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  1. Yikes. I thought I was mediating a misunderstanding, but it seems there may be additional misunderstandings. I am actually very confused by these reactions. It feels like I am the "sweet potato" this time - the person that doesn't understand the others in the conversation. @Ni Wen @iffy21 What is wrong with enjoying/commenting on product placements? I've watched television programming from many different countries, and find the PPL in SK unique and interesting. It's very interesting to see how different writers/productions handle PPL- some might saturate the background with PPL (WWW), some work it into the plot (Waikiki 2), some do it quite overtly (Touch Your Heart), some do it in really interesting ways (Alhambra), and some have it absolutely everywhere (Terius). Unfortunately, most of SHS' previous productions didn't seem to involve her much in PPL (except for wardrobe PPL). It was fun to see SHS involved in some overt PPL, like the vacuuming and jenga scenes. Even today, the other thread has some positive comments from posters who also enjoyed the jenga and jail cell PPLs. What is wrong with commenting on secondary characters? In 3017, there was an eccentric housekeeper with an interesting backstory. In ALML, there was an eccentric former ballet teacher with ??? In a fantasy drama, the possibilities for Miss Elena's backstory were endless. The drama also had two characters with severe illnesses, Ru-Na and Ni-Na. There was room for examinations of their motivations, character development, social commentary, etc. Even to the end of the drama, I hoped for more development of these three characters, or at least some thoughts from other posters about these characters, but they were just (mostly) missed opportunities. (The scene where Ni-Na turns Ru-Na in to the police could have been heart-breaking and gut-wrenching... but the foundation for that scene was not satisfactorily built.) Stranger, 3017, ALML Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba A,B,C Pogba might be the "worst" soccer player on that list of three, but that isn't necessarily a criticism of Pogba. He is only the "worst", when compared to those two, specific players. ALML is a production, made up of many different elements. SHS is an actress, who was one of the many different elements involved in the production. It is possible to criticize elements of the production that SHS had no involvement in, without those comments being critical of SHS in any way. I will close this post be explicitly re-stating my opinions, which were misinterpreted despite being stated explicity previously: ALML was the best possible choice, of the projects available to SHS for Spring/Summer 2019. SHS' individual performance in ALML was among the best of her career, and deserving of end-of-the-year awards.
  2. This is literally untrue. SHS has turned in a fantastic performance in ALML, producing some of the best scenes of her career. Her impressive work ethic has lead her to this result. She has already received widespread praise, and should, deservedly, win awards for her brilliant portrayal of Yeon-Seo. Among the k-dramas currently airing, ALML offered the best of the age-appropriate vehicles to display her talents. Accepting the lead role in ALML was the best option available to her. But consider her previous lead drama roles: Five Children, My Golden Life, Stranger, 30 But 17, Hymn of Death. Due to factors outside of SHS' control (writing, directing, co-lead cast, supporting cast, etc.), each of those previous dramas has been, overall, better than ALML. ALML has been all of the following: a great SHS performance, the best project selection option for Spring/Summer 2019, and the worst drama that she has had a lead role in.
  3. Hopefully, the final episode will focus on: Ru-Na's future court date Ni-Na's battle with bulimia
  4. Long-haired, disguised Ru-Na was the highlight of the episode. But where is Miss Elena these days?
  5. If Yeon-Seo spends the next 13 years in a coma, it's going to be very difficult to re-start her violin ballet career.
  6. ALML is overdue for some product placement. When is the last time Yeon-Seo vacuumed? Also overdue for a Miss Elena appearance. Hopefully, she is Ni-Na's understudy in Giselle.
  7. Is MG some kind of predatory lending/loansharking outfit? Like Park Hoo Ja in "My Fellow Citizen?" What kind of "insurance" are they selling? Also, I would definitely cast that actor dude as a k-drama loan shark.
  8. @iffy21 The prize is an autographed photo of Park Hoo Ja?! Don't really get it, but I am in! Not entirely sure what she is up to:
  9. Isn't SHS an advertising model, not a spokesperson? Saemaeul Safe seemed to be a credit union, but my lack of Korean language skills is foiling me. Can you provide any links with more info on Saemaeul Safe?
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