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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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Guest sunNybunNIie

seungjun's mom is a designer she owns a store with her sister so that y their probably rich

and here are some of their cyworld... well their parents

1번 지승준 ( #1. JiSeungJun)


7번 조민호 (#7. JoMinHo)


8번 김태훈 (#8. KimTaeHoon)


9번 오지우 (#9. OhJiWoo)


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Guest kiwi1430261477

I love Seung Joon and Tae Hoon, they're so freakin adorable, especially SeungJoon<33. And SeungJoon lives in 대구, right? That's where my cousin lives...u84u8q2u4u0...I'm gonna go stalk him when I go to Korea haha...jk. Has anyone gone to SeungJoon's cyworld? It says that he's never seen himself on TV because his parents don't want to spoil him haha.

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Guest Xa Thi Man

i just fell upon this thread today and checked out ep. 3 for a try and it was hilarious... these kids are so cute and funny too. I felt sorry for Shin Jung Hwan cuz the kids were ganging up on him at one time hehehe :lol:

By the way, a big thank you to those who uploaded/reuploaded the episodes.

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