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[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I am careful in dating / a relationship (연애)   Non-literal Translation: mademoisellesia   Interesting tidbits:   What is the differ

[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I don't believe in love at first sight. I prefer meeting each other for a longer time   Translation: mademoisellesia   Tidbit / News extract:

[News] 2017.12.01 Yang Se Jong 'A Life without knowing when death is. I will do my best' Translation: mademoisellesia Interesting tidbits:   Being so focus and concentrated, d

[News] 2018.07.17 Yang Se Jong Shares Why He Chose "30 but 17" as His Next Project, Character Details & More



Recently actor Yang Se Jong sat down for an interview to talk about his upcoming drama, “30 but 17,” which co-stars actress Shin Hye Sun.


“30 but 17” is a new Monday-Tuesday drama from SBS about a woman who fell into a coma at 17 and wakes up at age 30 (Shin Hye Sun) and a man who has withdrawn from the world (Yang Se Jong). It is written by Jo Sung Hee (“She Was Pretty“) and directed by Jo Soo Won (“I Hear Your Voice“).


When asked why the rising actor had picked “30 but 17” as his latest project, he said, “I laughed a lot while reading the script. The laughter felt healing, and I really liked that feeling. Also, I was always a fan of Jo Soo Won and Jo Sung Hee’s works. It’s an honor to be able to work with them both.”


Yang Se Jong also shared more details about his character. “Gong Yoo Jin shut himself off from the world when he was 17. Even though he’s 30 now, the trauma from 13 years ago continues to affect him. I want people to look forward to how he overcomes this trauma.”


He continued jokingly, “If there’s any similarities between us, it’s that I can grow a beard really fast. Anything different? Well, I don’t want to shut myself off from the rest of the world.”


About his chemistry with Shin Hye Sun, he said, “She treated me comfortably from the start. Thanks to that, we were able to have good chemistry on camera and we match well. I think that I depend on her a lot on set. I can trust her to lead me well.”



source: (1) & soompi

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[News] 2018.07.17 Yang Se Jong to held First Fan Meeting in Japan




Japanese fans are in luck (so are the Taiwanese & Koreans) since they are close by. Because it has been decided that TSUTAYA Premium will held Yang Se Jong's first fan meeting in Japan on October 19, 2018 at Team Smile, Toyosu PIT.


Venue: Team Smile, Toyosu PIT [チームスマイル・豊洲PIT(〒135-0061 東京都江東区豊洲6丁目1-23)]

Date: 19th October, 2018

Time: 18:00 (Open for entrance). 19:00 Start.

Price: 10,800 yen including GST

Admission: Above 6 years old

Time of ticket sale:

TSUTAYA Premium Member: 20 July - 20 August at 10 am

General Public: 9 August - 19 August at 10 am



●開催日時:10月19日(金)  18:00開場/19:00開演
●会 場:チームスマイル・豊洲PIT(〒135-0061 東京都江東区豊洲6丁目1-23)
●内 容:詳細は後日「愛の温度」公式HPにて発表予定


LMAO, like why are they all hosting it overseas rather than in South Korea itself first?!


source (1)

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[News] 2018.07.20 30 but 17's Posters are Out! ^ ^







Cover Photo



[News] 2018.07.20 Yang Se Jong And Ahn Hyo Seop Show Off Bromance In “30 But 17” Stills



30 but 17” has released photos of Yang Se Jong and Ahn Hyo Seop displaying their bromance ahead of its premiere on July 23!


“30 but 17” is a romantic comedy about Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun), a woman who falls into a coma at 17 but wakes up 30, and Gong Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong), a man withdrawn from the world due to a traumatic experience he goes through at 17. Ahn Hyo Seop plays 19-year-old Yoo Chan, Gong Woo Jin’s nephew and protector.


In the photos, Woo Jin and Chan spend some quality time together on a nicely decorated rooftop under the night sky. As if he is complaining to Woo Jin about something, Chan stares at somewhere far into the distance as he tells his story. Woo Jin in turn softly observes Chan.


In another photo, Woo Jin pats Chan’s head, his eyes and laughter full of warmth. Pleased with Woo Jin’s affectionate gestures, Chan smiles gently at Woo Jin. Chan is like a big puppy in front of his uncle Woo Jin.

Through the drama, the relationship between the two men will be explored, as Woo Jin, a man who has turned his back on the world due to events from the past, melts in front of his nephew Chan and shows a warm and considerate side of himself. Chan, on the other hand, will play the role of staying close to Woo Jin as he looks over him and also smoothes over Woo Jin’s injuries.


“30 but 17” premieres on July 23 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!


Source (1) via soompi


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[News] 2018.07.17 Shin Hye Sun Reveals She Used To Be A Big Fan Of “30 But 17” Co-Star Yang Se Jong




Ahead of the premiere of SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “30 but 17,” stars Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun held an interview on the July 17 episode of “Night of Real Entertainment.”


When asked why he chose the drama, Yang Se Jong said, “Reading the script, it kept making me laugh. Also, I heard that Shin Hye Sun was going to do the drama, so I agreed.”


Shin Hye Sun, laughing, said, “That’s a lie,” but Yang Se Jong denied, nudging Shin Hye Sun with his elbow and saying it’s true.




Shin Hye Sun then revealed that she was a big fan of Yang Se Jong. “Our staff knows, but even up until last year, when we were in the car, we would talk about Yang Se Jong.


Yang Se Jong also mentioned his transformation in the drama with long, shaggy hair and a beard. He said, “I’m really not lying, but people wouldn’t recognize me on set. Whenever I walked by, they’d say, ‘Who..?’ But it was a lot of fun. Those scenes are all over now, but it was a bit sad to let it go.”




Source (1)  via soompi



Se Jong nudging Hye Sun took me by surprise, because when he promoted TOL with Seo Hyun Jin, he was reserved, shy and maintained a respectful distance towards Hyun Jin in terms of interactions. With Hye Sun, this means he's much more comfortable with her, which is a very good thing (as it means I can expect good on-screen romance).

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[News] 2018.07.21 More Character Still from "30 but 17"


Ahh the left picture is so handsome. Straight hair really suits him ~



"30 but 17" premiere date is just around the corner! Schedules for promotion on D-Day 23 July are as follows (in KST):


12:00-14:00 SBS Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time

14:30 "30 but 17" Press Conference

19:00 "30 but 17" V Live x Early Interview

22:00 "30 but 17" Pilot Episode broadcast

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[News] 2018.07.22 Yang Se Jong Looks Displeased by Shin Hye Sun's Back Hug in Upcoming Drama "30 but 17"



SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “30 But 17” released new stills of Shin Hye Sun giving Yang Se Jong a back hug.


“30 but 17” is a story about a woman named Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) who falls into a coma at 17 but wakes up 30 and a man named Gong Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) who is withdrawn from the world.


The released stills show an awkward and shocking moment between the two characters. Shin Hye Sun stares at Yang Se Jong with wide eyes and gaping mouth, and Yang Se Jong looks stiff and angry as he glares coldly at her. Her fist is tightly clenched, as if she urgently wants to say something to him.


In another photo, Shin Hye Sun can be seen giving Yang Se Jong a back hug. Despite the romantic notions of a back hug, Yang Se Jong looks anything but happy as he stands there in a rigid stance with his head lowered.

Viewers who catch the fact that Shin Hye Sun may be wrapping her pink cardigan around his waist instead of giving him a loving embrace are curious about what happened in the scene.


The production crew stated, “Seo Ri and Woo Jin have totally different personalities. The story that starts with the meeting of Seo Ri, who has the innocence of a 17-year-old, and Woo Jin, who closed his heart to the world, will bring laughter to the viewers. Finally, their story will begin tomorrow [July 23].”


Source (1) via soompi





SBS is actively promoting the drama right now by releasing more new stills luring attention from viewers/readers since it's soon to air next Monday. It's asking us to find out why Shin Hye Sun is giving Yang Se Jong a back hug, and the answer is quite obvious - Se Jong accidentally sat on her Choco Pie, so she took her jumper off to cover it, which therefore made it look like she is giving him a back hug. 

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[Instagram] 2018.07.22 Good People Update IG of Yang Se Jong on the Set of "30 but 17"


[Instagram] 2018.07.22 SBS Host Updates Wefie with Yang Se Jong & Shin Hye Sun

In addition, former Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim's former co-star, Yoo Yoon Seok sends his support to the "30 but 17" with Samgyetang and food truck to the set. Nawwww, how sweet of him!


Banner's rough translation:

For Woo Ri who is unable to adapt to being 30 years old

For Woo Jin who is unable to adapt to the world

Eat more & gain more energy ♥

Actor Yoo Yoon Seok in support of "30 but 17" team - Hwaiting.



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