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[Drama 2017] Tunnel 터널


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I checked out the time CHJ posted his last IG.   It was 1:40AM in Korean time over there.   He must have just finished a teaser shooting when they had this group picture.   Well I saw another IG photo posted(around 8:40PM) by the company catering the coffee/beverage/snack(churros) truck.   It said the production team hired it and  the place was at the WonBang studio(Paju).  It also mentioned this studio was a very cold place in winter.  We know they had a teaser shooting outside earlier so they must later move into an indoor studio to finish it.   wow  It should be very hard when they had worked under such weather and many grueling hours.  At least some of those staff members look young enough to endure such conditions. I can see the lady next to CJH looks tired.    CJH looks exhausted but much contented.  I guess he’s happy to be back acting /working.  Nice of him to share his comeback with his fans.    Yeah  Making a drama doesn’t look that glamorous.  Lots of hard exhausting work and effort yet no guarantee in returning rewards 

티저촬영.다들 고생했어요!대박나자!#터널#드라마터널#ocn드라마#박광호#최진혁#티저촬영#새벽부터고생했어요#대박나자!

Teaser shooting. Everybody worked so hard! Let it be daebak!   #tunnel #drama Tunnel #ocn drama #Park Kwang Ho #CJH #teaser shooting  #(Everybody) worked so hard  since before dawn  # Let it be daebak!   



She makes a cute gesture with her fingers behind his head.  In this picture JHssi appears to be like someone who can easily be approachable.  Maybe he knows some of them well enough so that he can be himself.  :blush::blush:



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@larus   Thank you  I’m glad I don’t have to talk to myself all the time here.    hehe   I know it’s hard to talk about this kind of a drama before it starts.  I mean we don’t even have a teaser yet.  It’s true if the drama is romcom/com, I would at least wait till I see any teaser or news about other cast members.   Because it’s a suspense/thriller  I got curious.   Besides CJHssi  is all fired up about his comeback so I guess I couldn’t help myself being excited too.  haha

As you mentioned about PKH’s wife, I just saw Lee Shia A’s  new IG and I have a feeling the wife might die.  LSA didn’t tag with ‘Tunnel’   but it looks like a shooting scene.  She looks a bit sad and LSA left a comment from a quote…       Btw I like your idea of the criminal making a time jump back and forth.   Maybe PKH is chasing a suspect  when the time jump happens.  So when he jumps in 2016, he goes to the police station to look for information about the suspect and somehow becomes a part of the team.  So while he gets stuck in 2016, his team makes the connection with the serial murders which PKH was investigating in 1986 and the one in 2016.  Then they somehow learn that PKH could return to 1986 if they solve the case or capture the murderer?? :unsure::confounded:   


** It looks like the shooting scene. Lee Shia A left an interesting quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. Though she didn’t put a tag with Tunnel, it might be about her character.   

그대가 값진 삶을 살고 싶다면 날마다 아침에 눈뜨는 순간 이렇게 생각하라. 오늘은 사람을 위해서라도 좋으니 누군가 기뻐할만한 일을 하고 싶다고. - 프리드리히 니체 #오늘읽은좋은글

If you want to live a worthwhile life, every morning  as you wake up, try to think:  Today I want to do something good even if it’s only for one person - Friedrich Nietzsche   #today reading a good quote  (difficult translation, hopefully it’s close)



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I read the weather in Seoul was really cold again and some fans hoped there wouldn’t be any outdoor shooting.  Me too  :confounded:

One DC member mentioned ‘Tunnel’ might start to broadcast Mar 18 or 25 instead of Mar 11 as everyone expected since ‘Voice’ is supposed to end the first week of March.  She said a cable station had a tendency not to air a new drama for one or two weeks after one drama ended.  If it’s true, it means the Tunnel team has more time for shooting and that might be good for them.    Another thing I read was ‘Voice’ would have an event for the fans.  It was a special premiere of EP1 the day before the actual broadcast on tv.  The cast and the fans watched together(?) EP1 in the theater(?) and then were supposed to live chat with individual cast and so on…        I saw, in the Voice thread, the IG photo showing the cast on the stage.   So this DC member speculated it could happen for Tunnel too which made everyone excited.   It seems OCN is doing well at promoting their own dramas.

NOTE: check out OCN IG for the special premiere 'Voice' (The lucky fans watched EP1 Voice on a big screen with the cast) =>>  https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ocn/


** Okay I read  that Yoon Hyun Min appeared on ‘I Live Alone’ just for one episode.  He didn’t sign as a regular member.  In this episode YHM met the actual detectives to gather information for his character analysis.  In the preview I thought he looked good so I screencaped some of him. Btw I haven’t watched a full episode but I might try it later.  A news article mentioned that YHM likes to see his place very very neat, and he is called ‘a net-work king’, because he keeps all of his friends/associations around him with constant touch and caring.     






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I saw YT video clips of Yoon Hyun Min’s ‘I Live Alone’.  I read he rarely made an appearance in this kind of entertainment program before.  Maybe he did it to promote Tunnel.   It was fun to see him in private.    Hopefully the whole show will be available on YT with sub soon.  In one scene YHM ordered ‘Signal’ and practiced with the Tunnel script.   (He said both dramas had similar associations/connections, like time travel?? )








[I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 -Yoon Hyeonmin, passion + clean + sweet♥ 20170113




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I might have to guess that IG is from the staff handling the long poled microphone.  

But this IG is very ambiguous.   Hoping it’s from Tunnel shooting 

PS:  Perhaps  the IG referred to two guys running inside the reed field were  CJH & KWJ. So he said ‘What’s going on??'     Still someone was shooting  at  the real shooting but intentionally not showing  who two running actors were…     

촬영중 ...#터널#갈대숲#마이크#드라마#최진혁#김원중 뭔일이지??

shooting …  #tunnel  #reed field #mike #drama #Choi Jin Hyuk #Kim Won Jung (?don’t know who he is)  What’s going on?? (strange remark??)


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'Sol-lang-si-ul Road' (솔랑시울길) is located in the city 'Daejeon'( 대전 )

 #Sol-lang-si-ul Road  #They are shooting #actor #Choi Jin Hyuk #saw him while passing #OCN Tunnel #March broadcast #analog sensibility #looking forward

#a good looking actor on the road



#a good looking actor on the road

#analog sensibility #looking forward  #checking around the ally #saw him while passing #CJH #actor #black-long-padding(coat) #cool #ocn tunnel

#Sol-lang-si-ul Road  ## Indiana Jones # idol # Jeon Yeong Log #teen star  # Gwan Gjin Gu #Hwangyang Cinema



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Ohhh I feel really bad for the cast and staff.   I thought they were done shooting the tunnel scene but they were shooting in the tunnel in a different place.  LSA is still shooting for her part. Perhaps her character isn’t going to die.    She made and posted two drawings with a cute baby girl. In the last one she said ‘finished with a baby angel, next, for the background’.  Related to the drama??   

 During the shooting I was so cold that I had to wear ten clothes underneath .. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I never had to wear so many clothes before.. deol deol deol (shaking by the cold)  and my running nose  #tunnel








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It seems the Tunnel production team is making lots of efforts to research about 1986 and finding places (unique themed tourist or cultural heritage attraction) to shoot.  I’m sure Koreans will notice these many details about a bygone era.  

Two IGs( with the street scenes) showed this interesting place called  Sollangsiul-gil, Dong-gu(district), Daejeon(metropolis), Chun Nam (providence)

솔랑시울길/sol-lang-si-ul road, 대전/ Daejeon

I found the blogs talking about the area as a modern cultural heritage traveling destination.  One blogger visited the place and saw many old houses some of which were empty or boarded up or others were kept up by people who lived in houses.  She pointed out a lot more some of which were residential houses that came into the mapping  registration after 1974.  I assume that, as the country became more industrialized, more people moved into urban areas but a lot of these people were working class who needed an affordable place to live.







Old scenery –Choi  Modern Cultural Heritage Travel ::   On the road to Solan Sill -  Daejeon ...

(7/12/2013) http://sweet-workroom.khan.kr/38


One site(tourist attraction) gave a brief summery about the place (translation from google & me)



The Railroad official residence (Railroad Village) in Soge-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon, is an area near Daejeon Station.
 It is also called 'Solang-siul road' which means 'sparkling Solang mountain path'.
It is a place where one feels like one is back in the past on a time machine.
Modern history of Daejeon began with railroad.
As the railroads were built,  the traditional villages disappeared and people flocked to the area which grew into  the metropolis.  Since Japanese railroad engineers lived here in the 1930s (during which Japan occupied Korea), Japanese architecture still remains.
At that time there were more than 100 official residences, but now about 40 are preserved.
Each building had a residential number.
 Among the most famous one is #42 which is used occasionally as a cultural space for the exhibition.

A visitor can also walk around to see the interesting murals painted along the walls of the secluded Sillaul road.


Note (according to the blogger/ In the blog, there are maps showing before and after about the river) sparkling ‘Solang’ mountain:   It sounds like it wasn’t there anymore.  It must be very small because it was  removed to fill a lake.  This story is kind of bizarre but  it happened in this country too(in the name of progress ).  The city used to have a river went down but many small ones cut across the town.  So when the rail tracks were laid on the city center, they decided to build a new canal river and closed off the small ones and filled a lake with soil from the sparkling ‘Solang’ mountain  and built a canal river. (around 1920’s)  






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More shooting in Daejeon city    I saw one IG posted by a local resident:“In front of a friend’s shop #drama shooting is going to take  place ~ The alley turns into a set” ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BPZXHJygA0A/?tagged=최진혁 )

Okay two new pictures but this time it looks like Choi Jin Hyuk & Yoon Hyun Min were on the same shooting location.

百度崔振赫貼吧 Choi Jin Hyuk Baidu Official Fan Club

Child Actor and mom and Choi Jin-Hyuk
“Tunnel” behind pohoto.



Child Actor and mom and Yoon Hyun-min
“Tunnel” behind pohoto.
cr.우빈맘 (Yoo Bin mom)




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Yoo Hyun Min posted the IG photo of cold snowy Seoul.:(   It must be very early morning when he posted it because the outside looks  quite dark.  He said ‘white,  be careful on the way to work’    I guess any outdoor shooting  should be off unless the very determined PDnim thinks otherwise…rrrr :unsure: (CJH’s manager already mentioned about hard shooting & crazy schedule) :o


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@CarolynH  Nope we don’t yet know. I think it is too early.  The drama might not air till late March. Besides we are still waiting for the first teaser though it was supposed to be finished days ago.  Then more stuff like the rest of the casting news, official posters, and script reading and so on…    long waiting :tongue:


 ***Another bit  while waiting

Here are 5 pictures which show how the production team refurbished  one street in the area of 솔랑시울길(sol-lang-si-ul road).  One of the pictures has two movie advertising posters.  On the poster with Crazy Boy (돌아이), there is the theater name 'Hwangyang Cinema(화양시네마)’ which I learned something interesting about .     This theater was built 1964 and went through many near extinctions but survived till 2016 when the new investor got a permit to build a tourist hotel on its place.    During 60/70’s movie going became very popular since other kinds of public entertainments weren’t there much or none.   Then in 90’s with emerging multiplex theaters and TVs, these single movie theaters either were demolished or turned into other things.  However a couple of them managed to survive and this HC was one till now which made some people very sad and nostalgic.  (화양시네마) http://news.joins.com/article/7796588(2012)  https://brunch.co.kr/@jangkm2000/91(2016)

from 百度崔振赫貼吧 Choi Jin Hyuk Baidu Official Fan Club



e6A51Yf.jpg?1  ZqzhLEi.jpg?1





The first Crazy Boy (돌아이), 1985 and the sequel,1986.

Blog for 1985  http://egloos.zum.com/amoebax/v/10728748


1985 fashion & hair style -_-:lol:





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On 15.01.2017 at 9:29 PM, booha said:

I saw YT video clips of Yoon Hyun Min’s ‘I Live Alone’.  I read he rarely made an appearance in this kind of entertainment program before.  Maybe he did it to promote Tunnel.   It was fun to see him in private.    Hopefully the whole show will be available on YT with sub soon.  In one scene YHM ordered ‘Signal’ and practiced with the Tunnel script.   (He said both dramas had similar associations/connections, like time travel?? )


 I saw the segment too. Yeah, he is preparing for the drama. He met some detectives and took notes. I laughed when he asked a detective to put the handcuffs on him and it hurts. Sorry, Hyun min! :D Hyun Min put the handcuffs on a detective but he didn`t flinch at all. I guess, it took him by surprise. He did not know that it hurts. 



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(Choi Jin Hyuk & Yoon Hyun Min) :):)

알바하는데 드라마 촬영와서   구경함 ㅎㅎ

working a part time job (in a PC room)  & the drama shooting happened so I’m watching #actor #Yoon Hyun Min #Choi Jin Hyuk ㅎㅎ


(CJH fan reposted it)



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