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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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Episode 6 was yet another good episode. But I can't wait till episode 7 comes out next week!!! SeungJoon visits TaeHoon's house and TaeHoon's sister has a big crush on SeungJoon I believe. She keeps following him around. It seems like a cute episode! And today's episode (ep.6)...felt bad that they lost again...but still have hope for the next match. I liked the scene where KimJongGook pulled SeungJoon's loose tooth!

awwww i wanna see it~ aww taeyeon likes seungjun~ lol~ little kids know a hot guy when they see one =] lol. i didnt see epi. 6 but aww they lost again? but i hope they'll win soon~ they're doing great though~ =] i wanna see that part with jongkook so bad. i was reading the description of it on kbs. yes i love this show that much. lol and i was like ahahaha~ kim jong kook

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEST SHOW EVERRR~ i love little kids. they're adorable and every little action is like awwww and their smiles and laughs are the best =] SHOOT DOL EE JJANG!!!! <333 hehe~

I also love this show. When they wear animal pyjamas for sleep. Remind me of god in Yookahilgi. OK, so how many episode of this. I though it until epi 5 and I transfer all into one CD. Looks that it continue. My friend said Kim Tae Hoon is Kim Jong Gook niece. Is it true?

well if he was related to him that way hed be his nephew but they arent related in any way because kim tae hoon calls him ahjusshi~ and gam dok nim . and there's no mention of a relatioship anywhere, but hey it could be possible :P but i doubt it.

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yeah it continues until they are the greatest little league soccer players- thats why Kim jong gook is a coach; he likes the children, he likes soccer & he wants his little league team to be the best BUTTT he also wants to have the kids have fun & let this be a good experience to them & himself.

& Kim taehoon's SISTER is Kim jong gook's NEICE or Kim taehoon is his nephew? I dunt know about that one; so i can't answer that but yeah; Kim tae hoon is the BEST player out there. the 2nd best is #7. <3

I loveed Hyunwoo omfg. HE'S SO GREAT! haha.

I LOVE HYUNWOO TOO OMG~~~ lol hes so funnyyy

i thought him and #7 were the best, but yea taehoon is really good... well he'd been playing for 2 years already xD MinHo is really good to~

they're all improving but i dont see much of the girl. [JiWoo]

i wish all of them were my cousins. wait except for maybe one so that i could hook him up with my sister. lol~ =]

my sister has looks like seungjun in a way, but then my uncle was like she looks more like this guy [[taehoon]]. and i was like ... hmm~

i was showed her pictures of jjunie and taehoonie and told them she looked like them and she got really really pissed off. ~ she was like NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'M NOT A BOY!!! and i was like they're PRETTY GUYS. that's why its OK to look similar to them.

she's still pretty pissed at me... [[she's only 5 ==]] and whenver i show her the pictures she gets angry. and like gives me these glares... == im losing to a five-year-old. -_-

anyways~ im wondering if anyones posting the shoot dol ee episodes on clubbox. [[the good quality ones.]] im plannign on putting them onto CDs. xD its just too cute to just stop watchign when it ends. [[ the day it ends im going to be depressed. ]]


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^ LEFT TO RIGHT: Hyunwoo, Jiwoo & Seungjun.

credits to Jiwoo's parents' CYWORLD.


i love this kid; SO much; hes so underrated in my POV; but dsjgahg <3





^ HAHA whenever i look at his sister; she makes me crack up because in the preview she kept hugging Seungjun from behind & she was following him & such. xDD Taehoon's SUCH A cutie; i love him <3


^ credits to his parents' cyworld. <3


^ I love this picture cuz Minho was asking them a question and Hyunwoo was right & it was so cute how he said "AHH~ that means I was right!" and aww hes so cute.


picture credits to empas & naver & some from my comp where i dunt remmeber where i got it from T.T

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Guest emjizzle

I love this show. It's sooo freaking cute! and I love KJG which makes it better but anyway, it's amazing how good these kids are now.. compared to their first game. All of them are soooooo cute! Anyway, thanks for the links =] I think i'll upload all of them when i get time soon~

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hi, i'm sort of new to this show, and i saw one of the last episodes and it was sooo cute and funny. a lot of the links to the show is blocked/expired, i was wondering if anyone can post up uploaded links from the beginning of the show.. it can be ysi/mega. thankssss =)

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Guest emjizzle

Okay decided to post some reups here :) All YSIs

Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3 ... YAY

Episode 2

Episode 1... FINALLY!!

Thanks to everyone who uploaded the other links. All of these should still be working... I think.

AHHH I love Kim Jong Gook... he's sooo good with kids I think he'll make a perfect husband / father. :rolleyes:

I should be studying for finals but this is me... watching shoodoleee at the busiest time of the semester :wacko:

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Just added the HQ of #6 (12-04-05) to my cb. It's ready to go!

So now, #1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 are available. #4 will get in there soon. Enjoy! :P



*credit me for making files... ;)

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Guest makemyday

aww i only watched a few episodes but the little boys are freakin cute. i want to eat them.

i think tae-hoon is REALLY cute and i really like the goalie too. haha

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Guest ryisakooguy

thanks for posting the new HQ epi on your clubbox kalena! keep up the good work!

ahhh your missing #4, i thought i was seriously tripping there for a second. well, ill just wait til that comes out and hope epi #6 gets finished downloading soon.

my favorite ones are the goalie and number 11, actually i like them all but those stand out more than others. i love #11 because his face looks like a cat when he smiles and he is missing his front teeth. ohh and when they did the race at the beach and he tripped and just stayed there laughing was hilarious! cute kid, i swear!

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Guest jihunny79

Right, just in case the YSI links are all dead, here's some MU links for he episodes so far. MU lasts longer and you can use YSIGet to resume your download as well.

Kim Jong Gook's Little League Football/Soccer. Every Sunday, just before Heroine 6.

Nal Ah Ra Shoot-Dori episodes MU mirrors: [uploader]

Episode 1 (~240MB)

http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=KIIVYJF5 [halves_in_unison]

Episode 2 (~250MB)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DAL60H6L [jihunny79]

Episode 3 (~250MB)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PAYGJW0Y [jihunny79]

Episode 4 (~240MB)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JDFYSYJP [jihunny79]

Episode 5

Episode 6 (~85MB)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S6B7QNBR [lilshinhwafreak]

lilshinhwafreak, you can put the links on your first post like you did last time. ^_^

By the way, is there anyone willing to upload HQ version from episode 5 onwards on YSI or MU? (max. file size for normal MU is 250MB. MU uploads faster than YSI, though downloading from it is much slower) I could probably upload to MU once I get the file. CB is no good for me, unfortunately. T_T


Anyway, I wonder if eventually the guests (or regulars) from Heroine 6 would turn up at the pitch. Min Ho, #7, is so going to be a midfielder!

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I LOVE NUMBER 20 TOO!! HYUNWOO!! hes so undderrated but hes just soooo adorable~ i was like ahhhhhh hyunwoo!!! xD lol and then i liked seungjun and then taehoon came out. xD but all the members are adorable. i love 11 (SungWoo) too!! hes so cutee!! i love how he smiles~ so adorableeee~ awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww =]

I WANNA SEE NEXT EPISODEE SO BADD!!! TAEYEON [[aka TaeHoon's sister]] is so straightforward about her crush/love for seungjun. lol xD


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