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  1. Well of course giving the role to an actor who fits the character's age, height and visual is much more reasonable.
  2. Went on Twitter and saw this old photos of YKS. Mygosh, he looked pretty much like a webtoon flower boy If YKS accepts the role AND undergoes a dramatic transformation to look like THAT.... Problem solved! Now I'm all excited at the possibilities of chemistry and visual compatibility between Yoojung and Kyunsang
  3. Yoojung's inner circle's IG account posted this Soompi report. I wonder if this means YKS is officially the male lead.
  4. Very true! I can easily picture YKS perfectly portraying the adorkable Jang Sung Kyul right down to the smallest facial expression and slightest body movement. YKS in person IS mygoshsoadorkable But, I cannot picture him being cute and lovey dovey with YJ's character here. I would love to see KYJ and YKS on screen together in dramas, not lighthearted romcoms. Exactly. There are more than a handful of young and tall actors out there with descent acting skills who are currently not tied to any projects. Or, their projects will end in July so they'd be available in August, like Jang Ki Young (who is around the same height as AHS at 187cm and looks as young as AHS despite being two years older).
  5. @jongski @triplem @Jillia Yes, LSW is out of the question, that's why I said "But not anymore". Now, I'm racking my brain trying to remember any names mentioned other than AHS during the casting phase, I wonder if the production team would now pass the offer to the casting's second best. Too bad most of the latest young breakout actors --assuming the production team is aiming for young blood-- are already committed to other projects. I understand that webtoon/webnovel adaptations should cast actors/actress who resembles the closest to the original character, but I hope the production team would this time put slightly more emphasis on acting skill and/or experience than physical resemblance in choosing the male lead. I think the pressure and expectation on the team and the cast, especially the three main leads, are heavier now, thus they need a solid male lead to shoulder the drama together with the female lead and the second male lead.
  6. I'm so happy that Yoojung is regaining her strength and health and that Clean is now back on track (if only Soompi supports the 'Throw Confetti' emoticon). I'm not that sad or surprised by AHS' departure; such a decision is inevitable given the long delay in the drama production. I hope SJR will be able to wrap up his other drama in time for Clean so we'd still have the second male lead. I wonder if there are other members of the cast who also have to bow out due to conflicting schedule. Speaking of the vacant male lead position, I don't mind if they offer SJR the title, although he may not fit the age description of the character? If not him, hhhhmm I'd love to see either Jisoo, Kwak Dong Yeon, or Yeo Jin Goo get the role. Or perhaps Yook Sungjae. When they first announced the cast for Clean, I'd wished Lee Seo Won was the male lead coz he had almost become Yoojung's Kim Hyung in MDBC. But not anymore Anyway, so glad to see this thread coming to life, thank you dear Moderators Looking forward to more news on Clean and its cast... August come quickly!
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