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Kim Yoo-Jung & Park Bo-Gum | Moonlight Couple|

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13 minutes ago, Kissy13 said:

@happysloth @cici1:joy::blush::heart:

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Well I will do everything that I can to have one..will be working overtime and buy lottery ticket starting today:grimace:kekeke but still if none of this work..I will also wait for youtube videos:blush:

Maybe Yoo Jungie is the 8th Hokage of the modern era....her ninja skills are JJJAAAANNGGGG!!! Yoo Jung should teach her mom and Bo Gum's manager some ninja mode skill while traveling..:blush:


That's the spirit! *Virtually giving you a shoulder massage. I'll bring drinks and two large buckets of popcorns when you're ready to camp for any trickles of PD Cuts DVDs:grin:



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Well guys, I actually wanted to write a comment  for #BOYOO @ AAA since yesterday but I was so busy livestreaming and Tweet the same time. Plus I was waiting for clearer pcitures and videos to gather


Okay, prepare for my lengthy post about the video call As I promised, I even screen captured that short video call to find those tiny little sweet moment  1. It's start when JongMin ask YooJ

@Kissy13 thanks u guy. I followed this topic for a long time but now (after MAMA 2016) I can resist myself to sign up acc and join in #teamboyoo. Lol. I just hope reading all analysis about our puppies becoz they r the unique couple made me totally mad all day :blush:.Always support BoYoo :heart:.

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1 hour ago, cici1 said:

Hmmm hmm  is it only me that sometimes see BG looks like TOP?? :dizzy::dizzy:

they are not look alike, but there is facial feature of TOP that BG has.. (maybe this is my imagination only)

Permission to repost @Sheila Marie Green

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Omg....after you mentioned it....now cannot unsee that image....wonder if pbg is trying to cultivate that very manly aura which kyj always talks about..lol...

Before that he seemed very erm...less manly shall we say....dodging stones from pbg fans...

Sorry but I love TOP from long long ago....

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18 hours ago, NRGchick said:

Lol...I think nowadays we will recognize Bo Gum because of his manager and Yoo Jung because of her mom.

hahaha.. abseloutly.. N may be they still didn't realize that they are as famous as BoYoo. Every shippers n BoYoo individually fans already know their face even from a distance lol..:grimace:

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I didnt say Blossom arrange of fix win, bo gum has too many fans to need that. I notice in BG & YJ page there are: yahoo buzz award top buzz star: male/female "pending". I know wiki is not a source but in fact there is no top buzz star male/female. There are three category: top actor, top actress (both are chinese actors leading), top asian idol. Technically, the last category if for idol. So I suspect yahoo contact both agent, or some activity for both of them doing that time. Blossom must known about this long time ago but suddenly only annount it few days ago. I was hoping YJ can win her first one without BG relate but soon BG agent annount, she almost has no chance. There might be two awards for both of them. Why the idol groups doesnt care about this one.


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22 hours ago, cici1 said:

I did it after watching MAMA. and I still had the same reaction when 1st time I watched ... aaahhhh. I think BoYoo ruined me for another drama. 

omo thank u for this @cici1 B) 


the dialogue between SHK and SJK there is really cheesy, but I was thinking is there any possibility YJ and BG watched DOTS together , or BG watched it and think about it (hahahaha).. 

In my delulu mind, this conversation is happened between BG and YJ. (totally, this is product of my delulu mind)

SHK: Shi Jin, please take one star for me.

SJK: I have took one star and she sits beside me.. 

SHK: (smile and blush)

SJK: You are really shining like star... bla bla bla, and I find  my life is shining brightly (not boring anymore). 

SHK: (laughing)

SJK: How it is possible a woman like u is mine?? 


Credit to: @bubblyflo

u make me come with another idea for quiz #5:glasses:

Are u ready for quiz #5 shippers?:kiss_wink:

The question is ....


OTHERS HINT:glasses:




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@4nnlov3pink seriously, I cannot beat @Kissy13's answer.. OMG is so cheesy, but it makes me squealing. And I LOVE IT. *delulu mind imagine when BG called YJ in one of night, ask her to open her window and to stare the night sky.. 



YJ felt so happy to see the sky and say that it is so pretty. Of course BG would say that YJ is the most pretties and she shines so brightly.. Yj would said that BG Oppa, "it is so cheesy" while smiling and blushing. But BG insisted, make YJ more embarrassed, and silent.

while silent between them BG started the conversation softly and manly (like how he called (Ra on ah), he called YJ name

BG: Yoo Jung ah..how much you think you're worth to me?

YJ: 1 yang?

BG: Anni da..

YJ: 1 million yang?

BG: Anni hehehe:blush:

YJ: Then can you tell my worth to you oppa?

BG: You are the billion of stars that fills up my whole sky

then cue for this one...

Thank u @Kissy13 & @4nnlov3pink for the idea to feed my delulu mind.. 



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