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[Reality Show] Youn's Kitchen 윤식당 - S1 at Gili Trawangan Lombok, S2 at Garachico on Tenerife ~ waiting for Season 3!

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I thought.. from some initial hints, they might go with TMAD Fishing Village first but LSJ probably busy now with his new movie promos soon to be released (and he'd also signed up for a new drama, too). Then, it seems that they might go for GOF Cuba since the halbaes had expressed their wish to go on another trip and tvN's been filming in Cuba for their new drama. At the same time, Seojinnie wanted an assistant this time around.. they might wait for Taecyeon to finish his military service.. sometime in 2019?


However.. this current rumor situation might deter any plans for Youn's Kitchen Season 3, not to mention that JYM would be filming her new movie as well.


We'll just have to wait and see what PD Na & tvN decided. As the main man, he's tied up to all the shows concerned. And obviously, Lee Seo Jin is also an important factor to consider ~


October 19, 2018


Celebs speak out against rumors

By Yeo Ye-rim INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily



Actor Jung Yu-mi, left, and producer Na Yeong-seok said they will take legal action against those circulating rumors about their “inappropriate relationship,” while actor Cho Jung-seok threatened taking action against people sharing rumors that he is dating Yang Ji-won, a member of the girl group Spica.


On Thursday, actor Jung and producer Na, who worked together on the second season of tvN reality program “Youn’s Kitchen,” denied the rumors surrounding them. The two decided to take legal action against those who spread the rumors online.


Jung’s agency Management Soop said it was displeased with how its actors were faced with groundless rumors. “We will not overlook rumors that have been indiscriminately spreading to tarnish the reputation of our actor,” the agency said.


“We have already gathered evidence of those who first posted the false statements online. We will file a lawsuit soon,” it added. 


Producer Na, who is currently abroad, also released a statement through his agency CJ E&M saying that the rumors are false and that the agency will take legal action.


“This has to do with my reputation and my family, so I will be going over this properly. My agency and the lawyers are preparing necessary evidence and paperwork, and we will soon file a complaint,” he said.


“I simply don’t understand why anyone would spread false news. Until yesterday, I found the rumors so absurd that I actually laughed at them. But now, they are spreading as if they are true. This is very sad,” he added in the statement.


Recently married actor Cho also denied rumors that he was in a relationship with Yang of the girl group Spica.


According to Cho’s agency JS Company on Thursday, “Malicious rumors about Cho are spreading in online communities. Until now, we have not been taking legal action against any of the previous groundless rumors,” it said.


“However, we cannot overlook the rumors anymore as they also involve false information regarding both Cho and his family. We will take legal action against these rumors if they continue to spread and tarnish the actor’s reputation,” the agency added.


The actor married singer Gummy on Oct. 8, after the two dated for five years.


Since Wednesday, both Cho and Yang’s names have been popular searches on Korea’s top search engines.

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October 18, 2018


TV producer Na, actress Jung to sue over affair rumors



Na Young-seok, the producer of “Grandpas over Flowers,” a TV entertainment show remade in the US as “Better Late Than Never,” said he would sue the people behind rumors he was having an affair between with actress Jung Yu-mi. 


Jung was in the cast of one of Na’s more recent series, “Youn’s Kitchen.” The show was a hit, and a pioneering work that took Korean celebrities overseas to Gili Trawangan Island in Indonesia in season one and a beachside Spanish town of Garachico in season two for them to start overseas Korean restaurant.


On Wednesday, speculations that something deeper than a producer-actress relationship had budded between Na and Jung circulated on mobile messenger apps. Rumors likened the two to movie director Hong Sang-soo and actress Kim Min-hee, who went public with their love affair. Hong is engaged in an ongoing divorce suit with his wife.


Na, after a series of hit programs that raked in fortunes, now enjoys the status of a top producer in Korean entertainment. 


Both Na and Jung said Thursday they would take legal action against the rumors with no mercy.


Na is out of the country to do research for his next TV show but sent a note to the press from overseas.


“Everything in that rumor is false, and I plan to take legal action against the person who started it and the malicious online commenters,” Na said.


“As this has my personal honor and the well-being of my family at stake, I will not take the matter lightly.”


According to Na, CJ ENM’s lawyers are collecting evidence and are preparing to file a suit. 


“It saddens me, and I have to wonder why and who would produce and spread such ‘fake news’ filled with ill will. I have watched yesterday’s rumors that I let pass with a laugh transform as if they were truth today,” Na said. “I promise everyone that all those accountable will be held legally responsible.”


Soop Management, the agency representing Jung, also issued an official statement on the same day that it would take the matter seriously. 


“None of the rumors are true,” Soop said, “Irresponsible dissemination of groundless accusations have damaged our actress’ reputation and injured her greatly. We plan to file our suit today.”


Soop oversees top stars such as Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin. 


By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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October 21, 2018

Interview: Lee Seo-jin Cherishes Relationship With TV Show PD Na Young-suk


Source: StarNews via HanCinema.net




In a recent interview, Lee Seo-jin became playful with the mention of producer Na Young-suk. He was asked how long he intended to work with him and he joked, "I am always ready to say "goodbye". If the TV show fails, then I'll leave".


"Na Young-suk and I are beyond actor and producer; we're like brothers. I don't say it enough, but I'm grateful and we know each other well enough to understand each other without words".


"I was seemingly bad-tempered, maybe cool, but not so favorable, but Na Young-suk changed that. He made me look friendly. He knows me well. I didn't think we'd come this far, but here we are. He's one of the closest people to me".


"I met him first in "1 Night 2 Days". We didn't keep in touch after that until I decided to star in "Grandpa Over Flowers". The meeting didn't come until very last minute after which I was literally just 'taken' on vacation. He started calling me 'hyung' then so I thought he was just rude, but we became close after traveling for some time. He's warm-hearted and very considerate. I like him a lot now".


About the successful TV show "Yoon's Restaurant 3", he said, "We haven't discussed it further, but a promise is a promise. Seasons 1 and 2 were great, but I still think the pressure is there for season 3; even more on Na Young-suk's side".


"I try to do what's fun and not pay attention to whether if it's a TV show or a drama. I do my best with what I'm given and I don't regret on what I've already done. I don't forget about TV when I'm acting and I don't forget about acting when I'm on TV. I want to enjoy as much as possible".


Lee Seo-jin is starring in the movie "Intimate Strangers" with Yoo Hae-jin, Cho Jin-woong, Yum Jung-ah, and Kim Ji-soo. The movie comes out on the 31st of October.

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Hopefully, with the rumors coming to an end (so unfortunate that it happened in the first place.. some people are just..th_dontcare.gif).. hopefully, we'll be able to see Youn's Kitchen season 3 materialize. Not sure if LSJ is still filming 'Trap' but JYM just started filming her movie. Maybe toward the end of the year or even earlier. th_pwettybunny.gif


February 12, 2019


TV writer accused of spreading adultery rumors against top director, actress



Director Na Young-seok and actress Jung Yu-mi filed a complaint against those who spread infidelity rumors about them. Yonhap


By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times


Ten people were booked for insulting actress Jung Yu-mi and director Na Young-seok and for spreading infidelity rumors about them in October, police said Tuesday. 


Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency booked three of them for creating the rumor and six for posting it on their blogs or internet communities. The remaining person was caught leaving a malicious comment on the article about Jung and Na. 


They were found to be writers, a nurse, an IT worker and the unemployed. 


Police sent the case to the prosecution seeking to indict only nine of them. One person was excluded for not being among those who started the rumor. 


The adultery rumor began circulating on KaKao Talk, a popular Korean messenger app, on Oct. 17. 


The alleged rumormongers spread the gossip to their acquaintances after hearing about it from some TV writers, police said. It was later disseminated to the "Open Chat Room" of KaKao Talk, in which random groups of people chat together.


Jung and Na denied the rumor and filed a complaint against the disseminators two days later for alleged defamation and insult. 


One of the alleged rumor starters told police she merely delivered the gossip to her friends without anticipating that the issue would blow up. 


"Despite not being rumor starters, disseminators can still be punished if they forward the contents that defame or insult other people via networks," a police official said. 


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Hopefully this hasn't soured the chances of Season 3 with the lovely  Jung Yu mi.  They both seem two of the nicest people in the entertainment business, kind of messed up how someone wanted to target them with a baseless rumour. 


On a brighter note, ohh to be a fly on the wall when the cast of Journey to the West heard this story and the ribbing NaPD got. Now all the original 4 and NaPD have a "scandal" in the past. 

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May 9, 2019


Making reality television isn’t all fun and games: Producers talk about the struggles of casting and developing original content


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily



Reality show producers from television channel tvN discuss their jobs and the industry during the “Creator Talk” event at the CJ ENM building in Sangam-dong, western Seoul, on Tuesday. Pictured above are some of the channel’s shows, including “Mother’s Touch,” “Comedy Big League” and “Street Food Fighter.” [TVN, SCREEN CAPTURE]


As it is all around the world, reality television in Korea offers viewers a much-needed escape from their everyday lives. 


Audiences here can tune in to several dozen reality shows to get their daily dose of laughter or live vicariously through their favorite celebrities as they cook or travel the world. For many, it’s the one time of the day that they get to relax and forget about work. 


But for TV producers - commonly known as PDs in Korea - creating reality television means a lot of stress and unforeseen challenges. 


On Tuesday, five PDs behind some of Korea’s hottest reality shows on TV channel tvN got together at the network headquarters in Sangam-dong, western Seoul, to share with local press what really goes on behind the scenes. They also addressed common viewer complaints and voiced their thoughts on competition from creators on YouTube. 


If there’s one thing they all can agree on, it’s that being a PD is not an easy job. 


“[Being a PD] is really tough, and I think a lot of it has to do with responsibility,” said Jeong Jong-yeon, who directs “The Great Escape,” a show where celebrities try to escape from puzzle-ridden rooms by solving riddles. “At night, I sometimes can’t sleep because I’m worrying that we won’t be able to film according to plan and that I’ll embarrass myself in front of all my colleagues.” 


Moon Tae-joo, who directs the popular cooking program “Mother’s Touch: Korean Side Dishes,” said it’s the ratings that stress him the most. 


“If my show airs on Wednesday, the ratings are automatically sent to us by email the next morning,” said Moon. “On the days the ratings come out, I wake up as early as 5 a.m. If they’re high, I feel happy, but if they drop from the previous episodes, I get discouraged.” 


The directors took the event as an opportunity to address two big elephants in the room - casting celebrities with a criminal past and complaints that reality shows on tvN are too similar, with many that are based on food, travel or a combination of both.


Son Chang-woo took the mike to address the challenges of selecting trustworthy cast members. 


His low-budget travel series “Salty Tour” faced controversy for casting celebrities of questionable character like Jung Joon-young, the singer who admitted to distributing sex videos he filmed of women without their consent, and Kim Saeng-min, who sexually harassed a staff member while filming another program in 2008. Both Jung and Kim had been regular members in “Salty Tour.” 


“As producers, we have a responsibility [for selecting cast members],” said Son “I think it’s important to set criteria and standards for verifying them. We are trying to create a platform for PDs so we can share information and not cast problematic celebrities.” 


The PDs also responded to growing complaints that most tvN reality shows were becoming replicas of one another since celebrity cooking show “Three Meals a Day” aired its first episode in 2014 to tremendous success. Many of tvN’s subsequent food-related shows, such as “Youn’s Kitchen,” “Coffee Friends,” “Miss Korea” and “Korean Hostel in Spain,” all involve Korean celebrities going abroad or to an idyllic place like Jeju Island to cook for regular customers or guests. 




“‘Mother’s Touch’ is not just another mukbang program,” said Moon. “When I first conceptualized the program with Kim Su-mi, we wanted to add a story to each side dish. We wanted to incorporate that longing for our mother’s food in each episode.” 


On the show, veteran actress Kim Su-mi demonstrates how to make common side dishes, or banchan in Korean, to a cast of famous celebrity chefs. 


“There are comments from viewers that they’re tired of seeing food and travel programs, but I think the shows share universal themes,” said Son. “As someone who needs to create a show, my focus is on using elements that viewers like, rather than copying other PDs.” 


According to Son, he gets ideas for shows while traveling abroad and during drinking sessions with younger colleagues. 


Similarly, Park Hee-yeon, who directed “Street Food Fighter” starring celebrity chef Baek Jong-won, said she takes note of current trends by meeting people and asking them about their interests and experiences.


For Kim Min-kyeong, who directs comedy show “Comedy Big League,” YouTube is a big source of inspiration. 


In one of the show’s regular skits, a comedian parodies mukbang ASMR, a popular variation of mukbang on YouTube where vloggers usually eat something crispy or crunchy while whispering.


“A lot of comedians watch YouTube videos while waiting on set and operate their own YouTube channels,” said Kim. “We sometimes get good ideas from YouTube to incorporate into our show.” 


BY KIM EUN-JIN [kim.eunjin1@joongang.co.kr]



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May 15, 2019


Cable channels gain upper hand on major broadcasters in viewership battle

SEOUL, May 15 (Yonhap) -- Since they first got a competitive edge in a viewership battle against major terrestrial broadcasters, South Korean cable channels, like tvN and JTBC, have been on a winning streak with well-made, eye-catching shows.


According to data released on Tuesday by TNMS, a Seoul-based company that tracks viewership, "Superstar K4," a talent show series by Mnet, was the only cable TV program in 2012 that drew more viewers than shows aired in the same time slot by terrestrial stations -- KBS, MBC and SBS.


Since 2012, cable channels have seen well-rounded programs, like "Three Meals a Day" of tvN and "Hidden Singer" of JTBC gain popularity and receive rousing reviews, but failed to rout the big-names.


In 2017, however, the tables were turned, with a whopping 10 programs aired by cable channels topping the viewership list. The fantasy romance drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" by tvN was the prelude to the channel's heyday. Its audience share marked a record 20 percent, outpacing all TV programs in the same time slot.


Its reality shows, like "Youn's Kitchen," and Mnet's sensational audition program, "Produce 101 (season 2)," came off well to help the channel cement its presence in the industry.


In addition, JTBC's "Strong Girl Bong-soon" and "The Lady in Dignity" also measured up to viewers' expectations and attracted people to tune in to the network launched in 2011.


A year later, cable channels consistently overwhelmed public networks in the ratings showdown and strengthened their grip thanks to cliffhanger shows with fresh formats and plots.


Industry leader tvN came up with a series of smash-hit dramas, like historical romance "Mr. Sunshine," "Familiar Wife," "Encounter," "100 Days My Prince," and "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim."


JTBC stood out with black comedy drama "Sky Castle" that became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history with a record 23 percent.


The cable-dominant trend continues in 2019, but there are some tweaks in the landscape.


Long-time powerhouse tvN seems to be losing its grip and faces aggressive the pursuit of its rival, JTBC.


JTBC placed three programs, including the time travel drama "Radiant," on the top viewership list through May, along with TV Chosun's mega-hit reality show "Miss Trot." But tvN has no No. 1 programs yet.


Insiders said that tvN is expected to return to the top position in the summer.


"Recent data shows JTBC has been stronger in the first half, while tvN has been at full throttle in the latter half of year," an TNMS official said.


In fact, tvN is ready to air big-budget "Arthdal Chronicles," starring Song Joong-ki and Jang Dong-gun, next month, with popular reality shows "Kang's Kitchen" and "New Journey to the West" on the lineup for the summer.



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Source: Soompi


2. Youn’s Kitchen




The charm in this series is seeing the cast interact with foreigners and cook Korean dishes for them. There’s a sense of pride and cultural awareness that the cast brings to these people and it’s entertaining to see. Plus you get to see some amazing views in the various places they travel to.




It’s also humorous watching the foreigners react to the cast and their good looks!



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