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[Press Con] 2018.07.23 An Excerpt Video & A Se Jong Focus 4K HD Video of Press Con


Found a video of the press conference with Chinese subs I can understand and absolutely adore 1:05 Se Jong's cute reaction to Shin Hye Sun saying even though he's a dongsaeng, she felt that he gave her the feeling like a sunbae where she could rely on. :D






[Video] 2018.07.23 Yang Se Jong Urges Viewers to Watch "30 but 17" in English on Kocowa



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[News] 2018.07.23 “30 But 17” Cast On Their First Impressions Of Each Other, Ratings Promise For The Hot Summer, And More




The cast of SBS’s “30 but 17” talked about each other’s first impressions and filming their drama.


“30 but 17” tells the story of a woman who fell into a coma at 17 years old and wakes up when she’s 30 years old, and a man who wants to live a life cut off from society.


On July 23, Shin Hye Sun, Yang Se Jong, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Ye Ji Won held a V Live broadcast. They said, “There aren’t many hours left [until the premiere], so we’re nervous and anxious.”


Speaking about his role as a talented member of the rowing team, Ahn Hyo Seop said, “I appear as an athletic genius. I practiced rowing for about a month and a half. My body has to be big like an ace’s, but I’m worried because I lost so much weight while filming.”


The actors also shared their first impressions of one another. On Yang Se Jong, Ye Ji Won said, “I saw him on set but didn’t recognize him because of his costume. He looked like a homeless person. He’s handsome and sexy. He’s a changeable actor.”


Talking about Shin Hye Sun, Yang Se Jong said, “She was completely immersed in her character, so I said, ‘Huh?’ She’s completely Woo Seo Ri.”


Shin Hye Sun then described Ahn Hyo Seop by saying, “I had a lot of expectations for Yoo Chan’s character and I was very pleased after seeing Ahn Hyo Seop.”


On Ye Ji Won, Ahn Hyo Seop commented, “I was really surprised because she looks so young.” Ye Ji Won made the others laugh by replying, “It’s because I haven’t matured.”





Yang Se Jong talked his decision behind choosing “30 but 17” as his follow-up drama. “It’s a drama that brings healing,” he explained. “The characters are unique and the situations were really funny. I liked this kind of ensemble.”


Shin Hye Sun, who received a lot of love for her acting in “My Golden Life,” talked about feeling pressure for this new drama. She said, “There’s always pressure after starting this job. The job of acting as someone else in itself is always a burden.”


The cast also described their 17-year-old selves in two letters in Korean. Choosing “dance,” Ye Ji Won said, “I was cast thanks to dance. I can do various roles that require using my body such as slapstick.”

Ahn Hyo Seop picked “Korea” then explained, “It was when I immigrated and came back to Korea.”

Shin Hye Sun said the shortened slang for, “What am I going to do?” She explained, “I wanted to act so badly that I looked for a solution and entered a high school for the arts. But it was so hard and I couldn’t act. It was a very confusing time.”


Choosing “ramyun,” Yang Se Jong said, “I really ate a lot of ramyun during the first year of high school. Back then, I didn’t gain weight no matter how much I ate, so I bought and ate five bags.”


The cast also shared their viewership ratings promises. Yang Se Jong said, “The heat wave is so severe and it’s so hot, so I thought about firefighters. If we get good viewership ratings, I want to visit a fire station and give out cool drinks and food.”






Speaking about the difficulties of comedy acting, Ye Ji Won explained, “I’m an actress who concentrates on the script. I try to focus on the situation. In a comedy, it’s important what kind of actor you’re working with, so I’m even more excited.”


Shin Hye Sun revealed the innocent sides of her male co-stars. “Before filming, Yang Se Jong memorizes something like a spell by himself,” she said. “He says to himself, ‘Se Jong you can do it. Se Jong. Se Jong.'”


She continued, “Hyo Seop sweats a lot. Sweating a lot is not something to be sorry for, but when we stop filming, he wipes his sweat and apologizes. That side of him is childlike.” Ye Ji Won also added, “He’s someone who habitually says sorry.”


Source (1) via soompi

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[News] 2018.07.23 “30 But 17” Cast Express Their Confidence And Hopes About The New Drama




The cast of SBS’s “30 but 17” shared their thoughts on the drama.


On July 23, a press conference was held for “30 but 17” with Shin Hye Sun, Yang Se Jong, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Ye Ji Won in attendance.


“30 but 17” is a romantic comedy about Woo Seo Ri (played by Shin Hye Sun) who falls into a coma at 17 years old and wakes up to find herself 30 years old, and Gong Woo Jin (played by Yang Se Jong) who wants to live a life cut off from society. It also includes the story of 19-year-old high school student Yoo Chan (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) who tries to protect Woo Seo Ri and a mysterious housekeeper named Jennifer (played by Ye Ji Won).


Shin Hye Sun gained recognition after appearing in dramas such as “Secret Forest” and “My Golden Life,” which achieved 45.1 percent in viewership ratings.



The actress said, “Like how there are various life stories, I don’t think there are any characters that aren’t fun when you watch a drama and the characters’ stories from start to finish. As the characters meet one another, they give each other strength and grow together.”


She continued, “I think you’ll be pleased. There’s also a natural comical element that arises from the situations, so I think you’ll be able to have fun while watching it.”


Shin Hye Sun commented, “‘My Golden Life’ is a drama that I’m grateful for. The character of Ji An in ‘My Golden Life’ wasn’t that bright of a character. While living as Ji An for eight months, although I tried not to, I kind of became depressed. I wanted to play a bright character and was able to do that through this drama.”


Speaking about the pressures of starring in a follow-up drama, she said, “The drama that I appeared in did well, but I had just dipped my toes in the water. I didn’t lead the drama. Either way, I’m honored to have been a part of a successful drama.”


She added, “There’s always a burden. It would be a lie to say there isn’t pressure. I instead try to enjoy that pressure. As much as I feel pressure on set, the director, actors, and staff all probably feel it too. So, I’m trying to share those feelings and gather strength to work hard.”


Yang Se Jong also shared his thoughts behind his decision to appear on “30 but 17.” He began, “The reason why I chose this drama was because I felt healing effects while reading the script. I quickly read through it until the fourth episode.”


He added, “Also, [Shin Hye Sun] is really good at acting, so I’m trusting and depending on her. It’s really comfortable on set. We’re filming with barely any mistakes. We’re filming happily and having fun. I’m happy just being able to work on a joyful set.”


Ye Ji Won said, “They’re my juniors, but they’re really good at acting. During the script reading, I watched them closely because they were so good at acting.”


She added, “Yang Se Jong dressed up as a homeless person and it matched him really well. It’s not easy to look good in that, but it was really sexy. Shin Hye Sun mostly filmed in a tracksuit, but she has charms as if she just came out of a comic book. She’s lovely.”


Ye Ji Won continued, “Ahn Hyo Seop’s character is a bit dumb, but he’s really intelligent in real life. If I have lines in English in the script, I learn it from Hyo Seop. That kind of actor really pulls off the character who’s a bit dumb. You can trust me and watch it. They’re really good at acting.”


Ahn Hyo Seop stated, “Our drama has the refreshing, bright feelings similar to sparkling water. I hope that people who are tired from their lives and have many worries can feel healing by watching our drama. A large part of me wants to give a happy feeling to the viewers.”


He concluded, “When the drama comes to an end, I want to hear that I’m someone who has positive energy. There are many parts where you can feel the healing effects. I hope you’ll be able to cool off while enjoying watching our drama.”

Source (1) (2) via soompi

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[News] 2018.07.27 Behind the Scenes of Yang Se Jong in "30 but 17" Revealed!




Nothing important is shared in the news. In summary, it's just describing how he was all smiles and concentrated on the script even in the hot/warm weather with that "Bayaba" look; also explaining that he constantly checks the mirror worrying that his sweat might cause the moustaches to fall off.


Read more → soompi


source: iMBC News


[Video] 2018.07.27 Making of "30 but 17"


This boy is still as masochistic as ever. Once again he tells his co-stars he 'likes' it after they hit him, LOL. Previously it was in Duel... :D


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[News] 2018.07.28 SBS Releases Next Episode Stills from "30 but 17"




As per the news, it appears that Woo Jin and Seo Ri will be fighting for Deok Gu/Fang's attention. LOL, well, I think it's more of Woo Jin harbouring a sense of jealousy since Deok Gu/Fang reacts to Seo Ri so enthuasiatically than with him. Read more at → soompi

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On 8/1/2018 at 7:02 PM, supergal99 said:

Poke @Jusyed

Watch this clip...heee

Sooo cute.... the press con from his RDTK to the recent drama:lol:


@supergal99for some unexplainable reason I only watched Still 17 after 4th episode was finished and for me some reason I like to see his cute face while during Romanctic Dr Kim’s press conference lol.! Anyway I am following this drama though. Is there is a forum on this? 

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Is it just me or he looks chubbier in 30b17? Or is it just his loose clothes? 


Anyway, he needs more emotional scenes, otherwise there’s nothing much to act. I know he needs to achieve his leading man status but truthfully I wish he’d pick crime or sci-fi project next time.

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