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[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I am careful in dating / a relationship (연애)   Non-literal Translation: mademoisellesia   Interesting tidbits:   What is the differ

[News] 2017.11.29 Yang Se Jong: I don't believe in love at first sight. I prefer meeting each other for a longer time   Translation: mademoisellesia   Tidbit / News extract:

[News] 2017.12.01 Yang Se Jong 'A Life without knowing when death is. I will do my best' Translation: mademoisellesia Interesting tidbits:   Being so focus and concentrated, d

[Video] 2018.10.09 Yang Se Jong's Video Message at Yoo Yoon Seok's FM

Yoo Yoon Seok held a fan meeting in Seoul today & Sejong made a surprise appearance! ^ ^



[Video] A BTS (?) or Extended Scene from 30 but 17



On 10/9/2018 at 4:58 PM, sunshine92 said:

@mademoisellesia I think his frown is just him being his usual awkward self right, lol. Yes him calling someone made me lol too. Then he had an issue with his pocket! He’s so funny and cute! Thanks for all the updates!!!!!


Whaaaa...why did you lol? I did nothing of the sort other than swooning, drooling and non-stop staring at this:


source: Blessing Bell


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@mademoisellesia ahhhh maybe just I lol. He just does his own thing without a care of anything else. I imagined him calling his mom...

It’s amazing how he looks better in video than in pictures. Pictures don’t do justice and actually made him look fuller in the face. 


Ahhh so many goodies!!! :heart: I miss him:dissapointed:

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[News] 2018.10.11 Yang Se Jong In Talks to Star in JTBC New Drama "My Country"


Translation by: @mademoisellesia - Kindly repost with appropriate credit


After a short break, Yang Se Jong is reported to star in JTBC's sageuk drama, "My Country" (Literal translation). A representative from his agency confirmed "it is a project under consideration".


"My Country" is about a story of 3 men and women protecting their love till the end in a whirlpool of history. The drama will be written by writer Chae Seung Dae (Inspiring Generation, Master: God of Noodles) and directed by Kim Jin Won (Nice Guys, Rain or Shine, Hello Monster [aka. I Remember You]).


Se Jong is offered the role to play Seo Hwi (서휘), son of Seo Geom (서검), who served as a Commander of the North under Lee Seung Gye.


JTBC's official states "My Country" is in discussion to be aired in second half of 2019


source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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@mademoisellesia, thank you for the thread, and the updates.   I have loved Yang Se-Jong ever since I first saw him in "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" and continued to follow him since then.



Yang Se Jong In Talks To Appear In Historical Drama

Yang Se Jong may be making his historical drama debut!

On October 11, one media outlet reported, “[Yang Se Jong] will be taking on the lead role of a historical drama for the first time after his debut through JTBC’s upcoming drama ‘My Country.'”

In response, Yang Se Jong’s agency Good People stated, “It is a project that is still in discussion.”

“My Country” will be a historical drama about three people who tried to protect their love in the vortex of history. The show will be led by writer Chae Seung Dae of “Inspiring Generation” and “Master: God of Noodles,” as well as producing director (PD) Kim Jin Won of “The Innocent Man,” “I Remember You,” and “Just Between Lovers.”

Yang Se Jong made his debut through “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” and last appeared in “30 but 17.”

Check out “30 but 17” below!


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Woah, first time Soompi is this quick with Yang Se Jong's news!


Looks like there won't be any post 30 But 17 interviews at all. It's almost a month since 30 But 17 ended. I suppose we'll only get some insights about his 6 months hiatus and post-drama thoughts in the upcoming magazines.


Anyway, imma is thrilled to hear the casting news! I LUB how quick he's to return with another drama, even though it means this drama is likely to be a pre-produced judging at JTBC's official saying it'll only air in second half of 2019. Urgh, fine, I won't complain if only it means a good quality sageuk! Now I pray they cast a good female co-star.

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[HD Video] 2018.10.13 Yang Se Jong's Acceptance Speech

There are actually 2 winners, the other one is Jang Ki Yong! ^ ^ Also well deserved, he stood out as well in My Ahjussi. Se Jong is REALLY REALLY nervous and shaking, but it's also what I love about him. Coz It's so real.



Se Jong: Tha... thank you. What came into mind now is a director I like told me, "If Sejongie is a good person, the people around you will also be good people." I will work hard in order to be a good person!


Translation by mademoisellesia. Do NOT repost/copy without credit.

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