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[Drama 2014] Make A Wish 소원을 말해봐


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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos Preview for EP22
- Omo, grandma try to matchmaking Jinhee and YiHyun much to everyone dismayed. 

- Sowon visit Hyunwoo in hospital and crying in front of him. He already moved out from ICU to normal ward.

This made me heart skip a beat when he woke up but actually it was not. 
- So Sowon and JinHee lived in the same house now? Or Jinhee rent a room in SW house.

Video Preview for EP23

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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos Highlight for EP23
- Sowon want to know the truth about the loan and throw the checks to YiHyun face.

- Jinhee recommend to Sowon to enter her recipe to CE group contest(?)

Preview for EP24
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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos highlight for EP24
- YiHyun getting to Hyeran nerve, the winner is who?

- "Are you okay anyway?" Jin Hee try to persuaded Sowon to quit nursing

- YiHyun try talk to Sowon about the relationship between her and Jinhee

Video Preview for EP25
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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos Highlights for EP25
- New Menu Challenge! Can Sowon become the dark horse for JinHee? or maybe something like that.

-  First meeting Dawon and seokhyeon,  "The pervert! Where are you taking?"

OK, I saw SH held a ring...
- YiHyun found Sowon at Hotel at scolding her until Jinhee stop her 

Video Preview for ep26

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Guest adikkeluangman

I think I saw that food truck in past few weeks already from other dramas thread. The business must be good because all these dramas and their fan clubs called the food truck for their events.
Videos highlight for EP26
- Jin Hee past haunt him back? Ex-wife Jinseoyeon ex-wife appeared!

- Seokhyeon meet Dowon to ask about the ring and things got worst after that

Preview for EP27

Looks like someone is jealous.
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Episode ratings for the MBC drama Make a Wish

2014-06-23018.7 (15th)9.6 (14th)
2014-06-24027.48.0 (18th)
2014-06-25037.6 (19th)8.5 (14th)
2014-07-02087.3 (20th)8.0 (17th)
2014-07-09126.17.6 (19th)
2014-07-11146.9 (20th)7.8 (18th)
2014-07-18197.7 (19th)7.9 (19th)
2014-07-22217.6 (20th)8.2 (20th)
2014-07-23228.18.4 (19th)
2014-07-25247.37.8 (17th)
2014-07-28 256.77.7 (20th)
2014-07-29 266.87.3 (20th)
2014-07-30 27(<7.2)(<7.9)
2014-07-31 28
2014-08-01 29

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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I am still around and watching this drama... It comes on the same time as another but I will prolly change and watch this and download the other.

I can see that Jin Hee has fallen for our So Won hard but there are still many more episodes to go and the Hyun Woo may still get up.. (I really do not want him to or if he survives let them end their relationship.)I kind of did not feel a real connection between those two before his accident and it was more of they were together so long the next step was marriage.

But I guess we will see. I guess Yi Hyun will not leave them alone. I almost feel she may like Jin Hee but it is more like she hates that he is close with Hoi Jang and wants to bust that up..

I look forward to Hye Ran and  Suk Hyun finding out that So Won is her daughter and his half sister. They have destroyed her life some what and hurt the man she cared for framing him for Suk Hyun's mistakes.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Been busy for couple of days, will catch it on this weekend.
Videos highlight for EP27
- "Be my girl?" Seokhyeon, the reaction was revealed to Dowon?

- Myeonghu pour cider drink over Sowon head

like what the heck, who is this ahjumma then
Videos preview for EP28

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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos highlight for EP28
- YiHyun asked grandma to marry Jin Hee... say what!!!!

- Sowon mom and her friend got drunk and scream at Jinhee and YiHyun nearby

- Customer in Sowon shop made ruckus, Jinhee tried to stop them.

Video preview for EP29
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Guest adikkeluangman

Video highligts for EP29
- Jin Hee, shouting to Sowon "I just thought '

- Choe grandma finally met Sowon, is the truth finally out?

Video preview for EP30

-----Video highligts for EP30
- Seokhyun supposed to meet the parents of the girl but the girl refused.
His blonde hair is gone. Is he not taking care of his hair.
- Dowon sang a lullaby to Seokhyeon by phone and mom walked in and call him "crazy bastard!"

- Sowon and Jinhee together in beach been captured by a photographer

Video preview for EP31
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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos highlight for EP31
- Hyeran accused Dowon get closed to his son to get money

Poor Dowon. She looks much prettier like this
- Jinhee took a role as daddy long leg and wish for Sowon well being (this maybe wrong)
Just realized that Sowon wear this kind outfit a lot in this drama.
- "Do I look like I'm interested" Jinhee dash out any hope that left on YiHyun...
Preview for EP32
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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Michelle Participates in the OST of New Drama “Make a Wish”

Singer Lee Michelle, who is known as the Korean Beyonce, has participated in the second part of the OST of MBC’s new drama, “Make a Wish.”
The song that Lee Michelle sung, “If You Come To Me,” will be released on August 5. The beautiful piano melody and the use of string instruments, that stimulates emotions, is what make the song stand out.
Lee Michelle is known to be a participant of the first season of SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” and was acknowledged for her singing abilities. Lee Michelle has continuously put on a strong image but through this OST, she is planning on showing her feminine charms.
The famous songwriter, Jang Young Soo, has participated along with songwriter, Fourth Hitter. Jang Young Soo is known for participating in the OST’s for “The Greatest Love” and “Smile Again.” Jang Young Soo has also worked with boy groups, CNBLUE and FT Island, showing that they’re not restricted by genre. Fourth Hitter wrote singer, Lee Ki Chan’s “Meeting You Now,” and worked with boy group VIXX and singer, Jia.

Representative Lee Sung Kwon of Plus Media, who is the publisher of the OST, said, “Lee Michelle is known to stimulate emotion through her unique voice and for this song, her restricted vocals will stand out. I ask that you show a lot of support for the drama’s development, the music that matches well and to Lee Michelle.”
Meanwhile, “If You Come To Me,” sung by Lee Michelle, will be released on August 5 on Melon, Soribada, Bugs and various online music site.

-----Video highligts for EP32
- Hyeran told Seokhyeon to break up with Dowon but he said "Do not mess disturb her"

- YiHyun confess to JinHee she is the one to disturb Sowon(?). Is it related when she pick up Sowon call?

Video preview for EP33
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Guest adikkeluangman

Video Highlights for EP33
- Dowon called Seokhyeon oppa and this made him smile...

So cute. I love how he smile sheepishly and with his face expression.
- Hyeran scream at Seokhyeon that went out to meet Dowon, he is no longer a mama boy.

- Sowon wish to end relationship with YiHyun, Jinhee said they just colleagues. I don't get this

Video Preview for EP34
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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos highlight for EP34
- "Because you are!" Chuja, became abusive to Sowon after Hyeonwoo condition getting worse.

- Jinhee try to cool off / give advice etc etc Sowon

- Both Hyunwoo and Sowon moms talked about their child, Kyunwoo came and let' them divorced for their own good.

Video preview for EP35
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When did Hw and Sw get married I thought they never had the wedding and beside Hw mom isn't going to want the responsibility of her son in that condition if she can't get any profit out of it..

This household that Hy is in is a mess one trying to out do the other for the rights over the company and I like to think with all the stealing going on that it should be in one helluva mess.. It's like Halmoni built that company for nothing she my have been better off selling it because you can tell no one in that house appreciate sht..

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Guest adikkeluangman

Videos highlight for EP35
- Jungsuk is injured? Is this conspiracy by hyeran?

- Sowon said will think about divorce later to both moms.

Video preview for EP36

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