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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

Go Seung Ji

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Not top 3 but there are some reasons make me surprise even myself.
1) I wanted Shinhye get Inha's role when read the story of Pinocchio.
2) I started Pinocchio with PSH's confirmation.3) I prayed Jongsuk would confirm as the male lead.4) I didn't pass any scene because I want to understand totally all story, in the first time.5) I love all characters and no hate, no anoying anyone.6) I'm really hooked by great chemistry from OTP.7) I'm so impressive with almost dialogue from Pinocchio.
8) I feel there're no one can replace the lead instead Jongsuk and Shinhye.9) I feel so anoying and tired when waiting next eps (never so much before)10) Due to Darling couple, there's kind of BTS called "skinship version" =)) (ofcourse, not every couple can make this out)11) More I watch, more I get addictive all moments from Darling.12) The first time I have thinking "I dont want the drama end" 13) The first time I have a hope "the lead will work together with a movie in the future"14) Until now, Darling is the only one make me feel chemistry even not do anything but stand still.15) The drama make me have much ... peonte thinking >:)16) Although I was silent reader because my limit eng but Pinocchio make me signed up and become chatter.  :D

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@aznfantizie said:
Let's keep this thread alive!!What are your top 3 reasons why you like this drama?? said:MY TOP 3 REASONS are:
1. because of my Lovely Park Shin Hye, she's my ultimate korean actress idol...she's very beautiful yet simple and humble... she's also very talented knows how to sing, dance, knows many sports and most of all like what Lee Jong Suk said in their past interview she's a very LOVABLE ACTRESS...
2. when i knew that she will be paired up with Sukkie, i was a bit sad bcoz my OTP back then is MINSHIN, which is Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, but as i watch the first episode of Pinocchio waaaahhhh Lee Jong Suk caught my heart... i fell deeply in love with him... he's so handsome and his acting skills soooo perfect...that's why i came to the point that my ranking in my most fave korean actor is  Him next is of course is Lee Min Ho...hehe 
3. my 3rd reason is becoz like most of us here said... i super duper duper love their great CHEMISTRY... i can feel their sweetness so much that im thinking that there something going on between them... wahhhh they are so perfect together.. PERFECT MACH made in heaven...hehe i hope that they can date someday or maybe they are now hehe
waahhhh i miss PINOCCHIO soooo much now.....

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