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  1. To me it look like he might have gotten his partial memory back. He does not seem to remember that SJ is the kidnapper and tried to kill YS I don't think. But then again we shall see this could just be a trick from the writer. Its more likely he could have just decided to leave the Chairman's house after knowing he did not live there before. He has no ties to the Chairman and there is no reason for him to live in that house especially with what SJ is doing and saying. Her actions and words are just pushing him away once again. SJ will go too far once again and this time it will bring his memor
  2. I can only think of it as its his mother even though she is a evil witch. For YS that is KS shop that she was raised in but SJ hates. SJ has no right to make demands there nor come there every time she can't control KS. SJ would love for YS to close that diner(and leave) as she sees it as below her son. Fortunately for KS he has YS to protect the diner who she knows gives him peace. Its amazing she shouts loudly she is her mother but I don't think that KS is on her registry. His mother was the wife of the father. She may have had him but I see her as a surrogate and not a real mo
  3. I am not surprised at all by what JH is doing. It is way beyond thinking they are not suitable and is all about jealousy that he could not get YS. Everyone has told him to stop but he continues to persist saying even to his father that if he gives up it is a waste of his liking her. The main issue is YS does not like him. Everything he does only pushes her farther and farther away. It goes beyond his liking her and more about his ego and obsession with her. JH's ego was hit when she told him they should stop dating. JH never got why YS said that to him as he never got what he did
  4. SJ is foolish to think that things will continue to go her way. The witch does not even realize how she is panicking at every turn. Her husband may be a fool and her nephew covering but that certainly is not the case for KS who can see that something is not right in what she says and then what she does. I am very sure he realizes that she has kept things from him. Of course Dear Aunt passes on a bit of information to him which is good on one level but bad on another as she is not doing it for good reasons.
  5. YS has already told SJ that her cooking lacks something. So even with the recipe's she will never measure up once they taste YS cooking. She dares to steal a recipe book that does not belong to her and never would have belonged to her then she has to be prepared for what will happen when she fails. SJ going nuts is a given as her nephew warned her of her end if she continued down the path she is going and hurting YS and not letting her find her father. She will be totally crazy at the end because she blamed everyone for what happened to her in the past when none of the people arou
  6. The entire family will get the karma they deserved for the treatment of the female lead for the 25 years she spent in that family. I thought at least the Chairman would be wise enough to check things himself ,but nope he listened to his wife, then he believed the letter instead of confronting his former daughter in law. We know that cheaters mom and sister will suffer. They are going to get their rude awakening soon. Cheater will be shocked to see the real personality of this woman and to realize she never loved him. His biggest blow will be the child is not his. This entire family will be ru
  7. This was my thought too. Adopting YS had nothing to do with him finding his real daughter. YS never wanted to be his heir. HIs feelings of wanting to treat her like a daughter were fake in my view. Its why when he finally realizes YS was his daughter and he rejected her for adoption and did not listen to her he will be hit the hardest. Karma/fate was giving him a chance and he denied it both times. What he was searching for the most was by his side the entire time and he pushed it away.
  8. I think the entire house hold is stupid. YS makes that accusation and none of them ask who is her mother. What is her name? IF someone had asked that question all of it would have fallen into place for everyone in that room who did not know. It is for sure that the Chairman will pay for his stupidity and awful behavior after all YS did for him. Here he is looking for his daughter and twice he has rejected her. Yes, he never knew YS was his daughter, but if he continued with the adoption at least he would have been granted some solace since his child was beside him. Now he has gone ahead and a
  9. He has already lost that relationship with his daughter I believe. She has already vowed to never forgive him. He does not see that now and does not care but when the truth comes out that the child is not his and she has plotted to take everything from him and his family he will remember how stupid he was and try to contact his daughter who will either hang up on him or ignore him completely. It will serve him right for forgetting his 1st child and only thinking of this fake 2nd child who is a boy. I feel really sad if the Chairman dies as he is the only power to stop red head fro
  10. It certainly is time for our lead female to take the advice of her friend and her daughter and divorce him , making sure that she gets well compensated. I don't blame the daughter at all her father has totally turned his face to her. Its funny how he wanted his daughter to understand him just because she is not young and will eventually marry leaving home. He is putting all his love and hope into this boy he thinks is his. He will get to learn that child is not his and he ruined his relationship with his daughter over that. It will be a hard lesson coming to late for him to fix what he broke.
  11. This depends on a couple of points.. 1. if the female lead will be foolish to not accept it even though she deserves it. and 2. If the MIL and her cheater hubby want to give it to her. Both of them could fight it if the Chairman wants to be generous to her after all her care for the last 10 years. He will feel guilty and sad that things turned out that way as he likes her. He will want to compensate her but his snobbish wife, daughter and cheating son will try to block that I bet even though they know she deserved heavy compensation for all those years she was a maid in that house.
  12. He is a weak individual. He is trapped by HR once again. This happened when she slept with him when he was drunk and then stopped him from leaving the country with her pregnancy. He has again been trapped by HR and made to heel. HE will not be free of her until all of her crimes and the evidence comes out. HE himself should know who she is look at how she treats that child. He has been told by HJ that the woman was trying to choke EJ yet he thought he could just tell her he wanted a divorce and give back a ring and she would go for it. How naïve and stupid was he? He is a president or director
  13. Thanks for the thread.. I honestly can't wait until the wife is free of her cheating husband her snobbish mother in law and sister in law. The best thing for her and the lead is to get rid of the spouses who do not appreciate them and move on with their lives.
  14. Thanks for the thread.. Am I the only one who thinks that JH is totally out of his mind? He is so out of control and consumed with jealousy of GS that its not funny. He is totally shameless in the things he says and does after all he has done to DJ and said to others in that town. He knows he is part of the reason DJ acted out that way and he totally did her wrong after the way her parents took care of him. YS was right he moved on like nothing happen wanting to date YS in DJ's face never caring about the friendship between the two girls he is so very selfish and self centered.
  15. SH will not be able to get away from HR for now. She is not going to let him go and her next step is to get him for adultery. Its not illegal anymore but it can cause problems for SH and EJ in the company and in the press if HR takes it that far. AT best he will be made to back down and stay with her even though she knows he does not love her and prolly hates her after she brings this out. HR will make sure to play the victim and make it that EJ is a third party. HR is obsessed with SH and will never let him go unless she goes to jail, is put in a mental ward or dies. I can't wait
  16. Hello, What has happened to all of the daily drama threads? Even the links under the Official Thread directory for the current daily drama's lead to nowhere. Is there a problem somewhere? Below is the error message I get when trying to access a couple of the current daily drama threads. " Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F173/1"
  17. Am I the only one who thinks the friend of Lady Meng is a bit shady and annoying?
  18. Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a bit more suffering for our three criminals, but in the end they both got the karma they deserved. YR ended up with either the same disease as her son or close to it and needed a donor with no real hope in sight of getting one. Slowly loosing her mind that she is on a death sentence. This balances out her running away and leaving her son to die when he needed her marrow so badly to live. Joo ende
  19. It truly is karma for Lady Joo. She enabled YR to do to her son what she did to the Chairman 30 years ago. His parents thought that she was the best fit for the Chairman regardless of his feelings for someone else just because she may have come from a family that was wealthy or could give benefits. Knowing that he had someone else she made sure to still continue after him and when she could not get him any other way she harassed and forced his lover to go even trying to kill the woman and their child. I still think the only way she slept with the Chairman has to be she drugged or got him drunk
  20. Ice Adonis is also called Yellow Boots and its subbed on some sites if you can find it. , Heaven's Promise is also called the Promise and its subbed if you can find it as well (KBS World Chanel may have it with subs on Youtube). An Angel's choice has episodes on Youtube under MBC drama I think but they will be split into parts with no subs. Cheondamdong Scandal is my all time favorite and I had a hard time between rooting for the lead female and for the evil mother in law who was totally awesome. But this drama does not have subs and it may be found on some sites but again with no subs but it
  21. I think what's amazing about SJ and his mother is that it was ok 31 years ago for her to try to kill someone because she wanted to be with the chairman. To get rid of a woman because she knew she could not have him any other way. His mom can lie to him all she wants that it was love but it seemed more like obsession and monetary. (More like pride that he rejected her and wanted a woman who was an orphan over her who may have come from a rich family. ) Now he has done everything to make the Chairman feel guilty about wanting to be with his first love back then and even being next to her as a f
  22. I also mentioned early that I felt YJ would end up being SH's child with the chairman. We saw a connection between the two women and after the last episode I am more then sure that YJ's bio mom and dad are SH and the Chairman. When asked if SH had anymore children she paused looking at the chairman. Now YJ has found out that she was " picked up" and not a child of that family. Will she run to TP with the news to console her? Its good that she is not a part of that family , because of the mother's blindness to her own daughters faults and condoning YR's behavior all of them will b
  23. I have to wonder if SJ has tracking on that phone he gave to YR. I am sure it was for product placement but why would he be nice enough to give her a phone he supposedly got for free? He has never been that nice or kind to her. And he gives it to her after listening at the door and over hearing her being called noona and learning that she disowned someone. SJ maybe an obsessive, selfish jerk who is clingy, but once he gets a clue and a direction to look he is on it. So I say that phone he gave her prolly has something in it to track and listen to her calls. I find it funny that th
  24. No he is not TP/MH's son. He would never think to deny it because no one would think that YR would lie on a special needs person 5 years ago. They worked for his mother so they assumed what she said was true. Only five years later they find out that YR did lie. Part of the problem was his mom did not protect TP better when she was alive. There should have been many questions like why would you even be taking him to drink let alone go into a room with him alone. Then there should have been test done. Lastly a dna test should have been done when the kid was born. Of course when his mother realiz
  25. Exactly, Its one thing if this was some stranger but they worked for TP and his mom she gave them a roof over their heads when they lost everything. Yet, they brush off the fact that YR lied on TP and they forcefully married him when that should have never happened and then turn around and justify it by saying YR had no choice?? Where did she not have a choice? What they really mean is no sane man would have fell for her lies about getting her pregnant let alone touching her after drinking. Other people would have immediately gone for a DNA test and would not have married most likely until the
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