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  1. Hi! Hello dear !!! As much as I want to answer you but sad to say I'm a newbie too!!As of now there is not much of inter action between the two couple but it doesn't mean that it's all over between them. Now a days .....only taemin left in his group doing his solo while Apink is not active for now but they will make another song for sure . They have their own solo or individual projects /works inside and outside their country. For me as a fan...still believe that they are still dating but .........definitely private (secret) one.
  2. Sorry for not answering all your reply....I just need to wait for some of other comment about what I have said here....A minute ago I read some of Jonghyun words. This words that I know you can relate especially if your older now ....he said " I'm human , can I not have some fun". Exactly this words is something that really happens once in your life time....being wild and free!!!! I have also friends in a chat room ...sometimes we do jokes beyond our imagination....some are freaky,some are horny and some are dirty but because we are friends we could say anything in a private conversation. You never know if it's reality or not .....we're just having some fun!!! Because of this stupid convo....many lives of celebrity has been messed up and ruined at the same time.For crying out loud!!! Gosh !!! Just a simple proof of chatting....all the involve persons has been convicted!????? I myself do that with my friends ....but if you have proof that you do it in actual footage that is different scenario.....but dannnnnnnng!!!! You don't have privacy anymore....don't believe about skype, facebook or discord and some site because they can hacked it .!! Because of this media,reporter,gossips from news articles ...they just doomed the life of the actors/celebrities.Now you know why???why??? why???? many people in Korea do the suicidal attempt. I'm sorry if I go too far ....answering this kind of words because for me this is stupid!! Bashed me all you want !!! But in my point of view...this is trashed !!!! Actors,actress,dishwashers,butler,maid and so on.....we're all humans!!No worries guys!! I will not reply anymore because I know many here will hate me!!Thank you to all the people here who replied to me .For me as a fan...If you love someone and you've been a fan for so many years I'm not that easily change and easily to let go !!I'm using my heart not my eyes and my hearing .....because in this ERA, there is no impossible when it comes to technology......everything can be EDITED!!!! Thank you!! And also SORRY to every one here !!!
  3. Just want to share for every one here .....I don't know exactly what happened about the past and what exactly or the truth of this scandal. When you based it what the media feeds you and what other people created this bad against the celebrities. I'm just wondering ...why now!?? Who are the girls that has been involve in this scandal and the biggest question is ....Who's behind this !?? I don't believe that only one reporter has the guts to show the evidence. Do you Fans out there not even think that there is someone more powerful man/woman that could pay any one just to destroy one's reputation. I know that even celebrities can do make mistakes just like any other people. We Fans/citizen all over the world are the one who gives strength to our idols.....but at the same time we are also the one who can destroy them by giving a monstrous/harsh comments that can push a person to take their life{suicide}. If you really an avid fan....could you at least be quiet for a bit and just be there knowing there are still people who believes in them by not commenting. Please don't bash me if you think I don't feel sorry for the girls....I don't know about the girls for not feeling sorry for them..... I can't relate because I've worked for 15 years in showbiz and I know the Games/scandals and more.Showbiz is one of the dirtiest job for a rookie especially if your not talented enough to be an idol. If you want to be a star you have to used your body just to reached your dreams in stardom. I'm not SAYING ALL but most is....I feel sorry about the actor in 2 days and 1 night actor...he's been judge before and he was ruined and now they open it up again and being judge by the whole world again!!??? What do you expect to the guy huh!! He just surrendered and he's lost...his sanity is broken....saying word he regretted for being a celebrity how he wished he's just a simple citizen. Please ....Hope someone can read this...don't let go! Your idol needs you!! They worked so hard and trained so many years before they debut. Many of them are only teens when they started training and in Korea small news can be called scandal., meeting someone caught in camera it means scandal/dating.I'm an international fan, so I don't know the real score of what happen inside Korea, I'm just one of a few people who doesn't believe about this and will never be.....All I know is .....If you want it then do it ! If you don't then be quiet and stay away from trouble ! Be responsible for your actions....because everything that you do is your own doing .....just yours alone.Thank you and hope that no ones mad at me .
  4. Hello every one !! I'm a new fan of taeun ....I'm one of the stalker in your thread and I do like all your opinion and your fmv/Video/clips. I just finished watching WGM and several videos with a lot of hints and moments. I just want to know .....I mean ....I have a question....If ever there is a video which both of them cleared or answered the fans that there is nothing (dating /relationship) happened between them, cause if not !?? And most of their videos and some news regarding with this couple .....I l should say there is something and I remember that both of them are introvert (correct me if I'm wrong ) even though they don't have time to see each other that much but in their hearts there is one person who occupied their space and their longing and....both of them are one woman man and one man woman . For me it means TRUST/STRAIGHT and they both have that .Most of Korean ....let's say almost all actors and actress in other countries, they always very strict /secretive when it comes to their personal life . Thank you if someone could answer me .May your thread be merrier and more blessing to come !!
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