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[Drama 2017] Tunnel 터널


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June 8, 2017

Lee Yoo-young Looks for Brighter Fare After Hit Crime Series

Source: The Chosun Ilbo


Lee Yoo-young has made her first TV appearance in time slip crime drama "Tunnel," which recently wrapped up with the highest ratings in the history of cable channel OCN.

Lee had no ambitions when she was 20. She gave up college and worked part-time in a beauty salon, but then decided to go back to her studies as she felt sorry for her mother. She entered Korea National University of Arts in 2010 and studied acting.

A student film changed her life. "I saw myself on the screen in class. It was the first time I saw myself acting as an audience, and that was the moment I was seriously thinking about being an actress," she recalls.

Before long she had won best actress at the Milan International Film Festival for "Late Spring" in 2014, where she played a poor country woman who works as a nude model for a frustrated sculptor.

She has appeared in several films since including "The Treacherous" and "Yourself and Yours" and now ended her first TV series.

"To play my character, I studied the psychology of criminals, reading profiling books," she said. "Now I think want to show a brighter side of myself in my next project." 

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Tunnel drama best drama best cast storyline suspense comedy choi Jin hyuk  (Kwang ho ) and yoon hyun min ( sun jae) I miss u so much...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤must watch drama. 

Whenever kwang ho hold sun jae as father of yeon ho that moments hilarious. 

Yeon seok❤kwang ho and yeon ho ❤sun jae  .

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21 hours ago, RPM said:


Ocn awards 2017


Oh so OCN has virtual IG awards. Good for them   Unlike its sibling tvN which had more downs than ups in 2017, OCN brought in a string of good, solid dramas this year starting with Voice, Tunnel, and Black and so on.  
I’m happy to see Yoon Hyun Min got a big break with Tunnel.  It looks like he had a very good year too. He had a FM(first one?) and a drama Witch at the Court and another new drama Fall From The Sky (supposedly coming soon? I have to check it out )  Plus his sweet girlfriend, Beak Jin Hee who is having a great time in Jugglers. :)       


I miss the trio and Gwang Ho wife.  








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(**posting it here & CJH thread)

OCN naver blog posted ‘2017 OCN Awards’ (12/29).   Also it announced that all of 6 dramas would rebroadcast in succession(?)during 12/29 8pm to 12/30 9pm.

PS There is Naver auto translation from Korean to English if anyone is interested. It’s still awkward but readable.    
(1)변혁하기: On the right top corner, click it
(2) 변혁: In the box, click it ((**In the box there are four translations, English(영어), Japanese, Chinese, Chinese))



((Tunnel part))

Tunnel which recorded the highest rating
The final scene Choi Jin Hyuk V Mok Jin-u

((video clip on Naver with the link )) http://tv.naver.com/v/2480464


Choi Ji-hyeok carried out with a big action(?) in order to catch the psychopath killer who jumped over 30 years!



Above all, (He)has been murdering 30 long years without leaving any traces


Murderer, mok Jin-u,   What is the reason for this?  It is this ...





Kill sinful, filthy ones.  To clean the world


For an absurd reason
The worst psychopath that has killed people!


Cannot leave out the last scene of these two people who have met after 30 years ...


To present this award to Tunnel which recorded the highest ratings of OCN original drama in 2017




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