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Well guys, I actually wanted to write a comment  for #BOYOO @ AAA since yesterday but I was so busy livestreaming and Tweet the same time. Plus I was waiting for clearer pcitures and videos to gather


Okay, prepare for my lengthy post about the video call As I promised, I even screen captured that short video call to find those tiny little sweet moment  1. It's start when JongMin ask YooJ

17 minutes ago, myicecreamcakexoxo said:

Awwee how I wish I could chingu but yesterday was my last day of freedom hence why I've been vomiting long posts lol :'( I have exams this week and throughout next week :bawling:  Maybe once I'm done w/ blasted finals I will :tears: No worries chingu! I'm as delulu as you and I'm pretty sure all BoYoo shippers here are delulu (ooops, don't shoot me haha) to a certain extent :D I enjoy reading your posts too! Virtual Hug!

And I 100% agree with you @torquoiselily! BG wouldn't have come up with the same Lee Yeong that we all know and love if not for YJ's Ra On (and this is further consolidated after I read BG's full interview for Yahoo Taiwan, thanks so much for the translation @superfangermany_stv) and although it saddens me sometimes that most k-actresses tend to get overshadowed by their male counterpart because there are more females watching k-dramas, we can't deny that Moonlight is BG and YJ's drama through and through. When I asked my cousin, "Have you watched moonlight yet?" She answered, "Oh that historical drama with Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum?" 

So what we can take home from this is that both of them play equally important roles in moonlight's popularity, because the Lee Yeong that they fangirl over is the product of both BG's acting and also YJ's acting as Ra On that in turn influenced him to act in that way :) I think both of them are method actors such that when they act, they truly do become the characters. The little gestures and emotions that really tugged at my heart when watching watching mdbc; the things that made me really fell in love with mdbc, the were all the byproducts of that, of them influencing each other. No matter how good an actor/actress you are, if your partner is a statue, you will still be able to emote perfectly fine yes, but it just won't give the same heightened feeling/desired impact if compared to when you're with someone as solid as you are. Mdbc will be remembered as both BG AND YJ's drama. Just my two cents :)

OOOOH, BY THE WAY IS IT TRUE THAT URI PUPPIES ARE GOING TO BE ON ANOTHER AWARD SHOW TOGETHER? Is Yahoo Buzz Award that big of an event? I've been keeping my expectations super low (even tho I wish YJ will come as a guest in BG's fanmeet sigh) and I really wasn't expecting anything else before KBS Drama Awards! Oomph, I'll just try and not to think about it and hope reverse psychology will work its magic :D Won't it be super awesome if we can see BoYoo together again? I will try not to dream too much tho. :sweatingbullets:

I looked up past events of Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. Looks like it's a less formal award event/red carpet taken place outdoor where the winners received their trophies and had photos taken by the media. It's still a nice exposure. Nominations were based on most key words searched about them so it is more of a popularity award. 

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Even if its a bromance couple, both wont be equally love, there is always someone more popular: Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook, Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In, Won Bin & Lee Jong Suk. This drama Lee Young has more moments, he is the centre of the show. In later part of the show, Raon mostly disappear. Moon draws by clouds, he is the moon. I dont think there is popular drama that the female gets more love than male: Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun, Song Hye Kyo & Song Jong Ki, Bae Young Joon & Choi Ji Woo.

On the up side, there are many oppas but only few girls. For example right now the most popular are yoona, suzy, park shin hye (im not talking about their acting skills), but there have lots of oppas to act with. So YJ will be the girl that oppas fight left and right to be the lead. She has everything, the look, the popularity and the act. 

I have a feeling that blossom has some kind of arrangement with yahoo, the voting has come out of no where. (Bo Gum fan meeting is on 17th, the event is on 20th) If any of the idols get the memo the actors will have no chance. There must be something going on. Last two years it was Jessia Jung (SNSD), its a pretty small event, not many news written about it.


< to be honest, who still use yahoo to search?>


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Did you notice the changes of bg toward to her leading ladies there also a lot of changes in kyj in terms of her ideal type of guys.unlike before she very vocal to her admiration to ikon bobby but now she never talked about it if they asked about her ideal type she mention a man that too much older to her.infairness kyj has good pr skill.in the other side in my delulu mind i think pbg consider lmh as big wall between him and yj that he never easily to break.up to now the big question for me the surprise visit of mdbc trio to jy rehersal dy and bg can go to jy just two of them why the decide to bring kyj to meet jy to be exact day that yj meet her co gumiho co star.there another time.

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1 hour ago, superfangermany_stv said:

I'm on a roll tonight!!! Can't believe I translated 2 articles AmBsRRD.png

Was apprehensive about translating this initially after another "troll attack" yesterday. But witnessing how united we BoYoos are, I thought it would be a good idea to prove the trolls wrong with analysis and comparison.

Today we start with BG, tomorrow...I will translate the changes in YJ. THAT IS THE HIGHLIGHT MY DEAR CHINGUS...SO STAY TUNED... 

Cr: Kenny24nick - Baidu BoYoo Bar

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After several months, MAMA has set new records for sweetness overload, proving that for uri couple, there is no such thing as the SWEETEST moment, instead it only gets SWEETER AND SWEETER. Let’s have a look at the transition of the changes in them.


Press Con - BG was still able to control some of his emotions then. When he was not looking at YJ, he could still keep that standard official expression. But as soon as he was looking at YJ, he just could not help but smile and stare at her with those gentle eyes, though he was still able to control his smile by not exposing his teeth.


MAMA - Right from he start, BG was already smiling. Wasn’t even paying attention to walking when he turned his head subconsciously to YJ. You could already see those honey eyes and teeth exposing Pabo smile. gTpfM1L.png


Press Con - BG looks away after his eyes meet YJ’s. Both BG’s expression and smile exuded shyness back then, giving out that impression of someone at the preliminary stage of feeling admiration for the other, but then was still not yet very close.


MAMA - BG still could not harbour YJ’s amorous eyes. But now when he looks away, no longer was it because he was feeling bashful, instead it was more like the instinctive I Look at You, You Look Back between 2 people who are now very much familiar with one another. Just look at BG’s wide smile..his mouth was opened so wide, a fly could have flown in easily! AmBsRRD.png An in concealable smile that exhibited feelings of infinite satisfaction.

:heart: Difference in Arm Linking at MAMA & Press Con :heart:

Degree of BG’s bending arm:

Press Con - You can sense that his arm was more tensed, he was still feeling bashful as he was not too use to the close physical contact

MAMA - His arm drooped naturally and in a relaxed manner. He seem accustomed and enjoys the physical closeness.

Placement of YJ’s right hand:

Press Con YJ’s hand linked to BG’s arm with a slight clenched and tilted fist. Not only does it show that she was not very close with BG then, it was a tell tale sign that YJ was nervous. She even placed her left hand on BG’s arm as well in an aim to seek more security. So from the press con, you can see that YJ was somewhat dependent on BG.

MAMA YJ fingers were naturally linking on to BG’s arms, looking more composed. Especially when YJ intensified that link by reaching further into BG’s arms whilst walking gave out the impression of two people who were familiar to this intimacy/closeness.

How they both looked into the camera:

Press Con - They would only smile sweetly when they were looking at each other. But when they were looking at the direction of the media, they consciously switch back to the standard official smile. 

MAMA- When they looked into the camera, the smile on their face was one that was expressed from their hearts. Notice the in concealable crinkle and dazzle between their brows.

BG ah..when you were looking into the camera, the expression on your face was like you showing off “Isn’t my girl pretty?” fSmFYmM.png



Love the way YJ deepens that link on BG's arm here cqPcagb.pngwy9ZO7k.jpg

  Reveal hidden contents



I do love reading all your analyzing posts about our couple <3.

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35 minutes ago, happysloth said:


You're right, with her look, popularity, years of experience and most importantly acting prowess, YJ is going to be one of the most sought after actress.

As for Yahoo popularity award poll, I would love for YJ to win that. It maybe a smaller scale award event, but the exposure on SNS will help to develop and strengthen YJ's fan base not only in Korea but also overseas. Above all else, she deserved all the recognition for the toil and hard work she had put in MDBC.

I'm not sure I can agree with your 'hunch' that the Yahoo award voting could be somekind of 'an arrangement' between Yahoo and BoGum's agency. I'm very well aware that entertainment industry can be ruthless. But I don't think Blossoms would ever want to get involve in such a low deal. 

We might want to be very very careful in 'suspecting' a company of doing such a shaddy practice, even if you said it's just a feeling or a mere hunch cause it can easily be read or perceived by the concerned party as a slander against their reputation.


@happysloth, nice wise words.

Positive think and objective review is good support to our bias, refrain not to dig unnesccary hypothesis to avoid misinterpertation as well.

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