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[Reality Show] Youn's Kitchen 윤식당 - S1 at Gili Trawangan Lombok, S2 at Garachico on Tenerife ~ waiting for Season 3!

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May 6, 2017

Yoon Yeo Jung Has Nothing But Praise For Lee Seo Jin’s Behavior Towards The Elderly

Source: Soompi by D. Kim


Actress Yoon Yeo Jung complimented Lee Seo Jin for the way he treated her and Shin Goo on “Youn’s Kitchen.”

During a recent interview, Yoon Yeo Jung revealed that Lee Seo Jin’s acts of kindness were all genuine. “I was really surprised by the way Lee Seo Jin looked after us. He worked so hard while filming ‘Youn’s Kitchen,’ shopping for groceries and always preparing the meat. He got the restaurant ready [early in the morning] just so I could get out of bed later,” she shared.


The actress also described what their daily life was like while filming the show. “After closing down the restaurant for the day, we returned home in the evening all tired. Instead of resting, however, Lee Seo Jin always tried to prepare dinner for us. He has such a warm heart. Getting to share a meal with him, Shin Goo, and Jung Yoo Mi was really a time of healing,” she expressed.


She further explained how Lee Seo Jin treated Shin Goo. “Because they had filmed the show ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ before, Lee Seo Jin was already aware of Shin Goo’s dietary preferences and he was able to pay meticulous attention to him,” she added.

Have you been able to notice his thoughtful behavior towards his fellow cast members on “Youn’s Kitchen”?

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50 minutes ago, rubie said:

Published on May 6, 2017 by YTN NEWS

YOUN'S KITCHEN: Only 2 Episodes Left 

Published on May 5, 2017 by tvN

Last day customers ordering a storm


Anyone can translate what's mentioned on YTN news??

Well, Youn's Kitchen is really showing its variety prowess to be even mentioned on prime time news and the tons of articles written about it after each broadcast. The main appeals of this show apart from the mesmerising scenery is the comradery of the main cast and how they overcame all odds to run a pretty small successful restaurant by improvising and listening to customers' feedback. Even when they met with a power crisis and the customers had to wait a really long time, they managed to keep their nerves without major mental breakdown. The cast was hardworking, doing their best to make the restaurant work notably Seojinnie. His image certainly had a 360 degree change from a grumpy 40 something men to a savvy sun loving restaurant manager. Not forgetting Yumi who has showed her sunny positive persona making many viewers fall for her cute charms.

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Loving Youn's Kitchen. 

Can really see a change in LSJ.... He's really attentive to the elders. In TMAD, he is hardly the first person to wake up.  But here, he's up bright and early to get all the stuff ready for the day's operation.  I like that they didn't force a love-line between him and Yumi.  But I thought it was quite hard for them to not have breakfast and only have lunch at such late hours.  Guess that's what restaurant operators do. 


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May 11, 2017

Jung Yu-mi, "Lee Seo-jin told me I was crazy"

Source: TV Report via Hancinema.net


Jung Yu-mi from "Yoon's Restaurant" delivered a story regarding Lee Seo-jin.

She was interviewed in the May issue of Women Sense and she said, "When I got the call from director Na Yeong-seok, I was interested because I heard Yoon Yeo-jeong was going to be in it. It was also interesting to know that they were running a Korean restaurant in another country".

Jung Yu-mi was the 'maknae' in "Yoon's Restaurant" and she said it was fun. "I wanted to stay longer but Lee Seo-jin said I was crazy".

"It seems tiring but it wasn't. I felt better when I washed dishes. I really enjoyed it there".

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Related YK excerpt from full article at Yonhapnews >> HERE

May 21, 2017

(News Focus) CJ E&M's tvN enters experiment mode amid ratings slump

The network's flagship bracket has been the 8-9 p.m. time slots on Fridays and Saturdays, allotted to its biggest shows such as the aforementioned works "Misaeng" and "Guardian."

It later locked down viewers with its popular reality TV shows produced by star director Na Yeong-seok such as the most recent "Youn's Restaurant." This has been tvN's modus operandi for its Friday-Saturday prime time lineup.

Source: Star MBN

기사의 0번째 이미지

Source: DongA Ilbo


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May 21, 2017

Cast Members Of “Youn’s Kitchen” Come Up With Potential Concepts For Second Season

Source: Soompi by D. Kim


tvN’s much-loved variety show “Youn’s Kitchen” sadly came to an end on May 19.

During the final episode, cast members Shin Goo, Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jin, and Jung Yoo Mi gathered to reflect on their time together.

Lee Seo Jin expressed, “I really wanted to put LA galbi (Korean BBQ short ribs) on the menu.”


“LA galbi is really easy to make. We can’t stay in Korea like this. Let’s leave [to another country], Lee Seo Jin,” Yoon Yeo Jung responded, hinting at her desire for another season.

Jung Yoo Mi then suggested Chapagetti (instant black bean noodles) for their next menu. “Would you guys really do another season?” asked Yoon Yeo Jung.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t appear on variety shows ever again?” questioned Lee Seo Jin, referring to Yoon Yeo Jung’s previous statement. “It’s okay to change your mind,” he added, suggesting that it’s good to play hard to get with viewers.

Much to everyone’s delight, Yoon Yeo Jung then announced that she has indeed changed her mind.


Would you like to see another season of “Youn’s Kitchen”?

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May 21, 2017

'Youn's Kitchen' highlights 'slow life' in speed-oriented Korean society

By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times


Members of the cast for the recently ended tvN reality show "Youn's Kitchen" pose in a promotional photo. The Food-and travel realty show's biggest appeal is that it harks back to the viewers' desire to live a slow life in Korea's highly competitive society. / Courtesy of CJ E&M

When director Na Young-suk, well-known for his "Flowers" reality series and "1 Night 2 Days," came up with the idea of "Youn's Kitchen," some voiced concern that it might become the same old show. 

Food-and-travel reality shows have passed their prime and are now on the wane.

However, viewers' responses to "Youn's Kitchen" have been amazing. Since it premiered with a 6.2 percent viewership in March, the nine-episode show's viewership rose to 14 percent and its final episode aired on Friday. The variety show is the second most popular after MBC's "Infinite Challenge" this month.

The Friday show, starring Youn Yeo-jung, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Seo-jin and Shin Gu, broadcasts how these celebrities open, cook and run a pop-up Korean restaurant on a small island near Bali, Indonesia, all within one week.

In the last director's cut that aired Friday, where they reunited at a cafe in Seoul and talked about their experiences on the island, the veteran actress who was cast as the store owner and lead chef, puzzled over the show's huge popularity, said, "Is this fun (to watch)?"

As she wondered, except one episode where the first restaurant had to be taken down only one day after its opening due to the local authorities' beach-cleaning initiative, no dramatic incidents arose.

At the beautiful beachside restaurant, Youn cooks, actress Jung supports Youn's cooking, actor Lee works as the manager and veteran actor Shin greets customers and receives orders as the waiter.

Through microphones installed at each table, conversations of customers from all over the world about the dishes served and the restaurant were picked up and translated.

Viewers said they found the show relaxing and healing. A watcher said, "As a mother of two, I am reluctant to travel, but the show gave me vicarious satisfaction," while another said, "The show's tension-free, plain and natural storytelling was good and made me think about slow life."

While the cast is tasked with actually operating a business, the show's focus was not selling more food, but providing viewers with a sense of relaxation and healing. Director Na previously said, "The place is like a paradise and it shows an easy, slow and happy life. It's something that is unlikely to happen in real life in particular for the young generations of today. So I thought of perhaps delivering an indirect experience." And the program lived up to that purpose.

Culture critics say the reality show's biggest appeal is that it harks back to the viewers' desire to live a slow life in Korea's highly competitive society.

Culture critic Jung Duk-hyun describes the restaurant as a fantasy workplace, where work and play coexist in one place. "Youn's Kitchen is both a place for work and play. They work in a place where sea turtles are swimming out front. This is in stark opposition to our reality, where the workplace is almost a battlefield and completely separated from any place for play," Jung said.

Another critic Ha Jae-geun mentions an episode where Shin hands over the menu and stands beside customers waiting for them to order. "In the Korean way, waiters stay at the table to quickly receive orders and chefs struggle for time to deliver the order quickly. When Shin didn't recognize this and served in the Korean way, Lee advised him not to. Watching the scene, there came the sudden realization on the part of viewers that there is another way of life other than being hurried and beating others to survive," he said.

"When the kitchen was busy, only the Korean staff and viewers watching it on screen were anxious about the serving time. Surrounded in cut-throat Korean society, where speed is a virtue, the show reveals everybody's fantasy about a slow and easy life, delivering viewers a sense of relaxation and healing."


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@rubie thank you so much for setting up this forum and updating it with interesting articles about this variety show

I am so glad to have watched this healing show. Thanks to Na PD, Seojinnie, Yumovely, Mdm Youn and Shin Gu for giving the viewers a fantastic time and much reflection on our lives! :wub:

Hope to see you again for Seaon 2 B)

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Both Lee Seo Jin and Na PD recently were in France at the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity.  

This a talk they gave about how NaPD came up with the idea and how LSJ has been central to the success of his shows.

It is the most highly viewed talk of the Festival which features some very famous and creative people from all over the globe.  Their talk has received the most attention and views of any of the featured guests and lectures.  (Currently around 100,000 views and counting)

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October 3, 2017


PD Na Young Suk Opens Up About His Close Friendship With Actor Lee Seo Jin


Source: Soompi by J. Lim    




Producing director (PD) Na Young Suk, more commonly known as “Na PD” is often seen as Korea’s hit variety show maker. He has helmed many popular series like “Three Meals a Day,” “New Journey to the West,” and “Youn’s Kitchen” and has earned himself the title “A PD you know you can trust.”


Na Young Suk recently sat down for an interview to talk about his experiences and work principles, and during the conversation, he also opened up about his friendship with actor Lee Seo Jin.


Since his appearance in “Grandpas Over Flowers” in 2013, Lee Seo Jin has worked on a total of seven programs with Na Young Suk, with the most recent being the latest season of “Three Meals a Day.” This would have been impossible if not for the trust these two have for each other.


Na Young Suk explained, “We really trust each other. I usually don’t form personal relationships outside of work with the people who appear on my shows, but I became very close with Lee Seo Jin. He and I both strive to separate work and personal life, and I think our similar principles is what makes me want to keep working with him.”


The PD also shared a story of how he had learned just how thoughtful and considerate Lee Seo Jin can be. He said, “I was once going to invite a guest, but I decided to first ask Lee Seo Jin about it because I felt like they weren’t on the friendliest of terms. I told him that I’d contacted him in case he got caught off guard on set, and he replied, ‘You’re the PD. My job is to just take what you plan and make it a reality. It’s a decision that’s completely up to you, so don’t feel like you need to ask me for permission.'”


Hearing this answer from Lee Seo Jin, Na Young Suk explained that it made him realize just how professional and considerate Lee Seo Jin was, and solidified his desire to keep working with him.


Source (1)

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October 5, 2017


Lee Seo Jin Shares Why He Continues To Work With PD Na Young Suk On Variety Shows


Source: Soompi by L. Kim  




Recently, actor Lee Seo Jin sat down for an interview where he shared his thoughts on his variety shows appearances and producing director (PD) Na Young Suk.


Lee Seo Jin revealed, “At first, I was tricked and appeared on ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ out of impulse. The program actually became a hit.” Then he joked, “After that, I continued to work with Na Young Suk, but if [a show] doesn’t do well, we’ll have to go our separate ways then.” Having worked on seven programs with the PD, the actor also shared how he continues to work with Na Young Suk because he likes how all of Na Young Suk’s programs are very down-to-earth.


When asked if Lee Seo Jin and Na Young Suk have been discussing their next project after “Three Meals a Day,” Lee Seo Jin answered, “Truthfully, Na PD and I don’t talk about work a lot. We only talk about it in the office. Even if I ask him, he won’t tell me, and I’m not curious about it either.” He said that even if he does ask, Na Young Suk will say, “It’s better if you don’t know. You’re not going to prepare for it anyways.”


The interviewer pointed out that Lee Seo Jin seemed to be the most comfortable in “Three Meals a Day” because he is the oldest. Contrary to the assumption, Lee Seo Jin said that “Youn’s Kitchen” was the most comfortable program for him. He explained, “First of all, you stay and live in one place. Your lifestyle is regularized, and the view and weather are beautiful.”


Lee Seo Jin admitted the hardest variety show for him was “Grandpas Over Flowers” because they have to keep moving and he has to be in charge of the schedule. He also said “Three Meals a Day” is difficult because they have to make meals.


Which one of Na Young Suk’s programs featuring Lee Seo Jin was your favorite?


Source (1)

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