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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

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Pinocchio Director’s cut | LeeJongSuk & ParkShinHye  Cr: DC    

Title: 피노키오 / Pinocchio Chinese Title: 皮诺丘 Genre: Melodrama, Romance Episodes: 20  Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-12 to 2015-Jan-15 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21

It seems that there will maybe be an American remake of Pinocchio. It isn't finalized but it is a possibility. 
I'm sorry, but I am not going to watch the remake if it does become broadcasted.

Darling Couple will forever be Dalpo and Inha, not Dalton and Ingrid, or something of that craziness.
I cannot imagine having all the cast with different ones or have a little bit of a different storyline. 
The OST's will not become some American rap like Snoopdog or pop like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or whatever. (I'm not hating on them. I am just saying it won't be the same of what I feel through those OST's. They are part of the whole storyline and they bring impact and connect with the scenes.)
The Korean Pinocchio will forever be my only Pinocchio.

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It seems that there will maybe be an American remake of Pinocchio. It isn't finalized but it is a possibility. 

I'm sorry, but I am not going to watch the remake if it does become broadcasted. 

Darling Couple will forever be Dalpo and Inha, not Dalton and Ingrid, or something of that craziness.

I cannot imagine having all the cast with different ones or have a little bit of a different storyline. 

The OST's will not become some American rap like Snoopdog or pop like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or whatever. (I'm not hating on them. I am just saying it won't be the same of what I feel through those OST's. They are part of the whole storyline and they bring impact and connect with the scenes.)

The Korean Pinocchio will forever be my only Pinocchio.

@TheFoodMonster is there a link of the news can I borrow it....

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sleepykid said:

It seems that there will maybe be an American remake of Pinocchio. It isn't finalized but it is a possibility. 

I'm sorry, but I am not going to watch the remake if it does become broadcasted. 

Darling Couple will forever be Dalpo and Inha, not Dalton and Ingrid, or something of that craziness.

I cannot imagine having all the cast with different ones or have a little bit of a different storyline. 

The OST's will not become some American rap like Snoopdog or pop like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or whatever. (I'm not hating on them. I am just saying it won't be the same of what I feel through those OST's. They are part of the whole storyline and they bring impact and connect with the scenes.)

The Korean Pinocchio will forever be my only Pinocchio.

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Seriously won't there be any commentary video like once upon a time Heirs had...and IHYV went for vacation trip after the Drama ended right ?!?. If my long term memory loss isn't back i think Lee Bo young didn't went to that trip but Jongsuk went with the IHYV team. Why there's nothing like that for Pinocchio ?!!. They need to chillax first and get charge before coming back to the field. Couple need to promotes their show right !. I really really ....chongmal want to see Jongsuk and Shinhye together again..watever will be fine. Pls holy god mother grant my wish. I promise i'll be good kid and study hard. 

Shipping is so painful sometimes. You just want to see your OTP....no matter what...however..whenever...wherever and dammit FOREVER !. Darlings will be my one and only first and last OTP. My heart will not be able to function... if i'll continue to ship other couple as well coz.........

Jongsuk was the one who didn't get the chance to go to their thailand vacation because he went to Philippines and continue his No Breathing filming.... kekeke some fun facts. Anyway Pinocchio dp not have vacation spree. Sad :(

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@sleepykid It was from YTN. That is the main news channel in Korea. Only broadcast news 24/7. It is also the most truthworthy since they focus on facts rather than impact like YGN in Pinocchio.

Yah, only time will tell if Pinocchio drama will have a remake, :( Anyway haven't any news about the two I'm having Pinocchio withdrawals.

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Cr: Gwynne-fics (She is an awesome fanfic writer. I read her IHYV series, too. I cannot wait for her next fanfic of Pinocchio. It seems that she LOVES Pinocchio like we all do in the Pinocchio thread. :x)

This fanfic is long, but IT IS WORTH IT when you are having withdrawals like me. :(
Darling Couple Fanfic
Pinocchio: Hiccups

one. His hair looks weird all buzzed and he looks tired from the bus ride but In-Ha does not care because her uncle has returned from his enlistment and she is totally going to get Dal-Po drunk. He literally enlisted the day they graduated and she didn’t get the chance to celebrate anything. They have two years to make up for.

She lets Dad and Grandpa fuss over him as they show off the new apartment. She can wait. Dad and Grandpa always fall asleep early and she knows how to sneak out of the house without informing them.

Sneaking into his bedroom is totally easy and she tries not to giggle when he yanks his blankets up to his chin. “In-Ha!”

She reaches into his drawers and pulls out the t-shirt she bought him and tosses it at him. It’s followed by an old pair of jeans. “Come on. Your stomach is full so you should be able to last. We have at least seven celebrations to get through. Also, I have a girlfriend who is super sweet that you need to take out later this week.”

It’s so funny when he dresses under his blankets. Dal-Po rubs at his eyes and she wishes he would move faster. “Seven?”

"Graduation. My college acceptance. Two years being top of my class. Your two promotions ahead of schedule. Returning with honor." She counts it out on her fingers while he looks around for some socks. She tosses those at him too. "Hurry. We have to go now or Grandpa will catch us when he gets up to pee in," she checks her watch, "ten minutes."

"Am I meeting people?" He grumbles it as In-Ha grabs a pair of sneakers from the shoe shelf. She hands them to him before reaching up and grabbing the beanie she bought a few days ago. She shoves it onto his head. There. He looks much less weird.

"Nope. Just us." Dal-Po breaks out into a grin and puts on his shoes. He takes her hand and soon they are scurrying down the street to the closest bar. She buys a bottle of something expensive, convinces them to give her fourteen shot glasses by being her most adorable, and lines up their little table with seven drinks each.

She doesn’t exactly remember everything about that night. She remembers the important things! In-Ha gets silly enough to use her finger guns on him. Ppi-yong Ppi-yong! She remembers beating him through all seven shots. I win, Dal-Po!

She remembers how he scoots into the booth next to her but she’s completely unsure why he gets all growly at the guys checking her out. She explains (for like the millionth time for someone so smart he always forgets this) that she is beautiful and of course all the guys want to look at her.

In-Ha remembers how he smells like expensive soju and cold winters when he asks her if she has a boyfriend he needs to check out because he’s piggybacking her home. It’s the only damper of the night.

"I’m a Pinocchio," she says forlornly. "Eventually the novelty wears off."

two. In-Ha is excited to introduce him to her girlfriend. She begs Dal-Po to come with her to meet a group of her college friends. His hair has grown out a little and it is at that perfect stage where a girlfriend will be fantastic at stopping the odd mop he likes to wear.

He fits in well and she’s excited to include him. They all get a little bit ridiculous the later it gets and it is decided that the losers of a Pepero game will pay for all the drinks. In-Ha is delighted. She gets Dal-Po paired up with her girlfriend (they are going to be so cute together she just knows it) while she is easily paired with the boy who clearly has a crush on her.

In-Ha likes to win so she doesn’t much mind. The boy will want to get as close to kissing her as possible and she can use that to her advantage. The problem occurs when the crunchy breadsticks they’re using touch her lips and she hiccups.

She winces and wrinkles her nose as everyone laughs at their expense. At this rate, she will have to pay for all the drinks. “I’m sorry,” she says honestly. “Apparently, my heart doesn’t want to kiss you. It is clearly not thinking straight because you are very cute.”

The boy blushes and she tries to come up with a solution. She hopes she hasn’t hurt his feelings too much. Dal-Po rescues her. “We can do it. Ji-Yi dared us at lunch once, remember? She thought she was getting back at you for spitting all over the cake.”

That makes In-Ha giggle. He puts the end of his bread stick to his lips and In-Ha easily leans forward. Last time they did this with a box of actual pepero and got pretty close. Enough to beat Ji-Yi anyway. 

This time they get close enough his lips touch hers as she tilts her head so they can get as much of the bread stick devoured as possible. In-Ha smirks when there are only crumbs left.

She crows about it the entire walk home and teases Dal-Po that he’s already red from just a couple of drinks. She tugs on his sleeve and makes him look down at her. “Did you like them? They are nice, right?”

He shrugs and puts his hands in his pockets. They are close to her favorite bar and she wonders if they should get another drink to celebrate their Pepero win. “You’ve always had good friends. They’re journalism people though. I don’t know if I could date a reporter.”

In-Ha rolls her eyes. “She’s pretty, smart, and you didn’t do the quacky lip thing that means you’re uncomfortable when you talked to her. Isn’t it more important that you have matching personalities than what she does for work?”

Dal-Po side eyes her. “Quacky lip thing?”

She purses her mouth and he automatically reaches up and catches her lips between his fingers. She bats his hands away and gives him her most arrogant look as she flounces off. She tosses her answer over her shoulder. “Quacky lip thing. You do it whenever you’re uncomfortable.”

three. The good atmosphere lasts for almost three months. It is fantastic. They sneak out late at night whenever In-Ha needs to blow off studying steam. She’s a little disappointed he doesn’t want to date her friend but they win all the Pepero competitions and he doesn’t let her get so drunk she doesn’t remember the entire evening. Grandpa has caught them more than once curled up in the living room at three in the morning while they sleep off their soju.

He hurries them into their own rooms and warns them not to drool on the floor next time.

In-Ha doesn’t mind the late nights or the way Dal-Po finds his way into her room to help her study for her next test. She’s bright and fast so it is fun to show off to someone as bright and fast as he is. He’s rapidly becoming her closest friend and it is the best because they live together.

He’s her fake, goofy uncle and she’s his charming, adorable niece and they will know each other until they die. She has plenty of nights watching movies on her laptop and getting drunk and Pepero games in her future.

Until Dal-Po tells them that he’s found a new job. That’s what he’s been doing during the day while she goes to class and studies. They are eating dinner in the kitchen and Dad and Grandpa were just so pleased and supportive because things are still very tight but In-Ha’s shoulders slump.

"Taxi driver?"

Dal-Po won’t look at her. He’s focused on his rice. It stings a little, no, a lot. A taxi driver can’t go out drinking late at night. A taxi driver can’t sit on her bed with her and watch movies when Dad and Grandpa are sleeping. A taxi driver won’t have time to quiz her for her tests. Not if he wants to work well the next morning without a hangover. Not if he is up late making sure drunk people like her get home safely. 

She thought…she thought they were getting on better. She thought they were done with the stupid cycle where they argued and he said mean things to her only to apologize and give in later. She thought he was going to be nice to her now. Their last year of high school was fun and they laughed so much…

He could’ve picked any job in the world. He was smart enough to be anything he wanted. He could hide it from Grandpa without an issue. He picked taxi driver because…because they weren’t really friends.

"In-Ha," Dad says when he notices her silence. "Be happy. Hyungnim has found a good job that will always be in demand. He’s going to help provide for—"

"I’m happy for you, samchon." She hiccups but stands before anyone can call her on it. It is Dal-Po’s turn to do dishes anyway so she grabs one of her water bottles from the fridge and heads to her room. She ignores the way Dad shouts after her and slams her door shut. In-Ha sits down on the floor next to her bed and pulls her knees to her chest.

She bows her head and quietly sobs through her hiccups. Why? Why doesn’t Dal-Po like her? It is always like this. Things go well and then he pulls away so sharply it leaves her reeling. He could pick any job but he picked one where they would hardly see each other.

In-Ha ignores her door opening and prepares to yell at Dad for trying to force her to be happy for Dal-Po. She’s a Pinocchio. She can’t save face. She has to tell the truth. It hurts if she doesn’t. Hiccups were the worst.

The door closes quietly which means it is probably Grandpa because if there is one person who can coax her out of hiccups and into a truth they can all bear, it is Grandpa. She feels him sit down next to her and press her water bottle against her feet. In-Ha curls her toes and pushes it away.

"Your school raised the class fees for next semester’s tuition," Dal-Po says quietly. "Abeoji got a letter in the mail last week. He hasn’t told your dad yet. He’s already worried about the landlord raising the rent since I’ve returned. Things are tight, In-Ha."

She knew money was tight. Grandpa insisted on giving her an allowance. She only used half of it when she went out with her friends. She used the other half (along with her employee discount at her part-time job) to buy little convenience items for everyone’s lunches so grocery money could be spent feeding the always hungry Dal-Po.

"You don’t have to say it," she whispers back. "I’m the selfish daughter with a selfish dream who is just selfish enough that she can’t be happy for your first real job because it means she’ll be lonely again."

Dal-Po puts his arm around her as the hiccups stop but her tears don’t. He lifts her up like she weighs nothing, and pulls her into his lap. She feels warm and safe and selfish as he holds her against his chest. He brings his legs up so his knees mirror hers.

"How are you lonely?" He sounds honestly surprised at her assessment, especially in the wake of her hiccups stopping. "Everyone loves you."

"You don’t," she mutters rebelliously. She dares to glance up and finds him doing the quacky lip thing. His nose wrinkles and she ducks her head when he looks down. "They think I’m amusing. They don’t take me seriously. There has never been a Pinocchio reporter. My dad is just waiting for me to fail so he can be relieved I’m nothing like my mom. I’m too honest so they don’t trust me with anything real. You’re the only one that doesn’t…laugh at me."


Of course that’s all he says. If he wants to keep his thoughts a secret, he can. Not for the first time in her life does she wonder what it might feel like to keep a secret or hide her thoughts until she knows how she feels instead of having to admit right away whatever it on her mind.

"When do you start?"

"Tomorrow." In-Ha squeezes her eyes shut and as much as she would just like to cry and use him being warm and smelling nice to feel better, she pulls away and stands. She goes to her desk and turns on the light as she wipes at her face.

"I’ll make your lunch for you. It’s your turn to do dishes." She dismisses him and ignores the way he hesitates at her door.

"In-Ha…It’s better this way. I won’t distract you from your goal. Your grades…" She rolls her eyes at that. He isn’t doing this for her. He’s doing it for him.

"Dishes. I’m not doing them for you again." And she absolutely would not ride in his taxi unless she was desperate. She had to wipe at her face again. Her eyes were still leaking.

He leaves too early for her to make him lunch.

four. In-Ha’s head hurts as she rolls over in her bed to tug on the blinds betraying her with the early morning light and her hand smacks into the bare skin of a person laying next to her. She freezes and her eyes pop open and she sits up much too quickly.

Dal-Po is in her bed.

Dal-Po is….In-Ha lifts up the blanket and her eyes get wide as she yanks it back down. Dal-Po is naked in his bed. She looks down at herself and tries not to freak out as she lifts the blanket again.

She is not naked. She’s still got her bra, her shirt, and her panties on. She is in Dal-Po’s room. Why is he naked?

In-Ha struggles to remember what exactly happened but the last thing she remembers is doing bombs with her beer as they celebrated her graduation from college. She remembers one of her friends daring her to drink through a line of…six drinks?

Was she insane?

Dal-Po grunts and rolls over. He kicks away the blankets and she hisses at his bare back. She wrenches the blankets up and covers him all over again before carefully trying to sneak out of bed. He doesn’t stir while she climbs over him and looks around the room for any incriminating evidence. Her pants and socks are nowhere to be found. 

In-Ha glances at the clock and hisses at it. It is close to seven. Grandpa is definitely awake already and Dad would be back from his morning jog any second. She needs pants.

She scurries over to Dal-Po’s dresser and finds a pair of pajama pants with a drawstring. She shoves them on and wraps the tie around her waist twice. She is listening at the door for Grandpa when Dal-Po says softly, “Don’t you want to know what happened?”

In-Ha whirls around just in time to see him finish putting pants on. “I want to escape and never talk about this,” she whispers back. He’s clearly struggling not to laugh when he covers his mouth and she hiccups. “Of course I want to know why you were naked!”

Before he can answer, mortification floods through her. “Did I throw up on you?”

"Ah, no. You managed to do that outside of my taxi when I picked you up. I made you eat something when we got home and you spilled all of the kimchi we had on me. I put you in your own bed, by the way. You’re the one who wandered back in here while I was sleeping."

"Why didn’t you put me back?" She blinks at him rapidly. "You sleep naked? What the heck are these for then?" She tugs on the pajama bottoms she stole. At least he has some shame. His cheeks and shoulders go pink. She almost giggles. Who blushes with their shoulders?

"Winter." He finally pulls on a t-shirt and then blinks as he ran his fingers through his black mop. His face goes red again and he swallows. "You peeked?"

"I was in bed with you and you didn’t have a shirt on. We’re not actually related, Dal-Po. I was freaked out we might have done something stupid that would destroy our family. Of course I looked. We can’t…you are everything to my grandfather. My dad loves you too, even if he’d never admit it. You could’ve left after you graduated but you didn’t. It means you love them too."

Except for her. He doesn’t really care about her. They grew up together and were very close in some ways but Dal-Po was always quick to pull away before they cross any lines. They could be family if he would let them. 

"You think that us being together would destroy the family?"

It would hurt Grandpa. He literally believes Dal-Po is his own son. He won’t understand if…she can’t even think about it seriously. Once, in high school, Ji-Yi asked her if she ever thought about kissing Dal-Po. They lived together, after all, and surely she’d gotten more glimpses of him at home than at school, what with the penchant the boys had for taking off their shirts during the summer in gym class.

She’d rolled her eyes and made some silly joke about only wanting to kiss guys who were nice to her. The next day Ji-Yi dared them to play the pepero game and they did it without blinking.

But right now, In-Ha’s heart races as she considers that Dal-Po had caught glimpses of her too. She was careful. She lives with three men. Grandpa and Dad didn’t even notice she was a woman but right now she has to confront the fact Dal-Po might see her that way.

"I don’t know," she says and is relieved when she doesn’t hiccup. "But I do know you don’t even want to be my friend, and whatever it is that we have, isn’t enough to risk it on hormones."

In-Ha licks her lips and presses them together. “You should get a girlfriend. It would make them really happy.”

She ducks out his room before he could stop her. Luck is with her. Dad isn’t home and Grandpa is still in his room. She make it into her own and flops down on her bed. She’d thrown her pants across the room and they were by the window with her socks. 

She touches her lips and wonders exactly how Dal-Po knew to pick her up. Was it just serendipity that he was the cab she called to get her home or had one of her friends done it for her? Had they played that silly game last night? Was that why he was talking about foolish things?

In-Ha sighs and curls up into a ball. Her head hurts from her hangover so she closes her eyes and tries to get a few more hours of sleep. It doesn’t work.

five. “Wait.” Ji-Yi’s eyes are huge as she looks in between In-Ha and Dal-Po. No. Not Dal-Po. He’s not Dal-Po anymore. “You dated? Why? You said you only liked guys who were nice to you.”

In-Ha has to laugh as the former Dal-Po purses his lips at their classmate. “I did say that. That’s why it was very brief.” She means to change the subject but Ji-Yi starts smacking Chan-Soo’s arm and is very, very excited.

"We can win the game now!"

"Yeobo (Honey)," Chan-Soo says as In-Ha has to ignore the way Yoo-Rae and Beom-Joo look at them. "Aren’t we a little old to still be holding onto that loss?"

It doesn’t stop Ji-Yi from getting a small order of ddeokbokki without the sauce and placing it in front of the group. In-Ha groans and covers her face. “Ji-Yi—”

"I refuse to be outdone." She stands up and hands her baby to Beom-Joo (who looks mildly panicked that Yoo-Rae wasn’t chosen but does his best to hold him carefully). She takes off her jacket and looks at Chan-Soo very seriously. "We’ve made three babies. Beating Dal-Po and In-Ha will be easy and they will pay for lunch."

In-Ha leans close to Dal—him. “Do you have enough cash to cover half of this?”

"Not even close." 

"Don’t make me hiccup by being half-assed or awful. You better bring it. Ji-Yi is not messing around.” In-Ha pauses and sucks on her bottom lip for a moment. “If we win, we tell everyone to pay for themselves. They can’t pay for all of this either.”

"And if we lose?" 

Beom-Joo leans close and startles Dal—him. “I will cover it.”

In-Ha tries not to be interested in the way the boys glare at each other. Instead she takes off her coat and picks up a piece of ddeokbokki. She holds out the other end to…him…and waits for the call to start. Everyone is paying very close attention when they start.

They’ve done this plenty of times with all manner of food. They had an easy rhythm to get whatever it was they were playing with all the way to their lips. Normally they did the awkward thing with the teeth touching and their lips pulled back.

Dal-Po doesn’t play that way this time. He cups her face and she tilts her head and their lips press just slightly before he opens his mouth and darts his tongue into hers. She bites down on the piece of ddeokbokki just as he sucks the rest behind his teeth.

She pulls back and feels very, very smug until she remembers his name isn’t Dal-Po and he isn’t the man she loves anymore. She swallows and turns to their gaping audience. He clears his throat and opens his mouth so Ji-Yi and Chan-Soo can see they are out of their league. 

"Two out of three?" In-Ha offers it like a peace offering.

No one hears her hiccup under the roar of disbelief. She drinks all of her water and is grateful when Chan-Soo concedes and her hiccups dissipate. Dal—HE follows her out and they walk quietly to the police station.

"You didn’t want to go again." He always sounds so confused these days and she worries about him.

"No, I didn’t," she says in return. "I only like kissing people I love."

In-Ha smiles up at him and is grateful when her phone rings. She lets him go on ahead. She wants to love him again. She wants Choi Dal-Po. She hopes he returns someday. 

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id="watch-headline-title" class="yt" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 24px; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-weight: normal; line-height: normal; overflow: hidden; font-family: arial, sans-serif; background: rgb(255, 255, 255);"[Y-STAR] [Ranking Show] Jan. 2nd week Hot Keyword (랭킹쇼 하이five 1월 둘째 주 위클리 핫 키워드) 
Nbr 5 Pinocchio 


B7sDuD1CQAA_k6q.jpgPinocchio BTSCr: As Tagged 

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Mamonde sales surge with Park Shin-hye 'lipstick effect'

January 19, 2015


SBS' hit drama series "Pinocchio" concluded its three-month run on Thursday, but its popularity is still going strong.

In what has been labeled the "Park Shin-hye lipstick effect," the Korean cosmetics brand Mamonde is seeing a boost in sales.

(Amore Pacific)
(Amore Pacific)
Lead actress Park Shin-hye wore Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm on the romantic drama series.

The retractable chubby-sticks, available in 20 shades, have seen a surge in sales since last month. Sales of the lip crayon range increased fivefold, with some stores running out of the products completely.

Park Shin-hye's Matte Pop Orange (No. 12) outperformed the other shades with 10 times the average sales. The 24-year-old actress also wore the shades Velvet Red (No. 16) and Let Me Pink (No. 4) in her role as aspiring journalist Choi In-ha.

"Mamonde Box 01: Freshman Orange Look." The starlet sports the hit beauty product Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm in Matte Pop Orange (No. 12). (Amore Pacific)
"Mamonde Box 02: Romantic Date Look." Park Shin-hye showcases Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm in Velvet Red (No. 16). (Amore Pacific)
Mamonde's Creamy Tint Color Balm is lightweight and moisturizing, making it ideal for winter. Beauty bloggers also said that the color is very pigmented, though not particularly long-lasting.

The lipsticks, which contain argania spionsa kernel oil, retail for 8,000 won ($7.40) and 9,000 won ($8.40) for its neon and velvet shades.

The "Pinocchio" actress has been the face of Mamonde since April 2014.

(Amore Pacific)

By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

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피노키오 마지막 촬영현장에서 만난 달링커플과

옆집 재벌 범조의 인터뷰입니다~

안타깝게도 이유비씨는 다른장소에서 촬영중이셔서

인터뷰를 하지 못하셨답니다 ㅠ_ㅠ


아쉽고도 그리운 피노키오 배우들의 마지막 인터뷰를 감상하세요. 

Video : program.sbs.co.kr/builder/endPage.do?pgm_id=22000005161&pgm_mnu_id=24501&pgm_build_id=6601&contNo=30

[bTS] Pinocchio Final 

Source: SBS 

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class="at_ttl" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 30px; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"Seven Winter K-Dramas That Will Warm Your Heart class="at_ttl" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 30px; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"

BY Julie Jones | Jan 14, 2015 09:33 AM EST

  •  inSharetumblr_ng2iztG7jA1rqrpoao4_500.giftumblr_ng2iztG7jA1rqrpoao4_500.gif

    And while we are talking about current dramas with snowy kisses and lovely winter clothes, we can't forget "Pinocchio.'

    "Pinocchio": This currently running drama also includes a snowy kiss between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. With its interesting plot and adorable actors, this drama is almost at an end but that just means it will be easier to marathon.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

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