, Sea


Dislikes: fan wars, rudeness, negativity, cig smoke, noisy eaters







I have character socks of all your biases and I’m not sharing! Okay, maybe I’ll share one or two with you.


My love for all things Korean started with “Autumn in My Heart”, like many others. Song Hye Kyo continues to be one of my favorite actresses and Won Bin stole my heart. I might be religiously watching “The Man From Nowhere” whenever I have downtime, but no one needs to know that. Haha!


Since I’ve hit nuna-status (there’s no such thing as ahjumma-status!), I do not listen to as much K-Pop as I did before. The newest group I’ve been following is BTS, which is interesting because they debuted years ago. Whenever I have a stressful week, nothing makes me feel better than driving long distances jamming to BTS songs. However, Big Bang will forever remain my favorite male group. My Yorkshire Terrier is named Haru after one of their songs. Okay, not really… Haru is named after the Japanese word for spring because I got my dog in the spring. I’d liked to think he’s name after Big Bang’s Haru Haru too. I think the majority of the Korean music I listen to are OSTs from the dramas I watch.


Likes: Socks and giraffes.

Dislikes: Negativity.






Formerly known as Davee, DAS, Range, and now Godotology. I’d like to change my name again but all the cool names are taken. My first K-drama was in the late 90s, but I don’t remember the name. It had to do with something about this girl who wanted to be a kpop singer, and a guy who is becoming a new father, and some other stuff. The second k-drama was All About Eve.

My first kpop experience was SES. I think Eugene was the biggest crush I’ve ever had on a celebrity. I was unfamiliar with Korean artists at that time, so I was in denial for a while that her name was Eugene. It slowly expanded to Finkl (Yuri was my favorite), as well as to boy groups (Sechs Kies was my favorite), but no one ever caught my attention the same way Eugene did. At that time there were very few English language Kpop sites and Soompitown was one of the few. I lived in California at that time and met up with Soompi, then soon joined Soompitown. I left for a while and came back when it was rebranded as Soompi. I moved to Hawaii and learned Korean for 3-4 years but now forgot most of it. These days I stopped following Korean Dramas because the stories (and even the actors) are always the same. I follow Kpop somewhat more limitedly because I’m now old and feel guilty watching kids doing sexy dances (kpop has gotten far more revealing than before). That said I’m happy Sechs Kies are back, although missing one guy. I also tend to favor YG groups.

Likes: Sports, traveling, meat, free wi-fi

Dislikes: People who think too much







Probably one of the most hardcore fans out there, Hanyeoun has been keeping his interest of Korean dramas since the old days of Sandglass from the 90’s. His biggest challenge will be purchasing a VIP ticket on time so he could see his favorite K-pop groups, Red Velvet and Blackpink. Self-proclaimed veteran at binge watching movies and television shows with countless hours on Netflix, this sasaeng has nearly finished watching the entire catalog of Viki. He has watched so many Korean dramas for years that he doesn’t need subtitles anymore. His favorite drama is Jumong, one of the most critically acclaimed sageuks of all time! In regards to his personal life, Hanyeoun is a passionate traveler, a dedicated humanitarian activist, and a professional videographer.


Likes: Anything that is red or pink, unicorns, rainbows, culture, movies, memes, traveling, food

Dislikes: Wasabi sauce








I do not watch dramas or movies a lot, so I consider myself a reader more than anything. A BL (Boys Love) fanatic, I read Danmei novels in Viet translations during free time to immerse in the romances of same-sex relationships between men. BL aside, I would like to travel abroad to Japan and South Korea after I save up enough money, predominantly visiting during the winter season, eating delicious food, sightseeing through the rural/urban destinations, and experiencing the beauty of snow. It does not snow where I live in sunny SoCal.

As far as Korean entertainment, I like TVXQ – YunJae, So Ji Sub, and Jo In Sung. My ultimate LOVE is So Ji Sub!

I do not fancy K-Pop after reaching nuna-status (because ahjumma-status does not exist according to @endeavor). LOL! It turns me off watching youngsters strut in revealing outfits and dance to sex-driven choreography.

When I do not juggle work, BL, and Danmei, I find comfort in food. Give me melted cheese, as well as Korean BBQ, and I will love you lots! :tongue:

Likes: BL, Danmei, Traveling Overseas, Sightseeing, Winter, Rainy Days, Korean AYCE BBQ Buffets, Cheese, Food, Horror Movies

Dislikes: Spiders, Sunny Days, Summer, Homelessness, Selfishness, Narrow-Mindedness, Penny-Pinching, Mustard


Global Moderators


Global Moderators are head moderators capable of demonstrating advanced leadership. On top of enforcing rules and answering members' concerns, they also take some administrative tasks as well.


  • Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums
  • Moderating every part of the forums
  • Helping out the community and assisting members
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests
  • Answering appeals by primary intention


List of Global Moderators:






Started my kdrama fangirling when Endless Love 1 was shown in my country. Then I realized I am not a makjang fan but a second lead syndrome stricken fan after the show ended. ^^ However the hardcore kdrama enthusiast in me began when Queen Seon Deok aired and bam Kim Nam Gil lured me to Soompi! Thanks to him!


My Kpop fancies started when Rain made his concert in my country with UKISS as the front act in 2010. (Boy, I can’t believe those lads got married first before me). Later on I discovered Bigbang and became a VIP because of Taeyang’s voice and dance moves. I am also a silent Blackjack!


Aside from kdramas and kpop, I also learned to appreciate variety shows and 2 days and 1 night is close to my heart right now because this is the only show that I watch together with my siblings. It is our bonding moment because of its laid back theme, plus the spontaneous hilarity.


Currently stanning the adjusshis (not really, like they are only few years older than me hihi) like Kang Dong Won, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon Gi, Hyun Bin, Han Seok Kyu. I am enamored with the beauty and talent of IU, Ha Ji Won, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, and Moon Geun Young. While I am quite familiar with kpopidols / singers, I am more into k-indie music coming from Urban Zakapa, 10 cm, Standing Egg, Romantico, May, Roy Kim (and his bff rockstar Jung Joon Young), Blackskirts, Tearliner and Yozoh.


Likes: Yellow, Sky, Books, My Bed

Dislikes : Shopping







I fell in love with Kdramas since ‘All about Eve’ and since then have been on the hunt for a good drama to watch. I am not that much into Kpop but does IU count? While I honestly do love watching love confessions, I still cringe when things get too heated up, but I am not making much sense right? In love with it but also cringing when the honey went into overdrive.


At the same time, my passion does not only extend to Kdramas, as I love Japanese, Taiwan, and during my schooling years, I used to love Hong Kong dramas too but that somehow has waned off. For the past few years my Kdramas love had extended into Thailand too. I guess you can see that I love Dramas!!! :D


Likes: Love pinks, red, yellow, orange or in short bright colors

Dislikes: Haters who always nag at everything.





Moderators are the backbone force of the Soompi forum staff. They are members who have proven signs of leadership and can also exercise fair decision-making in various parts of our community.


  • Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums
  • Moderating specific forum sections
  • Helping the community and assisting members
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests
  • Investigating cases


List of Moderators:





I still consider myself to be a newbie on the k-entertainment scene having been a fan since Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” era and somehow gravitated towards dramaland with “Love Rain”. Since then I have been splitting my attention between stanning my first group, keeping up with rookies, and trying to find time to watch the latest dramas (Not an easy thing, I tell you that...). Aside from Korean dramas, I have also found an interest in Taiwanese and a few Japanese dramas; “Easy Fortune Happy Life” is one of my top T-dramas that I can watch over and over again.


While I have become pickier over time, my love for a good story is still there.


Likes: 90’s cartoons, 10tagon, slow blue, collecting hoodies (weird, I know)

Dislikes: cheese, irrational hate







First, I started watching Korean movies. The movie that introduced me to this new world was Seducing Mr. Perfect. Then by accident, I discovered K-dramas. The first drama I watched was Bride of the Century and only with Secret Love Affair that I joined Soompi. Since I love literature and analyzing it (characters, symbolism), I am always trying to analyze K-dramas like that as well, hence I have the tendency to write longer posts. I admit to being somewhat conditioned by my profession. That’s why some users gave me the nickname “teachernim” or others call me Ssaem. I like all kind of K-dramas: crime or comedy or fantasy… as long as it is well written and not silly. On the other hand, I am not fond of Makjang-dramas.

Since I have always liked learning Foreign languages (I learnt 6) and discovering new cultures, I must confess, because of my passion for K-dramas, I started learning Korean and their culture. I had the same passion, when I was younger… it was, when I started learning German… I wanted to listen to German music and watch German movies as well. This passion led me to live in Germany later. I am actually from France. Now, I have the same passion for Korean culture. I am listening to Korean music, reading Manhwa (f. Ex. Intouchable or Marmalade Orange)... There is no limit to discover more and more. My favourite K-Band is MBLAQ.       

I must say that I am sometimes watching Chinese, Taiwanese, or Japanese dramas as well, but Korean dramas are still my favourite.

My favourite dramas are: Falling for Innocence, My Love from Another Star, Signal, Healer, Descendants of the Sun…







She entered the Asian drama scene thanks to manga and the Japanese version of “Hana Yori Dango.” Kdramas followed shortly after with “Lie to Me” and then “Faith.” She’s watched 250+ shows in the 3 years since she discovered Asian entertainment and hopes to eventually hit 1000. She now enjoys dramas and movies from most Asian countries and hopes to visit said countries in the future.


She first decided to learn Korean after trying to watch “Hello, Monster” and discovering that it was torture to have to wait for subs. Since then, she has managed to get a basic grasp on spoken Korean and has set her sights on being fluent enough to translate for others.


Some of her favorite dramas are: Love O2O, DotS, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, The Princess Wei Young, Full House Thai, and all versions of Itazura na Kiss.


She got into K-music because a friend linked her the videos for SNSD’s “Gee” and Bigbang’s “Fantastic Baby.” Since then she has been a voracious consumer of K-pop. Some of her favorites include: Bigbang, Monsta X, 2NE1, BTS, EXO, Ailee, and K.Will though she is a sucker for most drama OSTs.


Other than dramas and music, she has interest in learning anything and everything she can. She enjoys reading a good book, writing, running and playing games on her phone.


Likes: gaming, puzzles, happy endings, emerald green, leaves in autumn

Dislikes: open endings, cantaloupe, cold weather, and being on the receiving end of a needle







My initiation to k-world isn’t very recent. My Kdrama addiction goes back to 2010, when I was a highschool student. My friends, at that time, got hooked with dramas and urged me watching with them. At firsti resisted but after awhile,  I gave up and watched them. My first drama was It Started with a Kiss (Korean). Then it was my turn to get hooked and since then I’ve watched more than 200 dramas. Just to name a few: Empress Ki, Iris, Fugitive Plan B, Remember-War of the son,  I Miss You, Rooftop Prince, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Monster, I Remember You, The Good Wife, The Princess’ Man, Ghost, Master’s sun, Bridal Mask, Iljimae, and The Time Between a Dog and a Wolf. My favorite actor is Yoo Seung Ho; I have only one favorite actor. I’m a huuuge fan of him :)  


I also became a kpop fan and I remember listening to every group’s song ie: Bigbang, 2ne1, Girls Generation,2pm, Wonder girls, TVXQ, JYJ.


From time to time I also watch japanese and taiwanese dramas. Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Tokyo Dogs, Zettai Karechi, Fall in love with me, Refresh Man, Fated to Love You (Taiwan), Autumn Concerto, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, My Sweetheart, Just You.


likes: spring, chocolate, cakes, traveling, holidays, navy blue, shoes, bags, fruits and vegetables

dislikes: meat over everything else, winter, baggies, vanity, superficial and narrow-minded people


Go Seung Ji




I started my journey with Korean entertainment with few dramas which made me curious and resulted in making me sink deep into this world.


Some of my favourite actors: Lee Joon, Jo Jung Suk, You Seung Ho, Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Jun Ki and Hyun Bin.


Some of my favourite singers: Rain, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Sunggyu, Jung Joon Young and Henry Lau.


Current favourite dramas: Jealousy Incarnate, Father is Strange, The Best Hit, School 2017 and Go Back Couple.


Likes: Green, Black, Food, Tennis, Spring, Holidays.

Dislikes: Winter.







I had watched kdramas with my mother when I was a child, but hadn't been particularly keen on them since they were so over the top. Now that I'm older though, I can appreciate them for the entertainment value they have, even if they are frequently over the top, as well as the social and cultural commentaries the writer and director are looking to make with their work. Though at the end of the day, it is still mostly about a good story acted and directed well. :)


Some kdramas I like and recommend to others: Healer, School 2013, Answer Me 1997, Buamdong Revenge Social Club, Flower Boy Next Door, Descendants of the Sun


Likes: first snow, kissing in the rain, walking the streets at 3 am when almost everyone else is sleeping, music that makes me want to fly, people who are nice and caring, street food

Dislikes: racism, blind prejudice, cruelty, when the universe doesn't seem to be being fair or merciful






Grew up on a staple of Hong Kong dramas and movies but found the quality lacking and standards dropping in recent years. Discovered the world of k dramas in 2016 , thanks to the drama fever  brought about by Descendants of the Sun that swept across South East Asia. Have since become a k-drama ( and Soompi ) addict , though I have come to appreciate some C-dramas as well.


Enjoy watching most  genres  but  tend to be  drawn to action romance , crime/mystery  & melodramas .  These dramas in particular are personal favourites : Love Affairs in The Afternoon, Life On Mars , Prison Playbook, Stranger (Secret Forest) , Signal, Tunnel, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Plus Nine Boys, Healer, ManXMan, Cruel City, Money Flower, W Two Worlds, Tomorrow With You, Something About 1%, A Poem A Day, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (c-drama).


Have a never-ending list of favourite oppas. But these have a special spot in my heart : Park Hae Jin, Jung Kyung Ho, Ha Seok Jin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk , Kim Young Kwang, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Seon Ho. Currently obsessed with  Kim Jae Young . 


:heart: -  my kiddo, travelling, japanese food, hues of blue and green, dancing, karaoke


Home thread:  Add/ Subtract







I actually started watching Korean dramas because I was a K-Pop fan first. I'm from Germany and the internet wasn't what it is today, so it was very difficult to come across K-Pop music. But somehow I did it and unlike many fans I was fan of Baby VOX and Yoon Eun Hye was member of this girl group. And then after the group stopped being active and in the end existing altogether I followed Yoon Eun Hye more closely and watched her drama "Goong" and loved it. Long story short: I can say K-Pop brought me to K-dramas and these days I love them more than Korean music.


From there I watched all kinds of dramas like "All In" with Lee Byung Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Ji Sung or "I'm sorry, I love you" with So Ji Sub. And now you can guess how old I am. :P


Anyways I tend to be very selective when it comes to dramas because my motto is "Life is too short for bad dramas". Of course for me a drama can be really good and for somebody else it's just not for them. But I don't tend to watch many popular dramas or hyped dramas so to speak. I'm also open about my opinion on dramas which are successful because of the hype and not substance.


But here are some recommendations from me (and even popular dramas are among them): Answer Me 1988, The Innocent Man, Flower Boy Next Door, Hwang Ji Yi, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Cruel City, Story of A Man, Because this is our first life


All I can say though is: Enjoy the ride, there is a k-drama for everyone out there. :)



Junior Moderators


Junior Moderators are 3-month probational positions for the rank of "Moderators".


  • Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums
  • Moderating specific forum sections
  • Helping the community and assisting members
  • Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests
  • Investigating cases


Event Organizers


Event Organizers are members willing to create and host community events with Administrators and Viki Community Staff. Unlike moderators, this position doesn't have any moderating abilities.


  • Hosting community games
  • Creating giveaways and events
  • Promoting forum events


List of Event Organizers:





been watching kdramas for a long time -- back when ahnjaewook was hot and was wearing some purple lipstick in some drama that I can't remember at all except that his purple lipstick was kind of strange. LOL... however, it was around 2002 that kdramas captured my heart -- bright girl's success remains one of my favourites!  thanks to my love for kdramas, found out how to stream and discovered youtube back when folks had not even heard of that site!!!!


likes: daily/weekend/makjang/melo/comedy dramas -- ajummah taste! good decor and watches

dislikes: hate open endings - I didn't spend X hours to get confused on how it ended; noona romances, bad lighting in dramas-- you are not artsy if you reduce the lighting!





So I love Kdramas! I like things that are darker in content. I would always love to watch dramas for long hours and by the way, My bias are Joo Ji Hoon And Kim Dong Wook. Hehe! Guest is one of my favorite drama. At this moment, I still cannot figure out why are people afraid of it. Haha 


As to me, I think that dramas is something that allows us to enjoy and momentarily forget about the physical world that we are in. Therefore, I treat creations with the up most respect. I too create stories, during my free time and I love reading fan-fictions. If you ever have one good one, hook me up! 



Viki Community Staff


They are staff members of the Rakuten/Viki/Soompi family in charge of maintaining all technical, functional and financial aspects of the forums.


  • Financially provides the forum platform
  • Stabilizing the server, platform, and website
  • Troubleshooting account related issues
  • Representing the community
  • Guiding the forum staff
  • Organizing events


List of Viki Community Staff:




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Bonjour crew!
I'm Jonathan, reporting from Barsha. Glad to find this community of different enthusiasts.

See you around!

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