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[Reality Show] Youn's Kitchen 윤식당 - S1 at Gili Trawangan Lombok, S2 at Garachico on Tenerife ~ waiting for Season 3!

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Y O U N ' S  K I T C H E N 윤식당 tvN 

Garachico on Tenerife

Season 2 in the Canary Islands Spain 

January 5 -  March 23, 2018


Youn Yuh Jung

Lee Seo Jin

Jung Yu Mi


Park Seo Joon

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SEOUL, Dec. 19, 2017 (Yonhap) -- The second season of the popular reality show "Youn's Kitchen" will be broadcast early next month, tvN said Tuesday. The network said the show will return Jan. 5 with the original cast of Youn Yuh-jung, Jung Yu-mi and Lee Seo-jin. The senior actor Shin Goo will be replaced by Park Seo-joon. Produced by hit-maker Na Young-seok, the new series will show famous Korean actors temporarily run a Korean restaurant in Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands.




The production team said the new series will show the cast members build relationships with locals and interact with tourists around the world while running the restaurant on the exotic island. The nine-episode first season, shot in Gili Trawangan, northwest of Indonesia's Lombok, aired from March 24 to May 19. Its ratings peaked at 16 percent for the fifth and sixth episodes, considerably high for a cable channel program. (jaeyeon.woo@yna.co.kr)


Celebrity food series starting March 24, 2017

Season 1 at Gili Trawangan Lombok

Youn Yuh Jung * Lee Seo Jin * Shin Goo * Jung Yu Mi

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'Youn's Restaurant' aims to one-up food shows

by opening overseas shop user posted image

By Chang Dong-woo

SEOUL, March 20, 2017 (Yonhap) -- It's been quite some time since "meokbang," a Korean popular cultural phenomenon of people broadcasting themselves preparing food and eating, penetrated mainstream television. An average South Korean hardly has difficulty in seeing a TV celebrity indulging in some epicurean delicacy in front of a national audience every week. Yet apparently, the TV market segment on food still has room to grow. Director Na Yeong-seok, who has virtually brought the meokbang genre to mainstream TV via tvN's two hit reality series "Three Meals a Day" and "Grandpas Over Flowers," is preparing to launch a new food series this week.

The cast of tvN's new food reality show "Youn's Restaurant" pose for the camera during a media event at the Times Square mall in western Seoul on March 20, 2017. (Yonhap)

The cast of tvN's new food reality show "Youn's Restaurant" pose for the camera during a media event at the Times Square mall in western Seoul on March 20, 2017. (Yonhap)

"Youn's Restaurant" is a new tvN Friday-Saturday reality show series which focuses on a group of South Korean celebrities operating a small Korean cuisine restaurant on a small island near Bali, Indonesia. "It's something that is unlikely to happen in real life (for normal people) but I thought of perhaps delivering an indirect experience," Na said on Monday at a media event for his new TV series held at Times Square mall in western Seoul.

Veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung is the store owner and lead chef and is accompanied by a diverse cast, including veteran actor Shin Goo, Na's long-time collaborator actor Lee Seo-jin and actress Jung Yu-mi. While the cast is tasked with actually operating a business, the show's focus isn't aimed at a monetary goal or expansion of the business -- rather it's oriented at delivering viewers a sense of relaxation and healing through "the special daily lives of the cast who open a small Korean restaurant in a paradise-like place."

   Na is one of South Korea's top entertainment TV directors to date who has churned out consecutive hit shows without relying on star power. He intends to emulate his string of successes through another experimental-yet unique cast combination. "I'm now an older actress. I determined from one day that I should enjoy my work," actress Youn said. "I'm a fan of Na Yeong-seok, therefore I followed when Na asked me to do this work. I'll even do 'We Got Married' if Na asks," Yoon said jokingly.


Na Yeong-seok (C), director of "Youn's Restaurant," speaks to reporters a media event at the Times Square mall in western Seoul on March 20, 2017. (Yonhap)

Na Yeong-seok (C), director of "Youn's Restaurant," speaks to reporters a media event at the Times Square mall in western Seoul on March 20, 2017. (Yonhap)

Shin Goo, who starred in Na's past work "Grandpas Over Flowers," said he served as the restaurant's waiter. "I could say 'hello, please sit here,' in English. But whenever we ran into a vegetarian customer, I turned the serving job over to Lee Seo-jin," said Shin, citing a communication barrier when a customer orders food that wasn't included in the restaurant's normal menu.

Lee Seo-jin, also a longtime collaborator of Na, said he was a lot more comfortable compared to his previous works with the director. "It was much more comfortable than the 'Grandpas Over Flowers' series. Since the weather and scenery was good, I was able to enjoy after-work activities. It was pleasurable and I had fun filming," Lee said. "Youn's Restaurant" premiers on Friday.



March 4, 2017

TV producer Na discusses ‘Yoon Restaurant’ 

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


TV show producer and director Na Young-seok revealed details of his upcoming show. The tvN show is titled “Yoon Restaurant,” and will air its first episode on March 24. “Yoon Restaurant” follow actors Yoon Yuh-jung, Lee Seo-jin and Jung Yu-mi as they open up a small Korean restaurant on an island near Bali, Indonesia. The production team behind the show said, “Everyone dreams of escaping the busy city life and opening up a small personal shop. The island that we’re filming on is known as a ‘heaven’ for divers and tourists, with the beautiful scenery and its relaxed mood.” Na is regarded as one of the most successful TV show directors, producing shows that are both loved in and out of Korea. He made his breakthrough in 2007 with “2 Days & 1 Night,” which introduced the road trip format to Korean reality programming. He is the first reality TV show director to receive the highest honor in the Paeksang Arts Awards, which honors outstanding achievements in Korean entertainment industry.

By Kim Jung-kyoon

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LINKS: Facebook // Naver News // tvN @tvn_joy



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Thanks to the highlight by @bibidep at LSJ soompi thread

Published on March 11, 2017 by tvN

Published on March 15, 2017 by tvN

Published on March 19, 2017 by TongTongTv 통통영상

March 21, 2017

PD Na Young Suk Reveals Why He Can’t Let Go Of Lee Seo Jin

Source: Soompi by D. Kim


During the press conference for his new tvN variety show “Youn’s Kitchen,” producing director (PD) Na Young Suk gave his reasons for casting actor Lee Seo Jin again.

On March 20, PD Na Young Suk explained, “Lee Seo Jin is a very useful person. Since the show requires the cast members to run a restaurant in a foreign country, they must be able to speak English and know how to manage a business. Lee Seo Jin has a degree in business management from New York University, and conveniently, whenever I’m starting a new TV program, Lee Seo Jin is never participating in a drama. That’s how we ended up working together again.”

This is Lee Seo Jin and PD Na Young Suk’s third time collaborating after “Grandpas Over Flowers” and “Three Meals A Day.”

PD Na Young Suk continued, “I would unreluctantly part with Lee Seo Jin if any of our programs were to fail, but it has not happened yet.”

Actor Shin Goo will be joining previously confirmed cast members Lee Seo Jin, Yoon Yeo Jung, and Jung Yoo Mi for the upcoming show “Youn’s Kitchen,” where they will attempt to run a Korean restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. Yoon Yeo Jung will be the main boss and chef, Lee Seo Jin will be the manager, Jung Yoo Mi will be in charge of cleaning and washing the dishes, and Shin Goo will be in charge of serving the food and publicizing the restaurant. Their main menu will consist of marinated beef (bulgogi).

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen” will premiere on March 24 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

Source (1)

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Guest bibidep

Very interesting about the actors and actresses in this show how they know each other.....Lee Seo Jin worked with Eric Mun in the Phoenix drama 10-12 years ago and lately in 3 meal a days fishing show, Eric knew Jung Yu Mi through the 2 dramas that he and Jung Yu Mi were the main leads and they are very closed.    Yoon Yeo Jung knew Jung Yu Mi and Lee Seo Jin in their separate drama before.      Before Jung Yu Mi was cast in the show with Lee Seo Jin and Yoon Yeo Jung, the three met in Yoon Yeo Jung's 50th years anniversary of acting.   Here is the picture of them below.


Credit the picture to Osen's New.


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Been waiting for this thread! I'm not very hopeful we will get subs outside of tvN Asia though since most subscription sites shy away from tvN Variety shows and I don't understand why. From the preview, this feels very different from past NaPD/Seojinnie productions and the concept is interesting. I can't predict how the audience will react to this setup. Hoping there's at least someone who will take care of recaps!

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12 hours ago, jeijei said:

jumping in.  hope they feature recipes and/or helpful tips.

They are having it, the problem is subtitle.

I streamed it, we need subtitle when they talk among them, for the 1st episode, I think......have English conversation around 20%?

Sobs, I dont know will this show got subs. :unsure:

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Synopsis and first reactions to "Yoon Restaurant''

It all begun in Youn Yuh Jung's 50th anniversary where Na PD decided to cast the three for his next variety show. They received training in cooking, managing a restaurant before hand. When they arrived in Bali, Youn Yuh Jung worried that it was too big while Lee Seo Jin got really excited at the idea of making drinks and immediately started with a pineapple juice. The day before the restaurant opened, the three made trial meals and tasted them. When the restaurant first opened, the first guest was a tourist from Denmark.... but he ordered a drink. Then two women came in.
[+1780, -49] As expected from genius Na PD. Youn Yuh Jung is aging gracefully, Jung Yumi is so pretty and Lee Seo Jin is so manly. Shin Goo soensaengnim is so cute
[+1560, -45] Really so much fun... When they finally opened the shop, I got so worried
[+1203, -41] Jung Yumi is so enthusiastic about everything
[+1114, -50] Jung Yumi is so smart and kind... It's nice to have a teacher as lovely as Youn Yuh Jung as well
[+1074, -44] The members combination is really good... Yum-vely + Teacher Youn Yuh Jung + Lee Seo Jin... Great chemistry
[+421, -29] If you look at the program you will feel at ease, it's something between a documentary and variety... the members don't even try hard to make you laugh, it's Na PD's camera work and observations that make it so fun.
[+366, -13] The audience rating is rising... It's a new style of variety
[+356, -17] Na PD is a genius, he takes a lot of shots from the background... Another fun aspect... I want to eat Bulgogi too now... You could put ramyun or kimchi fried rice on the menu too
[+313, -13] It was so unexpectedly sweet... Felt like getting a guest for the first time in your living room


source http://netizentown.blogspot.my/2017/03/synopsis-and-first-reactions-to-yoon.html

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Watching without subs right now and the first thing I notice is Lee Woojung PD's new shocking, electric pink hair-do! Looks like she loved Minho's Bulma hairstyle in NJttW!

*Update - I just finished watching ep 1 and wow, NaPD truly is a genius. It was different but in a good way. I agree with the comments above and I have to add that the cast feels more like family than actors thrown together for the purpose of the show. Seojinnie really felt like a naggy but protective older brother to Yumi and Yeojung the laid back mom. Can't wait for next week's ep when Shin Gu halbae shows up!

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I find that you can get most TvN shows at OnDemandKorea.com  but they are not always subtitled.  This might be as they are also doing a collaboration with Indonisia to increase the number of tourists - all of the places NaPD has done shows have seen a large jump in tourists (25% in the GOF in Spain).

Here is the the link to Yoon's Kitchen:  http://www.ondemandkorea.com/youns-kitchen-e1.html?lang=en


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March 24, 2017

Garuda, Korea's Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yoo-mi Promote Lombok Tourism  

Garuda, Korea's Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yoo-mi Promote Lombok Tourism  

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has joined hands with South Korea’s celebrities Lee Seo-jin and Jung Yoo-mi to promote Lombok tourism.

“Starting from March 24, Garuda will promote Lombok on a biweekly basis, particularly Gili Trawangan with unique, attractive promotional methods carried out by famous Korean television stars that will be aired in Korean [channel] TVN,” West Nusa Tenggara regional secretariat spokesman Yusron Hadi said yesterday.

West Nusa Tenggara Governor TGH M. Zainul Majdi met on Thursday with Garuda Indonesia general manager for South Korea Wayan Supatriyasa and acting deputy Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea Cecep Herawan at Garuda Indonesia branch office in Seoul, South Korea.

Aside from collaborating with South Korean celebrities, Garuda will also offer special Lombok tourism packages to Korean tourists, Yusron said. “Garuda Korea [branch] has asked for support from the local administration, such as the provision of promotional material and various travel vouchers on offer for Korean tourists,” he said.

Governor M. Zainul Majdi has said he is ready to back the program, according to Yusron.

Indonesia sees 263,000 Korean tourist arrivals per year, only around 4,000 of which are recorded in Lombok.

Published on March 25, 2017 by BeritaRp100

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Morning!  Was waiting for someone to create this thread.  Anything that has a collaboration between Na PD and LSJ piques my interest.  So far GoF and TMAD have not failed.  This new show is really different from the others.  Got to say on initial reading, it doesn't sound like much.  But after watching epi 1, I can't wait for the next episode! 

Will Shin Goo be a perm cast member? 

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So far, I have only found the show subbed in Mandarin



Gosh, I think this kitchen team is going to be awesome... I love how the relationships are panning out:

1. Mdm Youn and kitchen assistant Yumi who is ever ready to help the boss

2. Mdm Youn and server/bartender Seojinnie whom the former always seeks the latter's opinion on her food etc

3. cute relationship between Seojinnie and Yumi aka like brother and sister.

I can't wait for Uncle Shin Gu's arrival ..

Na PD has yet another hit variety show. Congrats!!!!

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