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One of my favorite SHS looks.






On 2/2/2019 at 9:34 PM, kokkuri33 said:

Anyone else trying the SHS Diet?

It's been very effective.

Down 17 kg in 2 weeks!

Used to have insomnia- but now sleep at least 22 hours a day!


On 2/3/2019 at 7:39 PM, kokkuri33 said:

My daily schedule is:


8 pm Wake up

Check SHS news

Eat 1 cup of cooked brown rice

Check SHS news

Take vitamins

Check SHS news

Watch j-drama (Tokusatsu Gagaga!) or k-drama (Last Empress!!)


Check SHS news

10 pm Sleep


Sometimes I dream of 고기구이










As I was about to quote you on the SHS diet, I read your other post about what it is and this totally cracked me up. LMAO.

All the while, I thought SHS diet meant starvation which she always says is her way of 'dieting' :sweat_smile:


I miss you all my co-minions. I've been caught up with so much lately, I can barely even take a peek at instagram udpates. But eeek, I'll finally be able to visit Seoul on March-April. This may be a bit farfetched but I hope I could catch any SHS event during my visit. 

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MyDramaList's best of Korea fan poll 2018 final results










(edited) Commercial break again.






 Love this sentence.


지난해 SBS ‘서른이지만 열일곱입니다’에서 그는 당시 서른 살의 나이로 고등학생 역을 이질감 0%로 연기해낸 바 있다.


In last year's SBS "Thirty but Seventeen," at the age of 30 she played the role of a high school student with 0% dissimilarity.  :rolleyes:^_^:D



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*** Here is what written on the print-out canvas ***
믿고보는 배우 신혜선  
영화  [결백]
모든 배우, 스탭 여러분 응원합니다!
Support for trustful actress Shin Hye-Sun and all actors and staffs of 'Innocent' movie !


Credits to






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Lots and lots of beautiful pics from '30but17' and 'Hymn of Death' in this blog.  :love:



Credits to owner, I love all of the artworks (and those dialogue captions are good for my Korean study too) . 


(click at pic for larger size)








(sorry that I posted too many pics but all are my favorite scenes)....




























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Old photo since 'Curious' MV 2013.


Shin Hye Sun vs Yoon Kyun Sang.


He and Shin Hye Sun worked together again in Chevrolet 2016 CFs (but appeared in different ad version).










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Old photos.  She's so cute then :wub:.











Hymn of Death ep 1-2 recap by Dramabeans.




I love this sentence , the writer of this review must like her so much. LOL :D


"I don’t blame Woo-jin, because Shim-deok is gorgeous when she’s all snapping eyes and pouty lips"

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On 2/2/2019 at 10:17 AM, immorethant said:

All Shin Hye Sun's works (credit to owner) ^_^.

I think it's quite a complete list so far.


The date DEC 3, 2012 marked on the calendar was the date of her debut which the 1st episode of 'School 2013' was aired. 



  Reveal hidden contents

 Seo Ji-An 을 거예요 Korean language lesson.  :sweatingbullets:

Probably the next lesson will be "네가 뭔데?" :joy:




Hola friends, I can't believe this is like my first post here in February. Thank you all for keeping the place beautiful with all the lovely posts and thoughts! This long clip you found @immorethant is awesome! Love how complete it is.:w00t:


On 2/8/2019 at 4:38 PM, kokkuri33 said:

Made a post in the Love Fest Feast thread, on Page 10!

@kokkuri33 I LOVEd your post. You're such an able, most dedicated spokesperson for Shin HyeSun! Thank you! Extra points for Lee Tae-Hwan rubber glove pics from MGL, one of the only few eps I still would watch again over and over all with LTH and SHS.:wub:



5dfa85175cf59be51ab60e45708963bc.jpg8fc604817e8bee2fbdce7a7780232433.jpg I can't find anything but reposts, but here are some adorables from 'She was Pretty' that I haven't seen much before. :rolleyes:source

All I can assume is how dedicated she is to her movie shoot right now, and she's so focused to bring us an amazing first lead performance on silver screen soon, that she can't be distracted with SNS posts and updates? Yes I definitely give our 믿고보는배우 (mitt bo babe - actress you trust and watch) the benefit of the doubt! :innocent:


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Hi @meechuttso, I'm so delighted to see your post again, really missed you. :blush:


4 hours ago, meechuttso said:

I can't find anything but reposts, but here are some adorables from 'She was Pretty' that I haven't seen much before. :rolleyes:source

What makes me glad reading that page is all comments said SHS is cute and pretty. :wub:


These gifs make me smile the whole day. :kiss_wink:

Credit to https://twitter.com/OAO3017




:love:  Lovely Yeon Tae :kiss_wink:






The same clothes from this video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiAXqS7OwSo


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The Three Sisters of PyongYang


This article was written by Youn Shim Duk's great-grandniece. (Her great-grandmother is the eldest , Shim Duk is 2nd )




This is the part she described about her great-grandmother (Shim Duk's elder sister),  she was such a modern woman. 


(Youn) Shim Sung became the first graduate of her junior high in 1908. Then, when she was fourteen, her parents sent her to Ewha High School for girls in Seoul, where she was valedictorian of her class and went on to join only the second class of women to graduate from Ewha Womans University, where she then taught math, physics and English.


When she went to his hometown Andong to meet her future in-laws, as she stepped out of the gama (a carriage carried by people on foot), her mother-in-law fainted, overwhelmed by Shim Sung’s tall stature, modern hair style, and sophisticated dress, which was influenced by the fashion from Hong Kong.




And some parts about Shim Duk 




At first Woo Jin, a quiet, academic, philosophical person, didn’t like Shim Duk, who had an open, joyful personality, which was, in that time and place, considered masculine. As my aunt says, “He thought, ‘What a woman.’ Women in those days were supposed to be shy.


During the Japanese colonial period, about three in four Koreans were farmers, and although education was expanded from four to six years in 1922, by the mid-1930s, fewer than one in six Korean elementary school-age children were enrolled in an officially recognized school. Because of their chosen pursuits, Shim Duk and Woo Jin were struck by the fact that Koreans mostly knew nothing of drama or classical music. As outsiders, they bonded, and he invited her whole family down to Mokpo for a visit.


In 1922, when her seven years of study in Japan were complete, Shim Duk toured in Korea. Tall, stylish and beautiful and with her unconventional personality, she created a huge sensation. She would wear a long dress with a red rose and sing opera arias, even though at that time, classical music had never been heard in Korea. Men packed recital halls just to look at her, Korea’s first real “modern” woman.


But Shim Duk was depressed. A bookworm who owned hundreds of tomes, she was reading a lot of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, and, as my aunt put it, “Pessimism was kind of in fashion.” Shim Duk would read intellectual books and cry about the state of Korean society. “They don’t understand my music,” she would lament. People were fascinated by her, but they didn’t really appreciate her music or talent.


According to my aunt, headlines across the country declared that the famous soprano Youn Shim Duk and a rich man committed suicide because of love. But, my aunt says, while they may have been lovers, the main reason for their suicide was that they were both in such despair over their lives: “Society was not ready for them yet. They were born too early.




After reading this article, I got more idea about how much modern her family was and how educated women like her felt herself as an outsider of her society.  It's understandable that why Woo Jin and Shim Deok were attracted to each other because in that era it's hard to find someone who appreciated their artistic talent. 


And as I read some comments mentioned about adultery or cheating married man, personally I agree with the article that both didn't commit suicide because they are lovers as media tried to portray, but because they couldn't go on living their lives in that society and they just chose to die together because only both of them understood each other.


Also for comment that Shim Duk's role played by Shin Hye Sun is 'too modern' in this drama, I think the above highlighted sentences already proved that the script and the acting and also SHS appearance (joyful, open, tall, stylish, beautiful) are so perfectly matched the real Shim Duk.  :kiss_wink: 








Gifs credit https://twitter.com/DUCK_is_waving

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So cute :love:




(Excited !   Excited !!)





In case you want to hear her voice (at 1.25 min) .



I wonder when we will see script reading clip like this from 'One and Only Love' ?



SBS drama best diction.


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