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Official Real Life Couple ♥ -Lee Da Hey And Choi Dong Wook aka SE7EN♥.


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1 hour ago, Tey Ling said:

Annya, yes the I am good song is missing from the video, and I do like the hang of that song. Maybe it relates to Dahae ....he he he :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Its the first song of him,i have heard so it has special place to me.

Let watch may be in DMC concert we will get the song.In this concert he kept his hairstyle different and it had more dancing too.There was more audience too.

HIs fav step.


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Hi everyone, I have been checking here from time to time but first time to post. I didn't actually intend to and some of you know why already. To make it short, after my previous experience I discovered that I am not a couple/shipper thread person whatever that may mean :D 

But the reason I am posting now (although I did hesitate to do so) is that I felt obligated to give an input that may matter to some regarding "that issue" which I knew after I read some comments on Se7en's IG and since you already brought it up here.

The word "븐나잇" is divided into two parts "" and "나잇" the second phrase means "night" which we all know. When it comes to the first part "" it is actually the second part of Se7en's name in Korean which is "세븐" and that part is read as "Ven" or "Ben" in Korean as they pronounce it. Se7en is usually referred as "Ben Sama" in Japan

That phrase "븐나잇" or "Ben-Night", which is actually one of his trade mark phrases that he uses since many years ago before all the relation to Da-hae, is his way to say "Good Night".

Everyone is free to take this literally or search for a hidden meaning behind it that could or couldn't even exist.

@Annya Based on the comment from up-loader "I'm Good" song is cut from the BOF video due to copy rights. 

I am not sure if or when I will be posting here again but be happy and wise everyone.

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@apqaria Yups I saw his fan translate it has #VenNight on se7en blog.So i was wondering where this heaven come from. But thanks for telling that the "ven" is from "seven" itself heheh.Was wondering what it is.Instead of Goodnight he says Ven Night :Dso sweet.His fans know what it means just that other doesn't know.

Actually there can be many thing we won't be knowing.Actually there was nothing hidden in that word.But people where making a mountain out of a molehill. It not that we know se7en from long time.Like we are DH fans and know many things abt DH,his fans knows more abt him.

Its ok for me i was never bother what it mean.

TQ for telling me why the song vanished from video on youtube.

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Thank you for clearing that up for us @apqaria ! Much appreciated. This is more a getting to know Se7en thread rather than a normal shipper thread. It is a place for us to spazz about them, share our thoughts and concerns. Like you, I am not a shipper normally. :)

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@apqaria Soompi has given it name shipper thread lol nothing to do with us.For me its discussing thread abt se7en and Lee da hey.A place to freely talk abt both of them either individually or jointly abt them.:)

@ELY_397 I found the haru hana magazine cutout which was issued in dec or nov 2015.I will post it after some time.

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@Annya, thank you for creating this thread.  I used to go to Dahae's thread all the time but if she doesn't have a project, she'll be missing completely.  Now that Dahae and Se7en is an official couple, I can come here to get some news or old history of Se7en.  I don't like to go to the guys thread, including her ex before, since I'd never know if there are any anti couple fans there.  Thank for all the chingus here who worked so hard to give us up-to-date news.  I am Dahae's fans, whoever she likes, I will learn to like him too.  I'm not good at searching news in the internet so I hope you girls won't mind that I have no contribution at all.  


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Hey Chingus! I just woke up fom a nap and had the weirdest dream ever. DaHae was in it. Met her parents and all. Her "dream" bf was a weirdo, extremely bad looking actor from HK. I was so grossed out that I woke up from it. Everyone was behaving strangely like a horror movie!!! Back to reality now and this thread. Phew! Happy weekend everyone! :)

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@emok No need to thank dear.Hope her drama air soon which she already did.But after that,u are right she doesn't have any project.May be she will take new project next year or we will get some good news next year.:wub:I am amaze that the guy thread is so empty.But then he is singer not an actor but his fans on twitter,FB and blogs are more active.We all know... all fans can't be satisfied.Whether its se7en or DH.But then its there life the decision to be with whom should be their too.And if DH choose him and likes him,i want to support her too and get to know the guy and support them.Giving ur love and support to DH is more then any contribution.

Next week will be busy on 13th there is happy together and in midnight her namja album release.

@ELY_397 Did u watch train to busan?Wake up ..Imagine me singing "It's Okay" song for u after that dream. ely her real BF is good looking guy.I just saw some girl fans reaction when watching his video they are so hilarious i laughed so loudly.I wanted to say to them hello stop girl...our girl is quite jealous :lol:

Happy weekend to u too.

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@Annya Ikr...this is what happens when you doze off from reading Soompi! Yes I did watch Train to Busan. It is more sad and thrill than horror. Years ago, I told myself I would never watch a horror movie in a cinema again after being traumatised from watching The Sixth Sense. Train turned out so well (i was one of the few women in the audience who did NOT scream) and deserved all the accolades! 

I would rather hear more about her projects than her love life honestly speaking, but it is what it is. As long as she is happy and being treated well I am ok.

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54 minutes ago, ELY_397 said:

@Annya Ikr...this is what happens when you doze off from reading Soompi! Yes I did watch Train to Busan. It is more sad and thrill than horror. Years ago, I told myself I would never watch a horror movie in a cinema again after being traumatised from watching The Sixth Sense. Train turned out so well (i was one of the few women in the audience who did NOT scream) and deserved all the accolades! 

I would rather hear more about her projects than her love life honestly speaking, but it is what it is. As long as she is happy and being treated well I am ok.

Haha reading soompi.Sometime even my fav comes to my dream.I was fine when i watch sixth sense but i watched The Ring at home on dvd.After the movie end the phone in my house rang,i don't know was it coincidence or someone playing prank.I didn't pick up the phone that night :fearful: If u have watched it,u could understand what i am saying.

Its not that her lovelife is giving us more details.We know she is private person.Even i want to hear abt her project.I would be so happy even if she does cameo in some drama.

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Annya, I didn't watch The Ring and never will...Asian horror movies are the scariest when it comes to depicting female ghosts!!!

I really do think it was not their intention to reveal the relationship yet but they were probably taking the "come what may" attitude. They were not going to let the fear of being caught stop them from doing couple things together. I get it. They have both experienced career highs and lows and probably feel that nothing can faze them anymore.

I hope JS Pictures will cast her in something soon (they are producing the new drama Women with Dignity with outside actors)....please!

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As a big fan of LDH i respect her choice on whom she chose and because of that i'm trying to know her bf because this is the first time i heard and saw his videos in YT. If Se7en is very sincere on his love to DH why not give him a chance, i believe both of them deserve to be happy and as a fan all we can do is support and accept their relationship. If DH is happy so we should also be happy. Hope to hear any news from her.

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@arlene80 I am happy for her.Nothing else to say.

@ELY_397 One of the guest must have clicked it. Yups agree both have seen high and low in career path.Yups JS picture is too quite.Getting her a project is there work.Why are they lazing around.The two project which i saw both had JS pictures actor.Finger crossed.


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Here is SE7EN haruhana magazine interview scan.

credit to:http://se7ens31.blog.me/220555071282   for pic and korean translation and naver blog :sevenbuzz7 for some scan pic. I have translated it from korean to english by google translator.I know translator mess a lot but still u can understand it.






I did not know it falls so happy to sing and dance on stage.

Stand on stage after two years and eight months emit new light.

"I'm home!" I felt back to my house.

Seven [SE7EN 10th Anniversary Tour in Japan] recalled the good impression on stage with 2 concerts in eight years months.

''14 Activities such as horses, musical groups and fan meeting after the umbilical cord is stand on stage as a singer but this is the first time the Japanese tour.

...... I want to keep singing and singing on stage because the original appearance of the singer.

Still enthusiastically cheer for your audience on this tour gomawotgo Above all, I did not know the stage singing and dancing so happy to above.

I realize that it is happier than ever. "
'05 '10 Debut one from Japan.

'10 Years away compared to a lot of physical strength (laugh) "I said jokingly he said.

Seven vividly animated on stage, but did not change 10 years ago, and rather masculine strength and became more

Voice even deeper and even more to the sparkling bright light.

"A large bar is a musical experience. While starring in a musical song when carrying the idea haejyeotdaneun emotion expressive

While performing groups also I have seen the look that every musical actor sang it became a really big study.

The musical and vocalization changbeop also have increased due to the difference map is usual, a little singing skills ....? (Shy) "

In July, it established a popular one stroke signs and Nine Eleven was a new departure as an artist at the same time was also come upon the president / CEO of the agency.

'20 When asked to buy the plans for the future agency after 10 years as president at the time, you remember agency also said producer and would like to establish.

I think it was so far have their own agency You did fulfill one of my dreams. "

The musical began after the end of the tour Preparation bustle that even without a break to rest "too happy" said wide and laughed.

'Release timing is still undecided, but is also ready to steadily progress of the new album. "

"When the military should properly be thought that ... when the hell haeteotneunde could be from the beginning so work quickly and smoothly is now happy to be busy about things."

"The album has specially focused to select the songs that will not change my style of thinking meantime, I think my fans are rather people hear good music - enabled.

Now, do you try to work in earnest, well, thank you support. Thank you for your continued patience. "

Of enlisted (in service) has been seven to ponder everything.

"I hear myself properly do feel like a little kid as an adult dolahgateo right! Really it! Can we have a little more adult? (ㅋㅋ) "

That smile was the same boy also debut as well.

111 ~ 113.p

I felt happy on stage in front of fans ohreumyeo.

Look back 10 years spent with the Japanese fans.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of his debut in Japan 'SE7EN 10th Anniversary Tour in Japan' Seven held in four cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Hyogo, Fukuoka concert tours.

And the last tour in a long time watching this look back 10 years told me a lot of memories.

- Come on! Live on stage, but ended as a great success Tell a comment finish (watch).

"I could spend a long time in close concert with the Japanese fans so you jeulgeowoseo 'too good ~" I thought.

It came with a lot of time walking far away for more than two years in sad, but really glad to be in such a good opportunity of the 10th anniversary of the concert. "

- Configuration of the song (set list) Are thought it would (be considered to mind) rituals anything?

"Yiraseo 10 years, one will sing all the songs you love wanted submitted so far.

There were a lot of songs you want to sing on stage in a long time called the title track yiradeunga picked songs by everyone thought they would hear.

And the opening dance, performing mid serves as many different aspects of my own feelings that I wanted to hear a song (to show).

When the concert the next time a different song, the song also serves many would like. "

- I was groaning and jyeotdago stamina dropped after the dance.

"It's a joke (laughs). In fact, it is still good (laughs). "

- Video highlights to look back 10 years heulreoteo in it, you feel you listening?

"Also debuted live at the place when I first came to Japan, I felt that saesam came're having a good time with Japanese fans.

Then I felt happy ohreumyeo time on stage in front of the fans again so much. And, I gwiyeopgu I am the one (laughs) 10 years ago. "

- Continue hwaldonghae I'm here as a solo, do you ever think bureopdago group?

"(In terms of days), the business side pyeonhalji do not know if that activity alone. Anything I can do it myself (laughs). Eopeuni work with others opinions hitting convinient.

However, travel and colleagues are always close to the (tour), you take a look at the rest of the group look at me playing with myself feel that the hotel bureopgo'm lonely. "

Next year, I want to keep busy and spend several days in Japan (doing).

Agency representatives also actively and also activities in Japan

- Did you return to the musical Elisabeth in South Korea.

"It was the first challenge, it was also holding a fresh feel like a rookie.

(Eopeotjiman meet this time) because it was busy schedules have not seen the musical and private actors who looked like the fellowship as a rehearsal or concert

Many studies have been very vocal and even in expressive power. When the show ended lonely sad tears Ping - I turned to (laughs).

The musical is that the audience something different, I'm also the same as the live (concert).

Live (concert) is if you show the Stay of myself, but the musical In it difficult to postpone a character (in the musical - was difficult. This statement was interpreted only does the statement undisturbed when I read I did not understand this ㅠ sentence may be wrong) the audience bundeulkkeseo Cause is revealed as coming to see the work come around to see the Seven.

Japanese audience who came to see the musical gyesyeoseo also surprised many. I want to musicals and one on which we want to work not yet thought up deunga. "


- View the drama "Palace S 'in Japan, I'm also a fan dwaetdaneun many people, do you mind another act in the drama as an actor?

Because it was "the first drama to challenge the terms of the new challenges was the same feeling as when musical.

'Tis but the work of great memories and a great experience to haejun still occasionally think (you think) but shame bojineun again ... (laughs)

Among Japanese fans, you will want to think again if Ido many good works those who want to see the drama. "


- Love genre? Aekjyeon genre?

"Love Action? (laugh)"


(One would like to achieve) anything you want to do as a representative from the agency this year, what would you said that you were the activities besides music will?

"Producer John. I'm from the past and wanted. Male idol group that the diaries women's journal, but has yet to think of what style you want.

But I'm talking about the distant future (we there yet.) First, it's a priority to release an album. And next year, I want to keep busy while doing an album with new songs released in Japan.

Please look forward to this live DVD doeni also released (release) (Japan tour concert DVD is filled). "

7 questions to Seven.

I have to choose one of three answers to the seven questions about the choices of private (privacy) of Seven.

Q1. If you drink alcohol?

Soju or beer or wine

- Beer, soju is full and hungry enemies eunikka.

But also eat a little less water other fine sake.

Good wine is a red wine with cheese garnishes.

Q2. Go out to play?

The sea or the mountains or shopping

- Sea liked to swim. The acid will try golf.

Golf in South Korea for most mountain. Oh, that sense of whether the mountain? (Laughs) do not go climbing (climbing is well angage).

Q3. Favourite ingredients of your sushi?

To Toro(fat tuna) or salmon or sea urchin

- Well ... this question is a bit difficult to choose Toro or sea urchins.

Salmon is usually dislike part is not.Reporter: favorite ingredients? It's (Oh Toro. Oh, yes, the answer is, toro (Laughter.)

Q4.If you're hungry?

Fruit or sweets or rice

- There is no choice questions. Confectionery (sweets) also do not eat fruits also do so.

When you eat do not eat snacks pyeonyira eat well packed rice. If hungry, eat a snack if required something more current rice,sandwiches and hamburgers.

Q5. If you're living in Japan where you want to live??

Roppongi or Harajuku or Hachioji

- Not only what kind of place it is not moreugetji ... (laughs). Roppongi and Harajuku in've been many times whereas Hachioji have never been there yet.

Q6. If you look at the movies?

Love story or action or horror

-Tears, I love movies but don't cry because I didn't feel like crying.

My favorite love story movie of Jennifer Love Hewitt [IF ONLY] and [now, will see] that.

Q7. If you go to the world famous attractions?

Pyramids of Egypt or Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal in India, Peru

- The requirements of nowhere've never been to Egypt, but if you want to go far go in particular.
The most important thing to me, fans and colleagues.

Twitter Q & A

(The Seven questions from fans who have sent us pick a question and answer gave directly.)

Q Please tell us the latest artists and songs often hear music. (@kei ******)

A Song of Seven (laughs)

Otherwise, it just works related songs. He sang songs and cover songs from the musical Japan live tour.

It does it tricky to remember only that I was listening to the lyrics (laughs).

Q Time and time again when you publish photos on Twitter and Instagram do post after recording? Or do I publish one shot after shot like a man? (@bun *****)

A post at a time when I can even take until the mind. But it's not the taking part so much. Time to update your leisure time with a sense of "Insta do (laughs)

I glanced to see all comments. Japanese is a little slow reading speed is still hard to read well.

Q Is the artist collaborated want to do? (@jun ********)

A eopneyo Speaking ever thought. In whatever I can do it myself (laughs).

[Reporter: Duet is] a duet? Even if it seems good. Daldalhan like love song.

Q Did The Japanese tour at the time De local food? Among them are a favorite food of the first? (@chi ********)

A coachman hicheu in Nagoya City and chicken wings, cooking, Hakata baeksuk, Osaka okonomiyaki. Anything I eat well. Natto and umeboshi also fine.

Q The most important thing right now? (@yum *********)

A person.

Fans, staff members, friends ave all colleagues. For me, this fellow it's the most important. When the army went too difficult to believe the people watching gave me. When most difficult (if difficult) because the one to stay by colleagues.

What to do in Q 10 years later? What would you like to have a look? (@DS *******)

A 10 years after I're 41 years old?

Wonderful producer? It is a wonderful producer, as a representative of my company Nine-Eleven and want to (laughs)

And that time might Yen Her family child? Whether the fans dont sing, and I sing if you want, even after 10 years.

Q is a smartphone app to good use? (@kap *******)

A Instagram and KakaoTalk.

In Korea, all I'm writing KakaoTalk. Contact the business, as well as many friends and I also KakaoTalk.

Cute Stamp (characters) I write also. If your friend Let's drink themselves, but also because the musical was during neck surgery management Did massage.

Did you do a little bit after a concert in Japan. I geujeongdo. Nine-Eleven and the phone's standby screen logo.

After experiencing musical Q Is there a change in changbeop as a singer? Also please tell me if you have a memorable happenings of the musical. (@ 77m *****)

A Happening did not have. I have always perfect (laughs)

The first day of course, but the tension was trying to concentrate so I'm real nervous as they are when the pulley body to relax.

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Thanks Annya. I am glad he is still popular in Japan. Is there a Japanese version as well?  If I was still working in my old company, I could just ask my Korean colleagues to translate it for me, well maybe not because they were mostly guys and would have been shocked to know that I am a fangirl haha!

I am not sure if he actually said that a person is the most important thing to him right now. Did I read that wrong? If true, it is consistent with what they said about supporting each other in bad times. :)

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Japanese version may be on his japanese fan blog.But why will Japanese write the content ?They can read it directly.His japanese blog is for members,u have to join it if i am not wrong.The blogger which i found translated from Japanese to korean.And i translated her korean to english.Maybe they must be having english translation somewhere on FB. I saw them giving credit to Se7en fans fb group.

Even i am not sure the translation messed up there or its proper.Even i understood same as much u abt the person he spoke.

Half the korean doesn't like her since she is close to many idol and actor,as a fan they must be jealous that there fav is not.If they date secretly how will someone know.Since i watch Happy together in that they say many things so i know they do date but are not caught.Like i said DH is more friendly has little western culture so i always get confused whether its friendship or more then it.That's why i take time instead of jumping on any conclusion.

U can still download the magazine page zoom it and certain page are quite readable.

The drama which u were talking abt to cast DH in is already had there first script reading.

SE7EN New album teaser.Nice and different.



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An article abt Happy together 3.



‘해피투게더3’ 세븐 “이다해와 열애 기사? 어느 정도 예상


13일 방송되는 KBS 2TV ′해피투게더3′(이하 ‘해투’)는 ‘팩트폭력단’ 특집으로 꾸며진다. 이날 방송에서는 절대 반박할 수 없는 강력한 팩트를 소유한 5인방 강균성, 세븐, 슬리피, 성소, 차은우가 출연해 돌직구 토크로 시청자들에게 속 시원한 사이다 웃음을 선사할 예정이다.

특히 최근 진행된 녹화에서는 가수 세븐이 5년 만에 방송에 복귀해 이목을 집중시켰다. 이날 세븐은 “너무 오랜만에 방송이라 긴장되고 떨린다”며 무릎을 가만히 두지 못해 시작부터 웃음을 자아냈다. 그러나 ‘해투’ MC 군단은 안절부절 못하는 세븐은 아랑곳없이, 그에게 짓궂은 팩트 폭격을 퍼부어 웃음을 더했다.

무엇보다 세븐은 지난 9월 배우 이다해와의 열애 사실을 공개해 큰 화제를 불러 모은 바, 이날 역시 세븐-이다해 커플의 공개연애에 대한 관심이 뜨거웠다. 세븐은 “파파라치에 사진을 찍힌 걸 알고 있었냐?”는 질문에 “전혀 몰랐다. 사실 저희가 모자 정도는 썼지만 완전히 가리고 다니진 않았기 때문에 (기사가 나올 것을) 어느 정도 예상은 하고 있었다”며 솔직하게 답했다. 이에 유재석은 “들키는데 1년이나 걸려서 사실 초조했던 것 아니냐”며 우스갯소리를 해 현장을 웃음바다로 만들었다.

이어 세븐은 자신의 ‘해투’ 출연에 대해 이다해가 특별한 조언을 했다고 밝혀 귀를 쫑긋하게 만들었다. 그는 이다해가 “박명수 오빠만 조심하라고 했다”고 털어놨고, 이에 발끈한 박명수는 “하나만 걸리면 된다”며 오히려 전투력을 불태워 세븐의 진땀을 뺐다.

그런가 하면 이날 세븐은 이다해와 친구에서 연인이 되기까지의 비하인드 스토리뿐만 아니라 3년 전 뜨거운 감자였던 근무지 이탈 사건에 대한 심경에 이르기까지 모든 것을 허심탄회하게 털어놨다는 후문. 이에 5년만에 돌아온 세븐의 공중파 예능 복귀전에 기대감이 증폭된다.

세븐의 비하인드 스토리가 공개될 KBS 2TV ‘해피투게더3’는 10월 13일 오후 11시 10분 방송된다.

The translator does quite messy job so i will wait for eng translation,but he is talking abt dating pic taken and DH :)

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@Tey Ling Did u skipped one day in ur calendar its oct 12.

English translation.


SE7EN Discloses His Relationship with Lee Da Hae in ‘Happy Together3’

SE7EN will show up in a variety show.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Happy Together3’, SE7EN will talk about behind stories of a relationship with his girlfriend Lee Da Hae.

Particularly, he caught the attention from the audiences as he made comeback to the small screens in 5 years. He said, “I’m so nervous that it’s been awhile” and made everyone laugh.

On top of everything, he will catch the audiences’ attention by confessing his thoughts and feelings about open relationship with Lee Dae Hae. When MCs asked, “Did you know paparazzis would take photos of you?” and he answered, “I never knew. Actually, we wore caps, but didn’t hide our faces completely, so we knew it would happen” frankly.

He continuously mentioned that Lee Da Hae left a few advices about showing up on the program. He said, “Lee Da Hae told me to watch out for Park Myung Soo” and Park Myung Soo added, “I’m looking for just one mistake from you.”

Meanwhile, ‘Happy Together3’ airs on Thursdays at 11:10pm KST. (photo by KBS)



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