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  1. My theories are similar: Hopefully, my theories are totally wrong, and this drama will be totally surprising and unpredictable.
  2. It just seems that excessive weight loss is totally unnecessary for any drama project, let alone a 20 episode drama. Her character is a former ballerina, the story is (likely, or could be written as) about the former ballerina's struggle to move forward and change her post-ballerina life in a positive manner. All the ballet scenes could be easily handled by stand-ins, leaving SHS to focus on the actual acting elements of the role. Excessive weight loss is not "understandable." It is dangerous. This is well-documented. "Unprofessional", "lacking commitment", "credibility points"- all of these are relatively meaningless. YNK and SHS need to be looking out for SHS' health, both in the short- and long-term. The adverse effects of this particular hardship are not necessarily ones that can be shaken off with "a lot of pretty food."
  3. The weight loss is definitely more than a bit concerning. Plus, if she does that tomb robbery movie, there will only be weeks between projects. YNK should have interceded on her behalf, if she was directed to cut so much weight, especially in such a short time. Not great for short, or long-term health.
  4. The dog has to pretend that it thinks "Dan" is an actual angel, while knowing that "Dan" is just mentally-troubled. In addition to typical guide dog duties. It's a challenging role.
  5. Whoa. Exciting news (if true, not official yet?) about the upcoming film project. Think my feelings are similar to the rest of the Minions here: -the "tomb robbery" theme seems interesting -LJH is visually well-matched with SHS, but haven't been that impressed with his actual acting yet -SHS will probably have only a month or less between projects, but this opportunity seems tough to pass up Feels like SHS is in a tricky position right now. She probably would be best-served by taking a bit more time off between projects. But she probably has a lot of external pressure to remain in cow mode. Future opportunities could pop up on any timeframe, so it is difficult to let them pass by, without knowing when the next opportunity will come. Taking time off could cause her to lose some of the momentum she has built up. FL roles seem to mostly go to those in the 20-35 age range, so it might be prudent to keep scooping roles now, before she is competing for a smaller amount of roles. Hopefully she can at least get a couple of months off (in October/November?) before she grabs another drama or film in December/January? Spending so much time on sets seems very tiring.
  6. This is a good theory. The "one only visible to me" means only the individual can truly understand herself. The "one and only love" is love of self. It seems like "Dan" has a physical form, though? But maybe the judo scene/police scene are just hallucinations/dreams? We'll have to see if "Dan" interacts directly with other characters that we know to be real?
  7. Think SHS might choose something like the above for walking around town. What usually happens in this type of situation is: 1. Third-party chooses a variety of clothes/shoes, and displays them in a parking lot 2. SHS speeds over in a Company van 3. Former boss/present brother/future ? arrives in a luxury vehicle and selects an outfit from among the clothes/shoes. 4. SHS changes in the back of the van, as it speeds to the art gallery, or other venue. Google translate produced hilarious, incomprehensible results. My favorite was the references to "El." I think the duo should be "El Shin."
  8. I think that maybe in that scene Dan is auditioning to actually be (one of) Yeon-Seo's bodyguards. These real SHS pics are much better than the modeling type ones.
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