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  1. Yes please, NaPD! Cuba for the halbaes but please, an assistant for Seojinnie!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome @rubie!!! I can always count on you for NaPD show updates! I too have a feeling this might be the last GotHalbae unless NaPD recruits an assistant for Seojinnie that's truly porter material. I watched the pre-show special for GotHalbae 4 and it showed LSJ from the first trip and comparing him to now it's obvious he's tired. My husband sent me a pic he took of LSJ at LAX when he was travelling with friends not long ago and I was a bit confused because it almost didn't look like him but realised he has gotten older - like we all have. On top of this it's getting more difficult for him to round up the halbaes with two extremes with different needs and expectations. I could totally feel his stress when they were on the bus and the group was divided in different sections while it was fully packed with people. That said, I'll enjoy this season like I have the earlier ones and hope NaPD gives LSJ a break (NJTTW or Kang Shikdang pleaaaaaasssseee!) before he kidnaps him for another project.
  3. So happy they're back and Kim Yong Geon-Geon is a great addition!
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