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Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

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[News] 2018.06.22 Yang Se Jong Attended Chanel Paris Hamburg Collection in Gangnam, Seoul


This boy finally comes out of his 'hiding'... and it's evidence that he's started losing weight for the drama, lol.










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[Magazine] 2018.02.24 Yang Se Jong in ESQUIRE (Sneak Peek Version)


Waaaa~ didn't expect he'll be in a magazine at all although I have been wondering when he'll be in one. What a lovely surprise. Awaiting eagerly for Esquire to release these photos.









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[Pics] 2018.06.25 Yang Se Jong Spotted Filming "30 But 17" with Co-star, Shin Hye Sun




Oooh super straight hair like Sung Joon's (in Duel). I like it :D and finger crossed, it's straight all the waaaay.





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[News] 2018.07.02 "30 but 17" - Yang Se Jong Received Healing Through Drama




Rough translations:


"30 but 17" Casts Yang Se Jong, Shin Hye Sun and PD Jo Soo Won attended a press conference at Seoul, Mudong, SBS.


Yang Se Jong revealed why he decided to appear in "30 but 17". 


At the press conference that day, Yang Se Jong said: "After reading the script, I felt the troubles I regularly felt were healed."


He also said: "Since I am a fan of PD Jo, so I am very happy to be filming with him. Noona (Shin Hye Sun), too, is really nice. In fact, it is also really fun on the set. Last night I was drunk (production team & casts had a gathering)." Yang Se Jong conveys the atmosphere with the team.







source: 10 Asia

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[News] 2018.07.06 "30 but 17" Releases New Yang Se Jong's Eccentric Character Stills


Interessssting, and LMAO at the second picture! Seeing these photos explain why he took on this project.



Yang Se Jong is set to show a side of himself he’s never showed before in his new drama “30 but 17.”


As the follow-up drama to “Wok of Love,” the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “30 but 17” will be a romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman who fell into a coma when she was 17 and woke up when she was 30, and her interactions with a man who has cut himself off from the rest of society. The drama will be helmed by producing director (PD) Jo Soo Won of “I Hear Your Voice” and screenwriter Jo Sung Hee of “She Was Pretty.”


Yang Se Jong will be playing the role of Gong Woo Jin, who experienced great trauma when he was 17 and decided to cut himself off from the rest of society as a result of it. The new stills that have been released show the actor looking quite different from his normal self. With a beard and scraggly hair that covers most of his face, Yang Se Jong perfectly portrays his character and his lack of care for how he looks as he lives alone and away from the eyes of society. The stills also show a comical side of the actor as he doesn’t seem to care about how he looks as he does whatever he wants.


When asked why he decided to appear in the drama, Yang Se Jong stated, “I wanted to show a unique and comical side of myself that I haven’t been able to show yet in my previous works. I’m working hard to create a fresh and fun story, but I’m a little worried about how people will take the dramatic transformation I go under for the role. I’m excited though, as it’s a chance to show a new side to myself. I’m having fun on set, so please give our drama your interest and support.”


The production staff added, “Yang Se Jong surprised everyone from the first day with his perfect analysis of his character. We are sure that he will show a comical side of himself through the drama so please anticipate his first appearance, which is sure to leave an impression on viewers.”

“30 but 17” will begin airing on July 23 at 10 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!


Source (1) via soompi

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Gong Woo-Jin / Yang Se-Jong



Gong Woo-Jin / Yang Se-Jong


▶ Gong Woo-Jin (male, 17 to 30 years old / Set Designer)


Woo-Jin is, thirty but seventeen.


13 years ago, when at 17 one day, Woo-Jin's heart became shut.


After that day, that heart once closed has not grown since and,


Somehow quickly, Woo-Jin has become a 30 year old adult whose heart has not matured.


A set designer who shrinks all things down to 40:1 ratio from actual size to create a replica.

That is Woo-Jin's occupation.


Without fail taking out his tape measure, whatever his eyes come across he cuts things down to size - thanks to this occupational disease, being mistaken for a pervert or getting picked on into fights is all part of his day.


However the real problem is, even his heart that he must give to another he lives on with, in that shrunken down state.


When he walks the streets, he goes about with his ears plugged with ear-phone always.


Music does not flow. Merely a kind of signal he's sending others.


'Do not speak to me. Do not come near,' that smoke signal.


Finding out about others, letting others know about self, getting entangled with anyone, he does none of the above.


This Woo-Jin who is always ready to shut off the world,


In a word, is a 'Spam-Man'. [Haha, meaning 'Spam-Blocked Male', I believe.]


However he is neither a cold-wind blowing ice-blooded nor a boring man, in the end.


With a straight face, throwing out perfectly timed punchlines, matchlessly unique sense of humor that strangely draws your gaze, curiously making you want to comprehend him better, he is exuding with a particular peculiar fragrance.


According to his nephew Chan's words, Woo-Jin's is a "Half seasoned, half fried life."


After living about half a year in feverish working mode, the remaining half the year he turns into a Bohemian ('gypsy'), is why.


After finishing a certain number of projects, one day he would just up and leave, renting out a camping car and going fishing, taking photos, taking in performances. Going around to purchase work-related objects,*** etc., traveling the world over living a nomadic life as he feels led.
*** ["l'objet d'art" implied from Korean spelling - French pronunciation ob-je'.]


Towards the end of the half-year rest, because of his moppy hair and the beard covering his face, sporting a BaYa-Ba*** look, getting mistaken for the abominable snowman, but being away from the noisy world and spending that alone time, that half year rest for him is a much needed must time.
*** [Korean reference to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBMUjdVgFQw ]


Thus having lived cut off from other people and the world, this 'Spam-Man' Woo-Jin. One day somehow somewhere gets to meet the much-weird 30 year old Seo-Ri and. And very gradually slowly 'Spam Recovery' process begins...



From SBS 30b17 cast profiles page - http://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/30but17/cast/55554#0_0

First of several to come, time allowing or they release an official English version.


A fascinating character this Gong Woo-Jin fella, for sure. @meechuttso  approves of this Bohemian at heart for my girl.




[Reposted from 30b17. Quoting makes the inside quotes disappear, apologies.]






@mademoisellesia I linked this page from the 30b17 top post page 1. Beautiful work you're doing here - keep it up! :thumbsup::tounge_wink:

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