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[Reality Show] Youn's Kitchen 윤식당 - S1 at Gili Trawangan Lombok, S2 at Garachico on Tenerife ~ waiting for Season 3!

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1 hour ago, gongi said:

I can't seem to find the eng sub version for this show? Can you share the links?  Thanks!


There are no English subs for 'Youn's Kitchen' available (yet). If we're lucky, the TMAD Fishingsubteam may release the English-subbed version, if they're able to get more translators for the show (thanks to @kentangbakar for the info). However, TVNAsia is also airing the show with subtitles for their subscribers (thanks to @YuKo Wong for the highlight). It's probably unlikely anyone would be able to share this on YT etc because tvN / CJ Ent are extremely strict even with raw episode uploads. Only a few episode excerpts can be seen at their own Youtube channel.

Good news to TVN Asia subscribers in SIN/HK/JKT/BKK!

Youn's Kitchen will be broadcasted with English subs at 9PM (SIN/HK) every Saturday from 1 Apr.


Published on April 7, 2017 by tvN

Thumbs-up for the new kitchen & new customers! user posted image


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Hello everyone! urgently needs a help!

3 of the fishingsubteam crew already made a new subteam for "Youn's Kitchen"

we already had 2 Translator, 2 Proofreaders , 2 timers and 1 social media team.

and were still looking for more and it will make us faster to release the english subtitle.

 if you guys willing to help us please fill this form 

                                                              RECRUITMENT FORM

also here's our official twitter account : twitter.com/younkitchenteam

and our official website : younskitchenteam.wordpress.com

And heard that the chinese version its out, gladly if you can speak/read chinese language keen to mention us on our twitter!

Thank you and appreciate your helps!

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Na Young Suk PD's hit variety shows

Variety shows he produces are daebak. Yesterday, 'Youn's Kitchen' broke 12% in ratings. The highest rated variety show on public broadcast currently is 1N2D at 16%, it looks like a cable show is fast catching up ㄷㄷ

The rest of the comments in spoiler.


-Na Young Suk produced Star Golden Bell???? Daebak

-Agreed. He's the one-top

-Youn's Kitchen is fun

-I remember when 1N2D's rating went up to 40%

-Kim Eun Sook and Na Young Suk are arguably the best two in Korean broadcast

-1N2D season 1 is legendary

-I had no idea he was behind Star Golden Bell

-He is a variety genius. It's not easy to create something that viewers of all ages would enjoy

-Some find his directing style a hit or miss though ㅋㅋ His captions tend to be cringey.... But his variety shows always do well in ratings, that's amazing

-Not everyone is a fan of his style but I personally like watching his shows, it's very comforting


source: http://kkul-jaem.blogspot.my/2017/04/na-young-suk-pds-hit-variety-shows.html

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Episode 4 (170414) Excerpts -

Business was super-slow at Youn's Kitchen that they gave out free samples user posted image

And Seojinnie recognized by TMAD fans :)

Published on April 14, 2017 by tvN




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On 15/04/2017 at 2:32 PM, kentangbakar said:

Guys, you can check out the Engsub at this page.

They uploaded Part 1 already


Here is last night rating. Drop a bit but still #1



Just to add on... the highest rating that the show got was 14.7% and it was during the scene where Ramyun was ordered for the first time by Austrian tourists.


Hooray! Na PD is leading the pack 

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April 16, 2017

Jung Yoo Mi’s Beauty Wins Vacationers’ Hearts On “Youn’s Kitchen”

Source: Soompi by JiwonYu 


Customers of “Youn’s Kitchen” have fallen for Jung Yoo Mi’s charms!

During the latest episode of tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen” on April 14, foreigners who visited the restaurant were captivated by Jung Yoo Mi’s looks.

A Polish couple visited “Youn’s Kitchen” that day and eventually found out that the place was run for filming purposes. Then the man asked Lee Seo Jin, “Are there other actors here?”


Lee Seo Jin answered, “Our employees are all actors.” Upon hearing his answer, the woman said, “No wonder the lady was pretty.”

Then, wanting to show it off to fellow Korean friends, the Polish couple took a couple of photos with the employees.

Later on, seven Chinese tourists came to the restaurant, saw Jung Yoo Mi, and said, “That Korean lady is so pretty. She looks fancy.”


Jung Yoo Mi was complimented last time also for the same reason, and it seems like more and more people are taking notice of her beauty.

Source (1)




Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

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April 19, 2017

TvN sorry for job posting mishap

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Cable channel tvN released an apology yesterday, after reality show “Youn’s Kitchen” attempted to hire a part-time translator for the production of the show, only offering to compensate their efforts by giving them a limited-edition “Youn’s Kitchen” apron, without pay.

As the word Hell Joseon, a term criticizing the current socioeconomic state of Korea, has grown in usages recently, many were frustrated by the conglomerate’s decision to take advantage of those desperate for a job and unable to defend themselves. 

This added fuel to the fire, reinvigorating the controversy of “passion pay,” a satirical term referring to interns and apprentices not being aptly paid, and having to put up with poor treatment just so the companies can squeeze out work from the rookie workers.

Yesterday, the production team for “Youn’s Kitchen” uploaded a help-wanted advertisement on its Facebook page, looking for a translator for a language the production team couldn’t identify. The point of controversy was the payment, which read “limited edition ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ apron.”

After many on Facebook users expressed irritation with the channel’s attitude towards translators, the team slyly edited the post, adding that there would be a “compensation fee.”

As the criticism continued, an apology was uploaded to the Facebook page which read, “We were planning to discuss the payments individually with the translators who applied. We apologize for the confusion we caused.”

By Kim Jung-kyoon

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12 hours ago, choiminator said:

Omggg Can't believe that i started to like Lee Seo Jin thanks to this show

He's pretty smart tho

I believe this must be Lee Seo Jin's favourite variety show.

From the episodes shown so far, he has really put in effort to improve the food and drinks menu by suggesting new items and setting the prices and also shown his proactiveness by helping out with moving stuff around when they were forced to change location. This is the show which showcases his talents and his cute dimples!!!! :wub:  

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