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  1. The phone has the audio confession that DJ's dad recorded of SR admitting to him that she swapped DJ's baby and admitting that she took DJ's place with granny. SR will find a way to get out of this.. Even if DJ is able to let the Chairman and JH hear it the Chairman will prolly end up blackmailed by SR and they try to hide this. It does not look well that the DIL of a family not only had an affair with the husband of the new wife but snuck in and swapped babies throwing DJ's kid away. SR will tell DJ that her kid died which will devastate DJ once again after the loss of SY. If the Chairman tries to hide what SR did to protect the image of the family this will definitely work to change the view DJ has of him. Because of SR and Noel her view of the Chairman will change and he will loose her. (thank goodness cause he is so ewww..) The Chairman is into her and I think its mostly cause she reminds him of a younger Noel. The Karma for him is that she really is Noel's daughter. I just hope that DJ is wise enough to make sure she has copies of everything and have them in a safe place. Not saying that she will prolly find evidence again because she will or will with the help of YH. so far her being with the chairman was for revenge but the chairman has done nothing but send her to the states and maybe help a bit with getting her started as a chef. He has done nothing but bring trouble to her door with his messy personal life with Noel. More then likely its going to be SR who finds out that YH's daughter is DJ's daughter she thought died. The scary thing is instead of being happy she did not kill yet another person she will want to harm this child because she is mad she is alive while her daughter SY is dead. Also cause of her jealousy of DJ. I can also see her being the one with her mother to put together that Noel is DJ's bio mom and gloating at how Noel has treated DJ. She will prolly continue to encourage Noel to act ugly to DJ and gloat later about this. If she tells her mother who she is then her mom certainly will cause she is upset over the affair. (Still wondering if that affair truly happened or they just said it did for noel to divorce DJ's dad.) Noel is getting just what she deserves. The sad thing is instead of being totally pissed at the Chairman for his treatment of her and ignoring her feelings she is taking it out on DJ. She was told when they divorced not to regret it. Now he kept her in the friend zone and she is upset he went and married someone else.(I have questions if he is really married to her still.) Instead of moving into a house she no longer has place in and being nasty to the new wife. Spouting trash about DJ not having parents to raise her right or that DJ is only after him for his money she should have just taken the apartment and some money he may have given her and gone about her business. Her words and actions are going to come back to bite her when she learns that DJ is the daughter she thought was dead. She will end up rebuffed an hear nasty angry words from DJ after her past comes out and how she left her daughter. Noel says she loves the Chairman so this is why she is trying to bash DJ and make him leave her. MMMM that does not seem to be working well. All it has done is make her look bad;. But then again a former mistress is now mad at the wife. Noel is experiencing the start of her Karma.
  2. I still suspect that the chairman is the catalyst for what happen with DJ's dad and SR's dad. I could have swore I heard him say before that he was trying to buy the company that DJ's dad had with SR's dad but they were unwilling to sell it. If that is true then he prolly tried something dirty that resulted in SR's fathers death and DJ's dad being accused and cleared. It was ruled as an accident and he was cleared. But because of SR's mothers anger, jealousy and spitefulness she totally contributed to SR thinking he killed her father. Her mother was mad about the affair and pushed it all on DJ and her father but I remember DJ's dad saying something to the effect that his friend wanted to divorce SR's mom anyway and it was in part to her mismanagement or money issues. Now given that SR's mom is constantly in debt and was taken advantage of by the next man she was with and lost her money she again pushed that all on DJ's family brainwashing SR who was already insanely jealous of DJ. I know things can happen and people can betray others but as fondly as DJ's dad thought of SR's dad is he really that bad of a friend/brother to sleep with his best brothers wife? Was his marriage so bad that he caved to temptation? Was it easy to betray his brother? It would seem he was maybe not as good as DJ's dad thought of him but I have to wonder did they really have an affair or was he used so Noel could leave? I have questions as the chairman says Noel was met in Paris and she lost her memory. I wonder did she loose it trying to go back to find DJ when Sr's mom sold her? He obviously checked her and searched for her kid but was told she was dead which we all; know is not true and its actually the shop owners daughter who died. So was he perhaps the reason she ended up with amnesia? IF not why would you not want her to remember who she was? It's not like she would go back to her ex when he showed up. She would not leave him to go to her daughter who is already married with a child. And I say this to say that the Chairman seemed shocked to see DJ's dad who asked how his ex ended up as his wife? So I think he did know who he is in connection to Noel but maybe not remember him as the owner of the company he tried to buy. He did not want DJ's dad asking too many questions or meeting him. If Noel really had an affair then yes this is part of her Karma even if she has no idea why. Her abandonment of her daughter and having an affair is a huge hit to her. But then again with amnesia she has no idea about the past. But given how she has been with him long enough and he continues to cheat on her she should not be surprised although at this point the surprise is to who he has brought home this time. This is a huge slap in her her face when she finally thought he would marry her and give her a status. I can see her sympathizing with SR over JH's affairs which is why she showed up and paid the woman off. He totally disregarded her and blindsided her. This is another sign that he totally does not respect her. She honestly should have moved on from this man a long time ago. The Chairman knows all about SR's past concerning the affair with scum and realizes she got rid of scum to marry JH. He has no idea that it was DJ's husband or that she caused the death of SY because of her actions. He is a snake and for now he will try to use DJ to do his dirty work to get rid of SR, but I see that changing when he realizes that DJ is Noel's bio daughter that he thought dead and Noel gets her memory back. Also let's not forget that we have the huge secret of SR being a fraud. With SR exposed that means his deals with Granny would come to an end if DJ finds out that SR stole her place. He will need to hide that truth to continue with the deals he needed to save his company. Especially if he truly had something to do with what happen back then to SR's dad that DJ's dad got blamed for. There is no way SR will be leaving that house without blackmail. And its for sure that she will end up in some type of deal I bet with the Chairman if they realize that YH is trying to take him down. He wants JH to to take over although JH is not interested to do so at this point. This is a huge mess and although I love seeing DJ give it to SR as her MIL.. I just wish it did not come at the expense of YH and Noel. Granny will also think about her words later when she learns that she has been had for a number of years by SR and her mother. Her son and granddaughter where right there and she gave the keys to a fake who harmed them.
  3. That is a question I have as well. Where would she even have the money to be running off somewhere let alone be able to maneuver so well on crutches. YH was the perfect backing for her but her revenge was more important then having a partner to help her. I am really hoping this man did not do something like this and instead is helping DJ. I can only imagine Noel's face if she is pushed out by DJ the girl she liked. SR is nuts so she will want to hide that fact that DJ is Noel's daughter while being eaten up with jealousy because DJ has a mom who left but is living well and is nice while her own is a mess. If DJ comes in as a DIL in that house then SR will want to expose it in order to get DJ kicked out. What concerns me is if she finds out the kid is DJ's daughter she threw away she will want to harm this child for spite once again. Not sure of DJ will see it first but I can see SR finding it. I also see SR realizing that Noel is DJ's bio mom and then finding out that the kid is her daughter. I can believe it because one of SR's biggest things is to tell lies and think that others will not go back to expose her. Now she has told this lie on granny to Scums mom and at some point scum and his mother will again either run up on Granny or go to see her and expose this lie. But by this time its too late since he has served that time for something he did not do and will be hard pressed to deal with SR who will want to be away from him. SR's obsession with DJ is a mess.. Asking YH after two years if he knew anything about DJ.. Come on you pushed her off a cliff why would you think he would know something. Although he does but he would never tell her. And also why is it DJ who JH has to still be in love with? Why can't he just not like or want her and that is why he cheats. DJ is a huge hurdle for her. Her jealousy is out there. Just wait since she is asking about DJ so much she will get her wish to see her again.
  4. SR did so many bad things and felt that she deserved happiness. When she went after JH she saw him as a means to climb up and validate that she is not trash. What she forgot is she married him because of her tricks and as the grand daughter of a rich woman. One he saw through I am sure given how she was stalking him and two that was never her spot in the first place. Karma was not about to let her marry JH and live well after ruining a marriage and harming people and ultimately being the cause of SY's death. JH was not fooled I don't think and he did not want to marry her. He was forced and she can't expect him to love her when she knew for a fact he was in love with DJ. Knowing her (and every other delusional crazy woman in Kdrama's) all she needed was to get him and he would magically like and love her and she is finding out after two years that is not true. He prolly does not touch her and this is prolly not the first woman she hears him being loving to on the phone. ( I wonder if he is truly cheating or just pretending to torment SR?) So per her schemes she got what she wanted. She got rid of the suppose love rival (although DJ did not like JH) she got rid of the real grand daughter and took her place and she married the man from this Chaebol family who she thought would elevate her status and be so loving and caring to her. Of course getting what you wanted did not mean you would be happy. His indifferent reaction at the wedding shop should have been a sign to her of how this marriage would go. She fooled granny and his father into thinking she was caught up on him and exposed this incident on purpose thinking JH is forced to be with her he would just deal and like her and that is not happening. So her upset and throwing tantrums at his indifferent and distant behavior to her after two years is funny. Karma is slapping her hard now. I expect its Noel as well that the Chairman is introducing. After so many years with Noel they were not married and he would not publically humiliate her with another woman showing up. So In my opinion its definitely Noel who he is giving a status to. I think the voodoo doll could be from DJ. (but funny if it was a craft project in jail and sent from scum) She is trying to mess with SR's mind and I hope I am right. Scum deserved his jail time for his part in the things that SR did and for not taking care of that child properly. I don't expect him to stay in jail too much longer past the two years he has served so he is prolly coming out as well. More than likely right around the time that DJ shows back up from wherever she has been. It will be interesting to see what he does. Will he seek out SR to let her have it for framing him as a stalker and blackmail her about her past crimes. Or will he meekly stay in his lane and try to rebuild his life after jail? My big guess is YH and DJ will again be together especially if she is bent on revenge and wants to marry to be in that house with SR. So its going to be interesting to me of how and when DJ shows up. I also have to wonder if she did not contact YH the entire time she was gone? That was pretty bad if she did not, but he has said he would love her and wait for her in the past. I have not doubt of his loyalty and love for her.
  5. He went to drink because his cousin has just told him that the woman he has liked is DJ and to back off. SR shows up because she is the delusional stalker she is and thinks by constantly showing up and playing hard to get she can gain his attention. He foolishly has his guard down around SR and would never think she would do something like sleep with him or even pretend to sleep with him to trap him. SR does this because so far all of her plans have fallen through to get this man and because he is mumbling calling DJ's name. This is a slap in the face to her because nothing she does has gained his attention and made him fall for her and he still calls out DJ's name. This has become an obsession with her to make this man like her like all others. So for SR this is her prime chance to catch him with his guard down. She will either pretend it never happened not letting him know or she will act like it did and not matter only to comeback later and say she is pregnant (Either real or fabricated). JH will be pissed off because he had hopped she would take care of things, but she will let granny and his father know who will then push a marriage. He may feel a bit of guilt for a time because he will think he forced himself on her in the name of DJ. Only to later realize and find out he was played by SR. SR is not thinking clearly (well she is crazy) of how her life with this man will be later when he truly finds out how she schemed against him. I see some resentment to YH later too, because if he had not told him to back off from liking DJ he would not have ended up with SR. Although this is not his fault YH really should tell his family about SR's deeds which would fee his cousin from being trapped by SR. Then again with as good as SR lies JH will prolly not listen which would be to his folly. I guess because SR is not showing it at the shop no one knows she has really set her sights on JH and that family. I think if YH knew he would never not mention something related to SR. But then again he has respect for granny and would not want to talk bad about her granddaughter. Scum and his mother have a nerve to keep thinking DJ cheated. When would she have time to cheat while she is taken care of these to lazy people. They made her the ready made, nanny, housekeeper and cook. I am glad he got a DNA test which proves his paternity but upset that he and his mom dare to keep trying to mention DJ derailing when it was scum. So did scum have many women before DJ? Then why is his brain so slow to not realize that this could be the kid SR had? Why does he not think back to why SR was so keen on him to keep custody of this child? So nice to the kid when she comes over? And that she said this kid was hers? IF SR is the only other women he slept with then he should have thought of this.. But then again he can't see how SR lies so its going to take him awhile to get that the kid was his with SR while the child with DJ was thrown out. Also it does not matter what DJ does and with who now that they have filed for divorce considering he not only cheated but brought the mistress around time and time again. We need the divorce final for sure as we need no more ties with this man when SR throws him to the curb and gets rid of him to not expose her past with him so he can't come back to cling to DJ who would never take him back. If SR was not close to catching JH then I would think she would let her mom go down for what they did. But I can't see her doing that to the potential in laws. That would hurt her in trying to marry in. Someone else will end up being the patsy to go down for this (either uncle or scum) or there will not be enough evidence to follow through. I really want her to frame scum though cause he needs a wake up call that he has been doing her bidding and she has no intention of marrying him at all and has set her sights on someone bigger and better then him. He and his mom are still thinking he will end up married to SR.. LOL too funny and SR is leading them on to keep them quiet and to do her bidding. The greatest thing for these two is for scum to realize he was nothing to SR but a means to hurt DJ and to his mom who thought her son was so good when he is nothing but trash. I take it that SR is not aware that scum and JH work together? If she does know how can she let them be close. I think she does not know and I can see a reveal of that relationship (once he is forced to marry her) in the office shocking scum who had no idea that SR was going after JH. I can see the shock on his face now when his dream of marrying her is dashed at her engagement or marriage to JH. He will be truly pissed. No way was he marrying her anyway as granny would not allow this man to marry SR.
  6. My thought is the same.. He will be the one she really falls in love with and yet can not get his affection no matter what she does. SR has always been delusional and crazy and driven by extremely jealousy over DJ. It burns her that after all her blatant efforts to gain his attention they failed and he wanted the divorced woman with the kid. Its the person she is the most jealous over. She has no clue of the fact this man dislikes women like her and tolerates her because of granny. Only to get smacked in the face once again when he dares to ask her to help him be with DJ realizing all her efforts were wasted. For her DJ has stole things from her when we all know this is not true. She will fall hard for this man simply because he does not truly want her. Her suffering is in getting what she wants but realizing that neither the man or the kid (if the child survives) like her. We can see from the preview that the kid still rejects her which is fitting. SR placed that child there and she had a loving mom. Yet, SR ruined all of that with the affair. She never once thought of the child when she was parading in and out and upsetting DJ. Why would a kid want a person that ruined her small world? Now with DJ gone she thinks that she can come in and the kid will accept her. What she forgets is DJ did not have to influence the kid she and scum did it all on their own. It amazes me that scum is still doing SR's bidding. He is breaking in to DJ's place stealing her laptop per SR's instructions. he tried to push all blame on SR and forgets that he is a total idiot to listen to SR who will push it all on him. If he is labeled a stalker she can say he forced her to do those things to get rid of his father in law and wife to be with her. They will believe her because of granny backing her more then him. His trying to push blame will backfire on him as SR will not let him stay around to threaten her. It made me smile to see her pushing YH and scum has not told her that he is cousins with JH and the chairman's nephew. She will be truly pissed off if she manages to marry in and finds out later. YH knows a lot of her mess and she will be afraid of him spilling the tea. I hope that he has truly found DJ in the preview and this is not a red herring. I think if it is her I can see her disappearing for a bit with YH. But I guess we will see if the writer is messing with us or not. Not sure why SR puts all her issues on DJ and her father when neither of them are at fault. In her mind she feels her life was so bad , but in reality it was not. She still had a mother even if her father was gone. She still had a good life even if she hated being poor or having to pay off her mothers debts. Yet DJ lost her mom then her dad was sold to a restaurant by SR's mom then went to a orphanage and had her name changed. Married a man who is scum and had her baby switched without her knowing about it. Had her husband derail and have his mistress come in time and time again. Had the father she just found killed and witness in the video how the very people who cause all of her misery did the deed and now she has been pushed off a cliff and have to endure not being able to see the daughter she raised. From the flashbacks we saw that SR was a bit jealous of DJ as a kid. She had a loving father , dressed well and did not have to deal with someone like her mother. But that envy turned into something crazy with a direct need to destroy anything and everything that DJ has. Blaming her for all her problems. Her melt down after pushing DJ off the cliff is a prime example. But what gets me is she and her mom are now party to a 3rd attempted murder (thank goodness DJ's bio daughter survived and DJ too). They will get away with it for now.. but I want to bet that the evidence and DJ's personal belongings will not be thrown away and will resurface later which will nail her later. I also feel that her mom will be a noose around her neck if she manages to marry JH. Her mother can't seem to act like a mom so I am sure she will have additional trouble later with her.
  7. Another scenario is since she has DJ's phone she can use it to send all kinds of text messages. Saying she is quitting and giving up her job and that she does not want to see YH again and even if JH contacts her she can have him meet her under the banner of DJ and lie about how she ended up there and then drug him or get him really drunk to pretend to sleep with him. If she drugs him he could mistake her for DJ and sleep with her only to wake the next morning and realize his mistake but by then he maybe pissed at DJ who has no idea at all about this but he is now trapped with her lies. If she fakes a pregnancy or even does end up pregnant I can't see her having a kid by him. She has too many sins concerning children on her head. So if she has a real pregnancy she will end up loosing it and can no longer have kids (or don't want to mess up her figure) or if she fakes one and then there will be a fake miscarriage and then told she can't have kids. There is only so long you can tell that lie and no one start to question why she is not showing yet. Especially if he is so pissed at having to marry SR that he never touches her again. This leaves it open for her to adopt her daughter after scum goes to jail and his mom collapses from the shock of his being sent to jail because of the frame. She will not care about a child that has come out to say is not her family (although the child is of her family on her son's side.) He did not have a B baby with DJ but he certainly had one with SR! That is the perfect time for her to get this girl only things won't go well with her trying to be a mother.
  8. Initially DJ's dad fell and hit his head on a rock when SR grabbed his leg. The video seems to show SR over him like she hit him again or it could just be her searching him for the phone with the recorded confession of all her crimes. Either way there is no way she would get away with just manslaughter given her searching his body. Scum is really stupid to not a. call for help for his father in law and b. just stand there and let SR hurt this man an search him. Did he really think this was all about him having an affair with SR? No way would someone kill over this little affair he was having when all he needed to do was divorce. Her motives were more then just some affair and by the time he learns the truth of that he will be sick with it. Knowing him and his mother even if they knew that DJ was the real Granddaughter after DJ divorced him they would help SR keep quiet to profit knowing that they would get nothing with DJ. He and his mom are scum and they will pay for the things they did and kept quiet about as SR gets rid of them who is a threat to her. I wonder how long its going to take him to realize once again that he has been left out to dry by SR? I am expecting her to frame him for DJ's disappearance. Considering he called to tell her about the evidence and then he goes to her place and gets kicked out by her and her mother. He left himself wide open to be considered a suspect for DJ and her father. SR has already started telling people he is a stalker so that will be tacked on as well. By the time he tries to explain things its already too late cause SR would have made sure to have some type of evidence to show he hurt DJ. I keep thinking that he will get a call from DJ's phone or from SR to meet and it will be that area and when he gets there no one is there but DJ's bag or phone are there with the call log and message to him. SR then has the police there and he is arrested for something he did not do which takes him out of the picture so she is not threatened by blackmail from him and can marry JH. The only way she could get JH is if DJ is gone given she knows he has fallen for DJ and did not want her. I am interested to see how he takes DJ's being missing and I see a prime setup for SR if he is found drinking in a bar. SR is desperate to catch this man and knowing he does not like her and wants DJ no way would she not take this opportunity to trap him. And exposing them in bed the next morning which is forced to marry her. The chairman would be happy cause of granny but he will be pissed as he knows she trapped him and she is the type of woman he hates the most. SR will think she won and got everything but her married life will never be smooth. My next question is who will find DJ? Will it be YH , Noel or even the Chairman? I have to wonder why he thinks Noel's kid is dead? Who told him she was? (Was it SR's mom back then after she sold DJ? That is something she would do for spite and to make sure no one knew she was the culprit.) If its the chairman will he have her be Noel's daughter not knowing she really is Noel's daughter? DJ will need someone that can bankroll her to go out and improve herself and come back ready to fight. Or will she end up with a stranger and with no memory end up married again (or told she was married to them) living a life as a wife to a stranger? And it took 63 episodes to get to this...
  9. I am almost sure that SR has lied about being a chef. If she was some of the things we see her doing in that kitchen would not happen. She looks like a total idiot in the kitchen with DJ. I don't even think she ever left the country. I think she lied about that to make the idiot ex hubby think she did just like she lied about getting an abortion. The longer DJ is there it shows SR's inadequacies in the kitchen and her bad character. Granny is trying to change her ways but you can't change what is ingrained in you, just look at her mother. As someone else in this thread pointed out they have no class what so ever or even manners for the most part. They play a good game but when pushed their true character comes out. It will only get worse as both SR and her mom get more and more greedy but also not wanting to live under Granny's rule. They will want to get rid of her next so she can't threaten to kick them out when their schemes start coming to light. As for ex scum and his mother they did not want DJ anymore but dare to miss her cooking. And having got rid of DJ like they wanted.. why would his mother go to her house and walk in and have a fit at her having company. It was a simple meal with the man not like her son who had SR all over the house while he was still married to DJ. Also its no one's business now who DJ sees yet she and her son dare to be upset in front of SR. Its only another reason that this scum bag will not end up with SR to climb like he wanted. The list is getting longer as to why SR would not choose him. There is no reason for her to at this point. DJ is gone so no reason to take something from her anymore (she has already killed her father, taken the life she is suppose to have with her grandmother, and thrown away her daughter) so why stay with this guy since the man lost custody of the child he had with SR? Its too funny that she told the idiot that it was her baby but he did not understand what she meant cause she lied to him about getting the child aborted. Also to tell that would mean having to explain what she did with the baby with DJ. So far dude is a total looser and there is no reason to stay with him. Especially if granny finds out that he was once married to DJ and SR caused their divorce. Not to mention he stole DJ's father's phone with the hopes of finding out why SR took it. The only reason SR is still dealing with him and going to that house is to a. try to find that phone she is sure he took and b. get him to try and take that kid back. The only way to get that kid from DJ is to admit she tossed away DJ's baby and put hers in its place. But I do hope that the child ends up with DJ at the end. If she ends up with SR trying to raise her the child will be in bad shape. This little girl was raised with DJ and should be with her and her half sister in the end raised by DJ and Male Lead. But I am sure when something happens to DJ the kid will end up back with scum and his mother. I do hope we are getting to the end of this arc soon. If it goes past 50 episodes and DJ has not fallen into that water and realized that SR and scum tried to kill her and start her revenge things maybe rushed at the end.
  10. I feel like this is leading to SR and TML may end up together. The signs of their chance meetings are pointing to it. I also feel like his father may have had a hand in how SR's father died. If that is true then it is fitting for her to end up with the man's son even thou the son is innocent. In the end its a huge blow to her. After all her delusions that DJ and her father were the cause of her so called misery it turns out that her father in law was. I feel like DJ's ex will not end up with SR. SR sees he is a climber and after they way he treated her when she told him she was pregnant and all the things he has said to her and now with the missing phone that she suspects he has more then likely he will get dumped. He will be very angry as will his mother. They kicked out a perfectly good daughter in law (thank goodness) for SR who will throw him over in a second for something better. His only claim was having the kid but he let that kid go with DJ. Even though SR told him it was her child she did not listen or believe her. (karma for sure as she lied and told the man she aborted the baby so he would never believe her.) If the child gets sick and needs blood we know that DJ will be the first one to do it only to be told she is not a match which means the poor child is not hers. (I hope this does not happen. This kid is sweet and innocent and does not need to know that DJ is not her mom.) Ex will then think back to what SR said to him. But given his character and the character of his mother they will try to blame DJ. Given the first episode. I do not think we will get to that point. I think DJ will be going into that water before that though. (hopefully at the end of the next week.) SR will truly either try to kidnap the child or get rid of DJ to have the kid and stop DJ from asking too many questions to Granny. One thing that is awesome is the fact that the phone ended up with DJ's real daughter. Now I wonder how long will it be before this comes to light. Not before DJ is pushed into that water maybe. But then again DJ learns something because her inner commentary when going into the water and sinking is making them pay for taking her father away from her. Not sure if that is still about him learning about their affair or she gets smart and realizes something else. Either way lets get past this because I am truly sick of seeing SR running around. Lets get with DJ waking up that those two people will do anything to keep their secrets. @maribella I think it will come to that. If SR goes off to marry the TML leaving this man high and dry he will try to blackmail her. It will not work because he is an accessory and the min he walked away instead of calling for help for his former father in law he sealed his fate to go down with SR either before her or with her.
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