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  1. @maeve23 KNG's really deeply concerned with the societal issues which you can read about in his earlier interviews. As you are aware, he setup Gilstory, an NGO to promote art and culture, and also as an avenue to bring warmth/comfort to people. http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3027141 He is a thinker and I guess it's due much in part that he's a Pisces who are known to be empathic, intuitive and artistic. But the bad side of this is that Pisces like being alone....... I guess to sort out one's thoughts and reflect.
  2. One of the key success to TFP was that everyone had their moment to shine as mentioned by KNG in his latest interview extract. “A strength of this drama is that every small role is used well and doesn’t go to waste. I really liked that every character’s story and emotions were portrayed.” Every character had an important part to play in conveying the message the drama wanted to express. A favourite quote of KNG was ‘Saints have a past and sinners have a future.’ No one is perfect but as long as one is willing to acknowledge their past and turn over a new leaf, people around them should embrace them. This is so fitting in this time of age where the society is becoming more judgemental, superficial and unforgiving. I love that the cast are such fun loving and tight knit bunch... can’t wait to catch Long Dragon and SongSac special
  3. A snippet from Kim Nam Gil’s interview (in Mandarin): https://m.weibo.cn/5252284957/4366401978631717 I will try to translate this when I have the time Ohhh why is he looking so serious in these photos?!?!
  4. The Fiery Priest Special has been subbed in Mandarin Part 1 The Fiery Priest 1 Part 2 The Fiery Priest 2 Enjoy!
  5. Saw this on Weibo on translated bits on the special https://m.weibo.cn/5252284957/4365307356844165 So basically Honey Lee mentioned that KNG would rub his right wrist because it still hurts. Both his wrists were injured and she felt so heartache watching him in this state and that he needs to take better care of himself.
  6. Really liked this article I saw on Twitter Title: Kim Nam-gil, proving his acting power plus fluency through 'The Fiery Priest'. Content (using Papago Translator and a bit of editing): Actor Kim Nam-gil has established himself as a "beloved and watched actor" by capturing both his acting skills and popularity. Kim Nam-gil was indignant with Kim Hae-il, a priestly character who had never been seen before in the SBS drama "The Fiery Priest," which ended on Saturday. He helped increased the ratings with every episode with his constant variations across genres and characters, his love affair with Qataris, and his role as a "key" in every story. In the final episodes, Kim Nam-gil snuffed out the cartel and ended by joining the Gudam Avengers to promote justice. The viewer ratings for 39 to 40 episodes were 18.6 percent (based on Nielsen Korea) and 22.0 percent nationwide, respectively, and the viewer ratings for the moment soared to 26.7 percent, breaking the its own record. The 20-49 City Hall rate, a key judging indicator for advertising officials, also topped the list. According to an analysis of data by ratings agency Nielsen Korea, "The Fiery Priest" surpassed the 10 percent mark in the mid-terms of the drama, surpassing the record of JTBC's "Sky Castle," JTBC's "Snow Blinking," and KBS2's "Doctor Prisoner." In addition, according to Trend Tracker's analysis, which measures digital marketing effects, most of the search for "The Fiery Priest" was information about Kim Nam-gil. In the midst of this, Kim Nam-gil's witty word-of-mouth and reaction, action and drama behind-the-scenes stories from the studio, which were also aired on SBS' special show "We Are Hot Bloods" on Thursday, drew attention. The ratings also hit 4.5 percent for the first part and 5.3 percent for the second part, higher than KBS2's "Happy Together 4" and MBC's "Section TV Entertainment News," which aired in the same time slot. Attention is drawn to Kim Nam-gil's move to capture both his acting skills and popularity with his own inner workings.
  7. Found this thread on Twitter talking about TFP and how it mirrors the 12 apostles in the Bible. Writer Park is really a fantastic writer if this was truly intentional and the timing of the drama's last episode was just before Easter weekend. A timely message of love, repentance and acceptance
  8. Hi all! Do remember to tune in to Kim Nam Gil's V Live "Radio Apart".... the link is up!! Really love that he's receiving so much love and attention in his latest drama comeback "The Fiery Priest" and from watching clips of TFP's special, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and bonded very well with the rest of the cast and crew. Although he injured himself (you can see some bruising on his wrists in some scenes), his sacrifice has paid off!! I do hope he will get CFs offers, casting offers etc.... and where are the post-production interview and photospreads?? The High Cut photospreads were so pretty... He needs to reward his fans with more photos before he hides into his cave again.
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