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  1. Oh, happy news! Until I read second half of 2019, whyyy It's becoming one project per year now
  2. @mademoisellesia Oh when those 2 pics are put together it does seem funny haha Yeah I do have some issues with that trouser. Poor YSJ, I feel half of what he is doing/wearing doesn't suit his personality and he does not seem much comfortable but it's the price of fame in the end of the day.
  3. @mademoisellesia Thanks for the update! Excited to know about his next destination/project. I don't know about you but I love the way he is dressed, he never never disappointed me in anything he wears. I'm used to a looot of Korean stars tending to wear strange outfits with unusual colors and patterns but so far I've never seen him in any of these, fortunately.
  4. I came across a comment in IG that made me laugh "Now I know how Chan felt when Mr Gong ran away from his house" haha  This is sooo me when there is no trace of YSJ and our beloved cast
  5. I wish this means we will see them together in a photo in the award ceremony, maybe?
  6. Ok, I'm like several months or even a year away of the conversations that took place here but I want to still pour my heart out. So I managed to go through this thread from its first page in between my work, and it's been simply verrry entertaining! I felt like I'm flipping the pages of a beautiful biography book, a genre which I love to read I've been inspired in many ways, beyond what you think. I never expected him to be such a mature and wise young gentleman and I could relate. I guess spending time in that DVD/bookstore reallllyy shaped his personality and much of what we've read is the fruit of those days back then. Now, I LOVE his relationship with his mom! I wish we could see a photshoot of them, or let me be less greedy, a picture of both of them hanging out somewhere nice. I wonder how she looks It seems his life back when he was younger, and who knows, maybe still? Was a difficult one it seems. It looks like he suffered a major trauma, which, I'm not curious about if he does not want it to be exposed. What I really want is for him to find healing, be it in acting or whatever way. He deserves it And like all of you, I was like: SMOKING! WHAAAT?? That was totally unexpected. I mean you should always expect it in a country like Korea. But at a moment, my picture of him being so innocent and cute was somewhat shattered, lol. What I really liked, aside from that, is that despite we come from different backgrounds and cultures, all of us agreed on hating smoking. I hope all smokers out there find the way to quit this slow killer. Now this takes me back to a scene in 3017 where his lips had this purplish hue of a smoker, but I denied it, because at almost all of his scenes/pictures, it looked just healthy pinkish and fine. Sooo looking forward to the next script for which his heart will beat! And QUIT SMOKING, please
  7. OMG that's so sad, expected but unexpected I hope he will do lots and lots of projects before enlisting!
  8. Just a random thought and I apologize if this was mentioned earlier since I could not go through the whole thread, but has YSJ completed his military service? I hope yes I don't remember coming across any information regarding this in any article I've read about him before
  9. I still have hope to see some BTS today, I see that thin ray of hope! Today is a good chance, SBS!
  10. Hello again. It's Monday again, without 3017 Missing them so much! Still doing my daily homework, searching through IG and other apps/websites for updates, pics..
  11. @thistle Yup, can't agree more. The fun and the moments we'll remember always is worth it! I develop a special attachment with dramas that I watch live, it's a feeling that I'm part of the drama family and cast members. Will be around for sure, hope that we can all meet in another drama, soon.
  12. @thistle I have the same feeling!! I usually avoid to watch the drama for which I develop withdrawal syndrome, but this is not the situation here. I can even start watching something else now. But still, please scold me if I plan to watch any live broadcast drama on SBS because one trauma was enough and more than enough
  13. @dftio there are sooo many articles in Korean, unfortunately no translation
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