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[variety] Nal Ah Ra Shoot - Dori

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It's such a good show, and getting kimjonggook to be coach was one of the most intelligent things they've done. He has a background in soccer and he's hot! That's definitely how you get the public to notice kids. Love this show, hope they win one soon ... FIGHTING~ FC STORY! (and Coach Kimjonggook!)

Can't wait for the next one... and someone said this before... but damn he (KJG) is JUST PERFECT!!! :wub:

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3 and 4 uploaded..

im starting to want to have password protected files...

yeah its amazing how fast the links go. sometime ill reup some episodes too. mine are smaller though so itll upload fsater. will do megaupload links for sure and perhaps ysi.

so sad but instead of waiting to see xmen and love letter....i want to see the next episode of this so badly.

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LOL ME TOO!!!!!!

its probably because xman and love letter are the same every week






Tae Hoon - Star Player


Seung Joon - the little uhlzzang


Min Ho - Star Player 2 & the comforter


Hyun Joon - nose picker


Hyun Woo - Singer of Kim Jong Gook's songs


Seung Joon - clean bug/crybaby


Sung Woo - Smiley Angel


Ji Woo - Only girl on team

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