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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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Guest gakvinandrewz

can someone explain how the shoot dori team plays for other teams?

does that mean they play their own team?

Shoot dori is basically a show to give junior soccer players a chance to train with the best, it's like a soccer camp that goes on for half a year. Therefore shootdori team can't play for other teams, but the players in shootdori have to enrol in other clubs if they want to fully develop and continue their soccer career. Shoot dori can only take them as far cause its not an actual club.

So you'll find the players playing for shoot dori and another team. Go to Shoot Doli Link and you'll see what we mean.

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but i still think oobin is the biggest ball hog, unless hes stuck at the corners

then he passes. and the only reason he scores so much is cause he gives

an extra kick to the balls already going in so it counts as his. joon suk would have

so many more goals if oobin wasnt being a soccer jew.

Hahahahaha 8D yeah i agree totally to that D;

a lot of times the ball is already GOING in, but oobin still kicks it makes it his own D:

not that i hate him / anything, but sometimes as the other kids fan we would find it a lil unfair.

and he is talented, but is a lil too greedy for his age. o.0

its gonna be hard to survive in adult soccer world if he keeps on being like that.

Well another week gone and another loss. Like I said to a stronger team, the Jeju Angels, I don't about you guys but Jeju FC seems to produce some good players every year. And after the game, we see profile updates of 3 players, does this mean shoot dori 4's ending?

MWO?!! Jinja!!! T.T i havent watched the last one but its only the 23rd episode D:

how can they leave it hanging just when they keep losing!! Dang them D:

I thought mostly it ends at 30ish episode?!!!

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Guest samfcpark

they BETTER not end shoot dori, and plus its seem to be longer as the seasons

go by so im pretty sure its gonna end in the late 30 or middish. i seriously hope

theirs a season 5 cause if their isnt my life would be incomplete. but the thought of

taesuk not being their makes me sad.. which kinda gives me the impression that their

isnt gonna be a 5th one, cause their is ALWAYS players that move on but this time

no one moves on. i wish they make season 5 a shootdori dream team season with

the best vsing the bests of other teams that would be sick.

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i really hate seeing the boys lost their motivation.

clearly taesukie n oobinie werent in good condition,

and junsukie didnt even run properly just like he usually did. D:

i think its kinda a shock for them to get the 0:5


yuu kamdok shouldnt have done that in the first place.

at least put either one of junsukie taesukie or oobinie.

jinwon is good at dribbling but if he fights alone it wont be easy.

D; also daehyun's instinct to get the ball asap isnt exactly a good tactic. D:

cause the opponents know this for sure and they lure him to go at the right end then kick to another end D:

and junsukie cries D:

at the end of the show, maybe its a championship?

like the one SD 1 used to have?

so its really ending? D:


PS : jinwonnie looks so adorable with that new haircut LOL

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can anyone tell me how to access kalena's site and how to copy episodes from there...been trying for many months...still can't figured it out...slow me! :) thanks for any input!

Just go to Kalena85's clubbox, she's got it all

any info how to access kalena's site and how to download them from there? any information will be appreciated...thank you in advance...peace!

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go to clubbox.co.kr/Kalena85

its in korean for dl but i am sure you can understand it.

and what do you mean by copy episodes?

you have to download it, and reupload if you want,

but i dont think she wants people to reupload the ones that have [Kalena] on them.

and i think now i know why Kamdok doesnt wanna put all three. D:

cause if oobin comes out first, junsukie and taesukie might feel inferiored compared to him,

and the same goes if junsukie / taesukie alone comes out first.

but dang D: it only makes the other boys motivation go lower.

with the fact that they cant cope without those three.

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Guest gakvinandrewz

any info how to access kalena's site and how to download them from there? any information will be appreciated...thank you in advance...peace!

You'll need to download the clubbox program in order to start downloading the files from kalena. Go to this site http://www.geocities.com/guwakzai_sg/Clubbox-tutorial.html it'll explain everything in english and you can download the program there. Good Luck :)

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Guest gakvinandrewz

anyone knows when Shootdori season 1 players fought against SKK Club coz i really wanna see the game? which episode is it.

I think it was their very first match in their new soccer dome, sorry I can't remember that far back. But I do remember they had that match inside the dome, so that should narrow it down a little. Good Luck, let us know which episode it is when you find it :)

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Guest gakvinandrewz

so does anyone know for sure if its ending or not? cause its only been airing for like 3 months its wouldnt end this early

would it?

Don't know yet, we'll have to wait until the tournament is finished, next week is the semifinals, I think they're against SKK. They're a tough team to beat, at least coach Sangchul knows their strategy, afterall he is the coach for SKK.

So we'll know for sure in two weeks if Shoot Dori's ending or not, hopefully not *cross fingers*

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yeah, i so dont want it to end.

just when i am getting really attached to taesukie junsukie and jinwonie then it ended. D:

gahhhh. can it be because the rating is lower?

like cause i remember people saying many ppl watch cause they went many places often for SD 1 so there are a lot of fans,

but i dont remember SD 4 going more than 3 times in total to some 'happy' place.

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Guest gakvinandrewz

Yeah I know what you mean, SD1 was more exciting cause they got to go places, their main highlight was going to germany, even shoot dori dream team was pretty good cause they got to go to England. SD2 however went down a bit cause I don't remember them goin anywhere special, SD3 went to nice places like Hong Kong, Disneyland, Fun park and even the Zoo.

I hope SD4 don't end soon, I hope they are planning something really nice for them in the last few episodes, I'm thinking China, and they should go visit Jin Hyun Woo, if you don't know who he is, he played for SD1 but now he studies in China.

Or they should come here :D Australia yay!, I'll be glad to take a few weeks off work to show them around hehehe.

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^ i know. it would be fun visiting their sunbae, hahahaha.

especially since hyunwoo isnt exactly the mature type.

*Plus God knows how many fans hyunwoo has, that little dork. the rating might crash cause of him hahha*

anyways, i just rewatched SD 4 from the start, and somehow Gayon has been highlighted at least 5 times even before the whole audition starts.

and there are 500++ kids in there, there are tons to zoom at but why her? o.0

is it really there is something special that the PDs see and we do not?

regarding the tourney, im beginning to see that oobinie is someone who is instinctively good at soccer, haha.

*didnt wanna accept fo a while since the bginning since he keeps on taking away the points from other boys*



Its Adidas Match / sth like that XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Theres sungminnie kanginie yoseph jaeyuu and JUNSUK (?!!) ROFL XD


thers also videos around1 hr i havent watchd it thou xD gonna dl it and might share around later.XD

im watching now *ROFL*

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Guest gakvinandrewz

I believe that's the invitational tournament, they invited all the good players from the other junior clubs, mixed them up a bit in teams and had like a mini tournament.

While checking out the vids in shootdoli.com, check SD4's performance on the stage, it's so cute and funny, edward seems to be real keen on dancing and he's pretty good as well, he'll be a TV star when he grows up.

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XD i got them all downloaded so that i wont have to wait for it to load XD

do tell me if anyone want me to upload them XD

anyways,, alright im checking it out later.

i know eddo are the ones that are always excited to perform, ROFL.

PS: Why no oobin in the mini tourney then ? >.<

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Guest gakvinandrewz

Yeah good question, I'm guessin since the matches shown are the finals, oobin's team probably didn't qualify in the finals. I don't know. He should've been teamed up with Junsukie and Kanginie. Oh well.

Going back to the stage performance, Jinwon is so funny, he keeps stuffing up his performance. That's probably because he continually gets distracted by the girl next to him, he keeps staring at her, I can't blame him the girl is cute. He'll turn out to be a ladies man when he grows up LOL!

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^ 8D i just watchd it. ROFL at Jinwon, he was like *stopped* *stared* hahahahahahaha

and edward, yeah i agree his dance looks the most natural.

he kinda reminds me of hyun woo hahaha

i just watchd the one junsukie and oobinie plays for Goal Club, why does Oobin become the goalie?

Is the goalie worse than oobinie? XD n now i know how close oobin and junsuk are.

in official shootdori channel they always edit out the moments they are together,

perhaps to create the 'rivalry' atmosphere,

and ohmo XD dongseong is uber cuteeeee *,* so as daehyun, both love the camera,

and i didnt know dongseong still has the baby accent. hahahaha.

sannie looks uninterested in dancing ROFL. he was like -.- all the time xD

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