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  Yang Se Jon





Name: Yang Se Jong

Hangul: 양세종

Hanja: 梁世宗

Birthdate: 23rd December 1992

Height: 181.6 cm

Education: Korea National University of Arts (Theater & Film)



Good People Entertainment


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Social Media


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Note: Instagram account is managed by his agency.

Other information


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South Korea

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Meat Zong_梁世宗肉粽小鋪

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Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie || SBS Star Channel || Yang Se Jong's Crying Scenes (1)(2) ||



Yang Se Jong first completed filming Saimdang, Light's Dairy in 2016, which was scheduled to air simultaneously in South Korea and China, but due to THAAD straining the two countries' relationship, the drama was pushed to aired in January, 2017. Se Jong therefore debuted with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim in late 2016. He was highly praised by Korean viewers, earning approvals and positive reviews through his outstanding performances in OCN drama, Duel, where he played not one, but three very different roles. Due to this, he became widely known as "Monster Rookie"—for being a rookie with acting skills that no one could tell he's a newbie. Se Jong scored his first leading role in Temperature of Love and received his first New Actor award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2017. Recognised for his outstanding performances from 4 projects within a year, Se Jong was awarded his second New Actor award at 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018.




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[News] 2017.12.01 Yang Se Jong 'A Life without knowing when death is. I will do my best' Translation: mademoisellesia Interesting tidbits:   Being so focus and concentrated, d

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2016 | Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (as Do In Beom)

2017 | Saimdang, Life's Diary  (as young Lee Gyeom / Han Sang Hyeon)

2017 | Duel (as Lee Sung Joon / Lee Sung Hoon / Lee Yong Sup)

2017 | Temperature of Love (as On Jeong Seon)



2018 | Thirty, but Seventeen (as Gong Woo Jin)

2019 | My Country: The New Age (as Seo Hwi)

2020 | Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (as Do In Beom)


Short Films


2013 | Things We Don't Know

2013 | The Voice From Inside





2014 | Time to go to school, Alice (Seoul Fringe Festival)


Variety Shows



2019 | Coffee Friends (tvN)


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2017.02.XX Céci Korea - Date Me

2017.03.23 Star1 - Romantic Newcomer, Yang Se Jong (Part 1 | Part 2)

2017.05.26 W Korea

2017.06.27 Singles

2017.09.XX Marie Claire Korea

2017.10.26 Elle Korea - Mild Rise


2018 - 2019




2018.01.03 Harper's Bazaar

2018.02.26 @Star1

2018.07.13 Esquire Korea

2018.11.XX Cosmopolitan

2018.11.XX Harper's Bazaar

2019.01.27 Elle Korea - Ray of Light

2019.12 Elle Korea (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)






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2018.01.26 Rely on acting to heal his broken heart. Yang Se Jong made a wish to meet a good partner & have beautiful baby

2018.01.31 Yang Se Jong 4th on the Forbes Korea Power List

2018.02.09 Big Eater + Stubble Is The Real Yang Se Jong. He'll Touch The Fans with His Singing, Letter & Coffee Skills

2018.02.13 Actor Yang Se Jong Talks About Future Plans, Stylishly Chic In New Photoshoot

2018.05.08 Evaluation Results for 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Announced

2018.07.03 "30 but 17" PD Talks About His Efforts to Cast Yang Se Jong

2018.07.13 "30 but 17" Writer Jo Sung Hee's View on Yang Se Jong

2018.07.17 Yang Se Jong Shares Why He Chose "30 but 17" as His Next Project, Character Details & More

2018.07.17 Shin Hye Sun Reveals She Used To Be A Big Fan Of “30 But 17” Co-Star Yang Se Jong

2018.07.24 Night of Real Entertainment - Yang Se Jong & Shin Hye Sun for "30 but 17"

2018.09.18 Yang Se Jong's Wrap Up Thoughts on "30 but 17"

2018.09.19 Yang Se Jong's Wrap Up Message from "30 but 17" BTS

2018.09.19 Ahn Hyo Seop's Interview Regarding Yang Se Jong

2018.09.19 Yang Se Jong Gains Attention For His Passion For Role After Acting With Dog Despite Fur Allergy

2018.10.11 Yang Se Jong in Talks to Star in JTBC drama "My Country"

2018.10.11 Yang Se Jong in Talks to Appear in Historical Drama

2018.10.19 Yang Se Jong's First Visit to Japan

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 1: Yang Se Jong – The more New Actor Awards received, the more pressure & responsibilities

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 2: Yang Se Jong - Restless Mind. The Reason of Not Playing SNS

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 3: Yang Se Jong - Fan Meeting's Singing Ability...An Area I Shouldn't Do

2018.12.03 Yoo Yeon Seok And Son Ho Jun To Star In New Variety Show With Choi Ji Woo & Yang Se Jong As First Guests

2018.12.18 Yang Se Jong Confirmed to Appear in JTBC's "My Country"






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[News] 2017.01.21 Yang Se Jong Talks Admiration For Han Suk Kyu And Passion For Acting


by S. Ng via Soompi


yang se jong han suk kyu


Yang Se Jong really looks up to Han Suk Kyu.


In an interview with Yonhap News on January 21, the rookie actor expressed his admiration for the veteran actor, his co-actor from “Romantic Doctor Kim.”


“I am in awe every time I watch Senior Han Suk Kyu act. When the same scene is filmed many times, Senior [Han Suk Kyu] always shows a slightly different acting each time. His acting is so convincing, it’s amazing,” he said.


“What’s more, it’s clearly acting, but when he delivers his lines as Doctor Kim, it doesn’t just reach my ears, it actually hits me right in the heart. In that moment, I felt a lump in my throat. It really felt like Doctor Kim was scolding me and giving me advice. It’s to the extent where, whenever I act opposite Senior [Han Suk Kyu], I constantly tell myself, ‘Se Jong, you should really be thankful [for this.]'”

Yang Se Jong also confessed, “It’s because Senior Han Suk Kyu gave me a lot of advice that my values changed considerably.”


In the interview, the up-and-coming actor also revealed how he got into acting. “I worked part-time at a DVD and book rental shop from my second year in middle school to my first year in high school, so I read and watched a lot of the material. During my second year in high school, I attended a school play with my friends, and as I watched my friends enjoying the play, I thought that acting is really attractive. From then on, I attended an acting academy, and even stayed up late at night just to practice. And after the college entrance exams, I enrolled in the Korea National University of Arts.”

With that kind of passion and a great mentor like Han Suk Kyu, Yang Se Jong’s upcoming appearance in “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” is definitely not to be missed. The drama will premiere on January 26, but in the meantime, you can watch the trailer here!


Source (1)



[News] 2017.01.29 Yang Se Jong Talks Audition For “Romantic Doctor Kim” And Acting As Yoo Yeon Seok’s Rival


by S. Ng via Soompi


yang se jong yoo yeon seok

Before “Romantic Doctor Kim,” Yang Se Jong was almost entirely unheard of, but his role as the rude and inconsiderate Do In Bum in the highly popular drama has instantly garnered many fans for this fresh rookie.


In a recent interview with Herald POP, Yang Se Jong talked about how he had gotten the role in “Romantic Doctor Kim,” saying that he had heard about the audition about a month after he finished filming “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”


He said, “At that time, I stayed up all night preparing for it. For about 40 minutes, I acted as Do In Bum, and there was also a question-and-answer session. I prepared for it frantically, it was fortunate that the director and the camera director liked it. I thought it would end there, but two weeks later, they contacted me again with a script much thicker than the previous one. I thought it was a second audition, so I prepared really diligently, but when I went there, the director told me, ‘You’re In Bum.’ I was so surprised, I stuttered while asking, ‘Can I really be In Bum?’ That was also the day before the script reading.”


During the interview, Yang Se Jong also spoke about acting as Yoo Yeon Seok’s peer and rival in the drama. The latter is older than him by eight years in real life, so to show a sharper expression, Yang Se Jong had gone to a gym to lose weight, and even emulated the sharp gaze and gestures of a doctor he had met there.


Yang Se Jong also thanked Yoo Yeon Seok, saying that it was because of him that he could film comfortably.


“Senior Yoo Yeon Seok is very cheerful and good-natured. He’s the moodmaker on set. We shared many scenes, and he made me feel very comfortable. Even when we were going through our lines, we discussed a lot. I used to say ‘I love you’ to him whenever I met him on set,” said the actor as he finished with a laugh.


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  • mademoisellesia changed the title to Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 楊世鍾 [Upcoming OCN drama: Duel]

[Magazine] February 2017 Céci Korea: Date Me




Q: What is the ideal date night in Yang Se Jong’s thinking?

Yang Se Jong: I usually sleep well enough and wake up at 10AM, then I exercise. After about 2 hours of exercising, I would be sweating a lot. So I would take a shower then continue to sleep for 2 more hours. I’d be awake at 5PM, then I’d take a shower again. After that, I’d dress up neatly and nicely, I want to meet the person I like the most, drinking coffee while talking. I like to ramble on with people who understand me up to 3 or 5 hours.


Q: When did you start to like wine?

Yang Se Jong: About 2 years ago, I got obsessed with wine thanks to my company’s CEO. Wine quietly makes me feel more comfortable. Last year, I went on holiday to Busan. My friends were all tired so when everyone was resting, I really wanted to drink wine. But because that was during the holiday, most stores were closed. Finally, I discovered that there was a wine store in the shopping centre so I took a subway to get to that place.


Q: Wine is quite a hassle.

Yang Se Jong: That’s correct, I still don’t know a lot of things regarding wines. I have exchanged a conversation for quite a while with the owner of a wine store about the flavours I like. The store owner listened to me attentively and brought out a wine bottle from the basement without a price. He told me to hand him only 25,000 won. The moment when I took a sip of that wine, it was like a landscape scene has appeared in front of my eyes. It’s really true! As if there was a sparkling river running in a forest. That was the wine called Argentina, Alegoria Malbec, 2014. Since I could never forget that miraculous experience, I have been trying to find that wine.


Q: That was an impressive experience. Let’s say you don’t have any goals; then don’t you have any dreams?

Yang Se Jong: I want to drink Alegoria Malbec one more time. Realistic, I can’t think of anything accurate right on the spot but that dream will do for now. I will go to Argentina and drink Alegoria Malbec once more!


Translations: Tien @ The Dec.B Team




Source: Céci Korea


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[Magazine] March 2017 Star1: Romantic Newcomer, Yang Se Jong




Part 1


Q: Before your dream of becoming an actor, did you have any other dreams?
Yang Sejong: To be honest, I didn’t have any dreams. I read many novels as well as comics from a young age. Books with a little bit of adult themes were okay too. At that time, I thought a lot about the meaning of death. I can’t live forever. Even now, someone may die on the way back home. Because of that, I didn’t have any long term dreams and just dedicated myself to the present. There was a time I was like that. In fact, I didn’t have any big dreams or plans. If I could maintain that thought, then it would be good.

Q: Aside from acting, do you not aspire to become a top star?
Yang Sejong
: No, not at all. I don’t wish to have fame or wealth and I also don’t enjoy being famous. I once told my friends and those around me to not act differently to me. I’m really nothing at all, honestly.

Q: Your life didn’t change at all?!
Yang Sejong:
Not yet. There’s nothing for me to feel like it changed. If one had money, they would buy and invest in more things but I have no interest in those things therefore, nothing has changed. Even when my company begged me to buy new clothes, I still only wore the shirts I normally wore. But I think I’ll have to buy new clothes because people keep telling me off (laughs).

Q: Surely you will still be loved even when you wear the same shirt thanks to your warm and comfortable look.
Yang Sejong:
Me? Not at all. I went to an all-boys school, there was no time for me to date. I only went back and forth between school, Taekwondo and the bookshop. And from now on I will focus on acting.

Q: If talking about dating, what kind of style are you? Romantic?
Yang Sejong:
I don’t think I would be the romantic type. Because I still have many mistakes, it’s quite difficult for me to separate my daily life and acting. Once I enter a project, I tend to isolate myself from other external things. Only thinking about that project during those months and sticking so closely to it makes me very lonely. Honestly, I really want to thank my family and friends who have waited for me. I’m really a bad guy. Looking at these things, it seems like I can’t really separate in a distinct way. Realistically speaking, I’m a person who needs interpersonal time and when filming, I’m only thinking about that project and role. Won’t love be such a difficult thing? It would be good if I could meet someone who values both love and work at the same time. I think this is such an important factor. No matter how good looking that person is, if we can’t communicate or aren’t compatible, I wouldn’t be able to continue on. On the contrary, if we have the same thoughts and can talk freely to each other, then I really find that person attractive. Once my skills improve and I have more experience, I believe that I will accurately determine the difference between acting and real life.


Read the rest → Part 2


Translations: Tien @ Dec.B Team






Source: Star1

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[Script Reading] April 2017 Duel - Yang Se Jong Exclusive




Yang Se Jong returns to the small screen playing human clones in OCN's upcoming drama, Duel (듀얼). He will reunite with his Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim's co-star Seo Eun Soo. It is set to air after Tunnel.




Source: OCN Blog

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well.he has been great in duel and RDTK.i hope him get more spotlight here in soompi...but because he is not an idol and only a rookie actor.so i think it'll be hard for him to gain fast popularity..he need to step up as a lead in romcom i think.because he only do a serious role...duel is a great drama but the rating is low so he won't get many popularity after this.. but i think director in korea know he is GREATT so hopefully he land to romcom so he''ll gain more popularity...and he seems quiet and introvert type of person Isnt it?i watch RDTK bts of him and press conference and interview about him he look Awkward lol but idk :v So far His acting is amazing so i hope he become rising star in the future and people know him as an actor not for his look(but his look ks amazing tho).he deserved it come on korea fella out there make him popular :v 

And @Sia3 i know it's hard to keep this thead alive good luck :v 


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