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  1. I cant move on yet from them. Huhu miss their moments and drama! Poor my heart... I made new MV (again), BGM is Two of Us by Donghyun, Nahyun.
  2. Really really missed them! already 2 weeks without them, feel empty! I Made new MV, BGM is Perfect - Ed Sheeran (cover by Tereza & Relasi Project). Hope they will tie the knot someday! AMEN
  3. My Saturday and Sunday night is boring, i cant move on yet from this drama also the couple. So i made their MV again haha. Seo Ye Ji said that Kim Soo Hyun is the only most active person on set and also repeatedly give bad jokes.. Hahaha BGM is As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys
  4. Hi,,so sad the drama ended Already missed MoonMoon Couple, Sang Tae Oppa, our Remarkable Trio! I want to share my MV. LOVE is Part 2 (Seo Ye Ji Part). BGM is Incredible Love by Emma Heesters (cover). Hope u'll like it! Thank youuu
  5. Hello again, i hope u're not borred with me sharing my new MV here I made this MV, try to translate what the meaning LOVE from their vids and picts. Hope u'll like it Thank youuu
  6. I Made Their Kiss Collection during this drama. BGM is Can't Help Falling in Love by Endy (cover). LOVE LOVE LOVEE THEEMMM!
  7. So Sad, next week is last 2 episode. Hope TVN releases more BTS our couple!! Here's my 6th MV of them! BGM is My Honey, Baby, Love by LYN. Hope u'like it ♡♡♡
  8. Hello again, i want to share my 5th MV of them! Spread the loveeee loveeeeee is the moment.............. BGM is Confession by 2AM. Here's the lyrics : It's been a while, since my heart a little by little started to change. Since I was suffering alone from some time ago,every time you cried I started hating the guy who made you cry. It's better for me to protect you, this is what I started thinking without realizing. Now I want to hug you and love you,this is what I sta
  9. OMGGG, Love the kissing scene want to share my new MV again, soooooo in loveeeeee! Thank youu
  10. OMGGGG, i love Kim Soo Hyun with Seo Ye Ji! Cant stop spazzing over their sweet moments, cant help watched all their videos and cant stop to made their MV! Here's the 3rd MV of them. Hope u'll like it <33333
  11. OMG, cant wait for new episode tonight! Love this coupleeee, Kim Soo Hyun likes Ko Mun Yeong's lines, "do you believe in destiny?" so i made this MV. Here's the link, hope u'll like it. So do u believe in destiny?
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