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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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haha np; im looking for Episode #1 too.

I've been watching happy sunday eversince it came out & I love this new portion of this show; its been a while sicne i found this thread lmao.

I'll be happy to Translate a few things the kids say & etc.

they'RE HILARIOUSSSS. omfg <3


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haha np; im looking for Episode #1 too.

I've been watching happy sunday eversince it came out & I love this new portion of this show; its been a while sicne i found this thread lmao.

I'll be happy to Translate a few things the kids say & etc.

they'RE HILARIOUSSSS. omfg <3


AHHH HYUNWOO!!! :lol: hes so cutee~ going off to the side and bothering the MCs and making it seem like he has no idea whats going on~ lol xD

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Guest Babygurl272

yeah this show is so kute. all the little kids are and I see a differnet side to jong kook.

I'm beginning to love this show more than love letter, heroine 6 and xmen.

when does this show play? every sunday like heroine 6?

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^ yeah; its the highschool thing ( i forgot what thats called), then NAH RAH LAH SHOOTDORI and then its Herione 6.

this is only a CORNER of the KBs program Happy Sunday.

& yeah it airs on Sundays.


i think for the next few weeks; they don't have the highschool thing but the adoption corner; that's a sweet thing but.. it takes all the fun in this program!

butttt its a good combo of sad & happy <3

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Guest makemyday

haha ohmy. i just watched all six episodes today.

and i definitely have a test tomorrow in class.

so many things i love about this show.

its so funny.. i literally laugh out loud every three seconds.

lets see.. kim jong kuk DEFINITELY ages well. he gets hotter every time i see him and his personality is awesome in this show. i love how he holds the two kids (that sit out during the game) in his arms by their stomach (you know what i'm talking about?) while watching the game.

i love ji seung jun and his super cute sa-too-ri. it just makes everything he says 10 times funnier.. and he's already a cute, funny kid. he's definitely getting better as a goalie.

my second favorite is kim tae hoon. he's so cute i seriously cant believe it. and he's freakin good at soccer for a seven year old boy. he's pretty aggressive on the field too haha. i noticed that he always kind of pushing the other team haha.

mm as for the others.. i really like hyunwoo. he's freakin funny and adorable. i love it when he always finds himself back at the announcers booth gettting into things. minho seems mature for his age. he's always comforting the other players with words that adults would say and he's a quiet, respectful player. sungwoo. what can i say about him except that his smile is the most adorable thing ever? i love his random antics. seung gwon is a little crybaby but i still cant believe how cute he is. he's fast and looks really young. jiwoo is so cute haha.. who's sister is she again? she's so funny the way she runs. and lastly, hyunjoon. i feel like he doesnt get much screen time so i dont really know what to say about him.

if i had the chance, i'd risk getting arrested and try to steal one of these kids. i wish my younger sister was a bit younger so i can have her accidently on purpose run into one of these boys and you know.. i dont know? date them? haha

omg i wrote all the words of this world. but i really love this show that much.

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Guest ryisakooguy


this show would be the best if there were...subs!! i mean, this is one show that i really believe that doesnt need subs. BUT still, i wanna know what the lil kids are saying. ive said this to all the korean shows, but when they came out with subs, i loved the show even more.

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Guest emjizzle

Awww sorry guys. I said i would make a link for Episode 1 but when I downloaded it, it didn't work for me so i'm tryin to download it again but i dunno if it's gonna work.

So, does anyone have EPISODE 1 that they're willin to share.. preferably YSI? I'll make a mirror for everyone. Thanks!

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Guest Babygurl272

I want an episode 1 too T.T;; <3


ill do translations for episodes 1-6 for now if yu guys want . :)

translations would be wonderful. thanks!!! but only if you have the spare time. I dont want you to spend all your time translatiing.

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if someone translates the show i can do the timing for subs ^^

and im trying to download the lq of episode 1 now so if that works ill upload it to ysi tonight.

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Guest Babygurl272

if someone translates the show i can do the timing for subs ^^

and im trying to download the lq of episode 1 now so if that works ill upload it to ysi tonight.

yes, if bebyxanna can do the translating then you can do the subs. can you both please!?

Episode 1 on YSI:



Oh, MU links for every episode so far is on page 1.

thank you so much for the ysi link!!!!!

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I feel so stupid.


* Ages go by korean standards

#1- Ji SeungJun// born; 1999/ Age 7

#7- Ji MinHo // born;1999/ Age 7

#10- Lee SeungKwon // born; 2000 / Age 6

#11- Choi SungWoo // born; 2000 / Age 6

#19- Lee HyunJoon // born; 2000 / Age 6

#20- Jin HyunWoo // born; 2000 / Age 6

#9- Lee JiWoo // born; 1999 / Age 7

*NEW MEMBER in later episodes..*

#8- Kim Taehoon // born; 2000 / Age 7

Coach: Kim Jong Gook

Assistant Coach: Shin Jung hwan

Kim jong Gook: Everyone come here... Hi :D

KJG: Do you know who I am?

Everyone: No.

HyunWoo: Yes

Hyunwoo: Park Joonyoung, Park JoonYoung. You're Park Joon Young!

KJG: ..I'm not Park JoonYoung...

HyunWoo: Then Park Ji Soo? :D

KJG: Haha, No. I'm a singer.


KJG: From now on...You're going to play soccer with me (hyung to the kids) I'm going to teach you guys soccer.

HyunJoon: I already know how to play soccer.

HyunWoo: Are you good at soccer?

KJG: Me?... I play well!

SungKwon: Ahjuhsshi BALL! (Mister, Ball!)

KJG: O_O!!

KJG: I'm not a Mister, I'm your Hyung. Call me Hyung...!

KJG: O_O Where did yu get that from?! HEY~!

SeungKwon's caption: KICKED YU (?)

KJG: This isn't fair! Hey, hurry~ give it to me.

KGJ: Ok Sit, everyone sit. Why aren't you sitting? Hey, hey- give it to me.. Ok, so How old are yu guys?

*everyone talks*

SeungJun: Well, that guy over there & over here & I, we're all 7 years old but the rest are all 6 years old.

CAPTION: SAHTOORI? *korean southern accent*

KJG: Is your home in Kyung Shi do? (the South)

SeungJun: No, My home is in Daegu.

KJG: It's Daegu? heh Daegu's in the south..

KJG: Are you originally(always) a goalie? (goal keeper is goalie in korean)

SeungJun: It's not that i didn't want to be a goalie, I just am a goalie.

KJG: yur just a goalie? Well from now on, lets work together and ...


KJG: Hey~ don't do that~ I was talking..

HyunJoon: If you're a singer, then why are you good at soccer?

KJG: uh? .. I'm a singer but I'm better at sports than singing.

HyunWoo: How old are you?

KJG: Me? I don't have to tell you; it's a secret.

HyunWoo: You're probably over 30...

KJG: O_O!! ...Ok! Let's stand up now! ...

HyunJoon: But did you get married?

KJG: I didn't; I'm still single!

KJG: I didn't even pass 30..



KJG: OK! Everyone come here! Just bring your balls! You two; hurry and bring it here.

CAPTION: No one...comes. T_____T // Play in the dirt?

KJG: What? Are yu playing in the dirt? Come here..

HyunJoon: I'm making a Dirt buisiness. A dirt buisness.

KJG: How old are yu?

SeungJun: 7 ...

KJG: What's yur name?


KJG: What's yur name?

SeungJun: I'm Ji SeungJun.

KJG: Ji Seungjunnie? From today on, your going to be the captain.


KJG: Ok kids, I need to clean yu guys up... We need to put name tags on these kids!

SeungJun: How is that there are names on the tag?

SeungJun: You don't even know our names so how are there names on the tag?

KJG: Come here SeungKwonah!

SeungKwon: I'm not going to do it.

KJG: Why not?

SeungKwon: I won't. AHJUHSSHI.

KJG: I'm not an Ahjushsshi T_T ...Just come here please..


KJG: So, just kick the ball like this ok?

KJG: ok look guys! Look!


KJG: ok so yu hit with yur right foot into the goal ok? Kick it to there~ Hard.


KJG: Oohh good job! *after MinHo kicks it*


KJG: Do you guys like soccer?

Kids: Yes

KJG: yu guys like it? But then why do you guys not try.. ?

KJG: Everyone knows that we have a game tomorrow, right?

Kids: yes

KJG: Can yu guys win tomorrow?

Kids: *with stonger voices* Yess

KJG: Really? For real?

SeungJun: Just by saying 'We can win' doesn't help us win does it?

KJG: Hey~ but yu weren't doing anything either...

KJG: For soccer.. you can't do it alone; Yu guys have to work well together and have a team walk (team enterance) & yu have to pass a lot and we need to have team work....

SungWoo: It's raining~ RAININGGGG...

KJG: It's raining? heh

Seungjun thinking bubble: where?



FIRST TEAM: The strongest Club

KJG: Ah! SungWoo yah; HyunJoonah- come here haha.

SungWoo: It's fine! I don't want to do it.

KJG: hey! why are yu coming?!


SungWoo: (Even without pratice) WE CAN STILL WIN!

SeungKwon: He's right!

KJG: he's right? But you guys need to practice...


SungWoo: I'm not lying!

KJG: Guys come here, I'll buy yu ice cream.

SungWoo: O_O!!



KJG: I don't know how to make it work on the field; its very complicated. Tomorrow they said we were going to play... but the kids are are a lot of fun~ hehe


HyunJoon: This is really it...

KJG: Yeah, it's a real game.

SeungKwon: Where is it? Where are we going?

KJG: Yu guys saw the big green field..

SeungJoon: Oh, there?

KJG: Yeah

KJG: Wait, why is yur leg pads different colors?

SeungJoon: This leg looks the same as the other leg..

Shin junghwan: EVERYBODY! *holds cake* HELLO! I'm an FC shootdori coach. WHOOO! :D

Shin junghwan: Everyone gather around; FC shootdori...

SungWoo: Happy birthdayto you~



*HONG MYOUNG BOH- Korea's Greatest Coach*


Hello, This is Hong Myoung Boh & I'm here to congratulate FC shootdori. I really hope that FC shootdori will make it to Korea's best little league and become the best they can be. So please stay tune for next time.



Left guy; Lee Byung Jin & Choi Seung Dohn (right guy)

CSD: Today will be FC shootdori's first little league game. This FC shootdori were to be said to pick (likeable?) players but it seems like this is all?

LBJ: Ah yes, there's a lot of them.

LBJ: Well for now, with Kim jong gook's supervision, there is entirely no inferioty with these kids. During the day he's getting ready.. and during the night they get ready for the BEijing Olympics...

BOtH ( iguess): Shin junghwa coach looks like he's already trying to get a replacement .. hahaha


credits to me; @ soompi.

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Guest jihunny79

Thanks so much bebyxanna for the translations! Ahh... No wonder quite a lot of you like Hyunwoo. He is funny! :D Seung Joon is funny too - and both of them talked a lot. Wise guys! Ha...ha...

To roujin, thank you in advance if you really are subbing this show! mOm Right now, this show is my favourite amongst the Sunday slot programmes available on soompi - yup, even better than X-man! Heh...heh...heh... The kids are so unpredictable and the guest coaches too!

Loving it!

-Anyone new interested in this show, please go to page 1 for the episodes on MU. Cheers!-

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