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13 hours ago, Sejabin said:

352 :star:


I just know a new method of flirting a girl.

when you are eating and that guy isn’t ordered anything later when you left your food he said “give me your noodle. I will eat this. This is such a waste.” And he eats from your plate with your spoon. Euwhh.. I feel so unhealthy. I mean I am 100 % sure that I won’t share any bacteria but this guy is too.. flirty!! Tsk.. his life must be too lonely :huh:

Another possibility is the guy is broke, no budget for food.....:joy:



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6 minutes ago, mouse007 said:



@Sejabin is he close to the girl or did they just meet? I can understand it if they've known each other for years and they have a certain amount of closeness where it doesn't bother them anymore to share utensils.. but if they've just met, that's totally gross.

I know right? :sweatingbullets:



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49 minutes ago, Sejabin said:


Not close too. He always anounces to people that they are close LOL. That girl feels they are not that close. They just friends. It’s totally gross :weary: he even want to paid that meal but that girl went to the cashier faster than him.



He was just spend 7 millions IDR in Michael Kors store so we can not said that he is broke. He is totally HUEKK :weary:



:sweatingbullets: he always feel he is the most handsome so when he eats from our plate as the owner of the plate we will be proud. WKWKWKWKWK his brain just as deep as that  :joy:





OMG!  that's gross............ he's not your colleague from work right? 




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@kokodus I finished ep 1 of Encounter/Boyfriend and I love it. The cinematography is so good and I don't know what it is but it's giving me the same vibes as Goblin.. like there's an air of magic and wonder that makes you want to keep watching it. The music is really good too. I have to say Cuba isn't really on my list of places I want to visit but after watching ep 1, I'm dying to go! LOL


And I have to say they couldn't have picked 2 people with more beautiful smiles than Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum.

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314 :lol:

Anyway... for @kokodus , @phikyl ... and everyone... here's my daily LOL for today...

So apparently there's some folks that tweeted to NASA to help Tony... because he's stranded out of space.. and hilariously NASA [true story, I've check their twitter] responded to them :lol:.....

I like how they responded... they didn't act annoyed, but instead gave a tongue in cheek response hahaha...  its a good response overall. Eventho this is just a small thing... its a good PR. 











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while I'm being chatty here's another one.....

So Spiderman Far From Home's trailer is being delayed..... but rumor has it... it will be out soon.....

Anyway... Sony's "Spiderman into the spiderverse" is going out IIRC sometime this week... and I love the trailer.... It looks fun..... :D


This dialog said by a Pig Spiderman is gold :joy::  "Do animals talk in this dimension, cause I don't want to freak him out"



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@dotonly Exactly... its a spidey club :D 

@Lmangla there's more.... in the pictures NASA tweeted, fans found that NASA has a place specially for "THOR" plus his hammer :lol:

Which of course when everyone pointed this out they replied *cough cough* professionally :D

So NASA are letting everyone know one of their secret that they have "THOR" one of the worlds mightiest heroes in their system :joy:





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