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  1. Besides,..all others actors and actresses try to give their best performance. I m happy with that. In fact,..I learn more about preparation works behind the scenes. It is not as easy as what you think. It's involved a lot of manpower, investors, agencies and etc. In summary,..I strongly recommend you all to watch.
  2. Hi,..after watching this drama,..I strongly recommend this drama,..just because of good and natural acting skills between male and female leads. At first,..I don't hv interested to watch this drama because I don't see chemistry between main leads. BUT,..it change my view of points just by few seconds after I watch this drama. You have full of dynamic to watch this drama it. The female main leads full of energetic and natural acting skills bring lively to whole drama. The male lead looks cool and full of characters. When both of them comes together,..They have sort of chemistry bond them together, good eyes contact and bring emotions to audience.
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