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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

Go Seung Ji

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PiaL said: @Rania_Zeid wahhhhh thank you sooo much for that beautiful pics ang gifs you shared..... :x
can i ask where do you live?? curious me... i hope i can meet someone who also live in our country...im from the Philippines :)

@JenniferG tnx also to all ur gifs wahhhh sooo cute

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@TheFoodMonster, i love the article. Thank you for helping me understand it. *hugs*
Because of Pinocchio and this interview, i love Shin Jung Geun. I wouldn't want other Dalpyung aside from him. Hope he gets more project and keep in touch with LJS & PSH. *thumbs up*
At first, i watched Pinocchio for 3 main reasons:1.) Park Shin Hye and Byun Hee Bong (Grandpa) . I watch anything with Park Shin hye in it. Byun Hee Bong also plays fairy grandpa in 1% of Something. I'm sure you will like him there too. Of course, I'm pleased to see these two in Pinocchio.
2.) I want to know more about IHYV team especially writer Park Hye Ryun. It's unfortunate that i gave up watching IHYV. The fact that Lee Bo Young won Daesang award speaks a lot about the quality of writer & director of IHYV.      3.) I am not familiar with all the other cast except Kim Hae sook and Ji Hee so i want to give them a try.
I watched Pinocchio and will watch it over again because:1.) Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye. Lee Jong Suk has a lot of moving and striking scenes overall but Pinocchio and his character is incomplete without Park Shin Hye. Their style, personality, character. acting and chemistry are enthralling altogether.
2.) The plot and story. It's a perfect mix of laugh and tears. of angst and giggle. of suspense and excitement.  Park Hye Ryun's Pinocchio is a compelling drama about social issues combined with interesting love story delivered in a rollercoaster ride. Not only she gives detail to main characters but pays attention to supporting cast. Jaemyung revenged arc was intense, Cha Ok's backstory was unexpected and Park Rosa as mastermind was shocking. Because of so many remarkable scene, it's a dilemma to choose one favorite. 
3.) The Supporting Casts. You can feel the strong presence of each of supporting casts. At times, they shine and even steal the moment. Nosy Jang in particular is outrageously funny character. Min Sung Wook played it to a T. Every supporting character served its purpose.
I would like to thank also everyone in this thread who shared screencaps, recaps, translations, gifs, fanarts, pictures, reviews, articles, info and opinions about Pinocchio. I enjoyed my time while lurking. >:D<
I'm looking forward to coming award ceremonies. I know that Pinocchio will garner recognition.  
Btw, Darling mv's are my crack lately and i always come across SAF 2014. I just want to say that Lee Jong Suk looks mighty fine that night. :x

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PiaL said: @Rania_Zeid wahhhhh thank you sooo much for that beautiful pics ang gifs you shared..... :x
can i ask where do you live?? curious me... i hope i can meet someone who also live in our country...im from the Philippines :)

@JenniferG tnx also to all ur gifs wahhhh sooo cute

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@Rania_Zeid wahhhhh thank you sooo much for that beautiful pics ang gifs you shared.....  
can i ask where do you live?? curious me... i hope i can meet someone who also live in our country...im from the Philippines 

@JenniferG tnx also to all ur gifs wahhhh sooo cute

@PiaL you're very much welcome chinguf3ku1.gif


credit to the owner of the gifsanimated-thank-you-image-0202

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(COMPLETE) Hi I was wondering if anyone tried to cross-refer with the episode title and the episode story?? I guess I’m the first to do the list! Feel free to add your interesting thoughts too! 

ep 1 Pinocchio: Introduces Inha as the pinocchio. :^o Pinocchio is originally about how one should never tell lies --> shows flashbacks of how Dalpo's family became ruined because the reporters started reporting lies.


ep 2  Ugly duckling: I guess the lost ugly ducklings are Inha and Dalpo before turning into "swans". Inha is greatly troubled with her future career as her hiccup is a huge obstacle, and Dalpo is being mocked as “All-Zero” and only through the quiz show then he successfully changed everyone's mindset of him. And, Inha found the job she desires!


ep 3 The Snow Queen: I think the snow queen is Song Cha Ok, Kai is Inha and Gerda is Dalpo. Inha did not see Cha Ok as evil, and only after she met up with her mum she realised how cold and indifferent her mum is. Dalpo also decided to take up the challenge against Cha Ok.


ep 4 Romeo and Juliet: Obviously we know who will be Romeo and Juliet, as Dalpo's family is directly/indirectly ruined by Inha's mother. In this ep, Inha's dad found out Dalpo has a crush on Inha. But Dalpo assured Inha's dad he won't act out his feelings. The ep ended with Inha finding out she has crush for Dalpo. So she started having feelings for him after he got rid of his tacky country-pumpkin look huh? 

;) And oooh toast kiss! :\">


ep 5 The King Has Donkey Ears: The original story is about how the hairdresser should have kept his promise made with the King, but he ended up revealing the King's secret. So, as much as Inha wanted to keep her crush on Dalpo a secret, her hiccup is "killing" her. Moreover, if she wants to accept her mum's job offer, she has to get rid of her hiccup by confessing to Dalpo. Nonetheless, Dalpo and Jaemyung also ended up revealing their identities to Cap Hwang and Moon Duksu respectively.


ep 6 Two Years' Vacation by Jules Verne: It's an adventure story of group of schoolboys stranded on a deserted island and their struggles to overcome adversity. The story displays intelligence and bravery of how a child is capable of when put to a test.
Hangang-line began their first assignment in the "jungle" world out there, and all the struggles they have to experience. Well Bumjo described Dalpo as the "Tarzan" being able to adapt well to the surroundings, making him annoyed(or jealous?) with Dalpo. Our LOVELY DARLING couple had their first close encounter while sleeping in reporter room! (MUST REWATCH!) The ep starts with a 48hr countdown timer, like how there is a clock before TV news begins.


ep 7 The Frog In The Well: Dalpo realizes he's the frog in the well, he thought he knows-it-all about the role of reporter. However, YGN rookies made a blunder with their first news assignment and Dalpo is ashamed of himself. The debate between Dalpo & Hamyung is awesome! Dalpo became scared of being a reporter, saying it wasn't a job fit for humans but Grandpa directly/indirectly enlighten him that "doing things without being afraid is dangerous, and now knowing how to be afraid is fine". Ep 6 showed Dalpo caressing sleeping Inha and Ep 7 is Inha's turn to caress sleeping Dalpo! 1st BACKHUG spotted! B-) & Dalpo does "IM A FLOWER" pose to Ahn Chan Soo!
The frog/Dalpo asked Cap Hwang if he can handle the job as a reporter, Cap replied,

"There are all kinds of cases you'll meet. When you meet an unimaginable case that you can't dare to make a choice or judgment;

A frightening case that when reporting it means someone lives or dies;

When you meet a case like that, ask me again then: 'Can I handle it?'"

Then, Dalpo finally met his bro Jae-myung. 


ep 8 A Lucky Day: (It's a korean short story in 1924... Can someone explain the story? I think it's an ironic way of saying "lucky" about koreans' hardships during that time.. pls correct me if i'm wrong.)
So maybe it means, for Dalpo's case, it was an ironic "lucky" timing to reunite with his long-lost(or not lost) brother as he was supposedly calling the mysterious "BUMPER" whom is a possible suspect in Moon Duksu case. (Note: Both Dalpo and Jaemyung saved each other's number as “BUMPER,” and they BUMPED into each other infront of the christmas tree :D HEE RHYME JOKE.) 

Cap Hwang’s imagination runs wild with Dalpo --> Bolster hug :\"> . AND The most romantic KISS SCENE EVERR!(Hiccup!) Under mistletoes(?)

The day(s) are not so lucky after all -->

Tap got switched off while Inha shampoos her hair so You-Know-What-She-Did-Next, Yoorae misunderstood Dalpo likes her, Inha can't stop her hiccups while watching people fall on ice and so she missed her reporting chance, Hyung(Jaemyung) finds out Dalpo is a reporter and LAST "LUCK", Hyung got into an accident to save a boy that looks like Hamyung.


ep 9 The Pied Piper of Hamelin: A tragic story. My guess is that the ‘truth' is the Pied Piper. So MSC turned Jae-myung into a national hero, and Dalpo finds proof that his bro is involved with the Moon Duksu case. Dalpo wonders if his bro can remain as a hero and chose to stay quiet. 

Dalpo narrates, "If a magic trick could fool everyone, could it be a miracle? If a lie could fool the world, could it become the truth? If so..."

He chose to deny the truth. HOWEVER, "The truth trapped behind a wall of lies appeared to be quiet and calm like water. But unbeknownst to anyone, it had found a tiny crack in the wall and begun to flow out." "The secret I wanted to keep hidden... was discovered by the one person who should never found out."
The truth/Pied piper had its “revenge” by letting Inha finding out the truth first.


ep 10 The Boy who Cried Wolf: Dalpo is the boy who cried wolf. 

1) He lied Inha has her period ;) their interaction so cute!

2) He wants to bury the suspicion of his bro but Cap Hwang warns him that the truth will come out in some form and he said, "Watch that with open eyes, whether pretty or ugly, is what a reporter's job". Cap Hwang is a good boss. =D>

3) He lied to Inha's father that he is the only son and his parents died in an accident, and no relatives want to take him in. 

4) Many other ‘pranks/funny moments’: Inha's father indirectly expose grandpa stealing money from family fund, Inha and Bumjo manning the tip-line and getting all prank calls and Inha's father thought Park Sora gonna splash hot water at him.

At first, Jae-myung remained a hero and Dalpo was happy with Inha. Then Dalpo narrates, "But that happiness was disappearing..."
You all know what happened after Song ChaOk's lecture. Dalpo was forced to reveal himself to his brother to stop his brother from hurting anyone (esp Inha? :P) any further. Dalpo realized he cannot cry wolf anymore. This ep shows our Inha's turn to shine as a heroine!


ep 11 A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Time to get out of the fantasy dreams. Though Ki brothers finally reunited, but it wasn’t sweet because hyung confessed “Hamyung, I killed people..” (1st sweet dream dashed X_X ). Bumjo felt offended with Inha’s harsh reaction when he was concerned with Inha and but she was concerned with Dalpo (2nd dream dashed X_X). Yoorae wanted her first story to be epic but got taken away by Dalpo (3rd sweet dream dashed X_X). CUTE DRUNK INHA interrupting her dad’s compliment of her to Dalpo, so he got so irritated and gave up talking! HAHAHA :)). Then, Inha recalled Dalpo’s confession of his troubles/dilemmas and decided to let him go... (4th sweet dream dashed X_X)
Dal-po (voiceover): When I look back, that was the moment I should have left. From the start they were feelings I shouldn’t have had, and a person I shouldn’t have met. I thought that this thumping in my heart would quiet after time, and that once it did, I could leave. But that was a childish misconception, and an excuse to stay by her side.

Inside that misconception and excuse, I was really happy. Even if that happiness was a lie, I thought that if I insisted a thousand times, it would come true. I thought that if I insisted a thousand times, dream would become reality. But even when I closed my eyes and shut my ears, no matter how much I argued, the truth remained unchanged, in its place. :((


ep 12 The Magic Flute: Tamino(Dalpo) had to undergo many trials to get together with Pamina(Inha). This ep continues the PAINNNNN… Hyung turned himself in, Dalpo leaves Choi family (I feel so sad for grandpa) and Dalpo became indifferent towards Inha. This also signals the Song Chaok’s downfall.

The only sweet moment (or it’s bad news for Bumjo) is that Bumjo tried to end his feelings for Inha by confessing about the text messages, but her sweet reply causes him to fall back into her charms. Aww O:-) =))

Dalpo wants Inha out of the bus driver case as he is going to use the case to end Song Chaok’s career, but her reply left him speechless. WOW~ =D>


Ep 13 The Gift of Magi: A lovely story of a poor young couple showing their love by sacrificing what they had, to buy secret Christmas gifts for each other. So Dalpo and Inha are directly/indirectly showing their care for each other. Inha tries to cover up the death cert but Dalpo found out. He initially wanted to continue his revenge but he saw Inha’s hiccups so he decided to save her. The Choi fathers visits Dalpo’s house to provide him food and checks on him. It’s family love too!! :x

Dalpo calls Inha to apologize but Bumjo’s on the other line. Bumjo confessed his love to Inha and she said yes let’s date (but hiccup!), so she said she’s sorry she can’t date someone if her feelings are a lie and she’ll hiccup. (A polite but being-smack-in-the-face rejection huh? :-? ) Also Dalpo feels torn after what Bumjo said “I’m different from Dal-po. To me, you’re not someone who holds me back, or has wronged me.” :-w

Dalpo break his cold attitude and showed his affection as he fly-kicks the Santa Claus away from Inha and touches her cheeks!! Ahhhh <3_<3 :-bd

Dalpo continues to worry about Inha-Bumjo, he got drunk and had a fever on Christmas Eve. He secretly pockets Choi family’s favorite snacks as their Christmas presents! (Omo gonna cry =(( ) Dalpo said, “I can’t hold on to you right now. But… don’t go to someone else, okay?” Inha tells Dalpo she won’t, and he reaches up to touch her face: “I don’t want to wake up…” :((

Yoorae wanted to give herself as a Christmas present to Dalpo (what a confession!!) but she got stood up/he-never-pick-up-the-phone. And the Chaebol mommy showtime starts!


Ep 14 Hansel and Gretel: The cannibal witch that lies to Hansel and Gretel is chaebol mommy that “cannibalizes” on money $-). Dalpo, Inha and Bumjo are starting to suspect the relationship of PSR and SCO and PSR is not a sweet person as they thought.. (Note: Hansel and Gretel cannot be Dalpo and Inha as it’ll be incest AGAIN! LOL [-X) So we finally get to see ACS’s family! Wow 3 kids at age 26/27, and all alcohol’s fault HEHEHE. Ji-hee spies Dal-in couple~~ Inha is flustered and Dal-po worries Inha might say something to cause her to hiccup, he answers matter-of-factly, “We dated briefly and broke up.” Everyone is surprised and Yoo-rae is like: “WHAT? When? Where? How long? Why?” ALL THE 1H4Ws ARE OUT! HAHAHHAHA. I love the fact that Sweet Grandpa visits Jaemyung!! Grandpa really treasures Dalpo so much that he doesn’t mind Dalpo’s real family. Maybe Jaemyung will join the Choi family too? :D The history repeats again with another fire case.


Ep 15 Don Quixote: A guy that loses his sanity after reading excessive chivalry books that distorts his perception and mental faculties. He decided to be a knight and embarks his chivalrous quests to bring justice to the world. He calls himself Don Quixote.

Most people shifted their focus after Song ChaOk changed the flow of story. But Cap Hwang learnt his lesson from 13 years ago and commanded them to stick to facts. Director Lee was proud to hear his words from Cap Hwang. Oooooh~~ (remember Inha’s Ooh?).
The first delusional guy is Ahn Chan Soo, believing he can take the accusation well. Dalpo and Inha worries for him and Dalpo prevent ACS from hugging Inha! Hahaha :))!! Inha sees how dedicated Dalpo is, in helping ACS and decided to follow along to help Dalpo. Dalpo was so focused on his mission to help ACS that he fails to look at the people around him.

Next delusional person is Yoorae, believing Dalpo likes her even thought Bumjo revealed the truth of his previous lie.

In this ep, both Inha and Bumjo suffers as Inha’s guilt worsens when ACS breaks down, and Bumjo is giving us the 2nd lead syndrome as he continues to stay by Inha’s side even though he is upset that she does not listens to him. :((

In the end everyone gets to open his or her eyes. Bumjo sees his crush is heading nowhere, Yoorae realizes she can’t come in-between Dal-In’s love and lastly, Dalpo felt bad after being lectured by Bumjo so he went to search Inha. In the end, Dalpo founds that Inha has the button with her all along! So Inha still has feelings for him! AND THEY KISSED AGAIN! ^:)^ And Inha went Dalpo’s house….


Ep 16 The Emperor’s New Clothes: The original story has deep meanings, such as – the entire crowd can see no clothes and yet none of the crowd is willing to stand up for the truth. It's so much easier for everyone to just go with the consensus and conform, rather than to think for himself or herself. Also, unquestioning acceptance of 'facts' means that the truth is ignored. The real world message is that gathering ‘yes men’ around the leader is the worst the leader can do, because if the followers are unwilling or unable to tell the leader the truth, to stand up to him, to criticize when he is wrong, then detachment from reality grows and the leader's conceited self-belief will soar to levels of self-deception. Dalpo’s theory of “news you want or news you need” is an example - the winter Olympic vs. giving answers to victims’ families.


Ep 17 The Scarlet Letter: The original story is that the scarlet letter is the letter A for adultery, with the tagline “When intimacy is forbidden and passion is a sin, love is the most defiant crime of all”. Everything including sins, that starts with love, will end with love too.
Inha decides to represent her mother to apologize by being a whistleblower. Inha admits she tried a thousand times to tell herself that they were strangers, that Mom had abandoned her so she should too. Inha said, “But I can’t! All I have to do is let go of this hand, but I can’t… like an idiot.” There’s so much feels when Inha’s Dad wants to but can’t pat on crying Inha as his hands have soap, is the same as Dad’s dilemma of wanting Inha to do the right thing and sad that Inha is following his footstep.

Moreover, Dalpo realizes and doesn’t want Inha’s future to be ruined and promises they’ll find another road. This time round, it is Inha’s tears that they were so close, as oppose to previously Dalpo’s anger of being so close to revenge during bus driver case. Both attempts were directly/indirectly stopped cause of Inha, hence her tears/regret that it is such as waste to lose this chance again. Dalpo decided take a gamble after hearing that SCO had wanted to be a whistleblower before, by giving SCO the evidences. Dal-In stamps their kisses on each other’s forehead! :x Lastly, Dal-in couple managed to break the snow queen!! SCO mutters, “It’s so annoying that you make me concerned. It’s so annoying that you’re making me embarrassed…”


Ep 18 The Red Shoes: It tells the story of vanity, selfishness and disobedience, and even if you “cut” your punishments away they will still come after you until you seek true repentance. While the snow queen decides to right her wrongs, chaebol mommy is the girl with red shoes, and tries to warn SCO, Inha and Dalpo to stop their investigations. And oooh shaving scene’s not an imagination yay! :\"> Dal-in couple has gotten much closer as they start to feel each other’s emotions. Inha asks Dal-po if this is how he felt when he had to report his brother… Hyung notes that Dal-po doesn’t look as happy as he should. Dal-po admits that he’s having a hard time watching In-ha.. Hyung chides Dalpo, “You made me want to live. You saved me.” Wow SCO has the most character development. :))


Ep 19 The North Wind and the Sun: The story about superiority of persuasion over force. The real message that kindness moves people, not force. Chaebol mommy (Wind) is using her forces to stop her from getting arrested. However the SCO team (Sun) manages to predict chaebol mommy’s moves.

Kind/Sweet moments –

1) Dalpo’s continue to fake his arm injury, as he loves to be with the kind and warm Choi family.

2) Inha helps to shade her tired mother from the sun. SCO finally gets to sleep well as she is finally doing the right thing. So funny when Inha was worried for her mom’s feelings then mom started criticizing Dalpo’s reports.

3) You see the repeat of how Dalpo became drunk for his guilt for his brother and now Inha cries because of feeling bad for her mother. Dal-po hugs her tight, and In-ha says through tears, “I should’ve hugged you like this back then. Even when you told me not to worry or comfort your or do anything. I still should’ve hugged you.” YEA MANN!

4) Dalpo-Bumjo budding bromance #1. Bumjo is stuck because there isn’t much he can do—he knows that his mother won’t apologize or feel remorse, but then he doesn’t have the courage to turn in his own family like Dal-po did and understanding why Inha feels bad to Dalpo then. Dal-po said he understands and has no intention of instructing Bumjo to turn his family in, and says it’s been a while since he let go of revenge and hate. Dalpo said, “Because time is precious, I decided let it go.” - he’s done wasting time on revenge and hate, and just wants to be a reporter who can say good is good and bad is bad.

5) Dalpo apologizes to his bro for forgiving so easily. Hyung tells him that Dal-po doesn’t need permission to let go, and says that he has since lost the right to hate or forgive anyone the moment he became a killer. He reminds Dal-po never ever to lose that right.

6) Bumjo feels his mother’s hardships of being a baddie. He tells her that he never knew how tirelessly she worked to provide everything that he enjoyed in life. He hugs her, and chaebol mommy tells him sincerely that he doesn’t need to know those things, and he can just continue to enjoy that life. All he says in response is, “I’m sorry, mother.” Next we see that Bumjo is taking a share of her mother’s sins by turning himself in to the police station. This kindness will stop the wind.


Dalpo-Bumjo bromance #2:
Dal-po’s eyes fill with tears, and he asks why Bum-jo is going this far. Bum-jo: “I told you before, that I’m on your side. How much would I be on your side to go this far?” He adds half-jokingly, “Do you believe me now?” Dal-po: “I believed you the first time, you crazy bastard.”


Future husband-wife moment: Baby moment at ACS's hse & Inha punishes dalpo by pinching his cheeks.


Ep 20 Peter Pan the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up:

The story about growing up is part of life and the scene of crocodile chasing hook is a metaphor that… time chases us all. Peter Pan invites Wendy DARLING (hint hint!) to Neverland to be the mother of peter pan and the lost boys. After all the adventures, Wendy decides that her place is her family at home, much to the joy of her heartsick mother.

So…Bumjo made his sacrifice to give the reporters a chance to ask the right questions. SCO tells them that their job is to make Chaebol Mommy say something other than the two standard lawyer-speak lines. Dalpo thinks back to what hyung wants him - to not to ask the things they’re curious about (why she ruin their family), but to do his job as a reporter and ask what it is the people want to know. He focused on getting Chaebol Mommy to lose her focus on her rehearsed lines. SCO is glad to see Dalpo grew to be a good reporter.

Bumjo gets 30-no-42-minutes with Inha to clear his regret of not giving Inha her birthday present! I wonder what he gave her… Our 2nd lead gets a hug!!

Though the last obstacle is getting Grandpa’s approval, Dalpo told Inha he has no intention of giving their love up because he’s learned from Bum-jo and Hyung that no matter how much people might seem happier not knowing the truth, in the end not knowing doesn’t keep truth from being true. Dalpo says he’ll try everything, but if in the end nothing works, the only thing they can do is accept it as Grandpa is the one that saved him, raised him and let him meet Inha.

Fast-forward to 2015, we see how everybody grows up!! Probably Grandpa did not accept them until one year later? SCO left reporting industry as she feels she is not a true reporter and works as an instructor. YAY to wedding photoshoot, that hints Dal-in couple gets married!!


How’s everyone coping with Pinocchio withdrawal? 8-|


I think Cap-rae couldn’t happen coz of the 13 years age gap? Can see from their difference in maturity when Cap scolded Yoo-rae for pitching chaebol mommy fashion story. Hence Yoo-rae joins the nosy alliance. Well who knows what happen when Yoo-rae matures to match Cap level (: I think hyung is in jail as of 2015, because killing three people is a long sentence? But I think when he comes out he’ll be a righteous person like his father and Hamyung.


Interesting note: Remember MSC Cap Kim Gong-joo (princess) and Lee Il-Joo. Their names are similar as Gong(zero)-joo and Il(one)-joo! In real life both actors are surname Kim.

Many thanks to wikipedia, recaps from dramabeans and other sources.

Thanks Pinocchio drama :^o ! Hope everyone recovers soon!  :x  :)>-  
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Finally finally I've seen the last three episodes and I just have to say it was perfect.
I love how each story was ended (except that I would have loved a kiss between YR and cap, but that's my pervert mind speaking :\">)
even if I'm quite sad for BJ, I was happy that his mother couldn't get herself out of prison. It goes perfectly well with how the story was done. I must say that I was quite shocked by the agressions in YGN and MSC. Such evil persons..
And I'm happy that Hyung is "at peace". I guess that his murders were needed to put the story into actions but it is so heartwrenching to see how a life can be destroyed because one or two persons decided that the truth should not be told.
And our OTP were so good together. Their chemistry was really an explosion in each of their scene :x . It is so nice that we could have a wedding, lots of kisses (even if it's never enough) and even scenes with a baby. Let's no forget the toilet couple for a long long time.

And finally, the story on journalism was really well written. None of the characters were completly blank or completly dark and you could see how a journalist can make the wrong choice in certain circonstances. It also shows how the public needs for "good" stories can impact the ways news are reported or even given. The dialog on the happy news and the must see news was so well written taht I was applauded Dalpo in front of my computer. Unfortunately, it is not always followed by our reporters no matter where you live. But I'm also wondering if we would be able to accept must see news everydays... Maybe we have to change our thinking before this could happen or maybe they have to help us change our thinking... /:)  Such a strong question

I really want to thank everyone who has recaped and shared all these summaries, pictures, BTS and so on... Thanks to you the wait for the raw and the sub was not too hard. You're really the best =D> :)>-

@Rania Zeid, thanks for all your last images. I must say that I find the slap so funny. Poor BJ

@Pitez, that's really a complete explanation for all titles. I found all of them really accurate whan I was watching the drama but there's some of them I didn't know of. It is really nive to see that writer-nim even put the effort into finding the perfect title.

Next week will be so sad without Pinocchio :(( but I guess I'll just have to rewatch it as many times as needed
Bravo Pinocchio :^o :^o :^o :^o  !!!

And congratulations to all the staff of this drama and to all the actors. I don't know how they manage to make such a beautiful work with so few hours of sleep. They deserve every award they can get.
Let's wait for there next work with impatience /:)

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Guest AbyBlue

class="subject" id="articleTitle" style="margin: 0px; padding: 7px 13px 3px; font-size: 22px; line-height: 28px; font-family: AppleSDGothicNeo-Regular; font-weight: normal; color: rgb(37, 38, 40); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"PSH as new endorser for VIKI clothing line
Embedded image permalink

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credit to rightful owners

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Hi all, i want to sharing my 5th MV.
BGM is Beautiful in White by Shayne Ward - Westlife. I just LOVE this song so much! And Finally i have Beautiful Couple in Wedding Scene!! They are so so BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING together!!

Here's the Lyrics :

Not sure if you know this
But when we first met
I got so nervous I couldn't speak
In that very moment
I found the one and
My life had found its missing piece

So as long as I live I'll love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now til my very last breath
This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white

What we have is timeless
My love is endless
And with this ring I
Say to the world
You're my every reason
You're all that I believe in
With all my heart I mean every word

So as long as I live I'll love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now til my very last breath
This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white

Oooh oh
You look so beautiful in white

So beautiful in white

And if a daughter is what our future holds
I hope she has your eyes
Finds love like you and I did
Yeah, and when she falls in love, we'll let her go
I'll walk her down the aisle
She'll look so beautiful in white

You look so beautiful in white

So as long as I live I'll love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now til my very last breath
This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white

You look so beautiful in white

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